West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, May 14, 1908, Image 1

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Alir M II I lllilrll ,,k a u" "' l,r'""'
lllL UUI 1 Ulll I-U t,., w. p. w iuv. w. r. i:iui..r
On Million Dollars raid by
Hop Growers
This Amount Is Paid lo Poor
Families of Oregon by
Groweis Here.
Following fxtrrtttn are from flalcinV
tUilii and lire pertinent t tli) tunc
They dual with a situation hiii
lliretiteim Folk county.
Tho holt iiulimtry of Oregon in more
imK)rtaiit than ny other of the
state. Tho amount of money uixirm
uted iff the Index-nik-iice country hy
hop grower in more than a million
dolUit annually. Thia va-t amount
of wealth is hndd out to hht
women who are clothing, feeding anil
educating families of children. Thee
families come hundred of in ilea.
Tlii" money provides for all the want
of a year in many cae: those fami
lies who live in the hill and outlying
district have no other way of procur
ing money.
Thi i a question in which the law
of compensation operates. Will the
triumph of local option compensate
the hundred and hundred of fam
. jlies fJ Oregon,, which . are up-jxirU-d
directly by the hop industry,
for the loss which they would sustain?
The poor women who suffer from the
effect of intemperance will not escape
through the operation of local option.
Their dissolute husband will have
only to tep from the clotted saloon to
the open drugstore. The saloon men
are making no fight in this election.
It ia cheaper to operate drug
store than to pay licenso to operate
a saloon. For every saloon closed
through operation of local option
there will bo open a drugstore.
Ungulate tho saloon, but by all
menns do not vote dry. Don't abolish
the hop yards of Oregon.
Shocking statistics have been given
out by an officer of the internal reven
ue department showing that two
years ago tho counties of Oregon that
went drv had 1452 federal liquor li
censes, while after being dry two years
censes, wi.ue B.ior nemg ry wu Agricultural college at Pullman
they have lb2, or an increase m the como tQ tho
number of places selling liquor of 210
federal licenses. Six counties of the
western Oregon district that went dry
western uregon uisirict unit wran my . . ... .
w" ,. .. . state and remind them of the amount
have ninety more liquor licenses out .
ruling signalmen to thiir titnm
Coiituiiiing our lirtiiie., Iil
a few data ago. If. J, I.. Kill lill it
To niii l Kioto the prohibitionist
. . . ... i i i r . :
uil'l A. I . f (-liiiiiill, Im ji roioniiioii
leaders, was held )eterlay lo ntnj
out plan of I'M in u il; .
Ill Albany the lei-ling Utweell the
prohibitionist and thte oppomnl i
inteiine to the point of hitternc.
Heent prin'utiiin of leading bua
iiieo men, at the inatigutioii of bus
ine men in favor of theloeul option
law, on charge of violating the pro
vixiointof the law, tended to urotoe
trouble, and while effort to unite the
faction have la-en mad there ia ap
parently little renult. The failui of
the prohibitionist to w-eure convic
tion in most of the prosecution filed
against partie in Albany, together
with the method employed to wrure
evidence, only served to add to the
bitter feeling. The employ nt of
W, L. Pason, an e-conviet, by the
prohibitionist, to work up evidence,
with the sensational development at
tendant upon his charge that J.
It. Wyatt , a lieal attorney employed
by a number of the defendant in the
liquor cases, had attempted to hril
him to leave the state la-fore giving
his testimony, has also embittered the
sentiment of anti-prohibitionists.
Of late, partisans of both ide have
started business boycott against
those opposed to their view on the
liquor question. A war 1st ween the
two local newspaper i also serving
to add to the agitation for and against
local option.
While business is undoubtedly bet
continued on editorial page.)
Following is part of a splendid art
icle in Salem's excellent daily, the Or
egon Statesman:
That immigration boosters in the
state of Washington are already using
Oregon's attitude on the University
of Oregon appropriation bill as an ar
gument for tho purpose of diverting
liomeseekers to their state, was one of
le assertions made by Superintend
ent of Public Instruction J. II. Acker-
nun Sunday afternoon at a People's
Forum meeting in Orange hall, when
the appropriation bill was up for dis
Superintendent Ackerman and Eu
gene Palmer were the principal speak-
irs. The former advocated tho adop
ion of the bill at the June election,
he' latter argued against the measure.
Superintendent Ackerman said that
Washington appropriated $475,(XX) for
Vote for Republican for United
Slates Spnator.
A Yote for Chamberlain Is a
Vote Against Republican
A great many republican am U-gin-
niug to ask themselves, "Why should
we elect Governor Cbamlerlain to the
U ii iU-d States Senate?"
And to this echo is answering,
"Why, indeed!"
