West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, July 24, 1906, Image 3

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They brand you a Cliean John
Ttmy do not give satisfaction
Whilt with th belter grade you
tiecome altachod to Ihein lor their
fallhf.ilne. You (eel kindly to.
ard ua and recommend u to your
IrltMids. 80, you , It la to our
Interest to aull voil tha beat waU'h
possible for the least money. Oomo
In anl we will help you it-led one.
everybody's Column
For Male, Kent, Wanted, Lost, round or
iiuilar amice, three line 25 eta., one
month 75 eta.
FOR SALE At a bargain, span
4-year old, bay mares, well
.watched, good lookers and goid
oera. C. W. Price, King Val
ley. 7-17
FOIt RENT. My farm of 227
acrea, four miles north of Inde
pendence. Uood lay out for right
imnion. Koi particulars inquire
John Simon Independence,
R.F. D.
niBhed rooms for gentlemen, at
my residence on C street. In
quire of Mrs. L. L. Whitenker.
FOR SALE California Medicated
8oap, good for sores, chapped
hands etc. Sold by Mrs. J. V.
Richardson, Sr., Monmouth St
KG US FOR SALE From import
ed S Urown Leghorn stock,
fl 00 a sotting. O. M. Sanfortl.
Independence Oregon. 2 13
MEN WANTED Saw mill and
lumber yard laborers $2.25 per
day. Woodsmen if 2 25 to $3.00.
tjteady work. Apply to B ioth
Kelly Lumber Co., Eugene, Ore
gon. FOR SALE Jersey cow young
and fresh. Enquire of Thos.
Reeves, Independence, Oregon.
FOR SALE Two sets of double
work harness. Enquire at Dick
inson's livery stable.
south of the Motor line Indepen
dence, is prepared to weave your
carpet. Call on or address him
FOR SALE Jersey cow young
and fresh. Enquire of J. L.
Oaron, Monmouth, Ore.
FOR SALE J. I. Case 20-horse
power threshing outfit, been run
only 00 days; complete with;
cooking outfit. 10 bundle racks,
eteel water tank pump, ana iann
trucki. Will sell at a bargain
or trade far real estate Call on
or address Edward Rex or Win.
Simon, or John Simon, Inde
pendence, R. P. D.
EGGS FOR SALE Single comb
white leghorn. Per setting If 1.50
or two settings $2 50. Address
G. G. Hewitt, Monmouth. 5-6
Silver Lace Wyauduttes; also
Srst cla?s brood for sale. Mrs
II. A. Bice.
FOR SALE A good wagon, team
and harnet-s cheap. Enquire at
J, O. Davidson farm one mile
northwest of Parker Station.
shorthorn bull at Jones' feed
Stable. Service $1.
It will be remembered that Mr. Ml
awber "went Into coals" while wait
ing for something to turn up. If a bil
lion dollar trust is really being formed
to control the price of coal, something
la likely to turn up sure enough.
Unless Constitutional Democracy In
Eussla meets with a holdup country
delegates to tbe douma will soon Insist
on being introduced to Mrs. Oar, kiss
ing the baby and staying to dinner.
A rare volume of Poe's recently sold
tor $1,500, which shows that the coun
try Is In no hurry to drop him because
he was turned down without regrets
by the New York Hall of Fame.
lb loniwaa La ad I'roiraiMW.
