West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, April 02, 1908, Image 3

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Who arc Asking (or the Sup
port ol Their Parly al
the Primaries.
To lion. Frank W. IUmiboii, f-n
lelary of Hale, Mali m. On "!', and lo
tit member of the IU pul-Hemi party
alid lo the th-flul of 111 Cuui.tle
l'ulk at it 4 tlnxdii, In the Mat of Urn
fcHlU, I IWl'j'Mlltll F. JlMIM, irld
Imlt iwiMlrut. I oik County, On-goi
1 mil a duly ilirri il itnnilx-r i f th
lleptitdii'ail parly, In Km Hi Ililfli
dein I'mlml, l'olk County, On-tr""
If I urn iu,iiiiiiuL.I for th foil's in
Jolut Jtrprxw-nUtlvii f.ir 1U kii)
LIuiMilu countim, at Primary
tin lu t In-Ill. on tlm ITili. ly
April IIWH. w ill acoc-pt the imiiilua
tlou aui will uoi withdraw, mill If I
iu elitled I will tuallfy aa ui h
The direct Primary w btvin pa
-d by a vol of (Mb-M. B,aliit 10 r
mid believing In the d trliie tint lb
iHipla know what they want,
further elate t tbe people ot Oregon
a well a to II io peopl of my I k 1 - 1
tlv district, that during my term
ofllo I will always vol for t lie candi
date fur United ritaU-e Menator in Cum
gnm who shall have received the
bigbint number of the people Votes
(ot ttut plllon at tbe general dec
Hon next preceding th election of
Benator lu C'ougriw wltliuut regard
to my ludlviduHl piefereuoe.
If nominated mid elided I will
during my term of olliee aland for th
Jut regulation of nil transportation,
euuabi aanBtueut mid taxation of
all property, Blate or "National owner
blp of tlie Lock at Oregon City, and
tbe Improvement of all navigable
waters in Oregon. A moet liberal
oollcv for all Public BchooU. The
right of auffraije to women.
IS. F. Jon
J. Q. Van Oradel. candidate for
county Judge of Polk county, Oregon,
on the democratic ticket, to be voted
for at the nrlinary on the seventeenth of
April, will aubmit the following
platform :
First: I will advocate good road
and a fair distribution of the road tax
It I" not jmt to collect taxes from the
outlying district, and Dot give the tax
payer liii share of the road work to
make it more convenient for bha to
reach market.
Second: No waste of public money ;
strictest economy consistent witti a
good administration ol county affair;
square dual, and good treatment .for
Third: I will try, if nomlnateJ ant
'elected, to work in harmony with the
county ooinoiUsiouers so fur as I think
is for tbe good of the people.
Fourth: Should the voters of Polk
county decide that I am the proper per
son to fill the ofllcB ol county Judge, 1
will give to the management of the bus
iness of the county the same energetic
and oarefal attention that I have given
my own business. ., . ,
Fifth: I believe In the direct pri
mary. I think this is one of the agen
cies in tlie hands of each elector to
bring the government nearer to the
people, and take it. out of tbe "boss
rule," giving us a government of tlie
people, by the people, and for the
I will nay in conclusion that I served
the people of this county fiom 189& to
11)02 as skerifi', and you can look into
my record, and if found wanting, you
can .turn me down the same as you
should any man that was unfaithful in
his trust.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for a second, term as a unty
judge, subject to tlie will of th re
publican voters at the April primarios.
Good roads and bridges, and keep
ing the county expenses as low as
a progressive and businesslike ad
ministration will permit. ; .; ; :
I hereby announce to the people of
Polk county that I will be a candidate
on the republican ticket for the nomi
nation for the office of county clerk,
subject to the will of the voters of said
Airlie, Oregon.
1 hereby nnnonnoe myself Rt a candidate for the
''publican nnmii'Kiloii for County Judge of Polk
County. My platform In bilef la "(food roads,"
Bridfepurt Precinct.
of itr.i'if:i;sTATiVK.
