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Monmouth, Oregon, 6opt, 8, 1876.
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j NTO. 26.
The Willamette valley lie* be­ "000 apres* timber laird, which co.m vanqe s’s tp price.over, thsf shippyd
tween t^iis* range and the Coast* bined with the exten-ive water, from the east. Another fact in favor
mountains. It ia the most product­ power, of which no other state in of Oregon wheat is that, while farm­
ive portion of the state and is about the union can boast So groat an ers in the east makenneb lamentable
110 miles in length by 40 in width. amount, conspire to make Oregon failures in at tempt fog the cultivation
Al the presen’ time it ia mostly divi- eminently adapted to meetthe wants of the best Oregon grains, all grains
< tarlxtia m H y and the di IT udon of Grntr-
»led imp large farms imperfectly of an extended immigration. Do not grown in the east, ¿an, by cnltiva-
• 1 iMfurmalion.
rilievi and not until it is separated understand me to say that hen» is a lion in Oregon soil,, be greatly im­
Price I’er Yrar,. in A’vin,
into smaller taacts of land with lazy man’s paradisy, and that proved in quality.- This has beeu
All communications relating tn the paper- in
The following article is laid before strong handed labor ami akifl>ul slack, good for nbthing ' farmers tested and proven in the most aatie-
any way, should lie addressed to the Publisher,
i a living here by chewing factory manaer. Cohnr'does not
as above, bond money by Bank Draff, Hegis- tbe readers of the M k 8» en « br , not management brought to bear upon it
tered Letter, or Money order On Dallas, at our on account of‘literary merit, Xnt will it produce as it sbouhl.
and talking politic» any grow 'well., but barley, oats, and rye
merely as a compilation of truthful
The-Willainetttf river rising in the- better than they can in Indiana or yield*’abundant crops. Harley is
Advertisers will fend this one of. tho best me­
the result of the mountains of Southern Oregon flows Missouri. Stirring, energetic men es|>ecFally-adapted to tie rich bottom
diums on the Pacific ( oart for making their statistics, and
writer’s own observation. As ;v sub the entire length of/tlie valluy and Xre wanted ; yes, #nd wojaen too," land«, on the sea ah.prey and along
taudnosB known.
I j.ct, Oregon is becoming a trite one, empties into the . Columbia twelve *ncli as first srripothed the rocky way the streainii'q^ahe interior. Quite a
and ip almost every instance writers miles below Portland.- It is^Taviga lor- the 'thousands who have since considerable foreign demahd ba»
t > tîîtzf* 4 SH4HI f 1 jew
on Oregon go lar beyond the truth. '*14i 4° ‘ »»all steamer« aa iar soiyh as come. Such can e«tul<li*h tliemselves
<-ard,.l inch.
»12 I giving eastern readers the impression
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Eugene, a distance of 124 miles from here in comfortable homes, w ithout’ varieties, and several cargoes were
Cui., 2% ii’chos I
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Locks hive been built the hard and constant work necess. shipped to Liverpool last yeftr, while
*4 Column,
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orders have beyn already received
WTTfailielte faM»i at Ore- ary tq do so in tho -older stales.
H Column,
1 » 1 35 |
By natural divisi ns and-difl’eren from England for much of tide year’»
6-5 J
125 ■ while here and there a stray corner
1 Cuiutuii,
3-5 I
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is filled in with gold nugget»-fqr va­ with the neeennily of portage.^~The ‘ces '*<>T’ ¡»TuniTe/ (Trulin' is divided crop. ' '
Special Notices, 20 cents per line.
Flax eulture for the past
riety. A directly opposite view ot principal tributaries af the ,Witlam into three distinct divisions, the
Ter Square, ten lines or lees :
Oregon is given by some dishearten ette are" tile Saiili.’in ami Clackamas eastern, .western, nud southern. The years has formed an important item
First Insertion
ed individual who comes here on the on the cast and the Yamhill, LaCreole eastern portion is cold arid dry, re­ in Oregon husbandry, but as it is
For eiu.*b Subsequent Insertion
quiring irrigation to ins a re a crop of controlled by a monopoly of those
strength of overdrawn newspaper and Ltickiamute oii the went.