V ln'ti rmr'a mlnmiiu U-fur
lh ilouiua. In auawvr In dxiimulla
of tii t oiislituiluiisl iwiiHM-ritfa,
itIImhI their prouramiua for land dis
tribution swplnif dfiilul of tli
rltit of julval ownership not only f
laud, but of very other kind of pr-
rty, bo w ullty of nilsoonsiruitlon
ail raluinuy. Tha out and out aortal-
lata liav aottio iowr lu Itusala and
r nut without voli-o In Ihe uallonnl
aatuulily. Hut aa a matter of fart tlm
laud irograuimo framed by tbo t'ou
otltutloual Democrat to tu-t the
nfU of tbo peasants, which Premier
Coromykln aw ma to bar confusod
with that of tha Burial Imuim-rata
who have been romlalujf every tliiiut
lu felht to tha Ignorant uiujlka-gue
no further In th way of couft-iitlou
Uiau dota Uia Wyudhaui html iur haM
act now working In Irrlnud. It la a
toxical conclualou to the MnMnt "mnn-
cliatlJu and amoltoratlou biguu by
alcxaiiili-r II. and ini'rcly alnia to vx
tend the illratiou of the nicaauroa
of relluf luMiltuled by the niurdored
It la not proiioeixl by the ruling rl
inent In the douina to ronflacate, but to
leu ite crown and other bind. In thHr
addreaa to the Uirone the rprpuciita
tlvna aald. "rarllameut would not be
i doing Ita duty If It did not make a law
for the aatlafart'on of the neede of the
suffering peaannts by the aid of X rown
domain, niouantlc lunda and the com
pulsory exprojirlatlon of bind belong
ing to the owners of eittatea." Tho
crown and church Innda wore to be
lea nod and expropriation applied only
to landa lying untitled or now leaned
for money or occupied by pennants who
pay rental for It J work on the aen
araio jiropc ty of their landlord. 1-and
to t f inil f.ii- o now must t paid
for very much r.a Lincoln proponed a
comiilwry anle to the nation for
mauumlnalou of the sluvca at the be
ginning of tho war.
The douma'a l;.nd protrrauitue spe
cially exempts from expropriation pri
vate estates not exceiHlIng In extent
the limit fixed lu any given dlHtrlct for
peusant occupiers; also grilling binds
belonging to villages, municipal land
and estates of r-emstvos, cdm-atioual
and benevolent Institutions. This plan
would not inuke war uion Individual
ownership, as the premier charged, but
would strengthen It by defining in law
the prluelpl nnd extent of Individual
owucwhlp. The programme of the
ItUHHlnn socialists Is sweeping nud
promises tho peasants free land that
Is, on paper, but tho peasants them
selves seem to consider It a wild
scheme, Impossible of realization. The
truth Is that tho land programme of
the doumn aeema to outside view high
ly conscientious nnd conservative In
stend of radical and sweeping. The
laud Is there, and starving peasants
need it. It Is one thins to toll tlie:a to
seize It and quite another thing for
tho government to acquire It and dis
tribute It by due process of national
law, having regard for the "greatest
good of tho grentest number."
Londoners are alarmed over the vi
bration caused by heavy street traffic
above her subway system. Doubtless
the big cities must face a new danger
In their underground railways. Every
one knows that a squad of soldiers or
any body of ninrching men lireuk step
In crossing a bridge, no matter what
Its si7.e and strength may be, for none
could withstand the vibration of the
concerted action. Even the tread of a
dog mny make a bridge shake because
of tbe regularity of the vibration. Sci
ence assumes that the shock caused by
moving trains may be absorbed and
made hnrmless, but to what extent re
mains to be seen.
Atlanta Is getting ready to have an
exposition In 1010. As our world's
fairs have followed the "course of em
pire" lu a pretty straight line west
ward since 1870, beginning at Phila
delphia and ending at Portland, It Is
about 'time to swerve southward and
show that American civilization doesn't
stick to one rut.
Tho international postal union has
simplified the postage muddle by fix
ing the unit of weight for letters at
one ounce for all countries, the same
as It Is In the United States. The ad
ditional postage has likewise been cut
down from 5 to 3 cents for each ounce
above the single rate.
The young king of Spain likes what
the boys call a goot time, and he will
probably soon-regard the throne as "in
tbe way." There Is nothing lu the re
cent history of his country to glorify
him, though Spain has improved in con
dition on account of the merited thrash
ing she has received.
The one objection to placing the pic
ture of John Paul Jones on a postage
stamp Is the certainty of a revival of
the old gag about that being the only
possible way to lick him.
