West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, July 16, 1908, Image 3

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Bath Room in Con
' MltKKT
Independence, Ore.
Farmers Feed
and Hitching Shed
Jones Big New l5ar
Toiiiii liv, t-a.Mlw II.xhi fM
Itlg aril Irani kp.t In
Hi ilrjr, lloiwi Uarlr. lit
tiny, vi in k or mouth.
J, N. -JONE5. imiOK
Steam Laundry
Basket leaves Tuesday 6 p m
and returns Friday
CIcjo J.-?obinsoii
In tlm circuit court of ttit tl if Ore-
itoii for I'nik county.
J, N. Join PlultitlM. v V. K. Ln.
(Irt-tli, V. O. I.am!retli, Llr.y.i It.
. Kin) ret h, Mabel I. I.mxlielu, J. L
I. undid h, Walter I'Hiidrt'tli, and K.
It. I.auilrelli defendant,
T W. K Lantlivtli. W. O. I.nl-Wl,
I,i..le ii. I.tnidrftli, Mattel I. I .and ret l,
J li. Lnmlrclli, Waller Laiuirelu ami
V.. It. I,anilri'l h, (It'fciiilunlM ;
In Ilia tmiue of tin atala of Oregon,
you are hereby required lo appear ami
aiiuer I lie eoiiiiluliit Med k'liiwt
yon in the above entitled court
and vhuku on or before t lie Urd
day of Anpuft I'.VH, lilnn more
than tlx week from (he date of the
lirnt publication of thin miinmoim, and
If you fail bo to Hiearaiid annwer, the
plaiiitllf fur want Ihereol will apply to
the !ourt for the relict prayed for in
aid complaint which I" aa follow:
that plalntiinx adjudged and decreed
to be the owner In feealmple of the fol
lowing deacrlbed real property, to-wlt;
coniiiieiiuiuK at the louth weat corner
of fractional block I lit Hill town of
' Indeiwodeiiee, I'olk county, Oregon,
running thence north 162 leet, thence,
cant 2K) feet, thence aonth l'S2 leet.
thence went L'(X) feet to the place of
beginning, and that It tie decreed that
you have no right-title, interest or
entate In ald real property, whntao
ever. and that yon be forever barred,
precluded aud enjoined from averting
any claim or title to nald real property.
Thia aervice la served upon you by
order of Hon. William Oallaway,
Judge of the above entitled court, which
order la dated the 13th day of June,
1908, and the date of the flrat public
tlon of thia munition la the 25th day
of June, 1008.
7-30-8 Attorney for plaintiff.
l N. hliciinaii, n-ccnlly from Huh
lii"il, llliiiui", in in ll liidi't iiili me
country l.ckinjj lul b-r oil pro
n-cI. He i mi llinriiiiglily - nit ini m
tliat w. Ikvc ml in I'ulk roiiiity that
he lnl !nui i fur a to Irne a laitfe
tr.ii t i.f l.nid in the iiiiihi-dutn vicin
Ityof I lull jhixI. in e and Moiiiiomtli.
With iiiiIiiiiiIihI capital behind ! I It
I, .r..t.l.i that lie Will begin Him
mve iri'l nig ocrattiin a kimiii a
lie ciilnplclc le mi the Mini that
he will have to have. Mr. Sherman
I hi had many Jem ciiicricitce in lh"
ml n-giim nl eaulcni tlcaiid luing
thin Mure of knowledge to aid liim in
hi nMcraliiiiia in I'olk cotinty.
In tailing n( iroi4-ct in tin ec
lion uf Oregon Mr. Sherman cava "I
am thoroughly coiiviiu-ihI that there
in oil in thin country in laying '"'i
title. The only way to find out,
though, for Hire, in to drill. Thin ter
ritory ia exceptionally favorable for
oiv-rulioii for the reaeoii that we arc
not dcfHiiilcnt on the Standard mi
Company for a marKct. Ilcing
clou' to Port land the product can I'
diipoM l of where thcru ia a world
market, by ie lin to that city.
Mr. Sherman now ha over -imiO
acrct Icimed ln-ro and alumni that
much more in night iiin which cai
have not been cloned, hut which will
Ihi within the week.
Twenty-Five tVntw U t lie Prion
of IVnve.
