The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, August 06, 1915, Image 2

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$ure io rise
You can't always make everything "just o." Sometimes you will
get in more shortening than usual; or make the batter a little thin; or
it may not be convenient to put a cake in the oven the moment it is
mixed; or your oven may not bake evenly and it is necessary to turn
the pan around none of these little uncertainties make the slightest
difference in results If you use
'limit rniiiiu
This modern, double-raise baking powder has unusual strength and
Is absolutely certain to raise your biscuits, cakes and pastry light and
feathery. It generates an abundance of leavening gas both in the mix
ing bowl and in the oven. The, raising Is sustained until the dough is
cooked through.
Housewives who use K C never have "bad luck" with their baking.
Try KCot our rink. Your grocer will refund your money If you are
not pleased in eve-y way. 67
Means that you keep
the middleman's
profit in your pocket
when you buy
Lumber, Shingles,
Lath, Moulding;,
Doors, Windows and
other Building Ma
terial from
Lumber Co.
Portland, - Oregon
Send us a list of what you require
for your buildings and we will name
you prices delivered at your station
and Guarantee to save you Money.
Write for our
Illustrated Catalog.
Shopping Again,
"There's a delivery wagon driving
up to our door," said hubby. "Been
shopping again."
"Well, I didn't have anything to do"
replied wifey, "bo I went down to Wan
acoopor's and listened to the concert
in their auditorium. It was just
splendid, too. After that I went up
to the grocery department and tried
some new cereal they're demonstrat
ing, I managed to get three helpings,
so I didn't need to spend any money
for luncheon. Then I looked at the
fashion parade and spent the rest of
the afternoon In the art gallery. After
that I didn't feel as if I ought to leave
the store without buying anything, so
I had them Bend me up a spool of
Oangsrous Topic.
"You are in favor of peace, are you
"So much In favor of it that I de
cline to make It a subject of discus
sion." Washington Star.
"Why do you call him the human
"Because he gets up so much spec
tacular speed and always finishes just
where he started." Washington Star.
Why She Was There.
Judge (of divorce court) Aren't you
attached to your husband?
I'lntntirf Certainly. I came here to
be detached. Boston Transcript.
On S. P. R. R. in Tillamook, Co. Or.
Train arops at our door. Place to spend your
vacation here this summer. You will Ami It
deltxhtful ai well a Inexpensive. We have
fully furnished Housekeeping Tenta, Including
electric litfhta and water, from $5 per week up.
Dance every niirhc. Rowl(n. Pool and Bil
liarda. Surf Fishlns enl Safe Bathlnu. Kor
particular! write or cull on WISH DKNTAL,
Co.. Rooms 211-112 Failing: Bldir.. 3d at Wash
ington, Portland. Ore., phones A or MTJOJs); or
Bar View, Tillamook Co., Ore.
A Dull Life.
"I don't know how we'll get along
without you, Nora."
"Thank you, ma'am."
"You've been with us a long time.1
"Yes, ma'am. Nearly Beven months.'
"And you still refuse to tell us why
you are leaving?"
"Well, ma'am, if you insist on know
ing, It's because I can't stand the conv
pany here."
"The Idea! Our house Is frequent
ed by the best people."
"It's not that, ma'am. I was speak
lng of my own company. Where I
used to work most of my friends were
chauffeurs, ma'am. The only man
who has asked me to take a ride with
him since i ve been here was a vege
table pedler." Birmingham Age-Her
E. Fletcher Hallamore, the leading Danclnir Ex.
Eert and Instructor in New York City, writea: "I
ave used ALLEN 'S FOOT-EASE, the antiseptic
powder to be shaken into the Bhni. for ten veara.
and recommend it to all my pupils." It cures and
prevents soro feet. Sold by all Drug and Depart.
ment stores, Zftc. sample Address, Allen
o. uimstea, L,e ioy, ft. X.
It Seemed That Way.
The farmer, wearing a long face,
entered the country drug store. "I've
got something wrong with my stom
ach," he announced, "and I want you
to give me something lor It.