There is an overwhelming majority
of republicans in this state. In the
ordinary election they have often,
nd the Telegram la-lieve wisely,
looked to the men without reference
to the party brand which they wore.
In this way they have disciplined
party and at the same time raised the
standard of the local public service.
liut in the matter of the election of
United States Senator they have pre
sented to them a different, problem.
There they come in touch with the
party of the nation, the party of
Roosevelt, of which they so warmly
approve, and the verdict which they
render the general public must accept
as very largely the judgement of the
voters of Oregon upon . that adminis
tration. Our election occur at an
"From in y advertise
ment, 'Cows with calves
at their side,' we have
sold four milk cows.
Now, that's pretty food
results from advertising
in your paper. It's all
right."-D. L. HEDGES.
.11 o i-r , 1 .1 y in nn' l,.m a, .irtini
etitltljiiit. the limtlrr p'iia to the
Telegram, It l-!n tV w II li In nt hln
and iiiccrity in the adttou-cd plat
form of priucipli- whii-h the prei-nl
i laying ilxw ii, in the eliinioal ion of
xhil pritil'Kc and the cqiiuhty of
opKirtunity for which the pn-oidi-iit
atitnil, and to prupagitte and develop
which be ha done more than any
other man of his generation. It con
sider this a mutter of patriotism,
rather than parti-auhij, and it pro
DHi to do whatever Ilea within it
power to uphold and uUin the man
wlioi very name typitle these
iixsh-rn enlightened doctrine. In
doing o, it Mieve it cxprofe the
profound conviction of an enormous
majority of the la-ople of Oregon, ir
rertive of their party affiliations.
In the present campaign and the
coming eloetion Statement No. 1 i
not on trial, because loth candidates
or the United State S nato stand
square toed ana Hut looted ujmn
that platform. Neither i Chamber
lain nor Cake, a such, on trial before
tlie HO)le. Tho question is one not
of these men, but of broad national
import, leading to a victory which
will mean a shout of ringing en
couragement to the national admin
istration or a vital blow delivered
in the house of it friends. Thia is
the real proposition before the iHple
of the state, and it is one of the main
reason why the Telegram will
throughout this campaign give II. M.
Cake iU heartiest support and urge
as strongly as it may the voters of the
state to simtain the administration at
a moment when it is more seriously
on trial than at any other period of
it whole history. Portland Evening
Telegram, May 4, l'.K)8.
odd season of tho year. We here fire
the first gun of tho presidential
. ti... .. ...i:., io ......in ....
advance, so far as the rest of the of 0regn's 8UCcessful and Proff81ve
country is concerned. Tho nation
With B. F. Jones and C. L. Hawley
elected to the Oregon Legislature,
Polk county will have a live team in
the lower house at the next session of
that lawmaking Ixxly. Mr. Jones has
already served two terms as represen
tative, and is know n throughout the
state as an active and influential
worker a man who gets what he
starts in to get. Mr. Hawley's past
career and successful management
of his own business affairs assure the
peoplo of Polk county that he will
present them ably and creditably in
the legislature. Mr. Hawley is one
Independence, Oregon.
O A P I TAX, 25.000 '
Omrrnx axo Dikecvohs:
W. A .Me.nr. Pre. I'. Il -f-r, Vice-IW C V. . Pitrick.Cash
Wm. Hi. Id-It K.N. Slump J. P. Fl.j-ers
farmers and stockraisers, and belongs
knows that the state is overwhelmingly class of husbandmen winch u
V. i-. ulaU in IKa von, frftnr.
and that when easterners come to the
coast .seeking homes Washington
boomers urge them to locate in, that
than two years ago. Lane county
has fifty-three liquor licenses, eleven
of them drug stores. Every home a
saloon, and every locality with equal
saloon privileges is a beautiful dream
of the prohibitionists that does not
work well in practice. The cold truth
of the matter seems to be that under
licensed saloons, , the rural districts
have no places for the distribution of
liquor, while with saloons abolished
every county precinct sets up booze
distribution that is something fierce.
.Capital Journal.
The following dispatch from Albany
appeared in the Portland Telegram:
With the approach of the June
election when a vote on the local op
tion question in Linn county will be
once more taken, the hardest fight
yet waged in this county on the liq
uor question is in prospect; even now
has reached the point of personal ani
mosity. The situation in Linn is interesting
-M-esent because of the determined
t the anti-local optionists are
ting to bring back the conditions
two years ago. Anti-prohibition-
have organized effectively
xmghout the county, with head
quarters in thia city. The labor of e-
of money Washington is spending on
its schools, while Oregon is holding
up and may dufeat an appropriation
of $125,000 for the state university
In his opinion this argument is being
used effectively and it will be to the
advantage of this state if .homeseekers
can be told that Oregon has passed
the appropriation bill.
