The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, September 24, 1915, Image 8

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    The Maupin Times
J. ft is brow, jHsbcf
pubt Qje y;, f KSO.Six Nfonthj 7ts, fe Rfonihs 50
Entered f n jthje posji ojoe at Maupin, Oregon, as secojvd class
nH matter. -'' ' . ' "'
What typn Qur Sghoqj, Mean
Now that school is underlay
again, let pi inquire of ourselves,
"what cap we Jo to help in this
Urorlc of education of our boys
and girls and help tham in laying
a Rood foundation for an equal
chance among thgjr fellows?''
Parental duty toward their
atudent chjjjdreri! plight be sum
jtted tjp a fojlows, see that the
shild jn school pvery svefl day,
inspiring fit home punctuality,
cleanliness, obedjence, refpect
for his teachers and hji fellows,
and showing at alj times clean,
wholesome niprals. Parents,
patrons and the gchppl board
alike should vje with each other
jn giving the teachers their earn
ast support and cooperation at
all times.
Teacher wjll haye a greater
Inspiration and will work for
better results jf they fee) that
their patrons ape taking a real
interest in (hem and tfreir school
work. They should maintain
Strict discipline at all times, wjth
due regard to reason.
''NowAvhatpan I do as a. stu
dent to help for a better sphool?"
Answer, be sbuare wjth 4ouself,
your teachers and your fellows,
make a real business of your
ptudies while engaged with them
and when at play. Do that too
with your whole heart and might.
Remember you have only one
disposition to oversee while your
teacher has the dispositions of
you and all your school mates to
to direct '
Pupils should be told occasion
0 P Q
ally how the several studies are
related to each other and. their
relations in the business world,
also they shou id be made to feel
a personal interest in them and
Iheir work in the various stud
ies, and this interest should
come from pjther sources betides
the teacher.
This article is made of homely
old truths put if strictly adhered
to, value received will bp gotten
from every effort and every dol
lar spent for school purposes and
and we will all have a broader
view of life, for W will know
that we are really helping and
not indifferent tp this mighty
problem. By a means visit
your school.
...-'i'U'J. J.
The Oregon Blue Book ha?
been recejyed at this office pom:
pimentary from Secretary of
State I3en W. Olcott, and con
tains statistics of partipular in
terest to every citizen pf this
state, t contains a brief history
Of Oregon, state eonistitutiph,
latest laws, names of ajl present
state and county officers, views
and infprmation on the state in
stitutions, federal government
departments of Oregon, census
reppfts and much other valuable
information which would be
an advantage to have at hand.
Three things we note as being
omited, the population of Maupjn,
the names of the Maiipin State
Bank and the Maupin Times.
Let's get on the list and not be
overlooked again.
''Today is the tomorrow you
worried about yesterday, and see
that hurtful thing did not hap-
Local Happenings
Tire settings, 75 cents per tire
at A. P. Martin's.
Mr. and Mrs. J, S, Browu were
in Maupin Wednesday.
Good organ for saje jdieap, Mrs.
Castor, Criterion, Ore.
James jHarphan was u from his
homestead Tuesday.
Make final proof tieore Com
missioner Stuart.
Elmer Suodgrass was a business
visitor hi Jpwn Tuesday,
Nofarjal work at the Maupin
State b,ank.
Mr, and Mrs. Westhrook came
in from their homestead Tuesday
Peaches and pears, 3 gallons tor
10 cents, A. A. Bonney, Tygli,
Frank Batty and mother were in
town Tuesday with tlieir Stude
baker Six.
Ira Kestner returned to Maupin
the first of the week after a sojourn
at the Ben Copk ranch,
Mrs. Geo. Knopf is visiting at
the W. C Vanderpool home this
Have we a Maupin Cpmrnercial
Club? In a copy of the Times of
about one year age, we notice
the fact mentioned that Mr. Egan
was president of the commercial
club. Letters of inquiry and
numerous circular? have been
coming to Maupin for that body,
and as we were pot aware pf any
organizatiqn, have received such
mail, tried tq answer inquiries as
far as possible with sample cop
ies of the Times, and to print
such parts of circulars as seemed
of moment local interest. How
ever, an prgaization could work
much more beneficially to the
community in this matter as well
as many others.
