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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL. 2, NO. 14
THE YEAR $1.50
Criterion Chronicles
A gentleman several milestones
past three score mark In life, and
whose birthplace was in a coun
try not far from the present
waring nations, was recently dis
cussing with some freinds the
Bubject of age and nationality.
His personal views are worthy
of mention. Said he, "I don't
Care how old I am nor where 1
Was born but I am so thankful
that Columbus discovered Amer
ica and we have here a land of
peace." If like sentiments were
, Bhared by all who have their
home under the Stars and Stripes
regardless of their birth, results
could only mean, better citizens,
truer Americans and a home of
perpetual peace.
The past few weeks of winter
have been more like the real
article than since 1911-12 when
snow over this section was nearly
four feet deep and lay on the
surface for several weeks.
Sleigh riding and visiting are
fit high mark among our people
here This pastime is the source
of much pleasure while the busy
season is dormant.
A young peoples society of
Christian Endeavor will soon be
organized here by Mrs. Frank
. Buzan who was elected president.
A number of the farmers here
recently sold their wheat and
' Are free from debt; with bright
prospects for the cdming season;
H. M. Greene and L. B. De-
Camp .took a load of dressed
lumber to Maupin last Monday.
Arthur and Clara Miller attend
ed meetings at Maupin several
times last week.
R. H. DeCamp, C. A. Duus and
P. J. Kirsch visited Maupin last
Dale Bonney visited at his
father's home Monday and Tues
day. of last week.
Mr. and'Mrs. H. Young were
visiting Mr. Young's lister, Mrs
Dale Bonney, recently
Last Monday morning while
enroute to school' Miss Herrling
was thrown , from their carti her
foot catching and hanging head
down nearly to the ground un
til Gertrude Ma'thes jumped out
and stopped the horse so that
Miss Herrling could become dis
entangled. She used crutches
for several days following owing
to a badly sprained ankle.
A. A. Canfield is nursing a
badly jamed foot caused by that
member coming in contact with
a large rock and a log which his
team was pulling from a canyon
last Wednesday.
- tr,T- I
Sixteen men are atTygh Valley
ready to commence work on the
new grades leading to that place.
Three loads of lumber arrived
yesterday for the construction
of camps and powder houses
which will be erected at once.
Very soon 160 more men will
arrive and active operations will
commence, the crews peing di
vided into two camp9, one near
atmweii ana the otner near
Pitcher's Canyon. The work is
expected to be completed by
April 1st.
Bernard Huston made a trip td
Dufur Tuesday last, taking his
aunts, the ' Misses Munsons to
their home at that place-
Len and Sidney Wilson went to
White River1 the first part of last
week to work in the power plant.
Edd Thomas has been repairing
and papering - Mrs. A; Batty s
bMsfe here at Wapinitia the past
week. ,
E. B. Doyle was a Wapinitia
visitor Saturday.
Henry Richardson made a busi-
Snow Still Continues
The cold weather of the past
two weeks still continues, accom
panied by snow, which is now
about Bix inches in depth- The
thermometer reached zero the
past two nights. Sleighing is
fine, the snow being dry and
Auto Passengefr Service" Auto Delivery Truck
' Prepared for Long Trips or Outing Parties 1
A Complete Line Of Automobile Accessories
Just before old Father Time blows
out the fcandle in room No 1915
we have a ; ; words to sy.
We made mistakes this yeara nd we're not going
to offer any "explanations" our friends won't need
them and other people won't believe them anyhow.
We took our medicine and we didn't make the same
mistake twie'e; also we're going to try and make
Hill fewer mistakes 'during this coming year.
We've had lots to te grateful . for and some thing's
happened thdl perfiaps were blessihgi in disguise
and mighty thoroughly disguised at that. And our
constant endeavor will ( be to )nake Xtfe here in
. Maupin still more worth living.
. Wejntend in (he future, as in the past: '
fo deserve a reputation forfait dealing .
fo give customers better than they bargained for;
jo te content with d reasonable profit;
To treat everyone wiih courtesy)
fo keep our promises.
We also believe thai tTs hotidafy season will b'e but
the first of a long series of continuously happier
ones, and we extend to each and every one of out
townspeople toman', woman and child our heart
felt greetings and our most sincere wishes for a
Happy Neiu Year.
TUM-A-LVM Lumber Company-
ness trip to Mailpin last Satur
Robert and Vincent Tapp and
David Sharpe made a trip to
Walkersville last Saturday bring
ing back two loads of wood for
Rev, Staines.
Mr- Free Stall had to suspend
his logging operations on account
of a very sick horse.
Ed Thomas made a trip to
Maupin Sunday bringing back
Miss Vida Evans, who has been
spending her two weeks' vaca'
tion at her home in St. Johns;
Edward Chapel of Portland,
Mrs H. N. Dodge's son( is visit
ing the latter at her home at this
W. J. Pratt of Salem is visiting
at the home of his daughter,
Mrs. G. E- Wood of this blace.
He expects to remain here until
the first of February;
Mr. and Mrs. John Sbhmore
and family who formerly lived
here, but the last few years have
been living in Canada are visit
ing friends' and .relatives here.
