The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, December 31, 1915, Image 8

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    The Maupin
Published Every Friday at Maupin, Oregon,
J. E. Disbrow, Fublisher
Subscription: One Year, $1.50, Six Months 75cts, Three Months 50
Entered as second class mail matter September 2, 1914. at the
post office at Maupin, Oregon, under the Act of March 3, 1879
Wednesday witnessed quite a'
severe blizzard for Maupin. A
light mist of snow in the air accom
panied by a strong wind made the
atmosphere seem most severe.
A. C. Moad took Saturday after
noon's train for North Junction,
going from there to the Gateway
vicinity. He returned home Tues
day with 21 head of sheepi
The Christmas program commit
tee wish to express their apprecia
tion to the donors of nuts and
candy which helped so materially
iu making the Undertaking a suc
cess. F. D. Stuart is taking his annu
,al vocation "this week and next,
visiting at Mosier and Portland.
Mrs. Smart and Crystal went a
week earlier.
A, F. Russell and family of
Upper Hmock spent Christmas at
the home of his mother, Mrs. Mc
Milliait, John West and wife of Wapini
tia were iii t'dwu yesterday.
Miss Phyllis Fischer of the Wap-
intia schools is spending the holi
days with her parents.
If the other fellow could not fix
your watch bring it to Emmons
the jeweler
The county clerk has deputized
J. M. Couklin to register the voters
of Maupin precinct. Registration
is tree,
' Jimraie Flanagan of Flanagan
was a Maupin caller Wednesday.
W. J Patterson, principal of the
Wapinitia schools passed through
Maupin Tuesday overling enroUte
to Portland, returning td Wapini
tia this mom iii g.
Fred Townsend went to Prine
villi Wednesday night where he
has work in view.
Mr. and Mrs. L. K. .Oakley ex-
ptct to leave about the first of the
jearfor Toplin, Mo., to' be awa
six months.
Exquisite Chocolates at Tallcott's
Just received, a fresh invoice of
delicious chocolates and other nice
Mr. and Mrs G. R. Ellis are
taking care of Mr Townsend' s
little daughter, and Mr. and Mrs.
Bates Shattnck the little boy until
other arrangements can be made.
Dale Bonney passed through
here yestetdav taking a number of
cattle toTych Vallev,
Vivian Barzee is the guest this
week of her grpndparents, Mr. and
Mrs. G. L llarphan.
The cable used in the drilling
apparatus on a well for Dee Tall
cott lias broken and is causing
delay in being located alld renioved
from the Well.
Subscriplions for stock in the
Tygh Valley Fair Association will
be received at The Times office.
Those from the Bakeoven terri
tory bringing hogs Tuesday for
W. B. Kurtz were. Lou Allen, J.
H. Holt, Jerome Bnzan, Geo,
Mallatt, Tony C'ollroy and Henry
Don't blame your clock it
needs cleaning. Emmons will
do it jfor you and guarantee it.
A. R. Austin will commence
very soon drilling a well for the
Blusher Bros, on the school section
on the Flat.
IF y'ou g'et a 'sample copy' o the
Times this week you are invited to
caref'tilly look it over and cohie in
and subscribe. We want you bn
oiir mailing list.
L. 1). Kelly went to Bend yester
day afternoon and will be away a
few days.
The Times, $1.50 a year.
Blaine Disbrow was over from
Smock Monday night.
Geo. Woodruff was in towu
Tuesday delivering hogs.
Mr. and Mrs. Wess Ray left for
Portland on Monday morning's
The regular 50 cent box of
chocolates for 30 cents at Tallcott's
just out of the factory.
Mr. and Mrs. Volley Endersby
were business callers iu Maupin
Wapinitia Items
Miss Vida Evans, teacher of the
Batty school, left here last Thurs
day for her home at St. Johns
She will remain there over the
Xmas holidays.
Miss Francis Mott spent Christ
with the Flinn family.
The nominating commitee of the
U. B. Sunday school met at the
home of Mrs N. W. Flinn Saturday
to make out a slate for the coming
Mrs. Ike Frazier expects to leave
here this week for Idaho aStwo
of her children, Johnie and Onie,
are quite sick there.
It was indeed a very merry
Chrismas for Mr. and Mrs. R. W.
