West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, August 14, 1906, Image 1

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fBB'MHHSS5.3.52-3Wfl TUB nS
Thit U equal a declara
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PAID CAPITAL $30,000.00
Trailed a general Unking l.ulnnm. Drjioulu received, Loans
made, Drafts sold. Careful ami courteous atleilloiiKlveii all Hctwinln.
Orruiiw M Iikxtk
J. II. Hawley, Pres., I. 1'. Campbell, Vle Pre.., Ira C. 1'ow.ll. Csaliler
J. U. V, llutler, K.M. Powell. J. It. Htump, J. A. Wiilirow,
I. M. HiiiinMHi.
Large Area of Valuable Tim
bcr is Being Destroyed
by Hie Rcglng Flames
b obUti.ed. I
further investigation proved that j am in Portland f .r the jurjxw or
the same parly bad been i-m justj 'aeturicg Ctrl fur my ccij.ny. tul
before the shot.tlnc toir.ff in lh FrPfltt'afPr anil fTfinil fi I. IV I hsvo convinced since I have
H HIRKHBERU, President. " " A It HAM K EION, Vice I resided
C. W.IRVINE, Cmiliier.
DIRECTORS. H. lTirwnM7g, I)7V. fwars, It. F. Hmitli, J. E. Rhodes mid
A. Kelaoli.
ArnermlUnklngndeirmnKebUBinetrm..urtd. Loans nuwie. 'BUli
glsoounteu. uomuierciai cretrna grmuicu. i-jiv
abject to cneci.
Jl Fierce fire at One Time Surround
Ed Detroit anil Ilie People There
Suffered from Great Heat
Cililc Palace Hotel
T. Ul. Crunor, Prcprlcior
Carefully Supplied Cable. Special Jlttcatlon 10 Ccmaertlal Crafle. J
Day or Night Calls Promptly attend
ed to. Fine Parlor In Connection.
An Experienced Lady AaataUot.
Pftcne, mala 27$ Re$. 461
W. I BICE, JEmbalmer and Funeral Director.
Licensed by Oregon Btate Board of Health.
Largest Country Store in Polk County
Dry Goods and Groceries, Men's and Bojb Clothing,
Boots, Shoes, Hardware and a general line of merchandise
country produce:handled
Butter, Eggs, Poultry, Wool, Mohair and Farm Produce
Generally Bought.
Simpson Bros. Jlirlie, Ore.
Albany, Ore., Aug. When
hope dud about been abandoned
worJ Rat received here today tha
the tOAn of Detroit hsd escaped de
struction from the immeni'e fore
fire which in sweeping up the can
yon of tha North Santiam. 'flu
fire rnging in the dense, standing
timler back iu the mountains and
. 1... t. n. Tl, 1t
reports are that the fir is eatirg its
way through one of the finest belts
of timber in the Cascade Mountains
It extends for a mils and a half
either side of tbs North Santiam
River and has also burned op the
Breitenbaih Canyon.
Detroit, the largest town in the
Santiam Canyon, escaped becaoae
of the cleared country surrounding
it. The fire burned over the heavy
timber on all sides of the town.
The conditions at Detroit during
the time the fire was passing, were
something terrible. With miles of
foreat burning on every side and
within a short distance of the town,
the heat was all but unbearable and
the smoke almost suffocating.
If reports brought down by Mill
City people may be relied upon,
only the rain which seems to be ap
proaching can prevent destruction
of miles of valuable timber.
The fire la now known to be the
most destructive that has visited
the North Santiam country since
pioneer days. Numerous moun
tain homes and a great amount of
valuable timber have been de
stroyed. The two mills at Detroit
are thought to ' near enough the
timber to make it impossible to
save them. Railroad track has
been rendered impassable, and log
ging camps wiped out.
Fruit Is Abuudant
Good Rigs for Commercial Men a Specialty.
Good accommodations. Horses well fed. Fine
rigs. Horses boarded by day, week or month.
Telephone 2To. 293
Independence, Oregon
rainless Extraction Cooper Building,
Independence, Oregoa
One door south of Posti Office.
Fine Baths in ooanectionjwith shop
Ikdepindmcr, B Obioow
Tonsorial Artists-
Next door to Little Palace Hotel
Sharp Razors, Prompt Service.
Merchant Tailor
Bank Building,
Indefhndkhcb, - Obiogm
Salem, Or. Aug. 11. There will
be a great abundance of apples and
pears in this vicinity. Lloyd T.
