West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, July 09, 1908, Image 3

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There is no need of anyone suffering long with this disease, for to
effect a quick cure it is only necessary to take a few doses of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy
In fact, in most cases one dose is sufficient It never fails and can be
relied upon in the most severe and dangerous cases. It is equally
valuable for children and is the means of saving the lives of many
children each year. In the world's history no medicine has ever met
with greater success. Price 26 cents. Largo slzo 60 cents.
For Sale hv I M. KIRK LAN I)
!.. iiKwirr, m. i.
I'lividi'lnn inl Hi WO I
Olllr.' In Ciu.t-r HnlMing, riiirm 2
n. I .'!. Ollire bourn: I' . in. In I'.' in.
jiii'l '.' to il i. III. CalU ihkIiI
jiml iIhv. ,
IIOMKIt 1-oDUK No. if K of P
Mi-el every Mini, flight
In K. of I'. Mull.
W. II. lUggn, C.C
J, V. Ul.'lirliii. K.K Mini H,
A TTOIiNi: Y-A 7- LA W
Office opHaira ip,Ci frr Hlk
The linxt to He Obtained.
xt ilmir Hotel and Hear Cooper Mock
W. B ALL IN, D. D. S.
rainlwa Kilrarlinn imitr liiiililui,,
Independence, O'vtfon
McMlnnvllle, : : : : Oregon
Chas. Gregory, Jfgt, Dallas. Or:
California Medicated Soap
Tho Im'nI for mircK. oluiiMil linixlx
llHIItll'lltl, luavul RllllKK HU1 ihiIhiiii
Mrs. d. W. Richardson. Sr.
Monmoiilli St., lMlfciiilt'iiri dr.
Launch Independence
I'I.vr between jtnlcpi-mleuce ainl Sal
em daily except riiiidny. PaeMeiigcr
ADd freight biiMinuM wiiliclted.
Ijeavtt Inili'peiideiiro : H;!IDk hi.
l.enve Malum : 3:15 p. in.
Gvo. Skinner - Skipper
Henry Iruimin Eaurjliman.
Henry Truman IS.tiighimin a
horn nt l'h'Uftiint Hill. Lane county,
Oregon, tU toliT II, 11 He died at
lnde'ndeiiri', Oregon, July 7, I'.HH
At tin au of liftei'ii In tiniied with
the Christian cliiiri'li at Monmouth,
under tin preuchiilK f Albyn Kwoii.
Ho wan an nlumnuH i.f tin ). H. N. i.
unit uno of our lx-t Oregon teacher.
For tin pint to year In liait taught
aehuul in tin liogue Kiver Valley.
Ho wua elected to teach in our city
achool at linlendfiico. He recently
reteiwd lii lift) pair for which he
hud worked very hard, Hi death waa
canned by over work.
He leaven bin niotlu-r, Mm. Jerome
Donihife, and ono brother Inside
m-orea of friends to mourn It in depar
ture. 1 1 in father, I. J. llaiighinun
and a nixter, Ollie ItaUKlitmin pre
ceded him to the U-tter land.
Services were conducted at the
iiideH-nleiiee ChriMtiun church nd
alnont rieiiKant Hill by hi former
puhtor, l'rof. K. C. Wiguiore of Kugene.
The lUmedy That Io'H.
"Dr. King' New Dixeovery i" the
remedy that does the healin oilier
P'oiiilMe hut fall to perform," nays Mr.
K R. l'iernoii, of Auburn Centre, Pa."
Il, iM curlni? me of throat and Iuiij?
trouhleof Ion HtBinliiiK, that other
treatments relieved only lemporarily.
New Di-coveiy m doing nie so mueh
goud that I leel contldei.t its con
tinued ue for a reaconatile length of
time w ill ren!ore me to erfect health "
TIiIh renowned eolith and cold remedy
and throat and luiig healer ib Hold at
all driiKKlntH. 5c utl $1.00. Trial
bottle free .
No Sli''p, Nu I text, No I'eacc lor
lie hnltt rer froin Ktihiey
So c nee for the kidney nulfer r
i'aiii anil diNtrenii from morn to night,
(Jet up with btiiin back,
Twingea of backache bother you all
Dull achliiK break your rent at night,
Urinary disorder add to your mlry,
Get at the Caae cure the kidney
Moan'it Kidney 11 1 Ih will work the cure.