The terrible itching and imartlng, In
cident lo certain nkin dlwaae, ia l-
iiio1 Instantly allayed by applying
fhamberhiln'a Salve. Trice, 25 ceuU.
For m. le by I'. M. Klrkland.
MtnK rnutitx f4 Hla lulop '
ItewHril. IH10
Tli rradtire ul lhl puper will b plraiied to
learn Hint llmr l at let on (tnwirtwt dim
es that M-li-nre liaa lx-n al'l I" cut lo all
Ii tKt. and that I I'aUrrb. Itall'i Ca
Urrb t:ur la the oalf poIHv cur bow
known lo the medlml fraternity, t atarrb
being a conntlliitlonal dlwan. require
OMimltutlonul treatment. HaIPe latarrb
Cur U Uken luternallr, acllnn directly up
on the blood and niuooue aurlaoe of the y
tein, thereby detriyin th toundatlon of
thedh-eaite, and Riving the patient alrenRtb
by bulldlni up the eonntllutlon and aMUtlni
nature In dolii IU work. Th proprietor
have o muoli ntlth In IU enratlv power
that they offer C J Hundred IXillar for any
Cft that It lalla lo cure. Send for Hat el
Adrtre P. J. CH ENKY A CO, Toledo. O.
Mold lv all l)riuralU,7.'ic.
Take tlall'a Family Pill fr oonatliatlon
Frank U. Cox, Proprietor
Fine Candies, Cigars and Tobacco
Soft Drinlu, Confectionery, Fruiu, Etc
Phone Main 243
Independence, - Oregon
Plastering and general mason work.
Stone, Prick nd Concrete work.
Estimate furnished free on application.
f ano-leytur Nuptliii
Muirod, at the holiie of the bll'ln'a
n i,(, Mr. ft nd Ml. It. J. T)l'r of
Ihi i lly, at ll uVUi e.liieUy
nioiiiliig, l(r. . A, l-cmarvl .fliciit
ing, lh Orbie T)lor ! I -on n
W ami, l'lll I'f Ilne-iiih-Me, III tle
pieeeitc of a few rhowll fiiefof an
iiiiliieiliate ritatirr. The bride a
U-aiitifully lliri in rrc.nn w-rge an:
the gtooiii Woni the viiliveiitiolia
bUk. The pallor i!ii-.irt-d with
rartialiou, mi4 t pen aud ivy. The
hiiiluaiid grtmiit iiiH'ivel many U-au
lilnl anil Ciwtly prex-iii. The bappy
rouple di partial iuimealiatety after the
ceremony mi their hoiieyuiiMiii which
will Ui tpcnl at Newport They will I
home ti their friend alxiut the l rl
of Allgllat,
C'huinherliiiii'a Colic, t'holerit mikI
DlHnliiiea Itemed)' Would
lUveHitvnl llliuIIM.
"lu 110 J I bad very aev-ie attack of
diarrhoea." av It. N. Karrar of t'al
(land, I .a. Foraevcral wreka I was
Uiiahl In do anything. On March It,
1UI7, I bad aalinilar attack, and took
Chamtierlaiii'i Culm, Cholera and Di
arrhia-a ICeuiedy w hlch gave me prompt
relief. I fonaldcr it one of the bet
medicine of ita kind in the world, aud
bad I uaed It In 1!KI2 believe It would
have aaved me a hundred dollar doc
tor's bill." Sold by P. M. Klrkland.
C. i:. Timn Crt.
The following train aervice i in ef
fiH't on the lino of the ('. & K. railroad
I x t ween Alhuny and Yaipiina, daily
except Sunduy: Truin No. 1ft leave
Albany 7 A't u. in. and arrive at Ya
qtiiuil at 1:110 p. in. Train No 2 leave
Albany ul 12.40 p.m. and arrive at
Yiiijiiiua at 5.30 p.m. Train No. 15
Ieitvca Yaipiina at 2:15 p. ni. and ar
rives at Albany at 7 p. in. Train No.
1 leaves Yaipiina at 7 a. m. and arrives
at Albany at 11:55 a. m. Sunday
aervice aa follows: Leaves Albany at
7:35 a. in. and arrive at Yaijuina at
1 1:40 a. in. Leave Yanuina at 0 p. in
arriving at Albany at 10:30 p. in. 7-0
Help for TIioma Who lluvu Stom
ach Trouble.