Advertising and all business in this Office
cereals-while part is classed as bar who own the -single oil mill in the
will-lie rione on the coin basis. Currency will
takuu af the usual discount.
friends or perhaps sends a letter to are navigably to small .teambirats' ren; the soil being intermingled state, it cannot greajly benefit tbe
Advertising must he paid fot in advance,
bis county paper expressing in that for ionic distance from their mouths. with polish, called alkali soil, which , farmer*. Lint flax growing is also
tiidess credit is givtn by special agreement. *
manner his disappointment tnd, his T wo rail roads' have been begun in produce* only sngeldush and grease being tried »nd will ultimately be a’
Tit k 0 LD^I A tflff T tfk MOM LCHV KC H.
longing to* again' behold the wide flit» AViflaineite valley., Otte on t he wood. > This is totally^iiifit*'for cui. success. A -sample was sent last
Well, wife, I’ve found the model church ; I spreading prairies of Illinois.
weiil side reaching /fdm Fiifrtand to t rvatton; btrt -is only a ernfo I - port fop-* year to the Flax Bel-
worshipped there to-day !
Instances of this kind are to be St. Jo, a distance of about 50 miles. compared with tbe whole; the L»st, Ireland, to find how, it would
ft made me think <>f good old time* before my
met with e.very day and it would be On the east side it has been co tuple greater part living a finegrass country compare with that grown in other
fiair war gray.
’flie meetin’ hottee was fixed up more than they well if all would take under consider
ted as tar as Unseburg, a town in tile eminently devoted to stock' grazing'. countries. The reply of the Presi­
were years ago.
ation otli and every side of the Umpqua valley, distant from Port Cultivated grasses do well along the dent was that it showed the best
But then I felt wlren I went in, it wasn’t built
Oregon question before coming west. land 200 miles. When jjrese two rivers, streams, and small lakes in fiber and was rtally the best
for ala»w.
That there are two sides to 'the railroads will connect and be comple that section; the fact tliet there is bver shown in that great flax market^
question can be readily shown, for led Sacramento it is im mUcTi u.iioccu^Ji d firming and graz­ and that any amount Oregon mTglrt
lie kncW that I wm old And 'leaf, m well as old while Mr. Dufur, the Centennial possible to say. When they are, ing land in eastern Oregon is last produce could be contracted at
and poor :
Commissioner from Oregon ia so elo however, or better still when a rail becoming known, but the best por­ twenty cents a pound, delivered ou
De mu’l Rave been a Christian, for he led me
quently discoursing to Philadelphi­ road is built through from Eugene to tion of country extending from the the docks of Belfast. ' .
The long i«de of that crowded church to find a ans of the fertility of Oregon soil in Winaniucea, a visit to Oregon will foot of the Blue Mountains westward
1 Fruit of all kinds known to th«
place and pew.
producing 60 bushels ot wheat to an not be the serious undertaking it is yet under the control of the temperate zone grow in abundance,
I wudi you'd heard that singing ; it had the old
Indians. It is hoped this reserva­ and reach the highest perfection,
acre, he takes great care not to say now is.
time ring,
will soon be thrown open for unless it. be grapes and peach««
Tbe preacher said, with trumpet voice, “ Let all
the people sing t”
and that 20 bushels per acre ia a very sirable, location in the Willamette settlements, as it would undoubtedly, which -do not mature well. It u
Tbe tune was Coronation, and the music upward
fair average while this year tlieaver- valley range in price from $30 to make one of the thriftiest settle­ more than all, an apple country, and
the big red applet, Golden Pippin«
Till I thought T heai il the angels striking all ege is less than usual- The day h?s $50 per acre. Those who are content ments eastof the Cascade Mountains.