They're for the kidueya only
Have made great cure in lnde
etiilenrt. (ie. V. Hiebarditon, living on Mon-
i mouth St., Intlfiemleiiee, Oregon aaya :
J "1 lufl'ered from a neve re pain In the
Miiull of my hack for a lomr time the
trouble iMithering me at uight and
I would arlxo in the morning feeling
ao lame and atifl" that I rould hardly
put on my clothing I waa very
'nil-arable when Doan'g Kidney Pill
! rame to my attention, and I procured
bos at P. M. Kirkland'a Drug Store,
They helped lne in a abort time, and I
can aay that I received a great deal of
benefit from their use. I do not heai
tate to lecomiuend Doan'e Kidney
Pills to o; hern aufTerlng frctu kidney
Fur Hale by all dealera. Price fit)
rente. Foater-Milbiirn Co., Buflalo,
New York, Sole AgenU for the United
Kemember the name Doan'a and
take no other.
iit Onuluate of N. P. 0 $
MM m. G L Hawkins
PImm Da!las'0re-
garble and
Htt ' Granite
(I T.JLF.if I""" Ni onunien I n and Pf ead
, .
i l ones t .iineiery
j Dr. J.L. Calloway
Osteopathic Physician
Graduate of the American School
of Onteopathy, Kirknvllle, Mo.
under Dr. A. T. Still, found
er of the science.
Phone 791 Rooms 1 Sr 8
Ploi.ecr Passes Away.
Died in Portland, Oregon, July 0,
1HW. Jonbua McDairel. In the death
of Mr. McDaniei Polk county and the
utHti. .if Oreiron loe one of their eldest
and niOHt highly rejected pioneer.
He came to this country In 1H44 trom
MisHoml and nettled near Kickreall,
this county, where be resided until
the last year, he having moved to rort
iHiid about a year ugo. He wa born
In Kentucky, , Pebruary 3( 1825. hi?
age at the time of hi death being 83
year 5 mouth and 3 day.
In 1848, Mr. McDuniel was married
to Miss Virginia Fulkereon who mir
viveH him, loiteiher wit, ! the following
children : Mrs .0 A. White, of Port
land at whnKe lum e l e died; N. M.
and L H. McDhiiM, f Portlaud; W.
II. McDuniel, of Dallas, and A. J.
McDaniei, of Condon, Oregon.
The funeral waheld Wednesday, the
leumina being interred in Etna ceme
tery at Crowley. A large number of
people attended the services. Mr.
McDaniei was the grandfather of the
MiBses Cecile and Geneva Wilcox of
C. & K. Time Card.
The following train service is in ef
feet on the line of the C. k K. railroad
between Albany and Ynquina, daily
except Sunday: Train No. 16 leaves
Albany 7:45 a. in. and arrives at Ya
quiua at 1:30 p. m. Train No 2 leaves
Albany at 12:4X) p. m. and arrives at
Yaouimt at 5:30 p. m. Train No. 15
leaves Ynqnina at 2:15 p. m. and ar
rives at Albany at 7 p. in. Train No.
1 leaves Yaquinii at 7 a. in. and arrives
at Albany at 11:55 a. m. Sunday
service as follows: Leaves Albany at
7:35 n. m. and arrives at Yaquina at
11:40 a. ni. Leaves Yaquina at 0 p. m.
arriving at Albany at 10:30 p. in. 7-9
, Polk' Gazetteer.
a 'hiHlnesa directory oronoh city. Inwn anil vil
lage In Orrxnn and W'anliliwtnn. nlvli.K a dvacript
Ivi Hketch xl place.. loKelher Willi th looa-
ITon and uhlpplriK rat llltie. anl a PlawlfltHt iire
t!ry of each bnlnp and prolession. K. L. Pulk
A Co., Inc., Seat tl.
It Can't He Heat.
The best of all teacher is experience,
C. M. Harden, of Silver City, North
Carolina, says: "I fiud Electric Bitters
does all that's claimed for it. For
Stomaebi Llvtr and Kidney troubles
it can't be beat. I have tried It and
find it a most excellent medicine."
Mr. Harden i right; it's the best of all
medicines also for weakness, lame
back and all run down conditions.
Best too for chill and maiaria. Sold
under guarautee at all druggist 50c.
' House Catches Fire.
A small blaze occurred in the home
of Lon Travis in this city Sunday
afternoon at 2 o'clock. The fire com
pany respond promptly and had not
the efforts of neighbors succeeded in
quenching the flames their quick
action would have saved the building.
