Pacific Christian messenger. (Monmouth, Or.) 1877-1881, October 25, 1877, Image 1

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the teacher here. Now observe those Letter of his natural disposition to of bread and 19ilk. Ear to much at- ! his numerous defects'; ,hc coirid one»!«
’ laughing, noisy, playful boys, tell the exact truth. B’Tt he was in tention is paid by the people <«f these ' more dance, sing, hear and see as in
C hristian essenger lsiys,
brimful and running over with life,; the end discharged-, This is one side States to what they will eat and drink his tender \ ,-ars. •
Devoted to the caute? of Primitive Christi- their motions are. graceful, their speech of thè story. The other is, that search and wean There is a needless and
The miraeie naturally made a great'
' unity, and the diffusion of general in­
Vib made and the volume found be­ unwholesome -expenditure tor these' sensation, and when th<- f< ttunato.
side the track where "it was thrown things. There is no virtue in turning pilgrim retrijxed home to .Martinet, in
I >r suppose it is before «school- opens,
Price Per Year, in Advance,' i?2.«>0
from the cars. It is a copy of the away from a guod.Lcok. or in stopping -the ...tju :u--. t-i.-ai* . I • ! i ele--.
All business letters sTrohM tie addr-ssed
to the Messenger Publishing Co., Mon- ‘ come, come, come to the Sunday school, New Testament and Psalms, such as a newspaper in order to gratify a car­ | jeet of general attention. esp< cially < n
... mouth, Oregon. Articles intended 'for ! no la«'iririj’, oil ente r with'alacrity'to the Ybung Men’s; J 'Kristian Associa­ nal appetite or be maintain a’ fair and t.e pt. t i - -
Cuurch authorities
publication, should, be addressed, to one f take their places, not a boy or girl in tion and Bible Society furnish Mr-’ .vain show in the tl du
’ who kept’ hiir. in clrrver
■er for sorae- tiu.-
of the editors. Subscriptions and eom- I sight. We need riot’enter the moni railroad car?. ' Till , volume ha brm]L
i.'nfm'tunr/« h- tfiefe v a.«‘
munications in California, should bo ud-
Keeping’up Appearanqps. . i «loctor in thu-neiglcbot <t<*d,- Won de-
• unless wd wish, 1 think I see a refiee- ¡carefully examined and the priest has
Jressed to Thos. Porter, Coins:}, Cal.
¡been pnov9n_ not to have told the
Advertisers will find this one of the best
¿¿‘an't alil'i'i^it ; -1 li
w«'i j sired to examine Riviere, an d it
mediums on the Pacific Coast for making ; The teacher there U’.ay Lo greti in truth. There are no such pictures as my salary won't justify me in buying arrange«! that tho exaniinati* >n
his work. It is our s; « cia! ëtaploÿ- ..he described: there ar.- no interlinea­
their business known.-
so many clothes; in l.irii g a. livery take place ; but on the dav fixed
; -
‘ liukrt fellow teacher-, to m««ul«l tl:«' tions of an .ou’ensive. character. tie
rig every «la v, and sucli like but you , it,'the happy [dlgri« ’. wa now h i:
The Teachers Mirror.
-" mimi aìri - 'i: an«’. ‘ ,«rt. « yo' ih, was'probably under the influence of
kn«y,- one might ju- i
w 'l'J..- out of Ito jou ml. ’f hi ’mon L1 < • n
the BILI«.’ I».|
«« . liquor, and his hatred
{Tike fulkruing EsHiiy v.-.-r- read before the .Snn ’.i v and in t!w L.hl.!id >• rf«n i«i,'n<
the worl«l as'0ut~ed-the iashimi, said . i was »bout to be aftri
Hctiool Institute. At \\utville, C h L. Oct,
that w««rk, though wrought. In p !va- him to cdminit ail act that' no sober,
1S77, by Mrs. M. E. Marston, of Gilroy ] :
a \oi:ng , <'!«rk,'wlm is pinched in micaci". >wh« n he tm<
A mirror is a looking-glas», accurd- , timiund tears wrap;« 1 tip Uis.-revt pri '-t would have been grilty
means, h rdly abte tf> keep hi« L ad ' tip I" tween ;. i.r.v.'-«■: -v mtarm
' ing to our lexic a» ■. -any—thing that, tie' welfare óf the community, th-; sc­ of, and bis ?!'„ ' ',1, v, hl <!■> well Orb’ '1
' l.a.l aiTretcTTrnTte? s.vdelli
abov«' -water, but, w,tl:;.,', a willing
gives'a true repr -saltation of any ob­ ettri.y of « r.r firesi-L's, th > . • of bi,.: ■■ lector ■. ' T • Je'rning
subjeefito all the exactions of ” our then triin-r«!!' «1. a<-nEu.. .'<« th«-
ject, <ke. The teachers mirror is got ’tlif« ship of State, th«; health and-pr««3- is . -it mt'phic' in this country-jilthmigh
high-toned socifty.” His nobi«* ¡r(de- ! own c -ru'es-biu, th.'it. he V.,s .
