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Wasbiig’o”, Dec. 14.— The lnte’-
itste Commrrce Cornu isslou’a auuua!
rvporl wa
vnumilted tn congress,
loiav. H discussed the proposed rate
regnlsttoti »mi urges congress to del-
egsis siphorpy i j tbs uumuhinn to
dstermlue what vste should he sub-
itltuted tn place of one fouud to be
uolswiiil. snob rate to take effect
witbin a reHvonatle time unless set
said» by judicial proceedings. It ia
dvsigue t to give authority unn-lrtake- '
able In conformity with decivioue of >
tbe supreme court It bolds that re
frigeration charges be put ou the
■arue basis as ot' er freight charge?
anil asks authority to fix a limit for
payment of terminal,elevator and prl-
vate cir charges. It says tbe payment
of rebates baa been resumed and de­
clares more frequently unjust prefer­
ence is brought about by methode
wbich may eioape penalties of tbe lav
hut plainly operate to defeat that
New York, Dec. 16.—It was an-
noonced today that Rian will be ex­
pelled from the Mutual Life Insur­
ance Co. and his place on tbe dlrec-
t rate gives to Harriman, who will
also be placed on tbe board of tius-
te»e. It It predicted that Peabod;
will not retain tbe presidency long,
tbe men who «ere forced to accept
biu beii g ready to expel him. It ia
likely the investigation committee
will go to Albany in a couple of
weeks to inquire into tbe n etbuds of
tbe state Insurance department
McCall waa given 16 days' grace to
return tte $250,000 which promised It
Hamilton didn't return tbe funds.
McCurdy is said to suffering a men­
tal and physical collapse aa tbe result
of the investigation, ny ie sails for
Europe on Decemter 28. It is be­
lieved be Is going for a permanent
abode. His goods are packed end bls
bouse is for sale.
Madiaop, Wiv. ,’Dej. 14.—Governo
I.afollette is writiDg a special mes­
sage announcing that he has decided
not to go to tbe senate because tbe
legislature killed bl. favorite bills.
He will rematu and seek a fourth
Washington, Dec. 14. —The senate
paseed a hill givimi^tbe Pauama canal
bonds all rights and privileges accord
ed to otter United State« two per
Kepreseutative Loud lutrc-
duced a bill authorizing tbe boose
committee on naval affairs to investi­
gate tbe situation and conditions re
gardiug hazing, runuing anil fagging
at tbe naval academy, Among tbe
presidential Uumtnaliuua will be a
chief justice of tbe supreme court.
President ls a demagugue or crazy.
Othars aay tbey waut tbe regulatloo
bedly. Wall atreet's attitude ia tbe
sim« as last spring, and tbe Wall
atrest Senators are anxlous to vervs
tbeir frleoda. A campaign of delay
Eureka, Cal., Dec. 13—An evangel­
and trickery ls plauned. As tbs p.-w-
llmlnary step tbe Senators ueuiana a ist named Kyau, claiming to come
delay iu tbe matter uutll after Christ from Salem, Oregon, baa been driven
cut oi the little town of Robuetviile,
tbi- county, lie bad beeu cot ducting
revival services iu tbe Methodist
Dee Moines, Dec. 16. —Tbe Rothwell enureb tnere.
block wee destroyed by Öre this morn-
Last eveulng Kyau. while at the
lig. Loss, $260,004).
home ot a youug lady, was visited by
a committee cf cltlz-na, wbo gave him
an boar to leave town. He did not
Washington, Dec. 16 —Tbe house follow tbe advice, but returned
•j LI
adoptad a concurrent resolution to lo'giugs There be was visited
by 25
adjourn Thursday to Jauuary 4.
oitizeus and escorted to Palmer guleb
briJge, where be waa ordered to de­
Vienna, Dec. 16.—It is reported part. That was tbe last seen of bit».
that tbe Hoops bave inflicted heavy
Tbe evangelist repr.aeuted himself
Ices of life iu suppress) ig tbe riots al as interested iu a school at Salem,
Oregou, lor the religious training of
youug people in evangelistic work,
Marquette, Micb., Dec. 16.—Tbe and bad received the promise of sev
Dupont Powder Company’s dyuamite eral young ladies of this town to go
works blew np thia merniug, killlug to Salem and enter tbe school, 111
six persons. The victims were blowu tome oases tbs parents consented sud
to pieces and scattered abrout tbe tn others tbey objected.
