West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, July 24, 1906, Image 1

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PAID CAPITAL $30,000.00
TretiMrU a genend ImnkliiK liiin.
made, Drfu mM. 'rfut .ml o..ur.iw
I)rjHM.II reeelveil, Ixns
Kttrnlfitll t'vell nil accounts.
...... i i i., , IhIi. Vlw Trf-.. !rt. ruwll, CIiler
J. It. V. IIUIHT, I .
I. M. Hlini.
fl jaever, Uiott ol llit ffoorft J
ir yards jut the wine I" j
I tin tim f side, M thai
In t i.ll,iii ar eiiod for loir i
, pries sni U I thought better la k
Evcryllilng as.ASr lur-i;;;-;.--';;;;.,,-;:, -
the end. Kvery Induittiofi points
to a fifteen cent opening market
I iiei if this should U the cse I I-
tr figures limy reached later.
Tin yield i thl section will
diultltin equal if not rirwil that
f lh lat wason. llarrixhurg
day Mghi In the Social
Realm of Independence
Xcar Approach cl Hnp-Plcking Time
With Good Crops In View Tend
to Make flop World Cay
flllllPP TUP I IITP t"r 7,"in '' fcrivJ
I IIAlYlIr I Mr I iNl f,: lh-P-crni.to Valley ... I
UlUlilUL IIIL Llllb wil U I'UcvJ ill th Urervlin.lri-
lit. i i-i. i ...i:,t;.
i l.L.r, il filler luimfdsatt- V,
I The other rnstmal, gravi l obtl. -rl
on I'uts't Sound has h--n re-
reived and ;iiKn It U Mo I to
Polk and Marion lollows
the Fool Hills .
OJtXxT gTOOIC, S50.000.00.
a Hi! AM NKiONi Vie PresUlen
" n W. IRVINE, Cll-r.
DIRECTORS. H. HYrrg. ' " "
abject to check.
Eililc Palace fiotel
Independence .
T. Ul. Crtanor, Proprietor $
! g
earerully Supplied Cablet. SpccUl Attention to Commercial trade. J
Day or Night Ci: Promptly attend
ed to. Fine Parlor la Connection.
An Experienced Lady Aslant.
pne, main 273 R.
Licensea by Oregon Btate Hoard of Health.
Largest Country Store in Polk County
ittroson Biros.
' . . . . n nnirr n CTrtDC
POrULAn rmutu gium-
UTy uuuuo oiit vtvv-. , - -
Boots; Shoes, Hardware ana a general mi i "
Butter, Eggs, Poultry, Wool, Mohair and Farm Produce
Generally Bought.
Goods and Groceries, Men's and Boys Clothing,
Simpson -Bros.
ffirlie, Ore
Tho hop cnter of Oregon wi
Mftir Hturly nijht. The ap
proucli of harvest, with the prospect
of a good crop, and a rising pric".
combine to creato ir.terfftt in the
hop induHtry, and the events of
Saturday night fort-halow the ac
tivity that will mark the I'M) hop
picking Beacon a few week hence.
At Independence a band paraaea
tlia Htreets and a big hall w" given
in the opera house. At the Horet
yard of over 400 acres a few niilea
to the north was another ball, ana
at the Krehs Bros, hig yard a tew
miles to the south was a banquet ana
noiah'.e gathering of hop nun.
The Bocial features ol tlie nop
picking season opened up unusually
early this year, aud from Saturday
night until after the crop is saved
this fall, Independence hop district
will he the center of attraction.
At 8 o'clock Saturday evening the
Norm al Cadet Band paraded tbe
streets of Independence and gave
an onen-air concert. Hundreds of
people thronged the streets and
cheered tbe music. Following the
kan.l mncert. a crsnd ball was
piven in tbe opera bouue. The In
denendenco orchestra , discoursed
ojusic, and until the midnight hour
the hall was filled to its capacity
with merry dancers who had an
evening of unusual pleasure.
At the Horst amusement can,
risincr lrom the midst of green trel-
lised hoD vines, another crowd en
joyed au evening of dancing and
The Krebs yard was the scene of
an unusually joyous time. The
Krebs are noted entertainers and
nothing was spared in the prepara
tion for this occasion. It was an
invitation; affair, and at 8:30
o'clock the Salem orchestra struck
ud music, which laBted during the
evening. The doors to the banquet
hall also were ajar until the mid
night hour, and all the delicacies of
the season were served. Dancing,
j aud the trial of John Cordano, in
iliujal made in advance in
dicate that the totil upr.rts t.f
Anifrican manufactures fur the
fiscal year ending with the Ittnt of
June will amount to GK),000.Oi.O.
