West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, September 14, 1906, Image 3

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wravtMi-msufxirj j report
U Ul B
Acre Tracts
The Wiltoo Plaoe on Hall
road J nil from Indepen
dence has been secured by
on np Into 5 and 10 acre
tract tod it thU week
placed on the market.
You can gt 5 acre at (GO
and $G5 an aora; 10 acree
$75 to 180 an acre. Firat
oo mo, flnt served. These
are bargaine whether you
need the land or not.
or th a
At lhilf ri.l.Mifo, in Ilia Mala ( On
gun, Ml the eUm of Ixiaiiiws,
rrt. 4,
Lata awl SuraiinM iis.Tl S
Or.r.lf.n.. -ur4 4 T
U. H. Ifcn4 la mu tretwi ll
k axWflllM. aw.
HMllna iwa, rarallara a4 SHaraa ITfl II
IMwtlMlMUMftHll ... U.tt
m from a4ial Mti (X4 rMr
Dim Hin Mala Honk. ana bln . tt.S
Im. ftum averavatf mn M.riU . tT Ja M
i Okaeka u4 alia tul liana . IMH
rrartloMl w raarjr. alottla and
Lyon & Dickinson
in m
V.MI t
ImsI uixl.r atrtaa .
, 1 It, HI M
HwWmptloa fUl with 0. . Twmw,
p.r ft.nl el alrtwlatioa) s
filial - 7,MS
Capllal atoi: ld In I "ouo
fturplaa fund MJK "
tlulllte4 prulU. Wat aiuaa aod
UIM Bald "
Hallonal ban euutaailliif tj "
Iaa laulbar .N.Uuual Bank
IMvldaada anpald
Iadlilual d.pialu aMiluel.k ISJJIS S
Demand awtlSrataa of ltoU . ." II
TlmacartlS fUali ...
bllU paaila, lacludlnc earilScaUa ot
Srpnall fur kurrowa4 inooar 80
SJr7il i
(Mala of Oron,
Count uf folk,
11 w ir.it.. fiuhlar of Iba auora-iuunad
bank, do aolawnlr iwaar Ibal Iba abo talvmanl
lalrualotba baatof ni knowiamia ana d.ii.
C. W. IRVIMB. Caablar.
ulMcrlhad and arora lo bafora aia Ibla 1Mb oaf
of Hap.. IM. B. W1LHON,
OoaaacT-Altaat: "otary Public
!. KALI f. W 1
. N PlraaoM
M. Iliax rtaaaoj
When in ntd of fiw iuaurance
call on B. K. Jonea. in the Cooper
Block, who ia age..t for the Waatern
A.urani Co. of Toronto, Canada,
and the Ga-mania Innurance Co.,
of New Yark. Both old and reli
able companies.
pp .m.,,,., n.nmn M iiiuiimi iniiniajiiiiiiiiii niim in n rrfff" iihumvivujuxiczv
Now is Your Time
To Save $10 to $15 on Vehicles
Wo woulJ like to
call your attention
to thdlaU-etheat reg
ulator and alarm. It
can be act at anj
temperature and an
alarm bell will ring
if the temperaturo
iliould fall ai much
atone decree; anoth
er bellwill ringiftlf
temperature ahould
raiae one degreo
Juat the thing for
the hop house to
guarantee pe rfoc t
curing. Kreba'vard
and moat of the lead
ing growera are in
stalling this regula
tor in their kilna.
Hay, Grain, Feed
Poultry aupplies
kept in atock Hides
and sheep pelt a
Gray'a old stand
State normal School at liloiiinontl)
I'.pina it 5?'lh Vt tH.I.f Vi,
Ihfe full cOMfwe ( aiu.lf.
Higher roufe retgtiiirH in U h
jfigion and other tt-a Ti l-t
and ahortrtt way t- a al ai.J U
puper. Additional wofk In tlh
teneral ami itata llelhoda; :o.
rhool management for griJei and
uograded achoela will b t&ia
coenlojt ytar. Longer tef ma. higher
waea and betur opportunity a ara
oixio to Normal a'aJuate. hchotil
directors appraelata th aoperior ability of lioniuouth grahi(, and
the demand fr aieeds tba aopply Catalogue anuining full in forma
tien will be aaat on application. Correipondano invited. Addreaa,
J. B. V. Butler, Registrar.
The M. V.