"All right," replied the apothecary,
cheerfully; "what are your symp
"Every little while something seems
to rise up and settle back and then by
and by rises up and settles back
The druggist stroked his chin, re
flectively. "Look here," he said,
gravely, "you haven't gone and swal
lowed an elevator, have you?" Ladies
Home Journal.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets first
put up 40 years ago. They regulate
and invigorate stomach, liver and bow
els, bugar-coated tiny granules.
Woman's Place.
First Abie-Bodied Male Woman's
place is in the home. As I was tell
ing my wife
Second Abie-Bodied Male Bv the
bv. Bill, what's ver wife rioin' now?
lrst Able-Bodled Male Workln' in
the cannery. Puck.
All Up.
"Well, Jones, did your suburban
garden come up to the scratch?"
"It sure did after my neighbors'
hens got into it." Baltimore Ameri
C. Gee Wo
SucMwafttt Hon
Rented ifl
Hit iucpfwaful herh
I retnMiwi cur all
kind of ailmenta of
mttn nd wonvm with
out operation,
fi-om th wonderful
Chineae herb, root.
bKU and veawtaoltia, which unknown to
tlw medical science of thu country.
Writ for blank and circular. Send stamp.
The C Gee Wo Chinese Medicine C.
16UH Ftmt St.. Portland, Or
Mention Paper.
P. N. U.
No. 31, 191S
WBRN wrttltiff la adTtrtUera, pleaaa mm
" tloa thta paper.
Suffered Everything Until R
stored to Health by Lydia
L Finkham's Vegeta
ble Compound.
Florence, So. Dakota. "I used to be
very sick every month with bearing
aown pains and
backache, and had
headache a good
deal of the time and
JVVfrV ' Vry little aPPetite
yi f The pains were so
,S hmA thot T
vv V..UW a IUGU W
sit right down on the
floor and cry, be
cause it hurt me so
and I could not do
any work at those
timnfl An aU wa-
man advised me to try Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound and I got a
bottle. I felt better the next month so
I took three more bottles of it and got
well so I could work all the time. I
hope every woman who suffers like I did
will try Lydia E. Finkham's Vegetable
Compound." Mrs. F.W.I-anseno, Box
8, Allyn, Wash.
Why will women continue to suffer day
in and day out or drag out a sickly, half
hearted existence, missing three-fourths
of the joy of living, when they can find
health in Lydia E. Finkham's Vegetable
For thirty years it has been the stand
ard remedy for female ills, and has re
stored the health of thousands of women
who have been troubled with such ail
ments as displacements, inflammation,
ulceration?, tumors, irregularities, etc
If yon want special advice write to
I.jdU E. rtnkham Medicine Co. (confl.
deutiall I.jrnn, Mass, Your letter wilt
be opet.d, read and answered by a
woman ind held la strict confldenos
I I fit :ll If
Now Do Their Work Out of 8lght of
the Armies They Command, and
Move Men as Would a
Chess Player.
Generalship today is about as much
like generalship of Napoleon's time
as two-old-cat is like a major league
game, writes Frederick Palmer in Col
lier's Weekly. The general who
watches the battle from a hill will be
blown to bits by artillery Are. I've
never seen a general on a horse in
this war. If he travels, it is in a mo
tor car, and he travels very little.
He sits in front of a map covered with
blue and red penciled lines of the
trenches and the enemies. A dozen
experts are around him each a spe
cialist. He is but the chairman of
the council, the silent man who lis
tens. The others plan and organize;
he nods. Photographs from aero
planes tell him the change each day
in the trenches. He works with a
card-Index system of lives and mate
rial. An expert in a brigade com
mand decides whether it's practicable
to gain a few trenches; the division
staff decides to let the brigade com
mander try, or perhaps carries it up
to the corps staff, which may in turn
pass it on to the great staff. A Joffre
or a Von Hlndenburg sits on the lid.
He must keep his mind on the great
main object; he must not bother with
details; and he must never, never
lose his head.
Of Joffre they say that when re-enforcements
are demanded he Is always
slow to respond. Ye- they always ar
rive if they are needed. In one day I
have seen 60,000 French troops pass
over a single line of railway, for they
may be sent very rapidly when necessary.
