The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, October 07, 1914, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL. I, NO. 6,
THE YEAR $1.50
llll! VOTERS
J. M. Conklin Will have
Necessary Blanks at
Maupin State Bank
in Short Time
Much interest has been arous
ed this weekjn registration for
voting at the approaching elect
tion, which is now leas than a !
month away. A number of
the measures to be voted on are
attracting keen interest. The
prohibition amendment has held
the center of the stage locally
on account of the interest arous
ed by the meeting here Sunday
night and a new series of prohi
bition posters displayed here at
at the same time. This is a vital
question and every voter should
be prepared to vote on it accord
ing to his. or her convictions.
There' are other measures of
great importance to be'voted on.
Unless the voter registers it is an
extremelyLdifficult matter to cast
his ballot. But there. is no place
in Maupin' to register. It looked
as if we might all be deprived of
our vote or be forced to make a
trip to the county seat, when Mr.
J. M. Conklin, of the Maupin
State Bank came forward with
the solution. He is' anotary and
has volunteered to secure the
blanks necessary. These ought
to be here by Monday j; and all
who have not registered should
do so at once. Time for register
ing expires Thursday, Oct. 15.
Maupin should make a good
showing by polling a large vote
on election day.
Have Attractive Display
Shattuck Bros. Jiave just in
stalled a fine new hat case in
that well stocked t department
and will have in a' new line of
hats within a few days. Have
you noticed the attractive win
dow displays at this up-to-date
store? They are certainly' attrac
tive and a credit as well as
benefit to the proprietors.
Southern Wasco Suf
fers from Lack of
Direct Connection
With Outside Points
Apples and Onions
I will deliver at Tygh Valley Extra Fancy and Fancy
Winter Apples of the following varieties;
Jonathan, Grimes Golden, Winesap and Rome' Beauty
at $i. io per box. Also, onions at $1.50 per Well filled sack.
These products are as good as can be grown in the North
west; well packed and guaranteed iu every way.
The same goods will be delivered to Dufur or sold at my
Orchards for $1 .00 for Apples and $1,30 for Onions.
Delivered in quantities elsewhere at pro rata rate.
I Address M. M. BUKlNfcK, Uutur, Ure..
Business transactions" between
Southern Wasco and other parts
of the county because of the fact
that no mail is carried to and
from here on the O-W. train,
are almost impossible to handle.
The Oregon Trunk gives us
splendidlmail service to Portland,
betterthan could be secured on
the day train. But we need, and
have a right to, mail service
to and from the post-offices in
our own'county.' It requires days
for a piece of mail to travel two
hundred fifty miles, via Portland,
to reach Dufur, twenty-seven
miles over the hills. The only
means of direct communication
with The Dalles is by wire and
that is always expensive and
usually unsatisfactory. ,
Wasco county should be a
commercial unit with Maupin
and The Dalles the .connecting
points. If Dalles business men
wish to cultivate commercial
relations with business men in
this end of the county, they will
get behind this move to give us
a direct mail service and see
that we get it.
Shoes and Rubbers
New stock, new styles
A complete line of new
Fall Hats
Macinaw Coats, Corduroy and Wool Pants
Wool and Fleeced Uuderwear
Ed Brown caughf a fine basket
of fish out. of. the Deschutes river
near here Saturday. Maupin is
still headquarters for anglers,
Shattuck Bros, shipped five
crates of chickens to Page &
Son Portland Monday.
"If we haven't got it we'll send for it"
The Store of Better Service
All Around Town
Tablets for ink or
Pencil. Pen holders,
Pencils, Crayons and
Don't forget we have a full line of Dr.
Hess Stock foods and Tonics
Miss Derthick was a Dalles
bound passenger a few days ago,
Mr. Kurtz was here investing
some more of his good money in
Southern Wasco County hogs the
first of the week.
If you are in the market for
a fine quality of apples or onions
read the ad of M. M. Burtner in
another column.
Mr. Chamberlain, special rep
resentative of the executive de
partment, O-W. R. & N. Rail
road, spent Friday in town.
H. C. Stockwell, of Los Angel
es, who is time lock expert for
the Pacific coast, was in Maupin
Thursday on his annual tour of
inspection. Mr. Stockwell desig
nates himself as the "ounce of
prevention;" once a year he in
soects all time locks in his
district to make sure they are in
perfect order.
Wanted, to know about Bro.
Eagen's gunning expidition the
other night. A suitable reward
will be paid for information lead
ing to the discovery of the facts.
A National Cash Register rep
resentativejtraveling in one of
his company's " autos decorated
with the "N.C.R." monagram,
spent a few hours Sunday in
Dr. Hatfield has rented the
front room of W. H. Talcott's
building and will locate his dent-'
al parlor there. j
Maudn Band engaged in an-i
other of its successful practices
Saturday night. The band boys
are doing remarkably well and
deserve all kinds of encourage
! Among the returning passen
1 gers from The Dalles Saturday
afternoon were Mesdames John
son and Welter. They report a
I successful session of the state
W. C T. U.. which they) attend
ed as delegates from Maupin.
Ten cars of sheep from Crook
county went thru here headed
for California and other points
Have you sampled those salted
nuts just received at Styer's?
Try them and you'll want more.
Violin music by an accomplish
ed artist was the chief attraction
at the local church Sunday
evening. The violinist was Miss
Covur traveling withers. Lottie
Hannon for the prohibition
amendment to the Oregon consti
tution. A number of volin solos
were rendered. MissICovur also
accompanied the singing of
numerous hymns, both old and
new, in a manner that was de
lightfully pleasing to the audi'
The building was comfortably
filled at an early hour and all
listened with much interest to
the remarks on prohibition by
Mrs. Hannon. The speakcrstated
that the sentiment thruout the
state is in favor of prohibition
and that the only task is to get
the voter to register and go to
the polls on'election day.
I carry all kinds of stones for
rings and pins Emmons the
Frank Goble shipped out 2,500
head of sheep from here over
the Oregon Trunk Wednesday.
Frank Crager returned to
Maupin Sunday.
Bring your watches and clocks
to Emmons the Jewler.
Mr. Fischer was working on
Frank Crager's car Tuesday.
The inside trimmings for the
school house arrived here from
Tum-a-Lum headquarters at
Walla Walla Monday. Good pro
gress is being made by Contract
or Wilhelm on the building.
Two more cars of hogs went
from here to market Tuesday.
W. H. Staats made a business
trip to the county seat this week,
going down on the train Tuesday
C. L. Irvine, of Wapinitia,
was a Dalles bound passenger
on the Tuesday morning train.
Walter Driver and wife, of
Wapinitia, returned from The
Dalles Monday.
T. Vanderpool brought a load
of apples over from his Dufur
orchard to Shattuck Bros. They
are fine apples indeed.
That Are Meals
The Kind We Always Serve
At Reasonable Prices
When in Town M-ke our
Hotel Your Headquarter
A Cordial Welcome to All
D. A. MOAD, Prop.