Polwts About Thia
Aiuouu Anliuals.
OH Utt y
The wonder of tbe g.siua batrachbi
and the greatest natural history oddity
to be found along the Atlantic coast
of tbe United States Is tbe swelling
tom!, a seuilaquatic creature known to
unturallsts aa bufomaehalntus. It Is
occasionally met with from N< w York
city to Jacksonville. Fla., but Is most
common along the coast* of V rgluia.
Maryland aial North Carolina. When
In its natural state the "swell toad"
is about the size of n large bullfrog,
but look* more like than tt does
like either it frog or a torn!. It 1st
about six Inches In length mid has thw
curious faculty of being able to swell
to the size of it f<s<tball, ill v.hich stat»
its legs, tall and head are sci rcely
Irritation np|>enrs to Is« the chief
factor In causing these curious crea­
tures to Inhale air until tbey swell al­
most to bursting. Tbe bellies of ts>th
the males and female* are uerrly pure
white and are cover<*I with spines
which give that portion of their anato­
my the apitearance of it well rip
emsl Jimson bur Persons wbo i iulei
stand the "swi ll toad" ami know wbat
au Irritable little rascal it ls < atcli It
ami rub the spines on It* telly, when
It swells up until It I* utterly helpless
Another curious point about the erei
ture Is that ns long a* It Is kept on
Its back It Is unable to exi>el tlis air go
as to reduce the swelling.
Chicago, Dec. 16 —Resolutions on
Chinese truffle iu white slaves tbe po­
Beautiful dolls and pictures given
lice believe will result from an inves­
away free at Hull’s drug etore, East
tigation tollowiug tbe arraignment of
Eighth street. Send for doll certifi­
two women arrested iu an opium
Ashland, Or.. Deo. 14.—Three da«
cate if you haven’t one
den. One is believed to be a gradu­ tardiy attempts bave been made this According to Till« Writer, W- Qtc's
Arc More Civilised Titan Meo*
There will be a masked dance given
ate from Vassar, and tbe other is tbe week to wreck passenger trains near
flavelock 1'111- tn his study of ’Ou-
st the Crow hell on Chrl’tmae night, PRICES THAT SUIT' YOUR POTIF-
wife if a CblnaniHti.
Hornbrook. Monday a brake time
December 25.
Eveiynooy invited. ETBCOK CALL AT THE GUARD
and two other pieces of irou were most Interesting being* in tiro world”
—namely, men and women formulate*
Good music. Tickets, 50 cents.
found wired to tbe rails about a tulle
Manila, Deo. 16.— H. B. Mulford, this ride of Hornbrook. J. W. Kin- the conclusions that there Is hardly an
formerly major of tbe 38tb infantry, near, who resides near the place,made organ of tbe body or quality of my
kin! that I* not unlike In the aexw
was today sentenced to six years im­ the discovery, and he bed only time
A uuut is a man even to hi.* ihuudig,
prisonment on the ebarge of embez­ to remove tbe devices when tbe first an<1 a woman is a woman down to her
Washington, Dec 14.—Senator Ful zlement of the fuude of
the American section of No. 15 cama aloug, for Uttio to'*. man, wit’ his vntmtial
ton today substituted the Lili passed Bank. An appeal baa
been takeu to which tbey bad eidently been set. Tbe superiority In everything, cultivate a
by tbe house yesterday authorizing tbe supreme court.
grade Is steep there and a wreck proper feeling of hla real atandlng In
tbe Portlanu-Seattle Railroad to build
view of Mr. Ellis’ statement that wo­
UM)i;e breakfast bacon, sugar, lb
would bave beeu unavoidable
h bridge across the Columbia near!
men "are unquestionably superior iu
Choice ham, sugar cured..............