Joffre Is not caught napping, though
he always sleeps his eight hours a
day. Von Hlndenburg seems never
perplexed, never rushed, though he
has struck such telling and sudden
Where Napoleon threw In 10,000 re
serves and from his horse watched
them double past to change the tide
of battle, Von Hlndenburg throws
300,000 men on railroad trains in the
night into East Prussia, and everlast
ingly surprises and overwhelms the
Russians. Meanwhile, in what seemed
a fierce and desperate attempt to
break through In front of Warsaw,
he was only feinting. But he did not
make a half feint. It cost him twen
ty or thirty thousand casualties. The
allied newspapers were rejoicing in
his repulse before Warsaw when he
was preparing his coup in East Prus
sia. Some Germans who were taken
prisoners In front of Warsaw had on
their persons copies of orders indi
cating that the frontal attack was to
be pressed. Perhaps those Germans
fell prisoners very easily. Frederick
Palmer in Collier's Weekly.
Eminent Scholar to Retire.
Dr. Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve, who
is to retire from Johns Hopkins uni
versity at the end of the scholastic
year, Is, with the exception of Dr.
Ira Ramsen, the last man of the orig
inal university faculty. His reason
tor retiring Is his age, he having
passed the eighty-third milestone. Doc
tor Gildersleeve, a native of Charles
ton, S. C, Is recognized as one of two
greatest Greek scholars in the world,
and has been at work on a Greek Syn
tax, said by Greek scholars to bo the
most wonderful work of its kind ever
attempted, and which he haB himself
said he never expects to live to com
plete. His associates In the depart
ment of Greek of the university, Dr.
C. W. E. Miller and Mr. Edmund Speik
er, will probably finish it. Honors con
ferred on him by the scientific institu
tions of the world are many, and his
treatises on classical languages are in
general use In educational circles.
Dirigible for the Navy.
It is announced that the navy de
partment has ordered a dirigible air
craft from a Connecticut company,
which Is to be delivered within four
months and will cost $45,636. This
craft will be 175 feet long, 55 feet In
height and will accommodate eight
men. The speed will be 25 miles an
hour. This craft cannot be seriously
regarded as a fighting machine, but is
probably Intended merely for practice
purposes and for training operators
for possible future craft. The battle
cruiser North Carolina, which has be
come superannuated. Is to be remod
eled to serve as an aviation ship, and
will be sent to Pensacola, which is to
be made a station and school for train
ing aviators. As soon as it Is finished
the new airship will be sent to the
same place and a floating hangar is to
be provided to shelter it Scientific
Russian Newspaper In Stockholm.
A Russian newspaper under the
name of SkandlnavsklJ Llstok is now
being regularly published In Stock
holm. It is estimated that there are
15,000 Russian subjects residing la
that city, and It is the intention of
this paper to meet the needs of these
people. One reason for establishing
the paper is the difficulty of receiv
ing Russian papers regularly in Stock
holm, owing to the uncertainty of
mall deliveries. It Is also the Inten
tion ot this paper to devote a large
part of its space to commercial inter
ests and attempt to join Scandinavia
and Russia more closely in this re
sprct It will he nonpolltlcal as far
Take a Talking Machine and Latest Records to the
country with you, from Eilers Music House.
The jolliest thing for dancing under the trees, on the veranda, at the sea
Here are some used ones:
Several, regular price $25.00, reduced to $18.60
Reduced price includes one doz. of best records (24 selections).
Two, regular price $35.00, reduced to 92-1.40
Reduced price includes 28 selections of best records.
Two, regular price $100, Machines reduced to S65.00
T" 1 J ? n n
xveuucea price mciuaes 3U
selections of best records.
Quite a number of others,
some old-style ones for $8,
$10 and $12, records included.
All of these and other
machines sent by mail upon
receipt of price. Will also
be sold on the well-known i
Eilers easy payment plan.
2d Floor Eilers Bldg.
