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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 1, NO. 43
THE YEAR $1.50
Beginning August 1st the Times
opened a four months' correspond
ents' contest. Cash prizes will be
awarded, credit being given accord
ing to newsiness and regularity of
letteri, special news stories sent in,
subscriptions secured, and general
interest in the welfare of the Times
displayed by the correspondents.
News and regularity score the
highest always. Amounts will be
paid at the close of the four months
to those scoring highest. First
$6; second $4; third $2',$i. This
plan, it is hopedwill give a good
news service to out readers and
partly compensate our energetic
news rustlers of the different sec
tions of Southern Wasco connty.
Criterion Chronicles
W. it. Harbison of Ashwood
spent several days. in this vicinity
recently visiting his friend Mrs.
Cora Baxter.
Two mischievous boys recently
killed a large rattle suake dud left
him coiled iii the road to victimize
some passerby. Their prank was
highly snccessful as on going back
the snake's head was beaten to a
pulp and his rattles cut off as
spoils of the last battle.
The prelude to wedding bells
have again sounded their note's at
Wheat hauling s soon to coin
rnence, all our surplus crops going
to Maupin
Several of our farmers who have
All Kinds of Build
ing' Materials
Wheat Arriving
The 1915 wheat crop is begin
ning to arrive at the Hunts Ferry
warehouse for stoi age. Two hun
dred fift bushels were brought in
Tuesday and about 500 more the
following day. These figures will
increase to much larger proportions
within a few days when threshing
wil be nearer completed. Among
those delivering wheat to the
warehouse this week are O. B.
Derthick, Claud Wilson, W. W.
Ashley and Andrew Crabtree.
receutly threshed their grain re
port good yields.
Mrs. E. H. Taylor left hurried
ly Saturday morning for 1 he
Dalles, going to her mother. Mrs.
Lewis Johnson, who was reported
Vera Canfield's condition since
last report il somewhat improved,
Mrs. Jeff Wiuifree is enjoying
the s "strenuous life" these days
while her husband is with the
thresher. She packs water 011
horseback daily for 50 head of
J. E. Miller recently lliade an
inspection trip of the proposed
new cut off from Kaskella to Gate
way. ,
Smock News
Fallow Bros, are stil . heading.
They are now at Mr. John Far
lows' ranch, having finished their
own at Upper Smock ranches.
Mrs. Liuda Spddr was home
Saturday, returning to her work
Sunday at Mr. George Woodruff's
ou the Flat.
faul Nest'er the grandson of
John Howell spent a few davs ai
the home of James Kennedy last
and lArae
Wallboard 'is not lower in cost
than lath and plaster in most
places where there is no good
supply of plastering sand V all
board is very covenient.
cart be put on by anyone. It is
nailed directly to the 2x4 stud
ding, of the walls, and many
beautiful designs are produced.
The cracks between the sheets
nf the vallboard are covered
a small strip of lumber
painterl Iike'thc rest of the house
can be tinted with a cold water
tint by anyone. Many beautiful
Btencil paterns can be worked in
the border.
is fine for remodeling without
any muas.
The Isis Stock Company gave
two very good entertainments in
Maupin Monday and Tuesday
nights which were witnessed by an
appteciative crowd of our people
and given hearty applause.
The company is composed of
three energetic young people, who
seem thoroughly masters of the
situation of handling to the com
plete satisfaction of the public, acts
having twice ' their number of
characters, Entertainments will
be given tonight and tomorrow
night at Wapiuilia. They are
scheduled to be7 in Maupin again
Sunday evening with a comblete
change of program and hope to,
greet another pood crowd.
Mr. John Gordon and grandson.
Wilbur Mulvaiiey, were Wapinitia
business visitors last Thursday.
Callie Duncan and Sidney Mul
vaiiey spent Sunday niglit ' at the
bedside of Will, caring for
him, who is Very low with typhoid
fever. Dr. Shannon is the physi
cian in charge.
N. E. WliitcoHib finished stack
ing for Geo. Woodruff, came home
a couple days and returned to
work with the threshing machine.
Callie Duncan was a f ygh Val
ley business visitor last Thursday.
Several of the neighbors and
friends of Mi and Mrs. John
Howell met at their home last Sun
day iii honor of Mrs Howell s
birthday. There were thirty-six
in attendance and the writer wish
es Mrs. Ilbwi'll itisiiy more birth
days for we always fitid a welcome
at their home.
Mrs. Cora 'Smith is 011 the sick
list for the past couple week.
The iollowiog prices! ;o. b.
I - .
z- - ----- -- ; 3 I
r . 1
Ford Runabout .
Ford Touring 'Car
Jo speedometer included iu this yer's
equipment, otherwise cars fully cqmpyd.
There can be no assurance given against an advance in
these prices at any time. Ve guarantee however, that
there will be no reduction Hit these pVices prior to August
1, 1916.
Profit-Sharing With Retail Buyers
On August 1, 1914 we maaVthe announcement that if wP
could make and sell at retail 300,000 Ford cars between
August 1, 1914 and August 1, 1015 we would share profits
with the retail purchasers, to the extent of from $40 to
$G0 on each car. We have sold over 300,000 Ford cars in
the time specified, and profit-sharing checks of $50 each
will be distributed as rapidly as possible after August 15,
1$15. Retail purchasers who have not yet mailed us their
profit-sharing coupons, properly endorsed should do so
without delay.
