The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, April 30, 1915, Image 8

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    The Maupin
Published Every Friday at Maupin, Oregon,
Subscription; One Year, $1.50, Six Months 75cts, Three Months 50
Entered in the post office at Maupin, Oregon, as second class
mail matter.
We wish to correct what ap
pean to be a wrong impression
in regard to The Times and the
k r . . . mi . .
monitor, xnere never was any
connection between the two in
Sheep shearing began fit Maupin
yesterday when the crew headed
hy ''Bud" Smith, began removing
the wool from the L. W. Mace
Sheep. They have a crew of
,.bout ten men at present and will
shear other bands at these pens
after which the boys will all go to
the upper country to finish the
shearing season.
T. L. Dunsmore and K. S. Stev
ens of the Dalles, spent part of
the week here writing insurance
p-i farm and town property. They
are agents for some of the best
companies and have written a large
amount in this section. '
Mrs. L. D. Kelly has the most
up-to-date stock of millinery ever
brought to Maupin. You shpuld
call and get your choice early.
School Notes
The boys and girls are greatly
enjoying base ball on the improved
hall ground.
In the removal of the Welter
family the Literary Society loses
its bright young president.
J. L. VanWinkle, an experienc
ed photographer from White Salm
on, Washington, took three views
of the school Wednesday, one of
each room separately, and one of
both rooms together with the
school house in the background.
In last week's notes the summit
of Mt. Hood should have been lo
cated in Sec. 23, T 2 S, instead of
T 3 S. R 9 E. Maupin, in Rec.
32, T 4 S, II 14 E, is therefore 28
miles east audi? miles south of
Mt. Hood From the city limits
of Portland, Maupin is "3 miles
east and 17 miles south.
All Around Town
E. J. Styer will treat the public
to ice cream Sunday.
Auto Passenger Service Auto Pelivery Truck
Prepared for Long Trips or Outing Parties
A Complete Line of Automobile Accessories
Maupin State
General Banking Business, Loans, Wheat Buying, Safety
Deposit Boxes for Rent, Notary Public,
Collections, Money Transmitted
Cheaply by Drafts
Your Patronage Solicited and Your
... . Interests Cared for . . , .
5- Pr:' -- .1 : .r- . . JllJk I
A Uk:$ht (In lenient
are designed by our Engineering Dept. and plans are
furnished you FREE
If you are planning a new farm building or a Home
you had better
"See Peter Kilburg about it" or
(tear out along this line and mail)
Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co., Maupin
We are interested in your FREE PLANS for HOME'S
and would like information on same.
Name ... Address ,
Chas. Crofoot completed his
plowing Tuesday,
All optical work repaired by
II. L, Emmons, Maupin.
Mr. and Mrs. France Confer
were in town Sunday,
Roy Sluslier and wife were in
town Tuesday evening.
Get your drinks at Styer's new
Dr. and Mrs. Hatfield art; at the
Hotel Moad to remain a week or
Fine watch repairing at Einnious,
Job Crabtee has been doing car
penter work on the Flat several
Try the sundaes and icecream at I
Mrs. L. D. Kelly and Miss Ikck-
with were callers ju Tygh Tin-.--
clay afternoon.
See those penny school tablets at
Tallcott ' cash stote.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lucas of
VVamic were business callers in
Maupin Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Crofoot of
the Victor vicinity were cullers in
Maupin Monday.
That wonderful drink, Tallcott's
Johnie Carlton, a prominent
rancher of the Hakeoven vicinity
was a caller here WeduegfUy.
I carry all kimjajn? stones for
rings and pins Emmons the
Totnmie Marshall, a well hjiown
traveling salesman, was a guest of
our local merchants Wednesday.
Miss Riggles of Wapinitia spent
the lateer part of last week visiting
with Mrs. Job Crabtree. She re
turned home Sunday.
Get your Stationery, pens, pen
cils and inks at Tallcolts cash store.
W. II. Tallcott has been having
a good run on ice cream. He car
ries the famous Huxelwood of Port
laud. Don't let the clock stand idle,
bring it to me.
Emmons the Jeweler.
Mrs. Welter is out in the coun
try spending a week with Mrs.
Buzan while Mr. Welter is com
pleting the shipping of their effects.
Rev, Welter expects to leave today
for outside points.
Go to Fischer's Garage for all
your automobile accessories, gaso
line and storage of machine.
What do you really think when
you get a letter from a business
house with a rubber stamp letter
head ?
Mr. lluzan of the Criterion
section captured a family of ten
coyote puppies about the size of
kittens the first of the week and
brought nine of them down, send
ing them to the county clerk. The
coyote bounty is now $3 a piece.
You will always find that a pro
gressive man has neat job work.
Letterheads, envelopes, bill heads
and curds.
Notorial work at the Manpiu
State bank,
Don't forget Fischer's Garage
at the end of the bridge. Tires,
tubes und all accessories.
Brides' boqttets are now taken
from the onion patches at R, John
son's. Ask the following ladies:
Mrs, Crofoot, Mrs. Williams, Mrs.
Harphan, Mrs. Hatfield and Mrs,
Postoflice Inspector J.uinbaugh
arrived here Monday enrotUe to
Simnasho and Wapiiu'tia, He went
to Winnie and Tygh Valley Tues
day, Mr, Mayhew .taking him in.
hit car.
Make final proof
missioner Stewart,
before Coin-
Church Notice.
Preaching services both morning
and evening on the second and
fourth Sundays of each month.
