The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, February 26, 1915, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL. 1,. NO. 20
THE YEAR $1.50
It is reported that the Oregon
,Ti unk depot will soon be moved
from its present location to a
a point down the river where it
'will be much more convenient
the public.
The present site is about a
quarter of mile above the bridge
and is hard to reach owing to the
steep hill leading up tp town.
The new location will have
abundance of ground for ware
houses and other buildings" It
is also stated that a flour mill is
contemplatd by some Porrtlapd
people and its location will be
neir the new site.
With these, and other improve:
ments that are already assured
Ataupjn will take on air of a yerr
f'.irifty and up-to-date little city.
Jack.Staats has becouit farmer
the last few days.
See those penny school tablets at
Tallcott's cash stpre.
Get your Stationery, pens, pen
p Lis and inks at Tallcqtts cash store.
Miss Thrall pne of the teachers
in our public school here spent
Sunday with the family of T' A.
Connolly in Flanagan.
Dr' El wood, f The Dalles was
called here Tuesday to minister to
Ben Cook. Mr. Cook is stopping
with his sister Mrs. Richard
The. Shattuck Bros., have been
handling a nics Jot of beef lately
just as an accomodation to the pub
lie owing to the absence of a meat
market. One would pay here,
better fry it somebody. '
Try! Sat. night band dances.
Dr. Eshelman Here
Dr. G. C, Eshelman, the su
preme medical examiner for the
United Artisans with headquart
ers in Portland, was here Tues
day and Wednesday and assisted
R. H. Drake in completing the
organization work here.
The Doctor is quite well known
in this part of the country, hav
ing lived in The Dalles for a
number of years prior to going
to Portland.
Frauk Gcebel retuiued from a trip
outside yesterday.
Gus. Derthick was down on some
business matters yesterday.
Mrs.Uae Earzee of Wapinitia is
here to be with her mother who Is
quite sick.
John Donaldson drove the stage
for Vernie Roberts the first of
the week, between here and Wapi-
John Muir left for the Mays
ranch, Tuesday, where he goes
to help them with the spring
Duke Moad has been rambling
around over the couq try for the last
few days.
If you have any real estate to
trade or sell or if you want to buy,
list it with the Maupin Real Estate
Co, office in ,the Times building
The Maupih Solo Club met last
Tuesday evening at Kellys garage
at the usual hour, 7 p. m. nine
members were present. The first
prize was won by ym. Hickman,
second by R. F. Smith.
mr. and Mrs. t,. Q. Henneghau
were in town from their Juniper
Flat name the first of the week.
They now have to drive in as the
roads are too muddy for their big
The inasqiierade dance given
by the band boys last Monday
night, Feb. :2nd, was the biggest
success of its kind this year. The
boys have a band of twelve pieces
and have just about completed the
payments on all the instruments.
Under the leadership of Geo.
Vanderpool they have been pro
gressing very rapidly and the music
rendered last Monday nigljt was
equal to the best anywhere. The
dance continued until nearly niorn
iug and every one seemed to en
joy themselves. Prizes were award
ed for the best sustained characters
and the winners were. John Wil
Hams representing Uncle Sain
and Mrs. T. A. Connolly represent
ing an qfficer.
The "baud ladies', and are to
be commended 011 the big spread
vvhial required a great deal of
labor and whfle they seemed to be
The Jason Moore Company has
filially got the legislature to ageer
to a leas,e of the mineral lakes in
Central Oregon and the pan of the
Moore interests is to construct a
line more then 250 mtles in length
from the lakes to the mouth of the
Deschutes river.
They intend to erect a large hydro-electric
plauf :and extract the
commercially-valuable salfs from
the piped waters of the lakes by
an electrical process, which they
have already developed by experi
ments with water from the lakes
shipped to the plant at Niagra
Falls,. In connection with the ex
traction of salts they will ship
phosphate rock from Wyoming to
tty: plant and manufacture com
mercial fertilizers. The proposed
investment is from $j,oop,pop to
The lease of the lakes rtius for
growjng some tired before the end j 0 years. The bid of the Moore
came they ever nisted that you
have more qf this, or that until
well, we dpnt blame them much,
but we heard the dpctpr )iad a
good night also.