As it was a small hole was burned in
the roof over the kitchen. The dam
age was very slight. The fire was
the result of defective flue.
Over Thirty-Five Years.
In 1872 there was a great deal of di
arrhoea, dysentery and cholera infant
um. It was at this time that Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy was first brought into use.
It proved more successful than any
other remedy or treatment, and has for
thirty-live years maintained that record
From a small beginning its sale and
use hasexteiuled to every part of the
United Sttte8 ami to many foreign
countries. Nine druggists out of ten
will recommend it wheu their opinion
is asked, although they have other
medicine that . pay them s greater
profit. It can always be depended upon,
even in the most severe and dangerous
cases. For sale by P. M. Kirkland.
W R. Waggoner, who has accepted
a situation with the Perkins pharmacy
at Monmouth, is a graduate of the
Oregon Agricultural college and
comes to his new situation well rec
ommended. He was' for two years
connected with the Graham &
Wortham drug store of of Cbrvallis.
A Revelation.
It is a revelation to people, the severe
cases of lung trouble that have been
cured by Fo'.ey's Honey and Tar. It
not only stops the cough but heals and
strengthens the lunvrs I. M. liujies,
Rmmiioi-, Inwn, wriie: ''The, doctor
ani I hud consumption, ard I got -no
Infllcr until I took Kolev s llonev amt
Tar. It. flopnvd the hemorrhages, and
pain in mv Innsr and they are now a
nouiid as a bullet." Duve & Williams.
ItcincinU-r the boom t.iking t
Wilson' gnMi-ry HAttirUy.
Mi M4I-1 Kill i vi.iling ilh
frifittl in Julian tin wtvk.
J. W, Km hrUn ha cc-j'tl a
itiMii with It. M. Wade A (.
Mr. T. lfou.e viitd with friend
in Fall City I hit Ut of the am k.
Itcv. W. F. ( bit-f and family
rt-turtiixl from Turner Wlwdy.
Mi liulwt t'lniU of i"b'in in viniting
Ihi k at the In, nu- of Mi Pilt'
liitiiioii of thin city.
J. M Mark, mliiKf litiinn I in
Klig-H'. i ill IlldrlX'tidt'llce thia t't k
liMiking after I.'imiii- aiT.tir hero.
Mi Vid Wul f rtiiriifd tt port
Inud ycti-rdiiy after several ek
vinit m ith her brut her, north of town.
A. C. Moore and family are at
Neapiirt for uu outing. They ext-ct
to remain there for a couple of wt k.
J. M, Csiueron and tSen. A. Cable,
lmiiifi-a luen of Port land were hintiuc aa
v i i I i r n in 1 1 1-1 j n-n J tit-t? the lir-t of
the week.
Miiot Mario Church, who lui been
teaching m'IumiI in KaMern Oregon, ro
turmtl to her home in this city the
first of the week.
Pit bard Tom and wife of Corvalli
were in Independence Monday on their
way to Ii.iII.im to attend the funeral
acrviccN of J. It. Hubbard.
Churlc M.i-terituti returned to bin
home at Deep Kiver, Wellington,
Weduewhiy after a pleasant vinit with
hi ii-tcr, Mrs. F.H. Wils jn of hi city.
Mr. and Mrs. Hberman Haya,
accompanied by Mrs. Clyde William
spent several day last week in Albany
remaining over for the race and the
The Knterprine acknowledge with
pleasure item of new which are so
frequently sent to this oflice by letter
or phone. This is very nice of you,
thank you.
It. W. Kirk, the new principal of
the Independence schools, was in town
Tuesday for a few hours. He was
hereto find suitable quarters for the
domicile of his family.
Messrs. W. L. Bice and II. II.
Jaspersou were in McMinnville
Tuesday attending the annual meet
ing of the state meeting of the
undertakers association.
Strayed To my premises ten young
ducks. Owner can have same by
paying damages for this adver
tisement. A. W. Stansberry, Cor. 10th
anil 4th Sts. Independence, Oregon.
Just a little Cascasweet is all that is
necessary to give your baby when it is
cross and peevish. Caseasweet con
tains in opiate nor harmful drugs and
is highly recommended by mothers
everywhere. Conform to theNatlonal
Pure Food and Drug Laws. Sold by
Dove & Williams.
Rev. I. S. Leonard returned from
Portland Wednesday with his family
who have just arrived from their
former home in Pullman, Washington,
to take up their residence in this
city. They will reside in the J. L.
Hanna cottage.