The prece ling fiscal year's totals
were about .rn,00.000. add ItuK)
showed a total of M34,CKUXX)
The increase of exports in manu
facture in ten years amount to
J(',0er cent, while the gin of
other exports is hut 75 , per cent.
()ur export trade in manufactures
in growing shout twice as fast as
export bueinem in raw materials.
Aggregate imports of materials to
be urfd for manufacture amount to
close to 5'.K),000,()00.
County Line Should Conform to Con
venience and Commercial In
Itrcsls end Cross Eiver
tint contents ( the big tubes
the water used in the city iU be
forced through the SiliTi. and puri
fied. Thee filter are guaranteed
Jt , remove mote tl.au !''J ptr :n t
I nf all linnuriiic . A the wab f
C lines direct from the t-"ritiiu
Itiver it will he bent when hltereo1.
Miss Nellie Davidson
Married at Tacoma
Tacoma Wash., July 21. Avery
Dretty wedding was solemnized at
the Hotel Donelly, on the 11th,
the contracting parties being Miss
Nellie Davidson formerly of Inde
pendence, Ore., the groom, Mr. C.
R. Warde formerly of San Francieco
now in business at Seattle Wasb.
They left for a short trip on the
Sound and will be at boaie to
friends after tho 20th at their
State Board of Horticulture Has Pub
lished and. Is Sending Out Copy
of State Laws on Subject.
Why not tlch that i-trip of
land ac roes the river known as
"Missouri Bottom" to Polk county?
Commercially it belong to Polk.;
The land belong largely to I oik
County people. Many of them live
here and cultivate land serous the
river. The residents come to Inde
pendence to trade and it is cor.vtn
ient for them to take the motor;bere
for the county seat at Dallas.
From Salem, the county feat of
Marion, they are cuu off by a range
of hills making connection with
the Capital City impractical. Land
owners living in Salem iinu iv
moist convenient to come by Inde
pendence to reach their property.
A ferry acroes tbe river at lnae
nendence has come to be an lm
perative demand of the growing
traffic. Marion county has been
asked to bare a share of the burden
of purchasing the ferry bo as to
transfer people to and Iro across
the river free. She has not seen
fit to grant the request. By al
lowing this strip cut off, which is
almost foreign territory to Salem,
the matter ci ferriage would be dis
oosed of. being thrown on Polk
County which would take care of
the matter.
Superintendent Darcy Will Recom
mend Adoption of Central En
ergy System Here
tlreee Front ISe.ieli
A youth sst on Nye Creek Bench,
His bend was in a whirl,
His eyes and mou'h were full of hair
And hi Hrms were full ol girl.
Because the people of Oregon
have paid very little attention to
the law for the protection of the
horticultural industry from fruit
the State Board of Horticul
ture has recently published a brief
Superintendent Dancy will re
commend to the Pacific States
Telephone company that the pres
ent system for Independence, Mon
mouth and Dallas be changed to
the common battery or central en
Hots 15 cent. That is the con
tract price for hops in Independ
ence today. Some are refusing to
contract at that figure. The mar
ket is brighter than for the j aet
Case of Small Pox
In the Country
A case of t mall pox appeared in
the country not far from Indepen -dence
the past week. It is in mild
form but the premises have been
rigidly quarantined to prevent any
possible spread. A few weeks ago,
small pox broke out in the family
of Joe Brown near Airiie. A quar
antine was promptly established
and rigidly enforced and there was
D.3 spread. There is small pox in
the country and has been lor some
time but its very mild. It exists
principally in the larger towns and
cities and because the new9 of its
existence ia suppressed, it occasion
ally is carried to the country. It's
a duty one owes to the public, that
when afflicted with any ailment of
an epidemic nature to consult a
physician promptly and thus avoid
possibility of spreading any contag
ious disease.
Good Rigs for Commercial Men a Specialty.
, Good accommodations. Horses well fed. Uine
rigs Horses boarded by day, week or month.
Teleplione 2To. 203
Independence, Oregon
Painless Extraction
Cooper Building,
Barber Shop.
One door aouth of Postl Office.
Fine Batha m coaneetion with -hop
Independence, B- Obk00"
Tonsorial Artists-
Next door to Little Palace Hotel
Sharp Razors, Prompt Service.