Our plan 'to profit-share with retail purchasers Of Ford'
cars during 1914-eo has teen most successful. We thor
oughly believe in it, bat realizing the uncertainty of con
ditions generally makes it advisable 'to defer any' an
nouncement of future profit-sharing until a later dak.
We are, however, confident of our inability to reduce
costs for several months, and therefore can offer no profit
sharing for cars deliverad during August, September and
October, 1915.
The Southern Wasco County
Fair association met recently and
decided to have a local fair some
time during September and pre.
ceedinging the County fair.
The following officers were elec
ted: A. A. Boimey, president; J.
T. Harper, vice president; G. V.
Brown, secretary and treasurer.
James Brown and W. H, McAtee
were appointed a committee to se
cure a location. The exact loca
tion and date of the fair is not yet
The executive committe will
meet at Tygh Valley August 7, to
arrange the details for the fair.
, A local school fair will beheld
in connection with the Tygh Fair.
This department will be Under the
direction and supervision of the
county school Superintendent. ,
A quiet home wedding occurred
at eight o'clock Saturday evening
et the residence of Mr. and Mrs. j
VV. II. Williams when their!
daughter, Miss Jessie E. , was giv-J
en in marriage to Hercstel D.
Hollis, Justice L. K. Oakley offici
ating. The bride was attired in a
dainty gowil of white lingerie
trimmed in Irish crochet and pink
satin rosebuds, wearing a wreath
of pink rosbuds in her hair. The
floral decorations were of pink snd
white. ,
Dainty refreshments of ice cream
and bonbons were served to the
guests and a musical ? crowd of
friends whojnade it a point to ar
rive in time for eats. Musical se
lections took the 'remainder of the
The young people will be ai
home after a sojourn hi the -mouii-
Detroit,;effective Aug 2, Wr,
ta. i r r
. 44 o
Some Excursion
A parly of young people consist
ing of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Aubreyj
Emma Aubrey, Kay and Naoiuj
Smith left Maupin Sunday morn
ing with Mr. Harphan, in his car,
going to Grass Valley and in an
attempt to return by a different
route became lost, the car broke
down, and they spent the niglit on
hillside between Grass Valley
and Kent in peaceful repose inulei
the stars, Monday morning, thvi
proceeded to Shaniko. When re.
turning, near liidgeway they met
the same fate of the evening be
fore. Mr. Harphan borrowed a
horse and returned to Maupiu for
assistance, the rest of the party
taking refuge morning iii 11
vacant house one and ' ou'e-lnilf
miles from the car, when Ray
Smith hired a team and got the car
started, getting ten miles on the
homeward journey when the gaso
line played out, Dolphus May
hew and James Harphan met them
about six miles from Maupin,
where the gasoline was divided
and the joy riders came home.
They had had nothing to eat ex
cept a light breakfast Monday
morning In Shaniko, after leaving
tains, ou a homestead south of
To Yellowstone
Tuesday's Chronicle made the!
following note of Maupin citizens j
whp .started Suudav fur the nation-';
al park; Dr. and Mrs. H. V.
Hatfield and Mr.- and Mrs. h- I), j
Kelly who have been visiting in'
The Dalles a couple days left to- j
day for Yellowstone Park in Mr.
Kelly's automobile. Th'e party'
will tour the national park and.
northern Idaho,
Hail Insurance
in Slack, ra Sack, or in Wmrekoaia " .
Notary Public
Qeostail &&n&ing BtsRM, Lctuot, W&e'&t Btfyaaj,
Ssttty Deposit Basts for Remit, CoMecticunik', ' '
Money transmitted
1 ""r 1 r 1
t wwwm. wmsm
"Good timber and bone dry" J
Iff ' k Car iast Rsceirtd ' :"
$ """ "v Q
Outer Bearing Axle J
Iron Glad Hubs
Steel 'Skeins
Mountain Brake a
Ask f or ilkstmted! Circdnrs
Train Delayed
Mr. Iile returned from Madras,
yesterday. He was on the- train
caught in the washout Monday bet
tween North Junction and South
Junction where the train was held
from four o'clock Monday afiert
noon until three the next morning',
but he felt . almost repaid by the
sight of a cataract of mud and
dust flowing over a bluff about 80
feet in height hurrying .and under-
mining the track. '
R, E. Campbell, ari ' pld time
resident of the Wamic 'section,
was brought to The Dalles yes
terday afternoon by Dr. Dodds
of Dufur. Mr. Cambell has been
adjudged mentally unbalanced
by an examining board. He is
being detained here awaiting
conveyance to the Eastern Ore
gon hospital for the insane. Mr.
Cambell is an old time -resident
of the Wamic country and has
relatives there. It is thought
that his affliction is only tempory
and that a few months rest at
the hospital will completely re
store him to his former self.
Sun, July 31.
I have opened a Meat
Market ppobite the Hutl
Moad and can fill your or
der for Fresh Beef or
cheaply by Drafts
. e-i r- n , . . i
that is a brake
Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co.
-air Peter Hilburg, Mgr.
Maupin Oregon
- : I '"T"
w m& urn wm .5