Vancouver for bis owu bill and eecur
general tactile sensibility and probably
ed its pnsaege lu tbe senate. The bill > pital patients who returned from tbe found on tbe track aLout a mile superior lti the discrimination of
Pure leaf lard, 5 lb. can..................
tastes." with (to tw perfectly tmpar
uow goes to tbe piesideut fo. b a ap front are ou strike, lbe patients jeer <outh of Horubrook.
We sell fresh meat lower than anybody
A bolt across tbe rail near where Hal) no advantage either way In the
prove), being tiio first of tt.e eessisu. ed an otficar, who struck a helpless
Fulton today introduced bills appro­ one. The others who were aide to the first device? were lai 1 flew up and other senses, but tbey bave tietter inem
priating $100,48)0 tor tbe erection of h leave tbeir beds started for the ofll- nroke a stopcock otf ot G.W McDcw orfes, read more rapidly, tiear pain t>et
ter. recover better from wounds and
federal building at
Baker City ■er, wbo fled. The iuvaliis are cheer ell’s engine, which wav in tbe tra n serious illnesses, are less changed by
ou the site owned by the government,
old age. live longer and have relatively
nod appropriating $15,000far cnmplet- !
larger brains, especially In the frontal
Portland, I et 16.—Senator Jobo
lug tbe approach and improving the
regions. Women, to put it in a few
words, are more civilised than men.
grounds of tbe federal buildlug at 8»- I M. GeBrin, recently appointed by
On the other hand, Mr. Ellis finds
lem. He relntrodcced Mitchell’s lilll CbH'uberiaiu, left this
men are slower In mind, with greater
to raiify tbe treaty wltb tbe Flamatb momiDg for the national capital.
Thursday’s Daily Guard
strength of body (they are two, three
Jodiaos, providlug for tbe eale of tbt The senator was offered railroad
Mrs. I,. L. Whitson went to Port and four times as strong as women),
passes to Wa-biogton, but promptly
' reservation lands.
quicker In movement, with much
ratused tberu. It ie elated that he ia,
greater lung capacity, more blood cor­
F. E. Alley, of Roseburg, was in!
financially, tbe t oorest man In rbe
puscle* am! exhale twice aa much car­
Washington, Dec. 15.-The senate United States senate. He stated he Eugeue ’odny.
bon dioxide, but these last qualities are
Pocket knives, carving sets, scissors, razors ' committee ou interstate commerce to­ wonld aid tbe president on tbe
Mias Ethel Gore returned this alter- rather drawbacks than otherwise, since
nickel-plated coppervvare, asbestos sad irons day considfred the Elkina rate biP. railroad rate revision,
men are less able to endure confine
uonu to Harrisburg.
etc. Also tools for the big boy and don’t for­ Elkins fully explained He provisions. 4
Lcreo Lvauv went to Harrisburg i ment nnd bn I air.
this afternoon ou a visit.
Dart-.inntli fnlversltr.
get a little red wagon for the small boy.
Paris, Dec 16.—John C. McCall,
Ex Assessor D. P. Burton ie iu tbe
Springfield, 111., Dec. 15.—The su­ son of tbe New York Life president,
In a co] y of the Portland Gazette
At Quackenbush’s Hardware. preme court has affirmed tbs verdict sailed today from Havre, bearing □ tty from Cottage Grove.
published I:i 1S17 there Is an allusion to
of tbe lower court in tbe Johann Hccb tbe report of Hamilton. He found
Mrs. S. L. Moorhead, of Junotico, “Dartmouth university." Dartmouth
college was feiin le<1 by a charter gmnt-
case. He w’ll be hanged February 23. Hamilton under tbe care of a special­ Is tbe guest of Mrs. G. N. Frazer.
ed before the Revolution, and the state
ist, who said tbe trip would prove se
Miss Elizabeth Bract, bookkeeper of New Hampshire sought to take
rious to Hamilton If be tried to go at tbe Eugebe steam lHituiry, ie quite awsy the charter rights and use the
Astoria. Dec. 15. —Mayor J. W. So-
borne. It is authoritatively annonne- ill.
property as a part of the now uni­
prenant,age 54, was found dead in bls
that Hamilton, in lien of a return,
versity, which was chartered by the
bed this morning, Death was caute!
leglrtnture. The point was raised that
prepared s detailed statement con­
by heart disease.
cerning his connection with tbe in ered from his lllnees as to be dowu the legislature had no right to do this,
re elected mayor for a third term, aLd
an»1 It was so decided by the Uniteli
suraoce company.
was a well-known contractor.