W. B, Kurtq wrote announcing
that he will be in Maupin net
Thursday, the 30th, and will re
ceive bogs Saturday and load out
Suuday as uq freight leaves 011
Ml M
Central Oregon Line
California Tours
Expositions Now At Their Best
$36,25 Bound Trip "
From Maupin
Oregon Trunk Ry The North
Bank Koaq and the Pafatial b
Deck .Steamships, "North
ern Pacific" and "Great
Northern'' between Port
land and San Francisco
every Tuesday, Thurs
day and Saturday.
Fares include meals
and berth on ships.,
Rail rates same
without meals
and berth.
Round Trip Rates East
Direct or Circuit Routes to Any
point in United States or Canada
Daily Until September BO-Re-turn
Limit October 3 1st. Chica
go, direct, 37z.6(J, Minneapolis,
t. Paul, Duluth or Winnipeg.
$60. 6t. Louis, $71.20. New
York' .110.7D. Go one-way via
California at slightly higher
rates. Stopovers on through
one-way or round trip tickets to
see the Expositions.
Sept. 27
Oct. 2nd
Plan Now to Go Daily
Round Trip Fares From
Central Oregon Points via
Oregon Trunk Ry., in Ef
fect Sept. 23 to Oct. 2.
A. LOCKE, Agent,
Maupin, Oregon.
Gq to Fischer's Qarage for all
your automobile accessories, gaso
line and storage of machine.
Mem. Coll,, Phys, & Surg.,
Licentiate Minnesota
Prompt Service on Either
Day or Night Calls
Eyes tested, Classes Fitted
Can You Do It?
n bj (be ot tjttrtttlB ert pnrelf
HWlyotviatoi Thuptia
mt lay lohn clrs'vUrlr Tliri dulot rn)i of lighl, riiurb lh
)l livjq, rmi-f jnin ,.ri. ili-.-niu'cn ad lu-mp tho tTfji(hl VI 'lf n II it
Dr. C. II. Francis,
That wonderful drink, Tallcott's
Don't blame your clock It
needs cleaning. Emmons will
do it for you and guarantee it.
A Snap
An Im estineut thoroughly worth
while is offered for sale for a short
time at $22.50 an acre. Farm of
200 acres on part terms; 50 acres
in cultivation and 75 more can be
cultivated and the balance is good
pastue and woods hind. Good
buildings and fences and right to
plenty of irrigation water Allj
kinds of fruit. On rural mail rouie
and telephone line and reasonably
close to school and church. Call
at the Times office.
Make land filings mid final proof
before United States Commissioner
We lead -Others follow
ten! At enormous expense we
have secured a limited number of
large hand painted OIL PAINT
INGS of Landscape and Marine
Views, which we are giving ab
solutely free to our customers
See us about it. W. H. Staats &
VV. C. and C
ivtnitivd heme
. W. Winderpool ; Til
Tuesday from aiCorre;
trip to Prineville.
See Fraley and Vanderpool for
auto accessories.
Clem Matthews returned home
Sunday after a week spent at
Walla Walla, Wn.
Horseshoes 75 een pet ei at
A. F. olartiu's.
Pepartnient of the Interior,
United StatesLand at The
Dalle;?, Qregou, September 1 i, 1515.
NCJIICuis jiereby giyen tliat
Ralph I'. Hu.iiu of Criterion, Ore.
gon who, ftii October jtftb, 1910,
made Homestead Entry, No.
0720, and on July and, 1914,
made additional Homestead Entry,
No. 013565 fpr NE1-4, Nj-2 SE
1-4, Sec-9 W1-1NW1-4, Section 10,
Township fi-south, gange 15. East,
Willamette Meridian, Has bled
notice qf intention to make Final
three year I'root, to establish claim
to tiie land above described, before
F. U. Stuart, United States Com.
missioner, at Maupin, Oregpn, on
the l.gtu clay ot uetobtr, J915.