A genuine earthquake can make mis
chief for a sea level canal as easily as
for a lock system. All canals look
alike to Nature when she gets to tear
ing things.
Wltb tin ore selling for $SG0 a ton
at the mines It Is all right to say that
a person rolling In money "has got tbo
f IlitwbU Ptosis ra.
When fmt caUinltlr Ilk tl Hal
tlimr fliw, lit (lalvwiUMi tl.U tin
and the dtwirui'llnn of two Kranclaco
iwwp away palace of wi-altli and tha
victim go to work In flor Ihfiu
ami treu lo build Ix-iiiT, w li-ir of
jtha Hold plonwr ai'lrlt of tm Amurl-
cau iph- It I
. Uo rat with tl
It la an umior 10 wiong i
icMt lii-rolc rllliu-iis aul
to dw-ll lu Ilia lit ml wuor such thing
re not phruitiieiinl, but come aa a
matter of roiirae. Hut tuere are unher
alded calttiultlea all over till lrd
country tvrry day thai point the enuie
Korent Urea, tornadoes, cloud burnt
and rain flil. toauy nothing of Inuu
merable fire which wine out town
and village, are coUMiMiKly driving
coininuiiltl.- from tlielr h.uiie. leaving
wreck iM-hliid and bringing Mverty
to thousand who have only tlylr bare
hands with which to rtor wh. they
have loat Capital I alwaya ready to
rebuild a city ou an tabllhed com
mercial alte. Hut the farmer bna only
bla miiiM'Ie to fall back ou; the farm
village must Ix'glii wltb atiaiitiea aud
struggle along for year uutll It reach
ea the palutgd cottage aud brick atore
atage again. Here la wbert tbe Amer
ican spirit I aeen at It Client, the aplr
It, the Indomitable pluck that uerved
tbe early ploneew when they punned
from the coast through the wilderness
barrier over the plain and acroas the
Ilu kits. Their case I not so dramatic
aa when a city Is rased In a night.
Tbclr sufferings are unaoen, almost un
noted, by the world, and they etrugglo
to their feet again uuchcered except by
their own courageous hope.
A I5IM to Abolish.
Borne of the radical labor meinbew
of tho Hrltlsu house of common pro
pose to abolish the house of lords Just
to get rid of the p'r as an obstacle
to lalsir legislation. This recall
Bandy'a plan to "Joost abolish sin"
when It was found that the existence
of evil was a touTh imt for theology
to crack. Abolishing tbe bouse of
lords Is not, however, au original Idea
with the lalxM men. Tbe commouew
of England have often yilked that
way, but the upper chamber Is there
yet with Miwer to obstruct legislation
"of the people, by the people, for tlie
The particular act of the lords which
raised the Ire of the British working
men was their refusal to bar foreign
laborers from the English markets
when tbt-iv Is a strike ou. The labor
Ites threatened to appeal to the coun
try ou this single Issue unless the gov
ernment should take action to oust the
lords from power. It Is not at all
probable that the bouse of lords will
ever be nbolislnd at the bauds of labor
or any other factor In British polities.
England would not be England with
out Its lords any more than without
Its crown. So the labor men and all
the commoners who stand for aboli
tion on general principles must make
the best of It and look upon the lords
evil as the orthodox world does upon
the mission of sin something to keep
good people busy.
Africa Is a remarkable case In point
where a land scramble did not lead to
International war. Great Britain has
secured perhaps the only share of tbe
vast territory In which men of Euro
pean descent could live and prosper.
France about equals Great Britain lu
the area of her African possessions,
but one-half of her territory lies In the
great Sahara desert. Together these
powers now control nearly two-thirds
of Africa, and each of them alone con
trols more than any other two com
bined. After a few samples of earthquake
prediction by that new bureau of seis
mology the public will be In a mood
to echo the sentiments of the alleged
horse thief who was strung up a cou
ple of times and then let go, "Might as
well kill me as scare me to death."
