The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, November 05, 1914, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 1, NQ. jo,
A box social and dance will be
given by the band boys of Mau
pin, Friday evening. The event
promises to be a success and ev
erybody is invited. - The baskets
will be auctioned,' ' and from all
indications it looks like they will
be well filled.
An all night dance will be giv
en and those ' big lunches will
come in just right.
Fridav, November 6, is the
date, and the dancers from neigh
loring sections, are expected to
participate. Come one! Come all J
Friday afternoon at 1:30 p. m,
fire was discovered in the inter
ior of the Valley Roller Mills at
Tygh Valley. It was ablaze
throughout in ten minutes, and
it kept every citizen busy pro-
Clyde Williams of Modesto,1
Caif, son of Mrs. Bates Shattvfck
arrived Tuesday morning for a
J. W. Ward had the misfor
tune to break the steering gear
of his car last Thursday evening,
as he was crossing the John West
bridge. The car fell eight feet,
breaking the front part in many
places and giving Mr. Ward a
good shaking up.
The sale on Jupiter Flat netted
tecting their property, as the
fire for a time, threatened the en-1$1 400 00( cash(( last Saturday.
This section is not financially em
And with Oregon dry, the hop
Industry becomes a hop-less pro
blem. Wheat is selling high and
if some one can transform hops
into wheat, great will he be,
. On to Germany tnit your stein,
Lawrence Harphan had a se'
vere attack of the croup, Sunday
Mrs- P. A, French of The
Dalles, gave birth to twin boys,
last week. She is sister to Mrs.
E. A. May hew.
How dry will it be )
tire town.
The mill was a total loss, ex
cepting the flume. The dynamo
whiph was the means of furnish
ing Tygh Valley with lights was
also destroyed. A. M. Young,
the manager of the mill estimates
a $10,000.00 loss. A deflective
flue is thought to be ' the origin
of the fire. $5,000.00 insurance
was parried.
A new light plant will be in
stalled at once at the mill power
Experience has
, George Vonderpool took the
writer over to Tygh Valley, Mon
day evening, to listen to the
band. He is trimming the boys
up in good shape and before
many months the band will be
giving concerts.
Apples and Onions
and F.
- T -.ill 1.1S1.. l T,r,V. Afollo,. IT.-. CUs-ir
- Winter Appks of the following varieties; '
1 Jonathan, Grimes Gbldeii; Wiiiesap and Rome feeanty
at $t. to per box. Also, otiibtiS i at $t.5o per Well filled sack;
These products are as good as can be grown iii the North
west; well packed and guaranteed in eVery way;
The same goods will be delivered to Dufur or sold at iny
Orchards for $t;ob for Apples and $1,30 for Onions;
Delivered iu quantities elsewhere at pro rata rate.
M. M. BDRTNER, Dufur, Ore.
Phone or
barrassed, even though the mon
ey curbing monopilies have been
getting in their work for politi
cal purposes all over the country
to starve the common people in
to voting for the ticket that mon
ey can dictate to.
Cashier Conklin, of the Maupin
State Bank, made his semi
monthly visit to Portland, the
first of the week, to enjoy Sun
day with his family.
Happv Kenton, with the Gen
eva Lockes Co., likes our town
sp well he wants to come back,
states D. A. Moad, An oppor-
tunity to have a dramatic clubi
Heap fire water season.
Suspicious people deserve to be
watched much more, than those
With whom they are suspicious.
J. S; Fraley and family( of
Womack, is visiting at the Earn
est Mayhew home, this week.
The loyal support of every man ,
woman and child, is needed in
Southern Wasbo county to keep a
newsDaoer in its midsti We are
seeking correspondents in every
suction of this part of the County
and it will be a pleasure to rep
resent any community or rural
section through our columns.
An editor wants the good will
of everyone. The paper which
he nublishes, miist be for the
good of all, and fearless;
Anyone wishing to trade for
Idaho ranch property, inquire at
proved that Colorado
Fencing is Hard to Beat-It Stays Stretched
Car Load Just Arrived
Two Years Ago we sold a car load of this fencing. Last Season
we sold our second car and didn't have enough, i'his Season
we expect to sell two cars
BECAUSE: Our prices are Right
Our terms are Right
and Because we never had
kick on Colorado Fencing.
Now m Stock 20 and 26 Light and 26 Regular. Also light and heavy painted or galva.
uized Barb Wire and Staples
The Store of Better Service
SOTEmsssia I this office.
.All Around Town i .. t
put up plenty of
canned peaches
canned pears
canned apricots
canned grapes, etc;
6iir stock is complete & fresh
Come and inspect our line of shoes arid
sweaters for young and old ALL NEW
Auctioneer Thrall was in town
was in town Saturday. He hlade
the bidders go some at the big
sherriff's sale Saturday.
L. D. Kelly run his car ihto a
boulder, Saturday, nnd bent thfe
front axle. A good idea to move
all boulders in the streets of
Maupin. Tliey are dangerous to
pedestrians as well as riders;
A sale will be held in Tygh
Valley ot the K. L. Hauser ranch
on Saturday, Nov. 14, at 10 -J
a. m. Free lunch.
If you are in the market for
a fine quality of apples or onions
read the ad of M. M. Burtner in
another cdlurnn.
Tell us the news.
The Titties. Subscribe today!
Note the advertisements in this
issue. Tirade at home and build
up bur resources.
I carrv all kindsof Stdne 8 fd
d Dins Emmons the
Try those Salted nuts at the
Styer Confectionary.
Geo. S, Gray takes orders for
harness at rock bottom rjriceSj
Attend the Thanksgiving ball
at Fishers hall, east of Maupin; I
on the Hunts Ferry sid'i Tur
key and oyster supper.
See Shattuck Biro's for pota
toos and onions- They will make
you such a low price, it will
cause the onions td make the po-
tatoe's eyes Water. Get in your
winter supply, while they last.
Mrs. A. A. Canfield. postmis
tress of Criterion, was a business
visitor here this week.
Anyone wishing a change of
ad must have their copy in not
latter than Monday afternoon bf
each week, or it will have to gd
until the next issue.
Alun Andrews, a nephew of
lj Henry Brown'; of this j-kce. ar
f ' ; Hvfcd home from Sandy, thi
'.. ', week, where hsiiu ijen visit
Have ybu sampled those salted
nuts just received at Styer s.'
Try them and you'll want more.
I Carry all kinds of stones for
rings aha pins Emmons tne
By subscribing for this paper,
you build "up Southern Wasco
See election returns as Final as"
we can get by wire up to time of
going to press.
4 ila
Special fares to Portland
for the
Manufactured and Land Products
Open Oct. 26 close Nov. l4
Sale dates from Central Oregon points on Oregon Trunk
Ry., Oct. 27, 30, Nov. 3, 6, 10, 13. with return limit Monday
fdlldwing date of sale. Open rate of 1 1-3 fare.
Apple district competition, Twenty Counties
Displays, $10,000.00 in Cash Premiums,
Medals and Diplomas for Displays, 20,000
(square feet floor space
For further details consult':
A.Locke, Agent ,
That Are Meals
The Kind We Alwayt
At Reasonable Pric
When in Town M
Hotel Your He
A Cordial Weh
D. A. V
g j ing his sister'.
H in"