McCorkle this year, by the arrival
of their son Lester who has been
away from home for the past sev
eral years.
Mr. and Mrs. IraUresham spent
Christinas at the home of J. P.
Sidney and Len Wilson returned
home from Tygh where they have
been the past two weeks.
The carpenters who have been
building an up-lo-date hotel for
Earl Barzee left the last of the
week for Portland.
Rov featty made a trip to Mau
pin Thursday taking his brother
Frank and Miss Evans to meet
the train.
Rev. J. W. Sharp's k Medford
arrived here Friday t'o assist Rev
Staius in the revival meetings
which commenced Sunday even
ing and will continue about two
weeks. Everyone is cordially in
vited to attend.
The public school closed here
Friday for a weeks vacation.
Lagrippe is going the rounds
this winter. Tlie papers report
that 80,000 school children are out
of school in Chicago which ha.
Wapinitia beat some, nevertheless
ihere are quite a number here sick
with it. .
Miss Iva Flinn is on the sick
list this week.
The Misses Munson,of Dufur,are
visiting at the home of their sister,
Mrs Marion Huston, th's week.
The new store here is now in
running order and Mr. Ap
pling has in quite a stock of goods,
Clyde Flinn and David Sharpe
re putting up a building for N-
W. Flinn this week.
Mrs. G. E. Wood who has been
visiting at the home of her parents
at Salem returned home Tuesday
Mr. Wood going to Maupin after
Mr. Scott started for Portland
this week to work during the win-
r months. His family will join
him in a couple of weeks.
Lat Sunday was the election of
officers in the Sunday school, who
will begin duties next Sunday.
Following are the names A those
elected: Supt., David Sharpe;
Asst. Supt., Robert Tapp; Sec,
Ceila Flinn; Treas., Mrs. Wood;
Lib., Alice Olsen. Those elected
in the Christian bnueavor are as
follows: Pres., Lincoln Hartman
Vice Pres.. Robert Tapp; Sec.
Ivy Flinn; Treas., Chester Rise
Corr sponding Sec, G. A. Wood
Jess Lewis returned home last
Here's wishing you all had
Meiry Christmas and will have a
happy New' Year.
Mem. Coll, Phys. & Surg.,
Licentiate Minnesota and
Prompt Service on Either
Day or Night Calls
Eyes tested, 'Glasses Fitted
Make land filings and final proof
before United States Commissioner
Can You Do It?
It doM not pT i
r - IV- 19 lnl-
1 af ttjApA ftqnJitof cormttow by the ef spMtsel n pwt
cd n M H connted by tkt prop7 tdjuatnnt ef MrlKtlt tniM
tktir cScct) ilt bt tatirtlr otrrulci Tbu print ihooM ba nu mu)j
A lojate the eyesight. -Wbta H
""' '"" 1- 1.1. intne. iron, uk CJ
irr inn -( fjiUo; vi.fD, U(i m'vlt conwy
,iJ iy b.tiu j-inoi (kiM UileU.
Dr. C. H. Francis, - Optician
Local Markets
Potatoes, 1.75.
Cabbage, 2C.
Onions, 2 I-2C.
Eggs, 4".
Butter, creamery 40; dairy 35.
Sugar, 7.00.
Apples, choice 1.75 box.
Bacon, 17 1-2 to 25.
Salt, dairy. 65 per sack, fancy
table 90.
Flour, bbl 5.60, 6.00,
Bran, $29 per ton.
Shorts, $31 per torn
Salt, $15 per ton.
Wheat, forty-fold 90, club S8;
blue stem 90,
Hogs," best light 6.10
Department of the Interior,
United States Land Office at The
Dalles, Oregon, December 13
NOTICE is hereby given that
George R. Chandler,
of Wamic Oregon, who on February
23rd, 1909, made Homestead Entry
No. 04554, for SW1-4, Section 4,
Township 4 South, Range 12 East,
Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make final
five year proof, to establish claim
to the land above described, before
F. D. Stuart, U. S. Commissioner,
at Maupin, Oregon, on the 29th
day of January 19 16.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Frank Xavier, Benjamin Steed,
James H Woodcock, Henry Wing
all of Wamic, Oregon.