After doctoring for about twelve
years for a bad stomach trouble, and
aiiending nearly five hundred dollars
for medicine and doctor's fees. I pur
chased my wife one box of Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets,
which did her so much good that she
continued to uae them and they have
done her more good than all of the
medicine I bought before. Samuel
Itoyer, Folsoni, Iowa. This medicine
a for sale by P. M. Klrkland. Batiiplee
F'XCiiraiou Kate June lt.
On and after the firnt of June the
Southern Pacific Company will sell
summer excursion tickets to Yaquina
and Newport at the following rates:
Yaquina, Bejson, $3.70; Saturday to
Monday, $2.50. Newport, season,
$1.20; Saturday to Monday, $2.50.
Seanon tickets are good six months
from date of sale. 5-2S t
Orders amounting to $25 or more carpets will be taken up and relaid
free of charge when cleaned. All work thoroughly disinfected and guar
anteed. Address, SALEM, OREGON
Painter and Paperhanger
I have recently located in this city and am prepared to do all kinds of House,
Hign.and Carriage Painting, Paper Hanging, Glazing, etc. My prices are
reasonable and 1 guarantee satisfaction. Estimates freely furnished.
Leave Orders with Bice (EL Calbreath
or telephone Main 4A9.
Moving Pictures of Merit and
Illustrated Songs
Only Theatre in Polk County
I Performances every evening at 7:30 and Matinees
Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons .
Over Tlitrty-FIve Years.
In 1872 there was a great deal of di
arrhoea dysentery and cholera infant
urn. It was at thia time that Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy was first brought Into use.
It proved more successful than any
other remedy or treatment, and has for
thirty-five years maintained that record
From a small beginning ita sale and
use hasexteoded to every part of the
United States and to many foreign
countries. Nine druggists out of ten
will recommend it when their opinion
is asked, although they have other
medicines that pay the in s greater
profit. It can always be depended upon,
even in the most severe and dangerous
cases. For sale by P. M. Kirkland.
One Wet Precinct.
Frank Russell, with his well-boring
machine, has demonstrated that Polk
county is not all dry. Last Saturday
he sunk a well for Charley Huntley
and at a depth of thirty-six feet found
a volume of water sufficient, almost,
to irrigate the place. There is now
thirty feet of water in the well. Char
ley says that Talmnge precinct has
gone wet. Go out boys and have a
drink with him.
Delav in commencing treatment for a
sliirht irregularity that could have beeu
cured quickly by Foley's Kidney Rem
edy may result iu a serious kidney dis
ease. Foley's Kidney Remedy builds
up the worn out tissues and strength
ens these organn. Commence taking it
today. Dove s Williams.
A Revelation.
It is a revelation to people, the severe
cases of lung trouble that have been
cured by Foley's Honey and Tar. It
not only stops the cough but heals and
strengthens the lungs. L. M. Rusgles,
Reasnor, Iowa, writes: "The doctors
said I had consumption, and I got no
better until I took Foley's Honey and
Tar. It stopped the hemorrhages, and
pain iu my lun;;s and they are now as
sound as a bullet." Dove & Williams. I
Th U-li.,u u whtih U th
mat pr!iUl In Lf't-d of f"W !, i ti-ry
frrtpifiitly mIi-I. Tlii-rn art-tinclmilit-rlly
diffi-ffin-- in b ri--. I hut linilin
iinif tiil.ru khoilld lint l) pUrrd
ii hiii br-l. Thf tr ip ii-t lih"n
tht tlii tp i iiiurr il.lTt ffiicf in indi
vidual thu in bii-oln, Itrwil isn't
ett-rythirig. ' nai.t gi-t ay front
that id. in .iiiltry kiipiiig. If a
until 1;irt in the iiiillry bimiiicn
with the "U-t lircd," a he brlirvi-,
mid h with it th notion thut brHl
ia everything ln will itii-et with
im- itiil li' filur To brel limy l
all right but the fuml muit l fi
rotiragt.il t'l do their beet by giHd
carti Mild mitii.igeliieiit. When 'gg
are firm lit furly cent a doxen and
the hen fail to re-nid tlm owner in
likely to become uuremuitiahle and
take up with another breed, and
moid likely the fitult a not in the
breed. The fault in initially one of
two thing: either the hen rre of
poor or rnin-pnductive atrain of the
breed, or th management i xor.