It Is refreshing to observe the manly
and generous attitude of Nogl In de
fending Stoessel against the attacks of
the bureaucrats of Kussia. Nogl knows
better than any one else that the Rus
sians had to get out of Port Arthur, no
matter who was in command.
Mr. Carnegie has arranged for the
publication of a book on the Chinese
language. If spelling reform Is not
part of the scheme at present It Is
bound to come, for knowing ones Bay
'that Chinese spelling is as twisted as
the writing.
Perhaps the douma did not make It
sufficiently plain to the czar that If he
grants amnesty to the political prison
ers the douma would arrange to se
cure amnesty for him.
What becomes of all the buttermUk
that happens in seasons when drinking
it is not a iad always has been and
very likely always will be a mystery.
H. C. Wells, the English writer, says
America will produce a Shakespeare.
Now the American authors cannot be
seen because of the blushes.
1 The chapter entitled "Exiled to Sibe
ria" is one of the things of the o:1
regime In Russia still bearing the
legend. "To be continued."
In lb County Court of tbe Htaie of
.')... .. p,.ii 'n,ftrt . Irvlnr,
riaililKf, V Kll A. Mrrlilow, Ivfrul
nl: In the liameof ll htaie o Ore
gon yu are hrrly aunimonrd aud r
Ulrd la apjvwr ami answer tbe coin
plaint of lb plaintiff la Iba alve en
tilled suit tiuw ou file In the i.fllr ot
tbe Clerk lathe above entitled Court
on or In-fore the last day ineiit lotted
and named or piescrlbrd la tbe order
for publication of this Numinous made
by the County Judge of Polk County,
hist uf Oregon, being tbe County
where tb above entitled aull I pend
ing lo the County Court of aald Coun.
ty and Slat, which aald order la here
inafter referred to, to-wlt, on or utfr
six week from lb day of lb first
publication theieof, and yn are here,
by uotlfled thai If you fall to appear
and answer the aald complaint as bete
In required, tbe plaintiff will aply t
tbe above entitle! Court for lb rllef
demanded lo hi complaint, namely,
tbat the defendant be foreclosed of all
Interest in said projierty, aud equity
of redetuptlou lo aald mortgaged prop.
rty. That the same be sold d the
pmoxeda thereof be applied to tbe pay
men t of tbe cost and expenses of Ibis
ult, and counsel fee in tbe aum of
125.00 and of the amount due on aald
not and mortgage, wlib Interest there
on at tbe rat of 8 per cent per annum
from the 2tb day of October 1901, and
that aald defendant be adjudged to
pay any deficiency tbat may remain
after applying all of aald money aa
aforesaid, and for such other and fur
tber relief aa to the Court may eeetu
Juat In the premise.
This summons I published lu the
West Side Enterprise once a week for
six successive weeks beginning with
tbe laue of Friday, June 22nd. 1906,
and ending wtli the Issue of Friday,
August 3, 19D0, under and in pursu
ance ol Ihe direction contained In an
order made by the Hon. Ed F. (,Vad,
County Judge of Polk County, Oregon,
being the County where the above en
titled auit Is pending In the above en
titled Court.
Daled this 20th day cf June, 19O0.
Date of first publication thereof, June
22, 1906. B. F. Jones,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Jn the Justice Court for the Justice
of tbo Peace and Constable District No
5, Polk County, Ktate of Oregon.
Hoss II. Nelson, Plaintiff, vs A. O.
Griswold, Defendant.
To A. O. Griswold, Defendant: In
the name of the State of Oregon you
are hereby required to appear aud an
swer tbe Complaint of tbe plaintiff In
the above eutltled action on file in 'the
offlee of the Justice of the Peace lu tbe
above-entitled Court, on or before tbe
10th day of August, 1900J the day
named or prescribed in the Order for
Publication of this Summons, made by
the Justice of the Peace in the Justice
Court for the Justice of the Peace and
Constable District No. 5, Polk County,
State of Oregon, being the County and
Precinct where the above-entitled ac
tion is. pendiug, aud you are hereby
notified that if you fail to appear and
auswer the said complaint as herein
required, for waat thereof the plaintiff
will aply to the above entitled Court
for the relief demanded in said com
plaint, namely, for a Judgment against
you for the sum of $30.00, and .costs
and disbursements therein.