Merchant Tailor
in a pen eral way. that it forbids
aua ine inui oi juuu vui j- j
kangaroo court, were features of the the sale or shipment of diseased
15 ' e...'L Ti ; f nnn linnwn
nnf.hB unt. Conies are being ersrv 8V6tem. Under ttiis sysiem,
delivered to dealers who handle the batteries are all at central
fruit, but none will be sent to grow- office instpad of each subscriber
ers in general. Most people do not having one for his phone. It is
a a. nnian1 lYr-tsllll
know the terms of Jaw, except not necessary 10 nug
The gathering included represen
tatives of English and Eastern hop
taiives 01 ililigUBii mm - - .
dealers who were given a glimpse of the sale of diseased fruit, but also
hoDvard life. Among those in at
tendance were Joe Harris, John
Carmichael, Cbas. Lrnesley, J. J.
Roberts, Henry Carnoyer, Dr. Clay
and Lester Davis of Salem; Julius
Wolfe of SilvertQn; Harry Hart,
Judge Cameron, John Cordano and
Gus Donovan of Portland. Then
there were Miles Porterfield, E. M.
Young, ,W. W. Percival, Sam Ir
vine, the Krebs and others from
Polk county. Seme of the guests
remained over until yesterday and
all voted the reception all that could
be wished for. All will be back for
hop picking. '
It is the woman with a new hat
who never complains because the
sermon is long drawn out.
Hops Looking Good
Around Harrisburg
The hop yards in this part of the
valley are looking very well and
every indication points to a splen
did vield. In a number of the
Obkogb while there are very few in others.
fruit. It is not generally known
that the law applies not only to
the spraying of diseased trees aDd
to the sale of impure spraying ma
terials. The law requires dealers
in spraying materials to give the
purchaser written guarantee of the
purity of the goods. This is an im
portant provision, for there have
been instances known of growers
buying materials that were not
only worthless, but really harm
ful to the trees. The grower went
to the expense of buying materials
and putting it ou the" trees and
without any return for his labor.
One grower it is reliably declared,
purchased spray material which
killed all the foliage on his trees
and will probably result in the
death of the trees themselves.
Is It Worth While?
"Is it worth while that we jostle a
Bearing his load on the rough
road of life?
Is it worth while that we jeer at
each other
did yieict. in a uuiuuw war to ine Knner ww ,. v n
yards no lice have been discovered, God pity us all in our pitiful strife." stalled by the Wlametto Valley
' .... t: xniior ComDanv. which owns the Albany
this system, taking down the re
ceiver produces a flash light at
central and the subscriber is an
swered. . The management also
contemplates doing away with a
large number of patrons on the
same line. There are now nioe
and ten on some family lines in In
dependence and it is the purpose to
cut them down so that not more
than five will be on any line.
The Lebanon flouring mills, the
property of John E. Drucks, were
destroyed by fire at a late hour to
Saturday with the contents and the
entire plant is a total loss. The
loss on building and stock will ag
gregate about $15,000, while Mr.
Druck's iqsurance on the property
was only about $5,000. This is
the second attempt to burn the
mill in a few months.
Pore Mountain Water
For City of Albany
Albany ,0r., July 23. It is now
but a matter of a few days until
Albany will have pure mountain
. . .1.-. fnr nan in the CltV. 1136 Slll-
In blackness oi nean, mat wo .
I 1 f il.A Clinaa i
cate sand for the filters recently in-
Joaquin Miller Company, which owns the Albany
H. Wunder lately paid Charlie
Davis $450 for 20 acres of timber
Tommie Sullivan has lately pur
chased a new open buggy. Young
ladies look out.
Miss Irene Dodd of Falls City
passed through Antioch Sunday,
enroute to Monmouth where she is
attending the summer school.
Miss Nellie Gardner of Mon
mouth, who taught a good school
here last winter has been employ
ed to teach our school this fall.
Purchase Hardwood Mill
Fred Oberer and E. A. Meyer
were up from Kainer the latter
part of the week and purchased the
hardwood mill that has been idle
here most of the time since Mr.
Oberer left last spring. The mill
has a capacity for 15,000 feet a day
and will be removed to the west of
Falls City where the proprietors
have contracted for 7,000,000 feet
of timber.
New Farmers' Line
Poles and wires are up and
phones now being installed on the
new Parker line connecting the
Dickinsons, S. H, McElmurry,
Moses Peterson, Anderson, Mrs.
Davidson, Ellis Davidson, Mr.
Lacey and others. Contracts are
signed up for a farmer line to
Buena Vista and branching off tak
ing in Suver. The Buena Vista
line extends to Walter Roy,
Tom Pomeroy, Wm Steele across
tbe river.