It in a xiiut in management that I
wii.li to iipeuk 'if here, one jxiint in
many that miint betaken intii account
if Kiultry-k'fing i to be made a
eui'i'iM. It is a tpiention of the niot
profitable ago of the hen. Poultry
men who hare kept in touch with
poultry investigation during the
past few years are pretty well inform
ed on this point, but the importance
of this subject is not yet generally
appreciated. The writer carried on
for several years at the Utah Exeri
nient Station a line of e xiicrimcnts
with the obji-ct of determining the
value of the hen at different age
for egg production. The same hens
were kept year after year under
similar conditions and a record kept
of the production and of food con
sumed. These experiments proved
that the hen is different from the cow
which retains or improves her pro
ductivity with age. The first year
was the most profitable, and there
was a gradual decrease in productive
ness each succeeding year. It is
safe to figure this decrease at 25 per
cent each year. With average prices
for food and for eggs it i not profit
able to keep hens after they have
finished their second year of laying.
The first, or pullet year is very
profitable, the second will give a
satisfactory profit, hut during the
third year the egg yield will seldom
pay for the food consumed.
Thes conclusions apply only of
coarse when the eggs are sold at
market prices. Fowls that have a
special value as breeding stock should
be kept longer, but the notion that
"the old speckled hen" is the good
layer should not be cherished unless
she is caught in the trap nest. The
fact that she s ngs a joyful lay, paints
her comb a brilliant red and scratches
vigorous scratch should not be-
accepted as sufficient grounds for
commuting sentence. i
Oregon Agricultural College, July
Notice to Creditors.
In the County Court of the State of Oregon.
for Font i:uniy:
In the matter oftne estate 01 i.evina ferry.
Notice ts nereoy given mat. nesiey rerry
nan been duly appointed by the (bounty
Court of Polk County. Oregon, as adminis
trator of the estate of l.evlim ferry, deceased
All persons having claims against said es
tiite are hereby reoulred to present thoir
claims duly verltle'i as iy law required witu.
In six months ironi tne date nereoi at my
residence iu Independence. Oregon.
Administrator of the estate of
Levi na Perry, deceased,
1$. p. JONES, Attorney.
He Star
Drilling Mine Go.
is erecting a plant at
for the manufacture of their
world famous
for water, oil, gas, etc., etc
A. moderate amount of
money will start yon in
a profitable business.
have been proved by
Competitive Tests to be
The Best In The World.
For full particulars regard
ing well drilling machines,
t. to si,,-,r,Hps. etc.. write to
LUUl J v " i '
aa-rf nun OfffflOfY.
--- -
f X
p -t ii m in ii ni l i
-71 r -
i i vr
For ttlo at
all ltitilinlcui
jKTaiuo drink
For Bale ly J.R.COOPER. Independence
Before Buying Your
Binder Call and See
Lightning Urn Crtam Frmn arm th bmt
3 O.I., i qt. and 8 qt. nlzet
Chas. HornbacK, Proprietor
Independence, Oregon -:- Opposite Little Palace Hotel
Day or Night Calla Promptly attend
ed to. Fine Parlor lo Connection.
Ad Experienced Lady Assistant.
PJwm, mala 27J K. 73
W. I II1CE, Knibaimer and Funeral Director.
Lioenaed by Oregon Htate Board of Healtci.
The Willamette Valley Company
Light, Power & Water at Very Reasonable Rates
WATER. RATE.S-(Water by meter applies to resi
dences only.) Residence rate on meter applies to cus
tomers only who pay $2.00 and over at the rate of 20o
per 1,000 gallons; minimum $1.00 per month.
Kesidence, 15 cents per K. W.
Business houses, 25 cents per drop and 5 cents per K. V.
Tower, rates on application.
H. Hirschberg, Pres. A. Nelson, Vice Pres. C. W. Irvine, Cash.
The -
Independence National Bank
Incorporated 1889
Transacts a General Banking Business
Interest Paid on Time Deposits
Directors: H. Hirsn'ibrg, A. Nelson, D. W. Seara, B. F.
Smith and J. E. Rhodes.