May Interest People
E. G. Howe representing the
Bankers Mortgage Corporation was
here during the week inter
viewing ihe business men. Their
plan of making long time loans at
a low rate of interest on approved
security is becoming very popular
all over the country. Mr. Howe
will return in the near future,, at
which time we will give a more com
plete outline of their business
intrests was received after due pub
lication and was accompanied by a
certified check for $10,000 as a
guarantee of good faith. Upon
ratification of the contract the
leases have three months ip which
to put up a bond of $25'ooo which
wilj be forfeitable if work is not
commenced within three months
thereafter or if the ytarly royalties
are not paid. Deposit of the
bond will permit them to draw
down their check for $ro,ooo
. Mr. Kellog, ihe Oregon Moline
Plow Company, s man has been in
town for a few days drumming np
Dr. Crobin Appeals
Dr.M. 15, Corbin who was tried
Thursday in the justice of Ihe peace
court before Uplines Ehrsain was
given a sentence pf h fine of $75
and costs. The decision was rend
ered Friday. Dr. C'"'bin was ar
rested February io? on a charge of
practicing without a license pre
ferred by G. It. Jones. Tle charge
practicing obsteries without license
was dropped, Dr. Corbin took nn
appeal to the circuit court. Dalles
Divide District,
jjudge Bradshaw was in receipt
of a telegram Saturday afternoon
from Senator It'. R. Butler stating
that the bill for the division of
the seventh judicial district had
passed tie senate and the
district will hereafter be com
posed of Wasco and Hood River
counties while crook and the new
county Of Jefferson caused by
the divisionof Crook county at
last fall's election will comprise
the new eighteenth district.
John Foley returned from the
Dalles Thursday.
Wm. Connolly and wife re.
turned from The Dallesyester
day where they spent a few days
on business and pleasure combined-
G. H. and D. G. Stone of Port
land arrived here this Morning
looking for a flour mill location.
They like this place for; its adyant-J
ages and may decide to erect
mill here.
Ovving to the bad weather that
prevailed Wednesday night, the
big time scheduled to take place
by the New Artisan lodge was
put overuntil a week from today,
which will be their regular meet
ing night, Frjday.
An open meeting will be held
and a supper served for all who
come Friday, March 6th.
A business meeting was held
despite the rain and a committee
appointed to prepare for the so
cial event to take place on the
night stated above. Everybody
is invite4 to come and enjoy the
big feast. . " ;,
It is the intention of the man
agernent to give a prize to the
lady 'receiving the largest num
ber of yptes in a popularity con
test. The yotes will be sold at a
cent apiece.
Mr. Drake who has had charge
of the organization work will rer
main over for the next meeting
and will keep things on the go.
for a rousing time.
Ladies' Notions
Winter Necessities
If you want to feel In
Comfort For Winter
See Us
Mw HKdky Gobdt
I carry all kinds of stones for
rings and pins Emmons the
we haye number one schools
Maupin as good a you wjll find
The cost of living is about the
same in Maupin as in any other
part of the country.
Ieave your orders for smelt or
a ! halibut with Styer. He will have
'a shipment in iiext Friday and you
Several letters have conje to the 1
should order now.
Henry Nelson Deri hick, an
early Oregon pioneer died at his
home on Jackson St. The Dalles,
Oregon, Friday, February 19th,
at the age of 83 years,
Mr, Derthick was well known
over the state, having resided a
number of years in both Eastern
anu western uaegon. tie was
born in Dunkirk, New York,
June 12th, 1832, being the last
of the family of Otis and Mary
Derthick. He came with his
parents from New York to Bel
videre, near Chicago, where he
received the greater part of his
education, having graduated
from St. Marys Academy of that
In 1855 he crossed the plains,
stopping in California where he
lived for six years. While in Cali
fornia he worked in the mines in
which he was interested. In 1861
he came to Oregon and made his
home in the Willamette Valley
until I887 when he came to Wasco
County. He was one of the first
settlers to take a homestead on
"Juniper Flat," near Maupin.
This place was his home until
eleven years ago when he retired
from farming and moved to The
Dalles where he was living at j
the time of his death. j
In 1862, one year after his ar-
rival in Oreeon he was married ;
to Susan E. Sumoter who sur
vives. To this union five children-
were born, four of whom are
still living, Austin, Otis, Jasper
and Mrs. F. M. Confer, all of
Maupin, Nelson Derthick the
youngest son having died in Wil-
1 ..a.- xr1iA. Wrtfrt. fVio 'family
came to Wasco county. There '
are eight grand children and one 1
. a .1 u:i,l ' ; B
C great, granu cmiu.
Times in the Inst few days asking I
for information about this country,
one froi:i Canada and we wanl to
give them the desired facts jtisl as
they art- and would like to have
tlifin all ItNTte here, for there' is
lots of room and opportunity, -v.
Note the advertisements in this
issue. Trade at home and build
up our resources,
The band dances are becoming
popular. That dance music is
bringing them. A nine piece or
chestra rests the band occasioily
Saturday night band dances!
J. Conklin of the state bank
returned from pnrthrnd Tuesday
morning where lie visited with his
family fr a few days.
Dr. C. II. Francis has been kept
quite busy of bite, and has been
handling some very serious eases,
all of which are improving.
W. H. Mcllaley, of The Dalles,
spent two days of this week put'
ting up a large windmill for Milt
Morris,, Mr. . c !aley is the
manufacturer of McIIaley's Gran
u'atul whole wheal in The Dalles.
iiBffillllDllflif llu
u ituiiui Irani
Now is the Time to Equip
Yourself For
Oliver Plows and Extras
Carried in Stock
Orders Taken for John Deere and
Syracuse Plow Extras
ShattucK Bros,