A atldl. !.( 'U llrHi''flil.'
loLi t I' f ff pi" iitaiivtt i'f I'i Ik
o.unly I !- luev my in.i iii i! al
' Kiaint' i iiiiniK iil i
rii lily !(;!. t r n ut iif tli iU'f
f ln;.ii dating uj j4ll tl. d.rn t
ptimniy law diw that llm !
ktiow wlmt tly want mid I will, if
i Iin litl, p!'U in)" If t Vuto f"T tlm
'it.tultt (or I nil'd Matit M-imtor
tt li. rfiviti I do l.iln't niiiuU-r (
lll Jli.l ' Vul.- l tli Jlllll" I IIHJ-
Itoli, illout individual I m I. tich.
If min.it. -d ami Im-tol I lmll
tdiid f. r iUitl'l" "-iufiit ml
taxation f r'it; ,mil lilrl
mij jHirt for all our m li'wln; tuti and
(iti'niiiH'iit owin'rl.ip of .tin' 1'K. kp,
nml it ill do all in m nor t davi- an
iln rivrr dr tint j'opli of the Wil
tunu'ilii Valley.
ANNotJNt i:mi:nt i on as
hi:sok. I Jien-I y iinnoiiin c mym lf a i nildi
il.ito for tin' lioloiliali'ill to Hid ollii
of county a'-for on the n-piidlifan
tit ki t, u!.j-vt lo the Vk ill of the tutor
of IVlk fount v.
Monmouth, On'Kon
I dercdy aniiouiicc my cmdidtiry
for the rciiiidliciin nuiiiiii.itioii fur the
- - - - - -
oflifo of Miuiity asM-cMor of Folk
riiunty to be votod fur at tlm primury
el.ction, April 17, 11HIM.
I licnhy aiinounw that I will be a
caiidiidite for the nomination to the
o!tir of count v clerk, tmdioct to the
will of the democratic voter of Polk
I lieredy announce my candidacy for
county school superintendent of Polk
county, subject to the republican pri
nniriff, April 17.
I hereby aiuiounce my candidacy for
nomination to the oihee of county
judge of Polk county, subject to the
will of the democratic voters at the
April primary. My platform is, good
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for the nomination to the
office of county treasurer of Tolk
county, subject to the will of the re
publican voters of said county at the
I hereby announce my candidacy
for the nomination to the office of
county clerk, subject to the will of
the republican voters of Polk county
at the primaries.
. A IK ME.
C. E. Staats is working in the store
for Miller, Alcorn & Co.
Sebring liros.. of Airlie, have given
p the idea of cultivating their hoj
yard this season..
Charley Allen will bo on hand to
tnke his old uluce on the butcher
wagon for A. tt. Lewis.
Floyd Williams, son of W. E. Wil
liams, who has been in the Philippine
iBlands for the past two years, is ex
pec ted homo soon."
Miss Olive Williams, sister of Mrs.
Lewis, who is teaching the Valley
View school, will end tlie term with
one more week's work.
Mr. Tedemeire, who purchased E. E.
Staats' form, has arrived witli a car
load of lumber, shineles, and house
hold goods, and will begin building at
once. ',
' There is quite a lot of talk here of
rural school. The three districts
known as Airlie, Lewiaville, and Mont
gomery, are expected to be consoli
dated. Airlie district has already voted a
six mill tax to build a new school
house, but should they consider it bet
ter to consolidate, the money will be
used other ways.
Frank Lindaman has been" at work
in the store ' for Simpson Bros, while
Mr. Portwood is making a canvass of
the county. He is a candidate for
nomination to the office of county
Statement No. 1 la a Letter
to the West Side
Aiiintfoiiiatlc to th vi ne of bltlwr-
li ix remnant of the oil machtii
wdlrh oiine dominated Orpjrnu politic
have taken CP th fight for tha oVf.-at
nf Kulru.riil No 1 ami all ln favor
thai nttirw1.
In Portland and I" other linger
clllta of th aialo, the machlua rrond
I ceiiieilfiir Ma flutil iimiii If. M. Cuke
Candidal lor the repuu'lrail iimiitna
Hon for United Hate avtiator. Mr.