Greenings, that lie in bushel*
their harps of gold.
gone by, when seed sown on a field to open farms at a distance from the The Western portion of the state,
the trees in many an Oregon
My deafimss aoomed to melt away ; my $pirit
caught the tire ;
promise of three successive crops.
trifling consideration, there being and numerous little mountain valleys, orchard after a hard wind storm in
1 Joined ray feeble, trembling voice with that
For the purpose of brushing up thousands of acres of school, lands has a more even, temperature, ,but Oetober cannot be equaled in any
melodious choir. *
And sang as in my youthful days, “Let angola some people’s geography, I will say lying along the Columbia, containing not as unceasing aMall of rain as land beneath the sun.
prostrate fall ;
,WiW game is yet abundant,
that Oregon ia not an insignificant agricultural lands of a very high many have b^en led to believe. The
Bring forth the royal diadem, and crown him country of Northern California, but quality and which now are very low/ summers are delightful, rain seldom though the herds of deer, elk, and
I-ord of all.”
that it has An area of 102,606 square selling for $l.T0 per acre. All along falling during the months of July, antelope that once grazed on tba
1 tell you, wife, it did me good to siug that miles, with a population of near
The hillsides and plains of the west, have
the Cascade mountains which begin August, and September.
hymn once more ;
nights are always cool enough to vanished from the white man’s
I felt like some wrecked mariner who gets a 100,000. It is situated between 42° at the falls on the Columbia and ex
glimps of shore ;
and 46® 20' N. latitude, and between tend’Southward through th^ entire sleep comfortably, and one is not sight, and the hunter who longs for
I almost wanted to lay down this weather­ 116« 31’, and 124® 30’ W. lougitnde.
state are beautiful .little» valleys, Titt­ forever fighting mosquitoes or being a haunch Of venison is obliged to
beaten form,
Washington Territory bound. ing up now with great droves of smothered by net to keep them at a seek for it among the,,canyons and
And anchor in the bloased port forever from the
it on the north, „the Columbia sheep, cattle and horses and in some distance. Bed bugs, ho wetter, are hidden recesses of lonely mountains.
boundary places the cattle ranches are becom­ plenty in eastern Oregon, and fleas Sportsmen, in the spring, indulge in
The preach in’? Well, I can-’t just tell all the river
preacher said ;
line for the greater part of ing lovely homes and their owners are not Strangers to the Willamette pheasant and grouse shooting, and
I know it wasn’t written, I know it wasn’t
the distance- It ia bounded by find a mine of wealth in the rich valley. Hitherto’ the population has later in the season, when migratory
lie hadn't time to read it, for the ligbtnin’ of Idaho on the east, by Nevada and pasture lands of Ochico, and kindred been so sparse and grass ?o abundant, birds stop in their flight from north-
his eye
»that stock raising has Ireeti the prin­ ern regions, the bang, bang, of the
California on the south, and its west­ valleys.
Went flashing ’long frotn pew to pew, nor
ern shores are washed by the biggest
The Coast range ale«, extending cipal source of gaining a livelihood hunter’s fowlingpiece, along tho
passed a sinner by.
ocean in the world. It is about 395 from the month ofthe Cdlumliia, and by those fortunate enough to possess water courses and upon the nOwly
The sermon wasn't flowery: ’twaa simplo
sown fields, tellw that another duck
miles long from east to west, and continuing south, is interspersed large tracks of land.
Gospel truth;
The distance to market has been or goose is to be served up as a
It fitted poor old men like me ; it fitted hopeful about 295 miles wide from north to with delightful little valleys through
south. In topography, the eastern which flow streams of clear, cold- another disadvantage that farmers dainty dish at to-morrow’» dinner.