State supreme court after n memo
J. E.
rable exposition of the case by Daniel
Sulem, Deo. Id —The state land of­ turned to Texai after a few months Webster The Gazette pokes fun nt
15.—Several fice today received some more bogus residence bere.
the university which, It states, “t is
Warren McIntyre and wife ai iived or" student,” who “may serve as a
regiments bave mutinied and martial certificate« for 0000 acres ol school
law nas Been declared near tbe border land purchased by K F. Mo«r,of Chl- bere today from McMninvIlie end are ne»< egg.”
of Afghanistan, where tbe strikers re­ ca<ro, from the Puter-McKlnley gang, visiting Mr. Mclutrve’a meter, Mrs.
5 «ln«rul.*i>* !>frotl»nl.
fused to operate the railway or the for which be paid $'20,000 Fraud)! Geo. H Ki 1 ly.
The wmy the Slngalewe and Tartar
lent certifies’«? now returned amount
Yesterday's Roseburg Review:
to ?0 00b a?res, cn which the swind­ Alice Rummel, of Yreka, Cai., wbo trlboii have of popping the question
Is singular. Tbe man sends and pur­
lers resped a profit < f $100,100, repre tiav been visiting bere with her stater,
chases the Indy's we iring apparel. Of
New York, De*. 15.—The eye» of -enting but a email portion of Ibe to-
Mrs. M. J. Calloway, went to Eugene course If she does not like the gentle­
the world tble morning are upon tbr '•I operations.
today to visit with her j arents. bhe man she need not part with tbe con­
Amalgamated Copter situation tn
was acocmpanied by btrti oe, M a tents of her wiirdrotie. but If ho ls tbe
Wall street. Tbe first quotations to­
favored one she readily does so, know­
Gladys Calloway.
day were favorable to Laweon, "how
ing that when tbe evening comes they
ing a Jeoline of nearly a point from
will be returned to her by the suitor
Saturday's Dally Guard,
in person. He spends the night be-
100*4, laet night’s closing pr*c<*. were burned to death this morning.
A further drop to 99 followed, and The position in <>! lob »be bodies
A. R. Black left today on a trip non th the same roof with her, and the
next day, after a certain amount of
then rose to ICO1« and fell Immediate were found indicates tha’ Martell bad north.
feasting Is gone through, the couple's
ly to 997». Tbe declioe ie tbe result carried tbe children to tbe kitchen
E. E. Hyland, cf Mabel, «at I d K o thumbs are tied together, an<l thence­
of Lawson's bold front, and tbe rise from tbe burning portion of tbe gene today.
forward they are man and wife.
bouse add had then returned for hie
ia toe result of bls foes’ support.
wife, when tbe floor gave way, caus
John Frost, cf Marco! i, was in E g
Chinese De)item.
lug all to perish in tbe flames.
gene today.
The f'hinamnn has a deity who opens
Ws-h’ngtoc. Dec. 15. —The bouse
A. D. LeRoy, of Bohemia, was iu the eyes of hl* worshipers In the moni
end senate bad tbeir flrat clash today
Boston, Mas?., Dec, 16, —Lawson i Hugene today.
Ing and another wbo closes them at
over tbe Panama appropriation bill denies the etat»ment tbat he is
F. A. Page came up from Woodburn night He Ims g>Is of rising, stan ling,
walking, running, crawllug. swim­
The bouse passed tbe bill with a pro "broke,” but admits tbat be hae been S this atternoou.
ming; g<ids of spitting, chewing, swal­
vision putting the Panama bonds on going in tuat direction rapidly for
R C.Rone; came down from Goshen lowing. sneezing, coughing, choking.
tbs same footing with government several months.
He admits a mort­
this afternoon.