Cak i a firm believer lu the popular
elei-iloti of I'nlteJ Hlalea aeaatora and
twain of bl belief In th" opl baa
Incurred the eiimily of the old machine
lolltlelmi. TIkw who are rloee to the
al luat Ion however, l-eli'te that the
machine fliiht agaliinl Mr. C"ke I tbe
l)wt linn thai coul J baiiiri for Ida
1 be people of Oregon ripream d by
their adoption of the primary law and
Statement No. 1. w bat they thoujfbt of
machine method. The old ayalrtu
hud brought Kliame and diegrace upon
the atale had made tbe city of rait m
alnioet a (iomorrah In the way of
political wlckedneha. Paper and perl
odlcala and iiewnpapera of liatiobal
clreulaliou pointed to our atale aa one
of aodden Dolltlcal corruption, of dis
graceful ecaudate.
It la la the hope of reviving tbia old
method by the defeat of Statement No,
1 and of Mr. Cuke, that the machine
politician have atarted aucb a bitter
crunade against thi new law. Indeed,
It I t hlr only hope. Under the pres
ent KvBtem. ibev are without a job. It
la impoaaible for one dictator to ait in
hla office aud say what shall and nil all
not be done by the people of Oregon
No longer la a aaturualia of bribery
aud corruption possible at 8alem.
Evidences of tbla boatility on tbe
part of tbe "system" have been appar
ent In various towns where Mr. Cake
haa apoken during bla present itiner
ary. Large crowda have flocked to
bear bim, but conspicuous by tbeir
absence, were tbe old-time leaders
And In thi connection it la a fact
worth mentioning that most of these
antagonistic politicians are either office
holders or have some claim upon thoee
who are at present lu office.
Tbe people who are rallying to Mr.
Cuke's staudaid are those republicans
who are Intensely loyal to their party
but wbo resent any aucb dictatorial
methods as tbe old niacblue was wont
to use.
It Is a foregone conclusian that State
ment No. 1 will prevail In Oregon at
the coming election. It is a foregone
conclusion that Mr. Cake, the only real
active supporter of this measure, will
be elected if tbe republican voters of
this slate d their duty and there Is no
room for doubt but that they will per
form that duty.
Receives Congratulations.
You will soon receive congratulations
of your friends upon your improved
appearance if you will take ioley's
Kidney Remedy, aa.lt tones up the
system and Imparts new life and vigor.
Foley's Kidney Remedy cures back
ache, nervous exhaustion and all forms
of kidney and bladder troubles. Com
mence taking it today. I). G. Dove.
Foley's Orino Laxative is best for
women and children. Its mild action
and pleasant taste make it preferable
to violent purgatives, such as pills,
tablets, etc. Cures consumption
John Hale, who was formerly n
business at this place, is here visiting
with relatives. He is at present
located at Baker City where he is en
gaged in the mercantile pursuit.
Ad Insidious Danger.
One of the worst features of kidney
trouble is that it is an iasidious disease
and before the victim realize his
danger be may hav? a fatal malady.
Take Foley's Kidney Remedy at the
first sign of trouble as it corrects irreg
ularities and prevents Brlgbt's disease
and diabetes. D. G. Dove.
Dr. Bancroft, .an oculist of Salem,
was a visitor in Independence Thurs
day. '
A Com mon Mistake.
Many women mistake kidney and
bladder, troubles for some irregularity
peculiar to the sex. Foley's Kidney
Remedy corrects irregularities and
makes women well. Miss Carrie
Harden, Bowling Green, Ky., writes:
"I have suffered much pain from
kidney and bladder trouble until I
started to use Foley's Kidney Remedy
The first bottle gave me great relief,
and after taking the second bottle I
was entirely wall. D. G. Dove."
lUbi.c lUyanctcHe m
atp ii'S f"f '" fiom my tadite V y.
liI--tte dell HI Ufjff and lli!l I"!
(villi!-,. ol nitwit, fM': ltnni'lJf
f (HI the hliridm!. l.reriv "
from pur drl iyif of a line irin
aa tan l ! ui.I in llm i-oiiritry.
I). 0. Sceky
a4ifaSou, Of. Ttf bona M a 53
Tell Our Iteadera How to MIS
Iteat Rlirnilliatlaiil film.