This Summons Is published In the
West Side Enterprise for six consec
utive and successive weeks, beginning
with the Issue of June 29th, 1906, and
ending with the issue of August 10th,
1906, under and lu pursuenee of the
directions contained in an order made
by B. Wilson, Justice of the Peace in
the Justice Court for the Justice of the
Peace and Constable District No. 6,
Polk County, State of Oregon.
Dated this 28th day of June, 1906.
Date of first publication, June 29th,
1906. B. F. Jouea
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Salem, IndependeucelMonmoutb
Leaves Independence daily from
Little Palace Hotel at 8 a. m.; re
turning leaves Salem Club Stables
at 3 p. m. Fare Irom Independen
ce 50c from Monmouth 75c.
John Calahan, Prop.
West Side Enterprise for job work.
Notice to Creditors ..
In the Countv Court of the State of
Oregon, for Polk Couuty, in the
matter of the estate of Mary Menerva
Davidson, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that Mary E.
Chappell has been duly appointed by
the County Court of Polk County,
Oregon, as Esecutrix of the estate of
Mary Menerva Davidson, deceased.
All persons having claims against said
estate are hereby requested to present
their claims duly verified as by law
required within six months from the
date hereof at the office of B. F. Jones
at Independence, Polk County, Ore
gon, Mary E. Chappell,
Executrix of the estate of MaryJMe-
I nerva Davidson, deceased.
Dated July 10, 1906.
on the Corvalli
A Ks.Ufo It. l:.
Sunday Excursion la Newport and
return on lb Crvsllls A Kattern
ICailroad will leave Albany .' .' .'
at 7-M a. in., Corvalli at 8 a. m., ar
riving In Newortal noon. Return
ing, leave NewKrt at ft -10 p. 10., giv
ing 6 I 2 hours si the finest resort In
the west. Health, rest and pleasure
lor the weary worker. Three-day and
season tickets from all H. P. or C. A
E. Hints will be good going or re
turning on 8amlsy excursion trslns.
rroin Albany, UrvallIsor I'lilloinatn
$1.50 For tbe
Round Trip
Connection at Albany with tha Eu
gene local going and tbe south bound
overland on ret irn.
lves lodept-a
dence fur Mon
mouth and Alrlte
7:l a. m.
!l: J p. in.
iMfH Indrpen'
oeiiee for Mon
nioutuaod Osllss
ll-no . m.
S:I5 p. m.
8:"u a. n.
IVves Monmouth
for A I rile.
7:.r0. m.
a-.:! p. m.
Ieavs Alrlle foi
Monmouth sntf
) a. m.
:6 p. m.
leaves rmllas lor
Monmouth and
lffl p. m.
10:00 a. m. '
lves Monmoutt
fur Indepi-ndenm
:40a. m.
l:l p. in.
2:K) '
6:4.i '
Leaves Indepen
dence rr Mon.
2:05 p. m
L'ves Monmouth
for Dallas.
11:1 a. m.
s-sii p. m
t:9li in.
Union Pacific
Through Pullman standard and tour
ist Bleeding cars daily to Omaha, Chi
cago, Spokane, tourist sleeping-car daily
to Kansas City; through Pullman tour
ist sleeping cars (personally conducted)
weekly to Chicago and Kansas City;
reclining chair cars (seats free) to the
bast daily. ;
Portland to Chicago II
No change of cars
ii) overland; trains .daily
For tickets, rates, folders and full
information, call on or address,
H DICKSON, City Ticket Agent,
22 3rd St,., Portland.
8. G. YERKES, A. G. P. A.
2nd Avenue and Columbia Street,
Seattle, Wash.