Claimant names as witnesses
II . M. Green, C, A. Duns, C. G.
Skogslwrg. R. H. DeCamp,.ail of
Criterion, Oregon,
Department of flic Interior,
United States Laud Office at The
Dalles, Qregou, September 3rd,
NOTICE is hereby given thai
Sanford M.'Blapk, of SJianiku, Or
egon, who, 011 )une 1911.
made Homestead Hntiy. No. 091 16.
for NWtf.'Sectiqli iq. Township 7
South,' Range 16' East, U'ilamette
Meridian, has filed notice of in
letti,ou to liiake1 Final three year
Prqof,- to establish cluim to ' the
land above described, 'before 11.
C. Hooper, JJ. S, Coiiinussjoiii r,
t Antelope, Oregon', on tlp rSth
day of Qeti)ler, 19' i ,
Claimant names as witnesses:
Will ji 111 V. JohusQ'n, ' Lawrence
L. Sickles. W illiam II.' Wornstaff,
rcji jf Haima, all of 3l);iiiko,
(tTiii.i.sii uv.)
Department of ilie Interior,
United States LH"'' Offict- t Tlie
Dalles, Oregon, eplember 3rd,
NOTK'IC i.s. heieby given thai
Olareneu ' Ifargher, of Maupin,
Oregon, who, on December oth,
1916, ni!ide Desert Land Entry, No.
07 84 1: fen SVf Slif Sec. 11
NW NK; Seciion 14, fowiisnip
4 South, R'Mige 14 East, Wil
lamette Meridian, 1ms filed notice
of intention ti niake Final desert
Proof to establish claim to the laud
above described, before U. H. Land
Office, at Tlie Dalles, Oregon, on
the 21st day of October, 1913.
Claimant uauit-s as witnesses;
Asa White, Kenneth Mi).-r, A.
V, Fargher. John Maun ion, Ara
Buzan, all of Maupin, Oregon.
Department of the Interiui,
United States Land Office at The
Dalles, Oregon, September ?oth,
NOTICE i.s hereby given thai
Charles S. Gabel, of Wapiuitia,
Oregon, who, on May 7th. 1910,
made Homestead Entry No. 1.6708,
for N i-i SV 1-4, N 1-3 SE 1-4,
Section 31, Tpwnship s South,
Range i.i East, Willamette Meridi
an, 1ms nled notice of intention i
make Final five yenr Proof, to
esiablisli elaiiji to the land above
described, before F, D. Stuart, U.
S. Commissioner :it M.itipju. Ore
gon, oil the 6th day ot Noveiiiber,
1 9 1 S
Claimant names as witnesses:
Herbert Hammer, Frank Gabel,
Ben H. Gabel, James H, Hartmcti,
all of Wapiuitia, Oregon.
Depni tuietit of the Interior,
United States Land Office at Tlie
Dalles, Oregon, September, ?oth,
f i; 1 5-
NOT1CL is hereby given thai
Ernest Howard Taylor, of Criter
ion, Oregon, who, on May 26th,
191 1, made Homestead Entry No.
09007 and on Jnlv 2nd 1914, made
an additional Homestead Entry,
No. 013563, for V 1-2 NW 1-4
Sec 17 E 1-2 Nli 1 4. NW 1-4
NE 1-4. Section 18, Township 6
South, Range 15 East, Willamette
Meridian, has filed notice of inten-
;iion to m.iKcx'iuai i.ireeyear r:f.oi,
to estaolish claim to the land above
described, befoie E. D. Stuart, U.
S. Canimissioner at Maupin, Ore
gen, on the 23rd day of October.
Claimant names as wituesses, D.
L. Rutherford, C. G. Skogsburg,
C A. Dims, H. M. Green, all of
Criterion, Oregon.
Timet, would like 10 have a
ndent in every commtiniM
of he. client Wasco county. I
your locality is not represented
send us a sample letter, with your
name and address. We will send
you stationery. '
J. 1 Ahbott anil famil
Maupin colters in tV-i:
ued- af'.tniooti.