- bounded by tin s and
-can.4 pci it y ut tLe chiucu, tiie destiny oi L it .was-.lately: nraritirwil in.ftpai?t „BaT-
pendt’fice, his keen -« nse oFprofirivty, ■ ■«-Ire <-iivmlvr: ‘and- had ;■!**i*«7i
itbe described a- convex, .couvaw j-’l., t.he .;;'. m « u L My ^*iuLjcgt throying BibL»s out < if. tin ? cars can-1 ESlteirTtHrTa^<t<MtaT'~ttrirr t c- I uir nr pkteresa
id infiitniJI'esr_ag_y^jMl
- compound; neither is it airoeasy .task comes grave. It is necessarily' so ? Is not be made popuiar, as tue excite­
the notorious t our. d«
ment caused by ' this "experiment fit him out for the next '.arty; yes,
to fiptl iteteexact dimensions. How-; 1-there so much of momenCous resppn-1 plainly illustrate«:”
r time«, with th«.. object
"and if his pocket-look is "strapped,”
•' ever.we may approximatd-that result. sibiiry.resting u|um us-. Is th* des-♦
on public credulity and
\V«' wrtçI«vd*Xu-s< e what explflJia- his role in society must be. played A-’
by appropriating for a tew moments, tiny of the world in our Hands .' In a
lie ifa** a- profes­
tii’rn our Catholic .editors would give he runs on his credit for another pair
one grain of the wisdom of scrcntitic sons ' it. is,- for .mu---past experience*
be admitted
for Grogan’« action,, but have seen of kids. A few years of his f^Isc lite
men. In their efforts to measure the : traehes ii-> that-in theseot far distant
in its
■ none so far.
saps his manhood and brings him to a
distance of the fixed stars, I am told future, these plastic boys arid girls
condition of the most abject slavery/
Why. Papers are Stopped, j
... that they .-make their „observations j will taka tire places .of'.the.m«l and
Why will young persons barter away
- --- r 1, • >
~ from opposite points of our earth, and i women, thaf-rmw guard- our higher
A Mistake.
I . The Christ ¡¿til I ahlligf net r has individuality and happiness, and cater
having found the smallest appreciable , interests, and so we lease tlnmT, soci-
i | some sensible things
to the whims and demands of extreme
An amusing scene occurred in the'
difference, they take that as*the base«, etv finds them, transformed in a dav,
• «■
- tain .class of peoph-“who stop their formal society , when their «circum­
uponAvhich they .construct gigantic so to speak, rea<ly, if need be, to as­
Chriijtian church at Lprksvjjile, Pa
papers, under the plea of hard times. stances and common sense dictate that
recently. Itwppears tlAb the Metho­
columns of thought an : wonderful ac-. sume grave respohsibiliti« s, to decide
11 «ays :
they should protest against such dist pulpit at that place wa4 to be
cdmp.lishments of calculation, expect the “weighty-questions, that absorb
“ The past year has' been a very folly ? We commend the courage,, supplied by a preacher From the
ing ere long tö become perfectly fa­ the mind of the nation ; if need be to
trying one to publishers of every clas». the'manliness of a certain young man,
Wyoming Seminary, an«l two young '
miliar with the myriad wonders of the undertake to guide the Ship of State to the publishers of books,_p<Tiodieak,
whom wo heard say, in the face of men proceede«! thither for the purpose
stellar universe.