They left Canada some time ago,
coming by way of Chicago and
Portlandi and expetit to visit in
Washington on their return trip;
Mr- and Mr3- Mayfield came
over from Smock last last week
to attend the funeral of Mrs.
Mayfield's nephew, Paul Dewis,
who was buried here Thursday.
A dance was given at the home
of Mr, and Mrs. Julius Shiptlin
last Saturday night in hdrior of
Mr. and Mrs. Sonmore who are
visiting there; All Who attend
ed report a splendid time.
Sidney Wilson came up from
White River Sunday morning,
making a trip to Tygh Ridge
Tuesday after load df hay.
Bernard Hustdn is employed
by Chas, Walker at present.
Mrs. York Wilson and baby
Davie came up from Tygh last
The infant daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. M. H. Stains is on the
sick list this week.
Lincolh Hartman is having a
siege of the . lagrippe at present.
A Rnelnl finis wna rnnvprl nt
trie home ck Arch Rains Satur
day evening..
Moeaoi-a Vincent Tafirt hud
Harold Gabel and Miss Phyllis
Fischer were guests at the Wil
son home Sunday night !
., W- j.r Patterson made a trip to
Smock Saturday returning Sun
day. ,.: .. .
Chester Rice is on the sick list
this week5 . i
. Harrv Pratt made a.. trio to
Hunts Ferry, depot , last Friday,
meeting his father and bringing
him home with himr
Henry Richardson hauled a load
Qf wood down from the timber
on his bob sleigh for Mr. Appling
Tuesday.- -
, Frank Gabel has had, quite, a
Beyere sick spell the past week,
but is some better at present.
The following books were re
ceived at the postofflce for the
Horary) Tuesday night.
Ethics Gladden, Live and
Learn i Switzen Letters of a
Self-made Failure.
Government DuPupi Unci
Sam's Modern Mericles.
Literature-Smith, What can
Literature do for me?
Travel Dana, Two Years be
fore the Mast! Fyfe, Real Mexicoj :
Hannay, From Dublin to Chica
go) Rosevelt, Through the Bra
zilian Wilderness; Shackleton,
Heart of the Antartic; White,
African CampfireSi
Biography Brooks, An Amer
ican Citifeen; Griessont Sir Walter
History Teupp, In Red Man's
Landi Bradley, Story of the
Pony Express
Fiction Daviess, Miss Selina
Lue; Gaberiaw, Monsieur Tacoqi
McCutcheon, Truxton King;
Ouida, Under Two Flags; Ben
nett, Price of Love; Bryant,
Christopher Hibbalt: Buckrose,
Gay Running! Burhett, J. Tem-
baromi Cameron. Golden Rule
Dollivers; Cotes His Royal Hap
piness; Doyle, The Valley of
Fear; Ferber, Personality Plus;
Foreman; Blind Spot; Hope, Pri
son of Zenda; Jerome Passing of
Tliire Floor Back; Nickleson,
Seige of Seven Suitors; Steven
son, utue uomraae; rariter,
You Never Know Your Luck;
Peterson, Comodore; Poole Har
bor; Portor, Laddie! Roberts,
Freehand; Roberts, Red Feath
ers; Scott; Heart of Medlothin;
Stockton Casting away of Mrs.
Leeks and Mrs. Aleshin; Tar
kingtoh, Turmoil; Turnbull,
Looking after Sandy; Watson,
Happy Hawkins of the Pan
Handle; Webster, Daddy Long'
' Histofy-Jenks, Books of Fam
ous Seiges;
Biography-Wade, Wonder
. ... a .
Fiction -Bertelli, Frince ana
his Ants; Brown, Lucky Stone
Eggleston, Long KniVesi Gray,
Young Forester; Jac6bs, Texas
Blue Bonnett and The Blue Bon
ne'tt In Boston'; Robinsdn In
T6y'arid; Wallace', Gaunt Gray
Those having back numbers
are requestea 10 return inem
before taking :6a any from the
new assignment.
Paul A. Lewis, son of Mr. and
Mrs. J. R. Lewis was born Feb.
17. 1896, died Jan. 4, 1916. He
was born on Smock Prairie but
spent most of his life on Juniper
Paul never was very strong.
When he was only nine years
old he had the whooping cough
which left his lungs in a bad
condition. He never fully re
covered, although at times he
seemed much better. One year
ago this month he was taken
with & bad cold which Compelled
him to give up his school work.
Last summer he spent some time
The dance to have beun given
at Bean hall Friday night, has
been postponed on account , of
the Cold weather and the many
cases of lagrippe. Manager,
Andy Kistner announced Friday
nijrht of this week, for the
pleasing event.
Lute Shadley who has been
seriously ill with pneumonia is
much improved.
Mrs. Bettie Palmateer is up
again from a serious attack of
the lagrippe.
Willis Driver has been confined
to the house for several days
with fever and chills, a form of
Sleighing is fine here now there
being about eight inches of snow
on the ground.