Reynolds, who lives near Chemawa
and who is one of the most promi
nent peargrowers in the valley,
will begin picking his Bartlett crop
next Wednesday, which he has
contracted at a handsome price
which he is not willing to divulge.
The pears have to be of a certain
size and well packed, ready for
shipment. Other growers in this
neighborhood have also begun pick
Ross Nelson Has Narrow Escape From
Whizzing Bullets Fired at Him
From a Long Range
Ross Nelson thinks it's bad
enough to be tossed around by a
savage young Jersey bull, but to
stand up and be made the target
for pistol practice is still more dan
gerous, even though the man be
hind the gun proves a poor marks
man. Saturday evening just before
dusk, while standing in the yard
at the Nelson home just north of
town, a man came up the road and
when within a few hundred feet of
Ross, pulled a pistol and took two
shots at him, neither of which took
effect, though one struck the house
and the other struck in the yard,
Ross didn't lose any time in get
ting to a place of safety, which
meant the inside of the house.
'direction of the NeUon home and
wis seen just afterwanU in the
ilge ff town coiiiing from tint di
rection In addition the same
party it known to have purchasrd
a pistol and tome hellt Iroin a
lors.1 hardware More a few dnjrt
previous. It looks like a deliberate
attempt to commit murder,
fiut-h men are, nut eafe in any com
HHifiily and should he confine!
either in jil or in an asylum.
Mr. and Mrs. JM. Hmith, Mr.) Another of the towns in Oregon
and Mrs. Tracy Slant. Mr. d , that vottd dry at the late election
Mrs. Walter Williams and Mrs. j voted a et charter under the
Cha. link un,-l through from constitutional amendment, Free
Vole for New Charters
In Effort to Gei Saloons
Mailer Will be Means of Taking the
Question to t!ie Supreme Court
fur a Decision
Dullas Friday on their way to New
port. Tiie Town Without
a Marshal Two Days
Because of the resignation of
Avery Morphy, Independence was
without a city marshal several
days last week. R.J.Taylor rnd
Andy Tupper were applicants for
the position and circulated peti
tions asking the Mayor for the ap
pointment. There was no partic
ular objection from any source to
either of the gentlemen, and Mayor
Paddock hesitated about making
the appointment without consulta
tion with the city council. Two
attempts to get that body together
failed, with the result that the
Mayor late Saturday evening ap
pointed Mr. Taylor, with the un
derstanding that it would hold only
until the next meeting of the coun
cil which will occur on the 20th.
Much Excitement Over
Rich Gold Discovery
Ashland, Or., Aug. 11. The town
of Lakeview is deserted, every able
bodied man and boy in the place
having started for the Coyote
Range, about 40 miles northeast of
that place, to stake out claims in
the new Eldorado uncovered there
by Loftus brothers, prospectors,
who have been working in that
district since last May. This in
formation was , convened in tele
phonic dispatches received here
from Lakeview this evening.
Fabulous in richness is the strike
in the Coyotes, it is reported. A
vein, running from 60 to 100 feet
in width, of gold-bearing quartz
which runs from $40 to $100 a ton
and is constantly growing richer
as the miners progress, has been
traced for a distance of five miles.
When the news reached Lake-
view a couple of days ago every
man and boy in the place who was
able to handle a pick started for
the scene of the strike. Trades
and professions were deserted, the
people, one after another, being
seized with the gold fever and
dropping their occupations, rushed
away in a mad search for rapidly
gained wealth. Every rig and
horse in the vicinity of Lakeview
has been pressed into service by
the prospectors hurrying to stake
out claims in the rich district.
The monster vein uncovered by
the discoverers of the Coyote Range
mines iB free milling ore and is of
such a decomposed nature that it
is worked with the utmost ease.
Plans are already being made for
the transportation of machinery
into the district, and within a short
time a new town will be estab
lished by the miners, near the site
of the proposed mill. The gold is
found near the Nevada line and the
ore iB said to be of the same forma
tion as that found in the adjoining
water yesterday taking its
alongside CoijuiJIo. Freewater and
Co(iii!lo are the only two places
that have by the medium of special
elections voied for saloons but there
are several others which are seri
ously considering the advisability
of following suit.