into a commodious harbor, or „the Ship ami newspapers. Agreatmany persons
these things : “ I won't knuckle to all of conducting the service. Instead
Since we find it difficult to ascer­ of Zion into heaven. In the good in order to maintain a.« far as possible
tain the mScrijiouhnariiiT. oOfiiiTTnH time coming'YvTien every child shall a certain-siyhr of'diving-- have- denied dhtt enactions of the„which •of going- into- the Methodist cfrurctf’
J move when I can’t do it; I should however, they went into the < ’hristian
ponderable piece of furniture, from a be brought. into the Sunday .school, themselyes books, nmgazines,' and pa.-
be afbaid to appear at the house church on the opposite side of th<
.single view, it will be necessary to ex­ when every school district shall have peris. When the «pressure of the times
employer, dressed as some of street. Thinking that they had been
amine it from different points of ob- a nlratly finished ami well -furnished came upon them they decided that
my young friends are, for suspicion waited for, they proceeded at once "to
servation. dfiSil as there is nothing vew I frouse, and every teacher shall realize mental food was a luxury, that could
would mark inc down as a thief. If the vacant pulpit, and, after a brief,
under our shining sun, wd sitali be [»that he is working in the light of eter-
woh't'receive me as I’m able pause and a glance at the congrega­
pardoned, I trust, if we bring "our aid, ¡.nity, then, the desert Rhall blossom as
I’ll keep out of it.”
tion, one of them rose, lead a chapter •
a few trite and Well worn .figures
a rose, the islands of the sea shall Ire and clothing for the bodv, to which
­ in the Bible, and said he had selected
First, then, let us look upon? the brought into civilization ami cultiva­ : thev ha«l become accustomed were
teacher as a sculptor ;■ with mallet and tion, every family shall have a home, i necessities to be obtained as fa.r as ard is the one that regulat« s the s< cial it as the foundation of a few remarks:
chisel in mental hand, seated in bis every hamlet, a Sunday school, ami ' possible. Beefsteak or’l chops, ^nd circle to which you are looking, place The 'Eld. Mr. Bevan, pastor of, the
studiò for many davj^ patiently pol- peace and love and good will, shall rolls for breakfast; a liberal lunch at ydur purse and character in the 1-al- church,who was a little behind ti
ishing the blocks of marble', living an I characterize the inhabitants. After 1 mid-day, and a substantial array, ot ; lance. and then decide whether that is walked in at this interesting junct1
' breathing stones.with a skill that our which good tinie the kingdoms of this m«'ad and vegetables for- dinner heve | the pitee for you. !><» not entertain and much to his Surprise found
own much-loved, highly honored, and world will have become the kingdoms been considercil fiiili-ju-nsabl" t«> 'h" the notion that you ran draw in ad- pulpit already occupied. He <li 1
'". and deeply lamented Powers never at­ of our Lord and Christ, and the maintenance-of health and .vjgnr of j vanc" on your monthly” wcges, < r h< r- ma e a dem<-n*tra.tinn like Robei’
body and social, position. A certain row an occasional “ ten." tro^ay for Sicily, when’ that monarch found
tained. His work is indeed beautiful, teacher.-, work will be completed.
and varrnty of clothing has this “ fine suit ” or that “ gold-headed angel in Lis ¡«lace, but pn><-'e«’> d-<o
true to nature, and Oas we g.iupon
>it we expect to heai it s'pe ik to us in A Pri est’s
for the Bible. been regarded as eonallv indi*' ".isa- cane," and maintain thereby a.worthv up and t« ok bi- -• at i:y-iA- t! r: .
If y< v to await further development*.
are tempted to tell the re­ standing in any society.
audible voice. an<l we watch but in
sults of our observation. We have
The young preacher was about ti>
k vain, to see it smile upon us.
the go on With his discourse,-.uucuEscii-us
witnessed some domestic management
Not so-the teachers work, of grace
of sham lifer trv to be sour- of the sensation he was creatingi
and beauty. The well rounded lines I in<hrowing,a Bible from a car win- that wculil be amusing if one could bondage
within your means; culti­ when a lady from the church on tlm"
forget the very sad side of it. These
of these statues are full of life, the be­
witching smile sparkle from the This is what th«- St. Louis Ci\r>nti<ni persons have no hesitation’ in reduc­ vate an individuality that should be opposite side of the street ent< red.
has to *ay of it i
ing their gifts to- Christian charities, the outgrowth of the best .pialities of and walking straight up to the f vil ’•* ‘S ’
laughing eye, and the ruby lips gush
“ A ('atholic priest, (irogan by name, a'nd seem to think it a prais'e-wutthy your mind ; and your character, thus beckoncd'td the young man. whoMrai
with happy song, and joyous melody.