The play to be given by the
school Saturday night has been
postponed on account of so many
of the children being sick with
Mrs; Matie Patison is much
improved being able to be up
Last week was the coldest of
the season the temperature being
down to one above zero on the 3d.
Tomy Norvel who takes his
two small great grandchildren to
and from school, says he can tell
by the manner of the children
the tensity of the temperature;
If they laugh and chat he thinks
the weather moderating but if
they cry and complain he knows
it is getting colder.
Dick Palmateer and Andy Bails
made a trip to Friend Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. - Lee Kennedy
celebrated the latters birthday
event with a card party Wednes
day night. Ice cream and cake
1 n, j 1 I
was served arter tne game oi
cards was over.
The school children are having
great Sport coasting north of the
school h'ous'e, racing and vieing
with 'etfch other in the speed of
their sl'eds
at the foot of Mt. Hood, hoping
the change in the altitude would
enable him to shake off that
dreadful cough. The fond hopes
were all in vain. He gradually
grew weaker until about a month
ago he was unable to leave hi
bed, and passed away last Tues
day morning with tuberculosis.
Paul was of a very cheerful
disposition, believing almost to
the very last that he would re
cover. He was very tnougnttw
of his mother and regretted that
he caused her so much work.
Paul wanted to get well, he
had made so many plftns for the
future, yet he was ready and
willing to go. He died trusting
in Jesus Christ as his personal
Me leaves a father and mother,
three brothers, Jessie, .Herbert,
Charles, and two sisters, Anna
and Mabel, besides relatives and
many friends,
The funeral was held in the U.
B. Church at Wapinitia in the
presence of many friends, the
pastor, Rev. M. II. Staines officiating.
1. 0. 0. F, Entertain
Saturday night the local I. O.
O. F. organization held their
first business meeting since mov
ing from Wapinitia to this place
and orgonizing. Quite a repres
entation from Wapinitia was
present and everything went off
After the business session a
free for all dance was on with
music furnished by the Maupin
orchestra, and well attended by
local people. At 12 o'clock the
ladies of Maupin served a delic
ious supper which consisted
of salards, pie, cake and coffee.
The local organization extend
a vote of thanks to the music
iansftnd the ladies who contrib
uted and server the supper
Card of Thanks.
We wish to thank out" many
friends and neighbors who so
kindly assisted us during the ill
ness and death of our beloved
son and brother.
J. It, LEWis and family.
School Notes
For school month ending t)ec,
31: Total enrollment 59; .averse
enrollment 35; average attendance
27; pfer cent of uttenclaiii .. 77; nun.
ber of persons neither . aWnt nof
tardy 5. Roll of honor: Lillian
Kessitiger, Louis Emmons, Guy
FryniHii, Van Moad, Leslie-Haities,
Alvin Styer and Willie McClure.
m m s
For Sale.
. 159 acre known as ijncienmi
Place at White River school 1-2
mile; telephone, good orchard, all
I fenced and cross fenced, plenty of
I water. Write I. R. Underbill,
Idi7p4 Tygh Valley, Ore.
Outside Mention
from th'e MortAng 8un)
Thomas Flanaea'n aiid wife ft
FWaga'ii station were 'in the city
vesterdaV. They ivVre "on their
way 6 Portland on a visit.
A. A. Bonney 'of Tygh Valley
cafi'ie to The Dalles yesterday, Sun.
nth' to be present at the Men
Club supper at the 'Congregational
'JohtT. Austin of 'kaupiu Came
to The Dalles Veatefday and will
remain two or 'three weeks 'rece'iv
'ing treatment for an arm whieh he
had broken a few days ago.
FredVjoyey of Maupin was in
town yesterday on business.
The contract for the construction
of the 'lVgu Tallcy road was
awarded by the county court to
Standi fcr Clark & Gmnpauy. The
Pitcher canyon division to cost
(5360 and the Butk-r Canyon divis-
School Notes
Many children from both rooms
have been absent on account of
Two new pupils are attending
school, Verda and Herbert
Miss Carmel Woodcock is ser
iously ill with lagrippe.
Viva Driver has had a slight
attack of the lagrippe, but ha'3
been'&ble to teach school. ..,
Miss Alm'a DriVer has bee'n
staying with the smari Tocmi
teacher, Mrs. Viva Driver.
We were all, sorrV to 'see.
Lucille Kennedy leave- l
We are triad to see the smilinst
face of Charles Lake track at:
Maupin state bank
PAY f our;
4 060046&O$0$$Q49Q$$4 S"Q0O
10 uur customers
inn $i6uo. The otHer bidders
were: Porter & Coalev. , Freiich
& Gass, Gliver & Oliver, Win. T.
Barker, Guiseince Bros. & Co.,
H J Hildeburne, R, T. Johnson
and Newport Land & Construc
tion Go.
$$$0O 0$$00$$000$O'8,0$,4000 00
W6 want your business Sometime
you need our support Our Buying
experience and knowledge of raerch"
and ise is yours for the asking Con
sult is when in need; perhaps We can
give you information that will be
Worth while, no matter where you
buy we invite your confidence.
Yours for Better Service,
General Merchandise