Weglve expedited service on freight.
Route vour shipments via Great North
ern. Full luformatlonfrom
Win, Harder.'.Gen'l. Agent.
. r Portland, Ore, ;
Stage Line
I hereby announce to the public
that I will start up a stage line
between Independence and rialem
immediately after the river boats
stop for the summer. I will do a
general passenger and freight busi
ness. Frank Russell. A'
Meets every Wed. night
In Mitehell Hall.
J. w.
Richardson, K. of-R and 8.
-41 Vlli.fll
ci HsmIwooJ
taai ae af
erssia bsuif
fund fuf thasM
pas by ch Utr
o!iu aura tied lot
' th MauiMtur cf .
IliMlwood Cuttsc f I
Sj.-tioiitHuaaa, fsaaa i i
r ibtr aalasil f l
snv cturactar ia lissat- 1 1
wood le Qssm, In rids- II
a) sad trrKxxKasa Wta
u clw actual rkrhaaa of II
Ks cream of which it fell
naao&ctarad. Only Mrll
frail, vfctabfeor ast Lton 11
ajrf4saBarU4rlarf 1
r r n it r. m. iir,uu
You waat to H IT what rou are aiming at
' be it t:rtl, bjt cr tnifiU Val e Tir
thou count bf fthonttnjf STKV'tSS.
lor 41 yrs STUVtNS ARMS h
carthd ofi I K EM IfcR HONORS lor AC
CL'U AC 7. Our Loci
R!i!as, Shotguns, Pistols
Sen i 4 1 ' m utr i-
1 t it'Hi e Caiai
I f foilil.i-t outfit. A
f.-r fRiti nt
tin!- H ahnotsr.
Sal ) tl hTBVH 4.
1 1 yijti f j.n-t M-tai.
hi; dirett, 1 1-
frrtraj. ft tmvi
r JJcauiih:lth!-cnlrT Aluminum H'-neer will
be turwiu-dea I. r so ccuu m f taropt-
i, Stevens Aras d TccI Co.,
P. O. Eox093
GL Hawkins
Dallas, Ore.
Marble and
Monnmente and Head
stones Cemetery
work etc.
Farmers Feed
and Hitching Shed
Jones Big New -Barn
Teams 10c, Saddle Horse 5c
Rig9 as well as teams Ikept in
the dry. Horses boarded Jby
day, week or month.
J. N. JONE5,
Your Liver
is out of order, You go to bed in a bad
humor and get up with a bad taste in
your mouth. You waut something to
stimulate your liver. Just try Heroine
the liver regulator. A positive cure
for constipation, dyspepsia and all liv
er complaints Aire. i-. Ft. Worth,
Texas, wriits: "Have usei 'Terbine in
my family for yeuis. Won!- can't ex
pr"fesb.atl think slx,tit I . Kveiy
t dy in my household sre In ppy a d
we I, and we owe it lo Herbiue." r5 Id
by D. G. Dove.
All the World
knows that Ballard's Snow Liniment
has i'0 superior for Khuematism, iStifF
Joints, Cuts, Sprains, Lumbago and
all pains. Buy it, try it and you will
alwajs use It. Any body who has
used Uailard's Snow Liniment is a
living proof of what it does. All we
ask of you Is to get a trial bottle.
Price 25c, 50e and 1 1.00; Sold by D.
U. Dove.
Feel Impending- Doom
Tnefee'liug of Impending doom in
the minds of many victims of Bright'a
disease and diabe"es has been changed
to thankfulness by tbe benefit derived
from taking Foley's Kidney Cure. It
will cure incipient Bright's disease and
diabetes atd even in the worst cases
pives comfort and relief. Slight dis
orders are cure! in a few days. "I
bad diabetes in Its worst rorm," writea
Marion Lee of Punreatb, Ind. "I
trixlplirht nbvsicians without relief.
Only three bottles of Foley's Kidney
Cure made me a well man." boia djt
D. G. Dove, Druggist.