H. Frank Woocock,
P Regiser.
vised to file their claims or objec
tions, on or before the time
designated for sale.
Lcreu A. Booth,
n Receiver.
Central Oregon line
the system that offers
travel service plus
Two Fine Trains East Daily
The Inland Empire Express
The North Bank Limited
Portland to Spokane, St. Paul,
Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, St,
Department of the Interior.
U. S. LaniO'ficeat The Di'!-,
Oregon, November 26th, 1905.
NOTICE is hep-by given the
George D. Albright, of Shaniko.
Oregon, who on May 1st, nt.
made Homestead Entrv No.
010255, and on May 22nd. 1914,
:iiade additional Homestead Entrv
No. 013252, for S 1-2 NW 1-4, Sec
tion 33, Township 7, S. R. 1.5 E.,
Lots 3-4, Section 4, Township 8,
S. R. 15 E., Willamette Meridian,
has filed notice of intention to
make final three vear proof, to
establish caim to the land above
described, before H. 0. Rooper,
U. S. Cammissioner. at Antelope,
Oregon, on the 12th div of Jan
uary, 1916.
Claimant names as wt'in-w;:
Herbert W. Cooke. Hirrison Gray.
Charles C. Robinson and Henry
Cooke, all of Shaniko, o-gon.
H. Frank Woodcock.
December Sailings uuri nouse at iu-"u.
, liOUIliy, n:, 1111. lime hum
ID 1n,.o l.o final Ik-. uriiur nf J.ii,'
Good Investment
Oreg'oniah Clubbing' Rates
Times with Daily and Sunday Oreg'oniah
1 year $8
D&iiy and Times 1 year $6.30
WeeTcry " " 1 " 2.70
SiraJiy u " 1 il 3.50
Tygh Valley
(public s'c'hool paragraphs)
The school has won a standard
school Reliant but it has not yet
been decided which room will have
the honor of holding ftv .
All high school grades have been
having examinations during the
week, the las for 1915
Fire drill having beefi recently
introduced in the school, Tuesday
nioVuing while all were busy with
their books, the gong pealed, out
an alarm. There was a mad rush
for the landing, a hurried inarch
down the stairs, when 'it was dis
covered that one of tta young
ladies was rnissing. 'One of the
oung nten immediately went, to
rescue her and found her quietly
tting iu her seat studying latin.
He snatched her from the place of
banner and Ubre her eallentlv
towards the landing when the
Wednesday evening a 'party of
oung ladies met at Prof. Brown's
oine and spent the evening pre
paring the candy, nuts and popcorn
for the Christmas tree to be he'ld
the' hall Fridav night After
an evening of fun and music, Mrs
Brouh.f assisted by Miss Gertrude
Brown, served whipped cream cake
and hot cocoa. The girls report
. . f
hue tune, luose present were
Misses Gertrude and Lola Brown,
Fern Fraley, Marjorie TiHotson,
Edna and Leal Doering, Naomi
oung, Roma Morrow and Louise
lesse and Harry Ayres, the
proprietors of Bachelor 'Hallon
Main street, will be spending the
holiday vacation with their parents
at Smock.
1 lie pupils of all grades are
?iii1v frr Mii weels vnrnt inn nrom
sed them between Christmas and
Ny Years.
Miss Bcnney invited . the pupils
of the intermediate and iVfgh school
grades to their Christmas tree held
in the jnitnary room Thursday
afternoon. Thetp:oersm was very
nice and they were to"five it again
in the hall in connection with the
tree held there 'Friday evening,
Tygh Va'ley public school owns
A large new nag as ' fine a one a
floats fivui any school building
iu Southern Wasco County hut
'something is out of oider with the
flag staff so it is impossible to raise
the "Hag. We hope in the near
future tct have the pleasure of float
ing our dag with ,the rest of the
schools, 'la the mean time we will
take care that it is not trampled
in the ditt.
An investment thoroughly worth
while is offered for (ale for a short
time at $22.50 an acre. Farm of
5oo acres on part terms; 50 acres
11 cultivation and 75 more can be
cultivated and the balance is good
pastue and woods land. Good
buildings and fences and right. to
plenty of irrigation water. All
kinds of fruit. On rural mail route
and telephone line and reasonably
close to school and church. Call
at the Times office.