Uoleea some legal action it taken
by the temperance worktrs to pre
vent the exemption of dry towns
from the local-option law under
the provisions of the constitutional
amendment, which permits cities
to enact their own charters, special
elections may soon become the
order of the day all through the
dry belts. Some other cities are
holding off until the issue has been
settled in the courts. Dr. Clarence
True Wilson, president of the Anti
Saloon League of Oregon, has an
nounced that a test case would be
made. Anti-Saloon Leaguers, Pro
bibitiooieti and temperance work
ers in general declare that the cities
have no rght to adopt charters
that conflict with the criminal code
of the btate. They contend that
the local-option law is part of the
criminal law, as it provides penal
ties for its violation. But the other
side is just as emphatic in its con
tentions that the local-option law
is not part of the criminal code
and upon thid peiul hinges the
question whether dry towns can be
voted wet.
There is much significance at
tached to the Coquille and Free
water elections, as they show that
unless the local-option law is a
part of the criminal law, much of
the effects of the last election will
be undone. Many of the cities
which are now dry voted wet, but
being linked with other districts
could not overcome the heavy pro
hibition vote. They were voted
dry against their will. Among the
Oregon towns that may hold espec
ial ejections to adopt new charters
so that the sale of liquor may be
licensed are: Enterprise, Lostine,
Joseph, Wallowa county; Wasco,
Sherman county, and Eugene, Al
bany and McMinnville.
n here that the railroad has
none Vj furnish.
"This is the lime of the yesr for
th regular car horlg hut
have hern able to pull through ll e
espon without closing duwn io
former years. The Sun FraneiCf
embargo, however, ha settled
thing for the mill men and the
railroad io, th't year, for there
are still 3,700 cars tied up in
the Bay City, arcurdirg to Mr.
Krtitlpchnitt, auperiiitt-mliit of
maintenance and operation lor the
ilarrirnan system. This iiuiiit.er
forms a goodly per cent of the
Jim?' entire equipment and a
lhm i iiri rOiHfit-f. Irt f-ftiprt a
P'ace movement, we are lookine for an
early ehut down."
Lack of Cars for Shipment of Lumber
Will Pesult in Temporary Sus
pension of Great Industry
Unless relief is obtained in the
present car shortage all the mills
on tht Southern Paoific system in
the state of Oregon will have to
close down, according to A. C. Dix
on, manager of the sales depart
ment of the Booth-Kelley Lumber
"Our company was short between
450 and 500 cars in July" said Mr.
Dixon, "and we will be Bhort about
the same number in August. Un
less we secure relief in a very short
time our mills will have to be
"All the smaller mills in interior
Oregon have given notice that they
will close by the end of the month
unless more cars are furnished
Very Fine Fruit the
Result of Spraying
Peter Kurre, who lives a mile
west of town, brought this office
several apples yesterday of the Red
Astrican and Gravenstein varieties,
which would certainly bo prize
winners if placed in a contest. He
will have about one hundred bush
els of the Gravenriteins, for which
be expects to get a fancy price.
The frnit shows the beneficial ef
fects of spraying, and a number of
people who have examined these
apples say that fruit raisers in this
vicinity cau raise and put on the
market at good prices apples as
good as these when they realize the
importance aud absolute necessity
for careful spraying.
Porfad Hop-PicKers
Preparing to Come
Speaking of the coming exodus
from Portland to the hop fields the
Journal says:
Large numbers of east side fam
ilies are making arrangements to
take their annual vacations in the
hop vards of the Willamette val
ley. It is estimated that Portland
will furnish about 8,000 pickers
this seasou, and of that number
the east side will furnish at least
6,000. Agents of the larger yards,
in the vicinity of Brooks, Indepen
dence and Salem, are making a
house-to-house canvas in portions
of the east side, explaining the ad
vantages offered, at their respective
yards, . in the way of camping,
grounds, amusements, etc. Hun
dreds of eaEt-siders enjoy no other
vacation than the annual invasion
of the Oregon hop yards, which
will begin this year about August
25th, and last for nearly three
Many an east side youngster will
make enough money picking hops
to buy his winter clothing, and not
a few will be able also to provide
themselves with school books for
the coming year. The Southern
Pacific railroad will carry practi
cally all of the pickers to the fields.
A few families make the trip by
private conveyance, camping over
night, thus prolonging the outing.
Two Abk Liars.
Two amateur hunters in the
northern woods once saw a deer, and
both fired at once. "That is my
deer' said A. "I shot it." "No, you
did not," hotly replied B. "It is my
deer, because I killed it." A third
party was approaching from the op
posite direction with fury in his
eye and a club in his hand. "Which
of you two rascals shot my calf?"
roared the farmer. "That fellow B.
just now told me he did it," said A.
And B., now thoroughly alarmed for
his personal safety, answered: "Ha
lies. He shot it himself. I saw hinx
do it, and IU swear to it." XaW
pool Mercury.