Cash Store
We desire to t all
the attention of
people to our
new itnro
Wo carry the I). & F. Shoe, which give splendid
service and are neat and dressy in .appearance.
We also have trunks and telescope and a general
line of notions, hosiery and underwear. We will
give you courteous service and honast values. Call
and see us when in Salem. Yours Truly
Mills & VaSS, Props
301 Commercial Street, Salem, Ore.
fllaail a, win
She Found ltellef
If you ere troubled with liver com
plaint and have not rcelved belp read
tola. Mra. Mary K. Hammond, Moody,
Texas. "I waa in poor bealtb--with
liver trouble for over a. year. Doctors
did me no good and I tried Herbine,
and three bottles cured me. I can't
say too much for Herbine, as it is a
wonderful liver mediciue. I always
have It in the houxe. Publish wbere
you wish." Sold ny D. G. Dove, druggist.
An Ounce of Prevention
Is worth a pound of cure. There ara
many poor sufferers, Consumptive
who are hopeless of getting well whs,
If tbey had taken care ot themselves,
would now be well. A cough is tba
foundation of Consumption. Ballard's
Horehound Syrup will cure that cougb.
Mr. 8, Great Falls, Montana,
writes: "I have used Ballard's Hore
hound tyrup lu my family for years
in V 'children never suffVr sith coughe.
Sold by D. G. Dove, diuggUt.
For the next Fifteen Days, Beginning
September 15th and Closing October 1st
we will offer the following low prices.
$ 90 ?LMV $65.00 $ -60
60 f;ad..:agon- 35.oo 130
70 0sTrg..!a.s: '60.00 90
110 ts?i 70.oo 90
uess for
90 Buggy for 78.5o 145
$ 60 fo0rp..b.ugfy $ 49.oo
gy for
Byke bug
gy for
Rubber tire
top buggy
Rubber tire
- 77.5o
If ycu need a buggy now, if you need one this winter, or if you need one next
spring, buy it now and save money. You cannut afford to let this chance go by,
as this is the biggest cut that has ever been made in this citv. Call early, as we
only have one of each left. '
W. E. CRAVEN, Manager, Independence
Willamette Valley
The High Tension L'ne from Dallas to Independence is
now complete. We are prepared to serve the people of
Independence, Monmouth and Vicinity with
Light and Powei
At Very Reasonable Rates
Read Rate Cards and Putin Your Order
Light Rate
16 e. p. Laoap, per month, $t 00
16 o. p. " " J 35
16 o. p. " " 170
16 o. p. " " " 2 00
16 c. p. lamps, 10 centa each up to 20
lights and 6 centa per K. W.
20 16 c. p. lamps, 5 centa each up to 40
lights and 5 oents per K. W.
Straight meter 15 cents per K. W. with
out any charges per drop.
3 16 c
Business Houses
16 c. p. Lamp, per month, $1.00
16 c. p. " " 1-au
.... i. o rm
p. w
is, ; ' 2.50
5 to 10 16 c. p. lamps, 25c. each and 5c.
per K. W.
10 to 20 16 o. p. lamps, 20c. each and 5c.
per K. W.
A Kilowatt 19 equal to the carrent
consumed by eighteen 16 c. p. lamps
burning ene hour.
Power , Rate
100 or Lees ...........7 Cents
100-200 '. 6 Cents
200-300... 64 Cents
300-400 ...6 Cents
400-500. 5 Cents
50O-6U0. H Cents
600-700 5 CeDtn
700-800 44 Cents
800-1000 -4 Cents
1000-1500 3f Cents
1500-2000 3$ Cents
2000-3000.. 3iCenti
3000-4000 3 Cents
4000-6000 24 Cents
6000-8000 2i Cents
8000-10000 2 Cents
Minimum Rate, 1 H. P. up 4 per month
Ceiling Fans $2.50 per month
Dek Fans .$1.50 per month
A Kilowatt is equal to the current
consumed ty eighteen 16 c. p ldiupa
burning one hour.