St. Bridg'it’s church, Chicago, has economy to refuse to buy a book, to nurtured under these condition*, will about to bold, forth. Her < Jtfluet
Ah ! I find a faint outline of the
1 been lifted into notoriety by throwing stopa newspaper or magazine. In our bear the impress of reality and exert
teachers mirron I have gained a point, a copy of a portion of the Bible out of .
seemed somewhat strange to him, but
now my work will proceed without ! the window of a Central Illinois rail- jndgmentthey áre very much mistaken the most potent influences for good.— he stopped to listen,. and sji«' whis­
I road train. A brakeman ha«l his eye A man s min 1 is quite a* important as Hu»/nt ''» ylonth-h/.
pered something in his ear that made
Let us peep in upon our teacher. as ¡.upon the priest, an«l informed the con­ his body. Evsey man and'woman
him change color quickly. She told -
A Rondsh Mlriicle.
• pain^r/treid ^ftlV, fesF'our mate-1 ductor, who threatened to throw the ha« a place to fill in the worhl ami
him that he was -in the. wrong pulpit,
The l’/tris correspondent of d e and that the eongivgaticn over the
rial presence, disturb th« artist. Here i reverend father after the Bible. The ought to know how to’do it. Every
St»nytril spoils another of way was waiting sum» what impatient­
arc paints and pencils, pallet* and ea­ road office:'*, and the priest, when the family has need of books, magazines,
sels, with pictures in different degrees trail/reached the city, had an “ ex­ and newspapers as well as of foo«l and thepn-tended Komish mimefjswrought ly for his arrival. The. two wrung’
of advancemnts, butthe'rc is no disor­ planation Ivfore the Superintendent clothing. We have just been reading at Ixrtirdcs. He writes :
m'H w«Te very mu-h discomfited, but
The reader may reipember that b< t1 after a moment tl ey niastered the
der, a masters hand is here, ami" d«y'j of th.« road. Grogan declared that he. the life of the famous and tueful Rev
by day each piece, receives added found disgusting picture* on the fly Wm. Arnot. He made his breakfast j long ag»> the flcrreal papers pttbli'lird 1 situation and -sought a short inter­
beauty, and perfection till the time,! leaf of the Volume, and interlina*tions of oat-meól and milk, hi* dinner of j special telegram.* annonnein-f. the j view with Elder Bevan, to whom theV
•when as finished pictures they shall j that were not in the iute.resta of re­ bread and milk, that he might save | miraculous cure <;t a pilgrim named m’«le suitable apologc. They then
be «moved to the “ art gallgry, and > ligion or g»x>d morals. He disdained money to be expended in informing ! Riviere. Th is poor fellow had -mfi'-'i- proceeded to the church acre s the
all intention of showing disrespect to and cultivating his mind! For doing I ed for many years from n c< mnlin>- I r 'ad, but. as they 1» ft. the* congrega­
}be artist immortalized.
Dropping these figures,
draw , the “ Protestant Bible.”* Some of the so he was praiseworthy. Oat-meal tion of ills. He. was afflicted with tion smiled audibly over they- mistake.
j»ear those children just dismissed witnowes were of the opinion that he and milk is by no means to be despis­ paralysis, be had an ulcer io bi« left —Ax.
- - - _
from <dass, notice that group of sunny- had a *trange way of showing his re­ ed as nutritious food. For a year leg, and fie was «leaf and' dumb and
nt ho n to Lourdes,
A Wall street- man wants to know
hrowed, bright-eyed little girls, all gard for it, and the most charitable past, on many days, such line Ix'en ou r half blind, lb-
care for the present at least, laid aside. [ condition-that they could reach, wks principal marl. And we have the1 and no soon-T drank of the fiely what is the difference between the
How happy sm I glad »nd free they f that he was under the influence of recommendation <»f no lesa a man than waters of tfio shrine than he was in- day-rate of gold and the nitrate of
and that his fears had got the Mr. William Cullen Bryant in favor; atantl.i and ci input« iy cured of all J silver.
^•era, I think I a?e a faint image of liquor
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