Rebuilt Federal Trucks
A Safe Used Truck to Buy.
value for the money as a new truck. By
rebuilt we mean that the truck Is entirely
taken apart, each part examined and if
necessary replaced by a new part made
at the Federal factory, the entire truck
repainted and refinished, and everything
necessary done to make the truck practi
cally as good as new in every detail.
When you buy a rebuilt Federal you
are protected by the same policy and In
terest mm we give to an f ederal ownerB.
We operate a repair department, In which
the workmen are specialists on Federals.
our supply of Federal parts Is complete,
and the stock room organization high
class, which insures the prompt filling of
all parts orders. We also operate a serv
ice department, which is open day and
night, "always at your call." The Federal
being a good truck In the first place and
protected by a company which is equip
ped and has the disposition to give you
service Is consequently
If vou are fn the market fnr n. triirk
from 11000 to JHOO, we urge you to com
pare used Federals with new trucks at
similar prices. We think we can convince
you of their superior value.
King and Washington Sts.
Playing Safe.
"What are your views on the mod
ern dances?"
"Well, my wife thinks they're out
rageous, and my daughter says they're
just too sweet for anything; so, of
course, I have to preserve a strict neu
trality." St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
A Largs Order.
Modest Suitor I have only $5500 a
year, sir, but I think I can support
your daughter on that.
Father (enthusiastically) Support
her, my dear boy? why, you can sup
port her entire family on it.
Who Will Care?
Who will care if my hair is gray?
Who will care what I have to say?
Who will care if I go or stay?
Who will care when I'm 50?
Who will care If I'm fat or thin?
Who will care if I frown or grin?
Who will care if my toes turn in?
Who will care when I'm 60?
Who will care if tears I shed?
Who will care if my nose is red?
Who will care' if youth Is fled?
Who will care when I'm 60?
No one will care, so I've been told;
No one will care if my feet are cold;
No one will care my hand to hold;
Oh, I'll just hate to be 60.
He Wasn't Hissing the Show.
One of the ushers approached a man
who appeared to be annoying those
about htm.
"Don't you like the show?"
"Yes, indeed!"
"Then why do you persist in hissing
the performers?"
"Why, m-man alive, I y-wasn't h
hissing! I w-was s-s-imply s-s-s-aylng
to S-s-s-sammy that the s-s-slnglng is
The soothing, healing medication in
resinol ointment and resinol soap
penetrates the tiny pores of the skin,
clears them of impurities and stops
itching instantly. Resinol positively
and speedily heals eczema, heat-rash,
ringworm and similar eruptions, and
clears away disfiguring pimples and
blackheads when other treatments
have been almost useless.
Resinol is not an experiment. It is
a doctor's prescription which proved
so wonderfully successful for skin
troubles that it has been used by
other doctors all over the country for
twenty years. Every druggist sells
resinol ointment and resinol soap.
No Fight.
"Don't you know, Johnny, that if
you refuse to strike back there can't
be any fight with Tommy Bifkins?"
"Yes'm," replied the small boy.
"There wouldn't be any fight. Tommy
would have it all his own way and I'd
get a plain licking." ,
The Real Test.
"I don't see how that little Mrs.
Grumpy can seem so well satisfied
with her husband. He never kisses
her or shows her any mark like that
of affection."
"Maybe not, but he gives her spend
ing money without her ever having
to ask for it."
Putting It Accurately.
"Have you got any mosquitoes
around here?"
"No," replied Farmer Corntossel.
"We haven't got them. They've got
us." Washington Star,
Loans Valuable Lands.
Vincent Astor has lent land worth
$1,000,000 to New York city children
for a playground.
Father-What did you and John talk
about last night, dear?
Daughter Oh, we talked about our
kith and kin.
Small Brother Yeth, pop, I heard
'em he seth, "Kin I hev a kith?" and
she seth, "Yith you kin!" Yale Rec
Three In One.
"Now, this typewriter is equipped
with all the summer attachments."
"Summer attachments?"
"A Bmall mirror, a miniature clock
and a thermometer; everything a girl
has to consult frequently." Louisville
Woe of a Card Player.
"Sitting up with your sick friend
again, eh?" "Exactly, my dear."