1 . . 1 tTT:ii:... it vr.
Tic 'IM,1, tlw., cXl f,. tlie Undersigned, yvimani 11. iul-
, . . Atee as executor of ttn estate and
..u:eg.. 1 rung points. ast will and testament of Henja-
1 tie tastest route between tlie
Northwest and California his final account of the admi dstra-
North Bank Rail and 26 Honrs' tion upon said estate, in the County
Ocean Sail on the Mammoth Steel Court of Wasco County Slate of
r- ..xt t, ). 1,: Oregon and said court nas ap-
wner, wonue.n ,LCUS- pointed the third day of Jnnmary,
en lor 000 passeuKersi alllK every 4 n mtfi at l ie lnnr ot 10
four days approximately between o'clock in the forenoon of said day
in at the Conntv Court room in the
rom Portland Dec. 2, 7,11,
21, 25, 30. . Ljnai acCount and for the final set-
Same Time and Rates as All tleneut of said estate.
Rail Fares and Include Meal now, therefore, all persons in-.
j teresred in said estate are hereby
t.r.tihp.1 atiH rnnirpfl In he and
:J 1.1- I i.'". , -
Means a con.siueraoie on d , s0
1 i- . rt
uiiiiornia trips. , aonointed for the henring of said
Direct Connections and Through final account and then and there
Service to Putcet Sound and British show cause if any exists why said
Pi,ui0 final account should not be allowed
Pn ...,i..f.., approved, sani esiaie 101 ever.
van Jl It 1 I 'A UV. L tl 1 1 v1 J Lll.l
5-day cruises to Hawaiian Islands or djschareed and his bondsmen
of SS 'Great Northern' Dec. exhonorated,
16, Tan s, 2S. and February 14J Dated this 1 7th dav of November,
$130 round trip from San Francisco A. D. 1015
Soecial fares irom Northwest. William H. McAtee,
A Tbe. Ant executor 01 saiu esiaie.
it ' - A Bennett & Galloway,
for Sale.
159 acres known as Underhill
Place at White Rivei school 1-2
mile, telephone, good drchard, all
fenced ai(d 'cross fenced, plenty of
water. Write J. R. Underbill,
di7P4 Tygh Valley, Ore,
Department of the Interior,
United States Land Office at The
Dalles, Oregon, 'December 20th,
NOTICE. 'is Hereby given that
f Shaniko, Oregon, who 011 June
26th, 1912, made Homestead Entry
No. 010468, forSWI-4 swi.4, hec
4. SEI-4 NEI-4. Sec. 22. & WI-2
nwi-4. section 23 lownsnip
South, Range 15 East, Willamette
Meridian, has filed notice of lnten
tiou to make Hual three year
Proof, to establish claim to the
and above described, before H. C
Rooner, U. S. Coinniissioner, at
Antelope, Oregon, on the 2Stn
day of' January 1916.
Claimant.. names as witnesses:
Cora B. AlitchelJ, William T.
Purcell, George E Fine, Jacob M.
Wilsou all of Shaniko, Oregon.
H. Frank Wdodcock,
. T. Hardv, T P & F Agt.
R. H. Crozier, AGFA,
Portland. Oregon-.
Attorneys for said estate.
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at The .Dalles,
Oregon, November 29th, 1915.
NOTICE is hereby given that
Zelma J. Lindley. formerly Zelma
NOTICE FORTCbDICAHON. f. Buzan. of Maupin, Oregon, who
(publisher.) Ion May loth, 1912, made Home-
Department of the Interior. htead h,ntry o. oie283 and on
U. S. Land offiee at The Dalles, frcurnary 25111, 1915, maae aaui-
Oregon, November 18th, 1 9"5. tlonal nomesieaa i-.niry no. 014424,
NOTICE is hereby given tliat ior Ki.zhwi-4, r.i-zism-4, ni-4
Allen A. Canfield of Ctiterian, Nwi-4, and Lot 2, sec. 7, sw 1-4
Oregon, who'on July 29th, 1912, nwi-4, sec. 8, T 5 s, R 15 E, SEi-4
made Homestead Entry No. 010585' NKi-4, sec. 12, Townsmp 5 sou 111 ,
and on July 4nd, Ig-t, mtide-Pddi-1 Range 14 East, Willamette Mertdi
tional Homestead linfr'w, No, an, has filed notice of intention to
tfi 3576 for S 1-2 NE t-4, N Tuvai inree year rrooi, 10
'1 N r-2 SEltJ, Section4, Town- establish claim to the land above
sihip 6, S. R. 14, E.. and lots 2-3, descrmea, oeiore 1-. i. wum, u.
