Eugene weekly guard. (Eugene, Or.) 190?-1910, February 23, 1906, Image 1

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at work. Engineer Denny Fred, Fire­
man Peters, one mail clerk and two
tramps were killed. Three passengers
are missing and it is believed they
are under the mass of earth.
Redding, Feb. 21.—Late reports
state that Fireman Peters and the
mail clerk have liven found injured.
but alive,
Two passengers are still
miaaing. Engineer Freel and three
tram|>a are dead.
Ladies' black Sateen, Pres de Soie and Col­
ored Silk Petticoats at prices to suit.
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containing a net lining to lengthen the wearing qualities. Remember the QAp
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[ give the same effect as the more expensive silk garments.
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C < 00
Engines Had Heen Derailed When
Slide Came Down Mountain,
Burying Train Men.Passen­
gers and Tramps
S 1 O 00
Ogden, I’tah, Feb. 21.—The jury in
the case of Fred F. Chambers, pres­
ident of the city council, charged
witli taking money from the treasury
unlawfully, returned a verdict this
morning of guilty. The trial of other
councilmen will now lie started.
Chicago, Feb. 21.—Garfield contin­
ued hia testimony in the packers’
plea for immunity thia morning. He
emphatically reiterated that he did
not in any way promise immunity.
He ¿aid he did tell the packers he
Washington, Feb. 21.—Dr. Minor
would use the profit and loan accounts Morris made public today the corre­
in the aggregate, so as not to attack spondence with the president regard­
Redding. Cal.. Feb. 21.—The first them individually in that quarter.
ing the* recent expulsion of his w ife
section of southl.ound passenger train
by force from the White House. Mor­
number 15 ran into a slide a half mile
ris demanded a public apology. Sec­
above Delta at nine o'clock last night.
retary Loeb at the direction of the
The head engine was hurled from the
president replied that the president
track and down an embankment and
had made an investigation of all at­
the second engine was derailed on the
tendant circumstances and concluded
embankment side.
While the crew
that tlie woman’s arrest was justified.
and several passengers were extricat­
Tampa, Fla., Feb. 21.—The Long­ He said that force was used only just
ing an injured tramp a second big worths sailed this morning on the such as whs necessary to make the ar­
slide cthne down, covering the party steamer Mascotte tor Cuba.
rest effective.
.. .................
Inc assortment of high grade Taffeta Silk Skirts, in the new shades of Alice blue, grey,
brown, red and black.
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ert, lined throughout with heavy Mer­
cerized sateen, splendidly C? C
tailored, only, each
Drain. Or., Feb. 20.—About 5.000
tons, or half of the rails necessary for
the building of the Drain-Coos Bay
railroad, have already arrived at
Drain and more are arriving daily.
A house mover, is busy moving
buildings from the right of way be­
tween Draiu and Elkton. 1(> miles
west of here, and it is expected t liat
an army of laborers will be at work
grading for the new road next month.
rfer. Ohio, Feb. 21.—Alliert
of Chillocothe, was nomi-
r congress on the first ballot
Invention held here today t>
e a candidate to succeed
t>r, who did not receive a
Ite from his own county, did
1 solid vote from any county,
teceived 20 votes in the en-
All lo-inch <li-<- te/ords only ®)
cents each at Rankin’s music store.
ealth Board Warning!
Every Family in This Town Should
Since science has demonstrated that disease of every
I is spread more by germs than heredity, the matter
lestroying disease germs has become a question of
it importance. We have a full line of all kinds of
¿ectants, but
J* •*
•* •*
olidified Formaldehyde
ie most reliable, and is adopted by health boards
rwhere as the most powerful antiseptic, disinfectant
deoderant for all purposes, and for the prevention of
ious and contagious diseases. We are agents for
Lininger’s Solidified Formaldehyde
$25.00 Long Coat* Suits $9.15.
10 Short Jackets, $ 10 Values, $1.19.
Remember only 10 garments, made .from
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| 19
Date of Preliminary Examination
Set For February 27th—Pris­
oners A iowed More Liberty
but no Newspapers
Caldwell, Feb. 21.—Moyer, Hay­
wood and Pettibone were arraigned
before Judge Church this morning.
Eaclj is charged in the affidavit with
exploding a bomb by which Steunen-
berg met his death.
The defendants
each are charged with murder. They
r>fused to plead and asked for an im­
mediate preliminary hearing, which
was set for February 27th. The de­
mand of the defendants that the
prosecution produce the names of its
witnesses was overruled by the court.
The defendants' attorney alleged the
affhlav it was insufficient as it charged
the individuals with lieing present at
Caldwell and committing the crime,
when they were out of the state.
contained not a word charging con­
spiracy. The prisoners demanded to
be allowed more privileges in the
penitentiary, which was granted, ex*
cept that the request for a newspaper
was refused. They were committed
without bail and taken back to the
penitentiary this afternoon.
The miners of Silver City discovered
a detective working as a miner and
mobbed him, and he narrowly escaped
being lynched.
Explosive Machine Dissected
strongest and most convenient form of Formaldehyde,
have a generator for rental for general disinfecting
Dses. > ¿* ^* *< ¿* »* > •* **
10 long coat Suits in grey, blue and black,
satin lined throughout, tight fitting coats,
skirts the very newest cut, regular $25.00
suits, while tncy last
Denver, Feb. 21.—An infernal ma­
chine which waa found "planted”
under the gate of the residence of
Chief Justice Gabbert was dissected
this morning and found to contain a
sufficient amount of exploaivea to kill
100 people.
Poverty >*11 February 22.
tors, 25 cents.
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I/ —
andKimonas. Special ___ C /¿C
20c Women's and Child Hose, pair 12Xc.
Shirtwaists Hall Price.
15 Women’s Shirtwaists, all new styles,
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