"Now tell me the truth, is that friend
really sick?" "He's sick-this time, all
right. He held an ace-full against my
four sixes." Houston (Tex.) Post.
Courtship and Boredom,
"I don't see how you can tolerate
that man." "Oh, but he is a foreign
nobleman, my dear." "I don't care,"
said the American girl. "I'll be jig
gered if I'd marry a man who does his
courting with a bored air." Louisville
Sure Thing.
"Never sneer at anybody, Rollo,"
"No, uncle."
"Some people poke fun at vegetar
ians here. But you'd be mighty glad
to meet 'em if you were cast away in
the Fiji Islands." Louisville Courier-Journal.
"A Modern Business Traininpr School." Thorough,
practical, expert, reliable. New building, lanra.
well-lighted rooms, complete modern equipment.
Write for free lesHon in Bookkeeping and Short
hand. Central Building, Portland, Ore.
YOUNG MAN, BE A BARBER. Learn a Tradai
Be Independent Trade taught in eight weeka;
tools free. Commissions paid while learning;
positions secured. Write for free catalog.
MOLER COLLEGES, Portland, K48 N. End St.
Spokane, K22li Main Ave.; Seattle. K109 Main St.
Dalles-Columbia Line
State of Washington, for The Dalles daily mc,
Sunday 11 p. m. Leave Dalles daily ex. Monday
12 M. Steamers J. N. Teal, Inland Kmpire and
Twin Cities for Upper Columbia and Snake river
points. Taylor St. Dock. Tel. Main 613.
Willamette and Columbia River Towing Co., Portland.
ornamental, con r to
lent, cheap. Lasts all
teuton. Made o
metal, can'tiptllorttp
over; will not ioil or
Injure anything.
Guaranteed tffectiT.
Sold by dealers, o
6 tent by expru pr
paid loi Si
HAXOLD 80KEK5, 100 DtKalb .. Brooklyn, X. .
fa no more necessary
than Smallpox. Army
experience has demonstrated
the almost miraculous effi
cacy, and harmlessness, of Antityphoid Vaccination.
Be vaccinated NOW by your physician, you ano)
your family. It ll more vital than bouse Insurance
Ask your physician, druggist, or send for "Have
fou had Typhoid?" telling of Typhoid Vaccine,
results from use, and danger from Typhoid Csrrlert
raooucise vaccinis a sisuas uaoas u. a. sov. ucssst
Taking Precautions.
A rosy-cheeked youngster dressed ia
his best clothes entered the village
postoffice and carefully laid a huge
slice of iced cake on the counter.
"With my sister the bride's compli
ments, and will yer please eat as much
as yer can?" he said.
The postmistress smiled delightful
ly. "How very kind of the bride to re
member me," she cried. "Did she
know of my weakness for wedding
"She did," answered the youngster,
coldly, "and she thought she'd send
yer a bit of it this afternoon just to
take the edge off yer appetite before
she posted any boxes off to her
friends." London Tit-Bita.
Not a Doctor.
While little Dorothy was visiting;
her hostess' dog came running up and
stopped before her, panting. Seeing
his tongue hanging out, Dorothy Baid:
"I'se not a doctor, doggie." Boston
Hit Status.
"Were you a bull or a bear in WaH
"I wasn't either. I was the man
who has to run for atree when the
menagerie breaks loose." Washing
ton Star.
Strength Beauty
Come With Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery
This is a blood cleanser and alterative
that start the liver and stomach into
vigorous action. It thus waists the
body to manufacture rich red blood
which feeds the heart nerves brain
and organs of the body. The organs
work smoothly like machinery running
in oil. Yon feel clean, strong and
strenuous instead of tired, weak and
faint. Nowadays you can obtain Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
Tablets, as well as the liquid form
from all medicine dealers, or trial box
of tablets by mail, on receipt of 60c.
Address V. M.Pierce, M.D., Buffalo, N.Y.
Dr. Pierce's Great 1008 Paav Ultutrateal
Common SesM Medici Adviser will be sent
FR. CVrth Bosusd lor 31 One-cral Stupe,
as possible.