Then are gods who pr< ilde at the
twoe. The senate killed tbe provie gage of $250,ISO ou bis home, and says
Kott. Brady and wife are In tbe birth of a Cblni'se bn'iy nnd g sL* who
ion nnd paa-ed a separate bill cover be mortgaged other property for
Lonor the occasion when a l'blnsman
log the subject. Tbe matter went to $<>0,00(1. He says tbe coneequericee De city from Creswell.
dies. or. in bls own Idiom, "sticks up
H. N. Cockerllne returned to Al Liis pigtail.”
tte bouse, where It was killed by a predicted are sure to come or ba will
rising vote, with no aaaonters. and go "broke.” He denies that bls ac J bany this afternoon.
The Hat They Miss.
wss returned to lhe senate wltb a res tions are opposite to tbe publlebyd
a H. McClur g went to Portland
“Dere's a lot oh you Hue w> r.isn
olutlon declaring tbe senate In past­ plan, and says be will do substantial- today to spend Sunday.
folks,” said an old negro preacher at
lug a bill originating revenue had vi­ ly at he has done, but wiold out be
1 be little daughter of Professor and Exgelslor Fprlngs one Sunday, "dat
olated tbe constitutional privilege of more specific aa to bit intentions.
Mr. F. 8. Dunn la very III
coinws to chu'cli an' s. s every hat in
tbs bouse. Tt e 'tlclsrn of tbe canal
Dr C. W. I.owe returned thia after* de conm-g'ishun- every hat but one.
a Iminlstration vas continued in tbe
and dat one <|e Ixihd pa-*es right un
nona from a trip south.
senate today. Tillman led tbe attack.
dab yoh nose fo’ help In his cause an’
Frank Terr.plat n went tn hie home
t to salic joti black souls.”—Kansas City
at Halsey tbla afteruooo.
Washington. I*ec. 15.—President
Frank G. McMurry arrived boms
A One's l.lfe.
Koreevelt ie looking for a long, herd
last Dlgbt from Hoquiam, Wash.
"I pity the poor sailor." weld th* awn
bartie to get tbe rate regulation be
A portion of tbe Siosliw roed Dear
Omental boarder. "His Is a dog's life.”
seeks, and think* tbe figbt may laet a
Z r ew«w
tbe Kicbardsoo pleoe, 40 miles west of has been visiting Ke» Father Keid-
P kX ,
"Yes." rejoined the clier-rful Idiot,
year, making an extra sees I on a uecev-
ugeoe, baa been washed away by tbe haar in Eugene.
goes from on* bark to another, a* U
i> « 2 -
»Ity. Tbe present opposition is secret
waters of the Siuvlaw river nod for
X* re
S. Hermann camo up frem Pcrtisno wars.'*—Columbus Dispatch
sod underb in<ied. Even in the senat-
re e x* v is
r»i ..o sud * I < - * a> j F of the fen^i «ti R not half a dezen ere silling to admit the pavt two week? stage pasvengerv today to jelo hie wife In a visit wltb
M i
a: 1 mall bare b-en transferred at that Mr. and Mrs. 8. H. Friendly.
M [s. -»I
am put licly tbat ’hey oppo-e It
“Has your music teacher a <•- ilcste
at /
•ttnr. With ev*r>
pjlnt. It imposait le f'ts vehicle to
.Mrs. W. J. White, of Portland, touch?”
V > . ; at 11 <M> yer BoX declares he is trying to carry out the
get by that place. It le presumed erne down fretn Cottage Grove this
"Exquisite- $10 a lesson."—New York
»reel-fent’e Idese, foraker eave the
tbat repairs will soco be male on tbe, infternooo, where sbe b a teen visit Times.
difference» are technical, and Keane
ro<d so that traffic can be resumed.
Linn Drug Co
frankly admits tbat he believes the
Christmas Dance
Salem, Or., Dec. 13.--Tbe body of
A. D. Damon, e pioneer express-
man of this city, who disappeared tbe
ui’ght before Thauksgiriug, was found
Iu a mill race this afternoon lodged
against a post that supported tbe
walk. Hie Lead appiarad to be bruis­
ed, as if from a blow, but his watch
and a few dollars were o'l tbe tody.
He bad about $40 when last teen, but
bad been diluking.
Special Sale on Meats
Don’t overlook the useful Christ­
mas goods. They do double duty-
Here are a few :
Scobert ®> Dodge
* «