If any person suspects that their
kidneys are deranged they should take
Foley's Kidney Remedy at once and
not risk having Bright' disease or
diabetes. Delay give the disease a
stronger foothold and you should not
delay taking Foley's Kidney Remedy.
It is a pity to see a person neglect
indications ot kidney or bladder trouble
that many result in Bright' disease
when Foley's Kidney Remedy will
correct iriegularities and strengthen
these organs. Take Foley's Kidney
Remedy at the first sign of danger.
Dove & Williams.
'An Insidious Danger.
One of the worst features of kidney
trouble is that It is an insidious disease
and before the victim realize his
dancer he may have a fatal malady.
Take Foley's Kidney Remedy at the
first sign of trouble as it corrects irreg
ularities and prevents Bright' disease
and diabetes. D. G. Doye.
republican. It likewise knows that
till administration of President lloose
volt has here received enthusiastic
approval. That administration, dis
etiise it as we will, is now on trial
before the country. By the general
masses of the people it has been warm
ly approved; by the corporate and
plutocratic interests, it is bitterly
reviled, and, while little is being done
openly, there is deep down a smoulder
ing fire of resentment that cannot be
extinguished. For the very reason
that the plutocratic forces of the
country hate the president, the masses
of the people admire and approve him.
If under such( circumstances as
these it goes forth that the people of
Oregon in June elect a democrat for
United States Senator, the adminis
tration receives a blow in the house of
its supposed friends that it is con
ceivable may have a serious effect
upon the plans of the friends of the
administration and upon the great
contest in November following. It
must not be forgotten that much
quiet work has been done, in recent
months against the administration.
One may see the effect of it on every
hand in every community the clao-
quers busily engaged in hamstringing
Roosevelt, and msiduously under
mining the platform of principles
which he has been steadily putting
forth in his messages and speeches.
If a well-known and supposedly safe
administration state falls by the way
side in June, the prestige of the ad
ministration severely Buffers, and cn
man who honestly faces the question
can see it otherwise. I
From this standpoint, which is
nuttine the state in the very front
rank of agricultural development. He
is always ready to assist in any public
movement for the betterment of busi
ness and social conditions, and has
nroven himself a loyal and valuable
friend to the educational interests of
the county. No man has done more
for the common schools of Polk
county than Mr. Hawley, and he has
lost no opportunity to aid and en
courage the higher institutions of
learning. He is a native of Polk
county, and a member of one of Ore
gon's best pioneer families. Mr. Haw
ley is a staunch republican, and is a
loyal supporter of the candidacy of
Hon. H. M. Cake for United States
Senator. He will receive the entire
strength of his party in the June
election which means that he will be
chosen for representative by a rousing
majority. Polk County Observer.
Vote for W. I. Reynolds.
A Catifornian's Luck.
"The luckiest day of my life wsa
when I bought a box of Bneklea's
Arnica Salve;" writes Charles F.
Rndahn. of Tracy, California. "Two
25c boxes cured me of an annoying
case et itching piles, which bad troubled
me for years and that yielded to no
other treatment." Sold under guar
antee at all druggists.
Serious Results Feared.
Tou may well fear serious results
from a cough or cold, aa pneumonia or
ronsumDtion starts with a cold. Foley's
Honey and Tar cures tbe most obsti
nate coushs or colds and prevents ser
ious results. Refuse substitutes. Dove
& William.
vea ng
Independence, Or.
Farm and City
Property. Farm
Property is Our
Farmers, List Your
Property Now!
We are going to sell real estate
and are now in touch with peo
ple in the east and some who
are now on the ground and
want email farms. They have
the money and are going to in
vest in Polk countv.
Something Nice in
We have Single nd riouhl. Hru, mad or
Hie flnent leather and beautiful!" finished and
trimmed. JJot only perfect In deelirn and
fashioning, but every article weU ew and
ready for lone and arduous aervlue. We shall
be pleased to -show you aaraplea of our stock
Harness, and lo also make sets to your order
We guarantee entire satlnfactlon wltn ear
work and tbe materals tbat we pnt Into It.
George Dunham
Independence, I i Oregon
7. P. jC?. .5 ."5 S5 i f'9,
"Prize Peach"
We guarantee these Flours equal to
any on the market. Keep your
money at home and buy only home
made Flour. We solicit a trial
Oregon Milling & Warehouse Co.
PAID CAPITAL $30,000.00
Transacts general banking and exchange business. Deposit
reoeived, Loans made, Drafts sold.
Officers and Directors
J. H. Hawley, Pres., P. Ii. Campbell, Vice Pres., Ira C. Powell, Cashier
J. B. V. Butler, F. 8. Powell, J. B. Stump,
I. M. Simpson.