A well known antUority on JUieu
inatleMi a' the reader of a large
New York daily paper the following
valuable, yet ImpVn atlj barmUea,
prm-rlptloo, which any .trie ran eaaily
nrerare at dome:
Fluid Extract Iaiidelmn, one-half
nu hr Comp-timd Karxon, on minee;
(impound Hyrup Karaaparllla, three
Mix by aliaklng well In a Uittle, and
take a tiatioonful after each meal and
at tdtlnf,
ileiate that tba Ir jredienta can
b obtained from any goiwl prxwrlp
tlon pharmacy at miall ct, and, be
Ingof vejfetab! exiractlon, are harm
lewa to tnke.
Tbl plea-ant mixture. If taken reg.
ularly for a few risy. I aalrl to "eer
come alrnont any raae of Rbemnaiiam.
The pain and awelling. If any, dluou
lehea with each doe, until permabent
reeulta are obtained, and without in
juring the alomarh. While there uie
many ao.ralled Bheumatlam remediee,
patent medicine, etc. aome of which
do give relief, few really give perma
nent reeulla, and tbe above will, no
doubt, be greatly appreciated by many
suffer here at tbla time.
Inquiry at tbe drug atore of thi
neighborhood elicit the Information
that three drug are barmlea aud can
be bought aeparately, or the druggmt
here will mix the prescription tor our
reader, if aaked to. 2
Miss Mary Schollard, one of the
efficient teachers in the Independence
schools, visited the last of the week
with her parents who reside at Wood-
burn. She waa accompanied to Salem
by Miss Pansy Maucr, another of the
efficient teacher (by the way) of the
citv schools here, who visited her
parents there.
$10O Reward. $100
The reader of tbla paper will be pleaaed to
learn that there I at least one dreaded Hle-
i tbai auitno baa been able to cure in ai
lu atacee, and that I Cautrrn. nan i
Urrh Car 1 the only poelUve our bow
known to th medical fraternity. Catarro
belnc a eonatltntlonal dlaeaae, require
eoiiatltutlonal treatment. Hair Catarro
Cure I taken Internally, acting- directly np
on the blood and muooua aurlaoe of tbe ay
tem, thereby deatroyln; th foundation o
the dlceaae. and giving tbe patient aLrenjtb
by bolldlng up the eonjitltution and aalatlni
nature In doing It work. The proprietor
have o muoh faith In lU curative power
that they offer Cie Hundred Dollar for any
oww that It fall to cure. Bend tor Mat e
-AddreeeF. J. CHENEY CO.CToledo, OJ
Void by all I)rmrflU.J6o.
xaae nan a r biuiij nt w
Dan P. Stouffer, whose announce
ment appears m this issue ot tne
Enterprise, ia a native Oregonian,
having been born in Polk county.
He is a man of mature years and an
expert accountant. Mr. btoutter is
financially able to give ,a satisfactory
bond such as required of the county
treasurer. Mr. Stouffer is a deserving
"One Touch of Nature Makes
the Whole World Km."
When a rooster finds a big fat worm
he calls all the hens in tbe farm yard
to come and share it. A similar trait
of human nature is to be observed
when a man discovers something
exceptionally good he wants all his
friends and neighbors to share the
benefits of his discovery. This is the
touch of nature that makes the whole
world kin, This explains why people
who have been cured by Chamberlain's
Cough Ttemedy write letters to the
manufacturers for publication, that
others similarly ailing may also use it
and obtain relief. Behind every one
of these letters is a warm heaj-ted wish
of the writer to be of use to someone
else. ' This remedy is for sale by P. M.
Kirklaud. ;
J. G. VanOrsdel of Dallas was in
Independence Thursday. Mr. Van
Orsdall is a popular candidate on the
democratic ticket for the nomination
for county judge of this county.
Rheumatic Pains Relieved.
Mr. Thos. Stenton, post master Ponty
pool, Out., writes:' "For the past eight
years I suffered from rheomatic pains,
and during that time I used many
different liniments end remedies for
tbe cure of rheumatism. Last summer
I procured a bottle of Chamberlain's
Pain Balm and got more relief from it
than anything I have ever used, and
chserfnlly recommend this liniment to
all sufferers from rheumatic pains."