Bert Barber, of Elton, Wis., says:
"I have only taken four doses of your
Kidney and Bladder Pills and they
have done for me more than any other
medicine has ever done. I am still
taking he pills as I want a perfect
cure." Mr. Bat tier refers to DaWitt's
Kidney and Bladder PiHe. Sold by
Dove & Williams.
Next Tuesday evening, July 14,
will be the last meeting of the Eastern
Star Chapter before the usual summer
vacation and a committee is at work
preparing an excellent entertainment
for the members and visitors and a
general good time is expected. The
beautiful floral service will again be
given. Members are all requested to
be present.
This is wtiat Hon. Jake Moore, State
Warden of Georgia, says of Koilol for
Dyspepsia: -E. C. DeWltt's & Co,
Chicago, 111 Dear Sirs I have suffer
ed more than twenty years from indi
gestion. About eighteen months ago
I had grown so much worse that I could
not digest a crust of corn bread and
could not retain anything on my
stomach. I lost 25 pounds; in lact I
made up my mind that I could not
live but a short time, when a friend of
mine recommended Kodol. I con.
sentedto try it to please him and was
better in one day. I now weigh more
than I ever did in my life and am in
better health than for many years.
Kodol did it. I keep a bottle con
stantly, and write this hoping that
humauity may be benefitted. Yours
very truly, Jake C. Moore, tlania.
Aug., 10, 04 " Sold ly Dove
& William.
r mil I" "! For Kate in f. 1U, I a
and 20 acres. No 1 buid. one-
right, good eiisv term, between
M 'i::i'"Mih 'itd J I'dt-prud"" t -
-eJ. Il Muraii, Auent 8-5 if
511 IV
The Kind You lf.vi Alwvyt Hough t, and which tut been
la ue for over SO year, luu bortto tho nlgnntura ot
and ha been made under liH pel-S&J-f-f
nal uperllifi lnee lt lul wiry.
WiafSJ-C(,cA4At Allow no ou todereirs you In thin.
All Counterfeits Imitation ami Jit--rMd" r but
KiperliueiiM that trlllo with and endanger tim health of
IftfuuU uud CldUlreo i:werlenco (,iiuiit Kiperljuent.
CiutiorU I a luirmloH auliHtitiito for CiMUr Oil, Par
gorlc, Iroj4 and Htitithiiiif Byrupa. It U 1'lemuuit. It
coiitttU neither Opium. Morphine nor other .'irrotlo
aubnUtnee. It g i it pimruntce. It destroy Worm
uud ulbiys I'ererihneai. It cure DLtrrutrt mid AVUnl
Colic. It relieve Teeth In jr Troublen, eure Count I put Ion
nd riatul. ncy. It tualiuliute tho Food, refflite the
HUiimu-U uud J tow rift, plvhi heulthjr mid luiluriU aleen.
Tho C'hlldrcu l'auucco Tho Mother' rriettd.
Bears the Signaturo of
The Kind You Hare Always BougM
In Use For Over 30 Years.
ntmiutiwMn, n nmimat, nnn.
"Painter and Paperhanger
I have recently located la this city and am prepared to do all kinds of Houae,
Sign, and Carriage Painting, Paper Hanging, Glazing, etc. My pricea are
reasonable and I guarantee satisfaction. Estimates freely furnished.
Leave Orders with Bice EL Calbreath
or telephone Main 4A9.
Day or Night Calls Promptly attend
ed to. Fine Parlor in Connection.
An Experienced Lady Assistant.
Phone, main 273 Res. 73
V. L.. ItlCE, KmhHimer and Funeral Director.
Licensed by Oregon estate Board of Healtn
1 S Ue-ftlNDENCE
The Willamette Valley Company
Light, Power & Water at Very Reasonable Rates
WATER RATES(Water by meter applies to resi
dences only.) Residence rate on meter applies to cus
tomers only who pay $2.00 and over at the rate of 20c
per 1,000 gallons; minimum $1.00 per month.
Residence, 15 cents per K. W.
Business houses, 25 cents per drop and 5 cents per K. W.
Power, rates on application.
H. Hirschberg, Pre?. A. Nelson, Vice Pres. C. W. Irviae, Cash.
Independence National Bank
Incorporated 1889
Transacts a General Banking Business
liiteres" Paid on Time Deposits
Directors: H. Hirs :l'berg, . A. Xelnon. "P. M'; Sear.' R. F.
mith and J.' K. Iliile .