Dalles Mention
Adolph Nys of Tygh Valley was
111 the city today attending fo mat
ters of bushiest).
A. f'ugh of Wapinjtia fraps.
acted uiatters of busjness in the
The D.Ule.s today,
S. B Driver and W; E. Wood
copk pf Wamic are frantiacting
business here.
Miss pniah Munyer apd her
mother, Mrs. A, D (Jribbsof Tygh
Valley, refurped to The palles yes;
terday from San Franciseo( where
they ai;eudpd the Panama Pacific
A. A. Dertjijck was a Maupin
visito q the cify Tuesday,.
Mr. i(ud Mrs.'L.- P. Kelly and
ittle diiiighter,' Pprritf pf Maupi
we)?e visitors' in l)e Dilles last
week. -
Miss flilda Lake of Wamic is
the guest of Miss Gladys White iq
this cit .
Mrs. R. B. Bell is visiting her
mother jii Portland this week.
Watch this spa
The f ollowiog prices f. 0, b, Detroit, effective Aug 2, 1815;
Ford Runabout . . , $390,
Fovd Touring Car . , . 44,
No speedometer included in this yer's
equipment, otherwise pars fully equipped,
There can be no assurance given against an advance in
these priae3 at any time, W guarantee however, that
there will be no reduction in these prioe3 prior to August
1, 1916,
Profit-Sharing With Retail Buyers
On August L 1914 we made the announcement that if we
could make and sell at retail 300,000 Ford ears between
August 1, 1914 and Auguat 1, 1915 we would share profits
with the retail purchasers, to the extent of from $10 to
$60 on each car, We have sold over 300,000 Ford cars in
the time specified, and profit-shy rititf chock1? of gSO each
will be distributed as rapidly, as pussibU a!V- :W-.".i 1.
l$15. Retail purchaser who have ret yet mailed us their
profit-sharing coupons, properly endorsed bhouhi Jo so
without delay.
Oui plan to profit-share with retail purchasers of Ford
cars during 1914-e5 has been most successful. We thor
oughly believe in it, but realising the uncertainty of con
ditions generally makes it advisable to defer any an-'
nouncement of future profit-sharing until a later date.
Wo are, .however, uorifid.jr.t of m r i
coits for several months, and ther.-f
sharing lor ears delivered during Augi
October, 1915.
Blacksmithiag, ?agonmaking and Auto
Fraley H Vanderpool
t-torseshoeing, Blacksmithing and Wagonmak
ing Share grinding and sharpening. All kinds
fcf Repair Work that will suit. With a Guarantee
That Will Stick. Try us If your wagons, bug
gies or hacks need overhauling, bring them in,
we'll save you money ,
We carry a full line of Automobile Supplies and
&rc prepared to do til kinds of Auto repair work
Maupin, Ore.
A. F.
11 a.- ip:icd his blacksmith
pared to do
'. j
I i
1 j
All M orK done neatly and promptly
at a reasonable price
A fair share of the
Herman Gesh and family of
Wamic were Maupin callers Wed
nesday and stopped af jthe Time
party of tourists from Silver
Lake (vere here a few days this
week wfyile ffavin sflnip repairs
mada on their car,
A number of Maupin business
men baye been faking advantage
of the brisk autumn mornings for
health walks out iu the country.
M W, Mprris purphawd a fiue
new car qf the local pord represen
tative, E. J. Fischer, the first of
the week.
Frpnch Butler nd Chas. Marlin
weru oyer from Tygjj Sunday ev
ening in fhe intersf of the South
ern V'asco County Fair to be held
a that place October 13, 14 and 15.
Mrs. W. C Vapdprpool apd
childrei; and Mrs. Oliver were
guests at tlie Geo. Knopf' horae
Seethe Isis Stock Co. tttnight'
and Saturday tijght at the hall.
J. M. Conkjin spent the wee
end at the metropolis.
eg for return datt
iifv to rciinee
'1 a nt,
shop in .Maupin and is now pre-
all kinds 01
and General
patromifc'o is solicited -