For sale by P. M. Kirkland.
I ", 1 i .
I f
i t M
Si '
J ' f I '
IVomtifa'5 Di''lUiftrf.'fi
: 3
(ium.Njrvty.ir Kfilxti.
K.J J imJ-
Ariwf.ft Ri'iviv fiirriTns."
Hon . ixjr ilmti..h.lJljrna
VN iir ras f imwIskhi 5.rwru
m ss & Loss or Sixer
TttS' it $pmtvt of
NEW "V"01K.
Exact Cony of Wrapper.
Oity Meat Market
G. KOENEKE, Proprietor.
Dealer in Fresh, Salt and Smolcwl MEATS, FISH and
POULTRY. Buys Hogs, fat Cattle, Veal; everything m
hia line. .
Independence, Oregon
Einie Palace Hotel
f. 01. Creaw, Predictor
Carefully Supplied Uiku Special Jit ten ilea to Ccaiacrclol Craik.
Kiduey Trouble Attacks Inde-
peudencr Men aud Women,
Old aud Young-.
Kidney ills seize young and old.
Come quicklr with little warning.
Children suffer in their early years
Can't oontrol the kidney secretions.
Girls are languid, nervous, suffer
Women worry, can't do daily work.
Men have lame and aching backs.
The cure tor man, woman or child.
Is to cure tbe cause the kidneys.
Doan's Kiduey Pills cure sick kid
neys , . '
Cure all forma of kidney suffering.
Independence testimony proves it.
Miss Edith Burright living in Inde
pendence, Ore., says: "For a long
time I suffered from a weakness
across my back and a languid tired out
feeling. I would arise in the morn
ing feeling weak and weary and had
headaches. I had but little ambition
and was in a miserable condition until
my mother, advised me to try Doan's
Kidney Pills aud I procured a box: at
P. M. Kirkland's drug store; T ued
them as directed aud felt better in a
short time. The symptons of the com
plaint disappeared eutlrely and I am
now feeling well and strong."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Fostef-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents tor the UiUd
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
The announcement will, be found
in this paper. of II. C- Seymour, can
didate for the nomination for county
t A Twenty Year Sentence.
"I have ' just completed a twenty
year ' health sentence, imposed by
Buoklen's Arnica Salve, which cured
me of bleeding piles just twenty years
ago," writes O. S. Woolver, of Le
Raysville, N.Y.Bucklen'a Arnica Salve
beal tbe worst sores, boils, wounds
and euts ia the shortest time 25r.
At all druggists.
!i mm
him i
rnrTnf.inti an1 CHUfti,
The Kind You Havo
Always Bough!
Bears tho
For Over
Thirty Years
m eTaa eeaieawv. mvm vM errv.
Fruft Lands For sale' in 5, 10, 15
and 20 acres. No. 1 land, price
right, good easy terms, between
Monmouth and Independence.
See J. II. Moran, Agent. 8-5 tf
Wood for Sale Second growth
at 14.00, old growth $4.50 per
cord delivered. S. Cox, Independ
ence. Phone 143 . 3-1
For Sale One 9-room houss and
three lots. (Lots set in small
fruits.) $2,000. For further par
ticulars inquire at this oce.l 30
For Sale One 7-rootn house and
corner lot; bath and hot and cold
water fixtures. $750. I 30
.- - Plenty ot Trouble.
Ii eaused by stagnation of the liver
and bowels . To get rid of it and back
ache and biliousness and the poison
that brings jaundice, take Dr. King's
New Life Pills, the reliable purifiers
that do tbe work without grinding or
griping. 25e at all druggists.
C. H. Boyes, a' horse buyer front
Portland, was here this week. He
took awav Beveral head.
Th iwnaul recommendatioB of
nb who have been cured of qrfe msi
eolda by (Stamberlain's Ocgb Essaex'V
Have done more than all else to asakai U
ataole article of trade and comraera
4. Urge part ef tb civilized yro&i.
blw I ll km
i u. ch y