Section -19, Townsuip 6 H. K '15 a- Wlnl11, " ; ' """"
E , Willamette Meridian, has nled gon, ouiue iji.i cuy 01 January,
notice 'of intention to make hnai 19'.
three Vear pnilf, to establish claim Claimant names as witnesses: A.
to the land above described, before. T. Lindlev, A V. Fargher, F. S.
F;D. Stuart, U. S. Commissioner Fleming, R. W. Meyers, all x)f
at Maupin,.Oregon, on the 11 dav M iupin, Oregon.
of Janirary i9i6.
Claimant l.iahies as witnesses
,T. E. Miller. T "B. Kidder, R. H
DeCanip and C.-G. 5koK!!berg all
of Criterion, Oregon.
H. Frank Woodcock,
Church Notice.
H. Frank Woodcock,
lated tract.
Public Land Sale.
Pepartment of the Interior,
United States Land Office at Tire
Dalles, Oregon, November 17th,
NOTICE is -hereby given that, a
lirected by the Commissioner of the
General Land office, uuder provis-
2455, R. S , pursuant
Services as follows; District
Quarterly Meeting commencing
Friday evening, Dec. 31, continu
ing over Suuday Jan. 2. Bapttr-
mal services will be held at the
river, Sunday afternoon. Rev.W.
N. Coffee, Distiict Elder 'of The
Dalies district, will Be hi cha-ge
of the above services.
G. R. ELLIS," Pastbr.
Go to Fischer's Garage forYll
your automobile accessories, gaso-
liue and storage of machinery.
The Rebeccas will serve refresh
ments to the Odd Fellows Saturday
evening iu honor of the removal
of die lodge from Wapinitia 10 this
place. Henry Harphan went to
Wapiuitia this morning to bring
down the lodge furniture.
Public land sale.
Department of the 'Interior.
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles.
Oregon, November 24th, 1915.
NOTICE is heieby given that, as ions of Sec.
directed by the Commissioner of to the application of William E.
the General Land office, under Hunt, Serial no. 013469, we will
Drovisions of Section -455, R. S., offer at public sale, to the highest
pursuant to the " application of bidder, but at not less than $2.jr
Joseph J. Connolly, Serial "No. per acre, at 9-30 o'clock A. M., on
niMH. we will offer at public sale the 7th day of January. 1916,
to the highest bidder, but at no next, at this offiee, the following
less than $2.50 per acre, at, 9:30 tract of land: vr 1-2 sw 14, Sec.
o'clock a. 111., on the lath day of 1 and 8 1-2 SK 1-4 Sec. 2, T. 6 S.,
Tanuafv next, at this olhce, the r 14 u , W. m. ' 1 ins tract is 01-
fotlowine tract of land: SW 1-4 SE dered into the market on a show-
1-4, Section 15, W 1-2 NE I 4 Section ing that the greater portion thereof
22, Township 5, S. K. 14 feast, is mountainous or 100 rougu ior
Willamette Meridian. (120 acres.) cultivation."
"This tract is ordered into the The sale will not be kept open.
market oil a showing that the but will be declared closed when
oreater portion thereof is menu- those prt sent at the hour named
taiuous or too tough for cultiva- have ceased bidding. The person
tion." making the highest bid will t re-
The sale will not be kept open, quired to Immediately pay to the
but will I declared' closed when Receiver the amount th-reot.
those present at the hour named Any persous claiming adverser
have ceased bidding. The person the above desctibed land are ad-
makitnr the Inchest bid will be vised to file their claims, or obiec.
required to immediately pay to the tions, on or before the time det.ig-
Receiver the amount thereof. natcd tor sale.
Auv person claiming adversely H. Frank Woodcock,
the uWeVlescribed land iead - Registe.