Sabbath school nt 10 n. in. every
Sunday. All are welcome to
N. Welter, pastor.
Can You Do it.
(1 of ytWH rfinirtnir mmHen bf lb in el fHttvtn in tmrtl
il wl T( 1, '.t bf lUa vvr nlJ'iM'nttii irf
1 1 ,'nc.u,,( aril iMjyr ttir rynljlit U
.,1.1 -1 i,l .. Jin if ,, ;ti m.rii .M
Dr. C. II. Francis,
Wapinitia Items
Mem. Coll, Phys. & Surg.,
Monday afternoon Mrs. Staats,
Mrs. Goetchen, Mrs. Mayhew and
Mrs. Harphan went down to Mr.
Johnson's, bringing home a nice
supply of water cress and green
onions. With the abundance of
water cress growing along the ra
vines the people of this place need
not want for f recto.
It is jiist as proper for a pro
gressive farmer to use farm station
ery as for the business houses
where you trade.
Ernest If art man motored to The
Dalles Tuesday.
Fred Dammar and family made
a trip to Maupin Sunday,
L, V. Kelly was a county sent
visitor the first of the week.i
D''f Tallcott and family were in
Maupin Sunday to see tin- b. :
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. HeniKhan
and Miss Lois Bcaty were in
Maupin Sunday to witness the ball
L. B. Lelly has added a new
sulkey plow to his collection of
farm implements, it having been
brought out Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Bargee of Portlahd
who have been visiting at the home
of their son Karl Barzee of this
place the past ten days left Sunday
for Wasco to visit a daughter.
Automobiles from Dufur and vi
cinity passed through hero Mon
day etjmnte for the Warm Springs,
Among them were Geo. 0 1 j- and J
family from Douglas county.
B. V. Tapp and wife left here
Monday for a two weeks' outing at 1
the Spring B, V. has been suffer-j
ing from rheumatism this spring j
and says he is going there and
"soak it out.''
Mrs. Pratt and her son and
daughter of .Salem arrived here
Friday evening and are visiting at)
the home of her daughter, Mrs. G-1
E. Wood. They expect to remain 1
about two weeks. j
Next Sunday is rally day here in
the Sunday .School and Y. P. S. E-:
There will be an old fashioned!
basket dinner at the church, and,
every one is cordually invited to
come and bring a well filled basket.
Mrs. Minnie Hartmau and little
daughter Crystal returnee! holiie
Friday after spending a few days
with Lincoln Hartmau at The
Dalles Hospital. E. N. Hartmau;
returned to The Dalles Friday to'
stay wkh him. 1
Rev. Epley, president ofPhilcf-j
math college, spent Saturday and
Sunday here, occupying the pulpit
at the church Sunday both morn
ing and evening. His address in
:the evening was on education and
was very inspiring,
out working in the
ployed at the Mulvaney saw mill
on Smock had the misfortune to
get scalded by steam, about his
face and chest last week. He was
fixing the smoke stack when it fell
off letting the steam strike him.
He is getting along nicely, but is
laid off from his work this week.
Licentiate Minnesota
Prompt Service on Either
Day or Night Calls
Eyes tested, Glasses Fitted
The Maupin Kany
- Shop-
E. J. Styer, Prop.
Ice Cream, Ice Cream Cones,
Sodas of all kinds. Anything
you want in the soft drink
We have just installed a
first class soda fountain and
can serve you wjth all the
latest drinks.
I7T , f II
1 3 we aiso crry a iuu
liae of
tgy.uM ft:, t i n . .. .. i
i 1 ,
U t V1 ,
i3d y LLJ Uu Ym
Blacksmith Aad Wagonshop
Horseshoeing, Blacksinithing and Wagonmak
ing. All kinds of Repair Work that will suit
With a Guarantee That Will Stick. Try us
If your wagons, buggies or hacks need over?
hauling, bring them in, we'll save ypu money
3rin$ Those Plow Shares to Sharpen
We Sharpen Them While You Wait
Give me Your Order for Anything in the Harness Une,
Sadies.. Bridles. Chaps, Spurs. Harness Dressing that
will last, and, most anything else you want we will order
for you and save you time and money. Bring your old
harness in for those repairs they need, have it done right
Mr. Epley is'ntE
interest ot t lie
Cream Sunday at E. J.
For Sai.k A thoroughbred
Poland China Bi:!r, at Thomas
Flanagan's ranch Maupin, Oregon.
WANTED Position as threshing
eugineer. Long experience, thor
oughly capable. David W. Sharpe,
G. L. liarphan, Prop.
It You Want to While Away an Hour or so There is
no Better Place Than Here. A Nice, Clean and En
joyable Amusement. - -
pairs of j
Trained :
For Sale. -Two
Russian wolf hounds
for coyotes.
Edwin -Mays, Maupin Oregon
W'c. trad Others follow.
See the line of late fashion hats tpnt At. pnormmis evnpnsp vp
h mlded by Mrs. L. I). Kelly. have secured a limited number of
j large hand painted OIL PAINT.
The subscription mice of u,e! INGS of Landscape aiid Marine
t; ! , , lews, which are civir.g ub-
send in the money and we will
to give you its full worth.
solutely free to our cus'.on ers.
See us alout it. W. H. Staats &
That Are Meals
The Kind We Always Serve
At Reasonable Prices
When in Town our
Hotel Your Headquarters
A Cordial Welcome to All
D. A. MOAD, Prop.