'Twee full rd consolation« tor weary hearts that
part of the state lying between the water i unning into the ocean, will) have had to eonten’d again»!, but now* A game law prohibiting the indie-
bleed *,
'Twee full of invitations io Chriat, and not to Cascade Range and Snake river -is plenty of tide-lands for vastnrage boats on the Willamette and a rail­ criminate slaughter of wild fowl and
mostly an elevated plateau, broken and fertile up lands along the moun­ road extending tho whole length of venison was passed by the legisla­
Tbe preacher made sin hideous in Gen tiles and by mountain ranges, and chiefly tain side. Many of the»« mountain the valley, remedy the inconvenience. ture some years ago, which, it*
in Jews.
adapted to gracing. The western homes have been taken and there are Grain-growing is relnnnerative, and regarded, wilk prevent the utter ex­
tie shot tbe golden sentences down In the finest
part lying between the ocean and cosy little Itpmes about Which thrill Oregon is coining prominently lor termination of wild game in Oregon.
And—though I e«n*t see very well—I saw the Cascade range is mountainous inter-. ' and peace »bound in these out of the ward as an exporter of wheat. Varieties of singing birds and small
falling tear
spersed with valleys. Of these val­ world nooks among the Oregon Heretofore there has been but little animals are not numerous, neither
That told me hclf wag someway» off, and
leys the thrceprincipal ones are the mountains.
incentive to surplus production as are those of a rapabions and thieving
Heavep very near.
there have been .no facilities for nature. Poisonous- insects- arid rep­
How swift the golden moments fled, within
qua, the Willamette valley being nient »nd railroad laud* ns yet Cnô?^ marketing „crops; aii’<T ►wi»n îh tiler« are seldom found, and Oregon -
that holy place!
How brightly beamed tbo light of heaven, from mn«h the largest.
The Cascade cupivdf anil which can b«^ liaii for a Oregon have been as regularly fat­ is entirely free from the plagties ol’
every happy IMe.
fange of mountains are a continuation trifling num. Oregon og-ril to the tened on wheat as thus*» of Indiana grasshoppers and army wormi„ that
Again I longed for tlwrt sweet time, when friend
have so devastated the farming
of the Sierra Nevada*. Ths Blue immigrant who i* ck|Mtble and in- on corn.
shall meet with friend,
“ Whore congregations ne’er break up, and mountains are a branch of tire Uis- <ln»|iiou« more indncHiieiits and
Computed with other grain grow lands ofthe western slates for the
Habbaths have no end.”
cade* thrown ofl’ near the ,southern belter prospect* than auy oilier fnirt ing »tales Oregon falls far short in past few years.
1 hope to meet that iritis ter— that congregation portion of the state extending north ol the great weal, In e«ery de^rt
The mineral rtsources of. Orejyhu
agricultural lands, but no other state
enstwardly into Washington and uk n.i of ainutul»elure, trade and possesses larger bodies ol as good are »pparviitly inexhaustiblenod
In ttxM( dear'home beyond tbe stars that shine
Idaho. The course of the Cascade*. • gricuitnre tbe avenue» open and wheat land. The w'heat rusut in being but slowjy «leVelopt-d. . Coal
from heaven so blue.
1 djmht not V|I lememtoer, tevoBd lift»*« even- 1 is nearly parallel with tbe slvore-of w*i-»t It
" ' i*
’ estimated limi Mitre Oregon I» stronger and luiicb more “• good quality has been found ii« „
......-------------- ..
-jifivOfiVB «4TC1 ''■griouliQtfti, valuable ton the inamtiùclùie of diff.-renl localities, and is exported iu
’ll. happy hour of worvbipiu tut model«
I on an average about 110 mile*.
26,'>oo,ouüacre» grazing, 1$ i
flour, and commands quite an» ad-
w. ..
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n , 1* ,»——-W--------- -------- ---- * -X* — - —
; Dear wife, the fight will soon be fought—the
victory lie won ;
The shinin’ goal is just ahead ; the race is
nearly run.
j O’er the river we aro nearin’, they are throngin’
to the shore
j To shout our safe arrival where the weary weep
1« devoted to I lie caaae of Primitive