West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, April 04, 1905, Image 2

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    West SMc enterprise
VAin:uiL'ox, r.mrvn
SabsorpUon, $1.50 Pet Vest
tt r ,
in.n Hlir ,.,...
rather ! B
WWiburn, Silvtrton, Mt.
of Mar-
This is ilevil'i'motl ft f
Titer rt enough Interested
in ngriruUurnl (uiauils is this
vicinity to support strong
grange ortfanitation t Inde
pendence. t
Deeds 01 Daring .
(luXTisri n rKM nnsr ru )
tba barrel from another gun of th
tame caliber.
It reroainrd for i?berUr James
Culver of Martin county, IVjuity
Sheriff Harry Mlnto and Warden
Frank CurtU of the penitentiary to
M-cure evidence rjveallnn the Iden
tity of the partiea furnishing tbi
A!W iwft veara and ten month
ion county are adive m propar-j the. oncers aro convinced ther
in j a display jor inc
Clark Fair. County JuJ?e
fecit is also taking an active
interest. He attend" meeting
over the county and personally
encourages the people to take
an interest in preparing an
exhibit for Marion county.
The people of Marion are to be
com men Je J for the enterprise
they are manifesting. But what
thev are doing in Marion is be
ing" done for Marion county and
not for Polk. It is time interest
in Polk county's exhibit should
be general and every citizen of
the county exerting himself or
herself toward building up the
Tolk countv exhibit. Mrs. F.
A. Wolfe o"f Falls City is in
charge and upon application she
n-ill give directions as to grow
ing, preparing and placing any
thing you may have for the ex
hibit. The folk county coun,
liav tba evidence that will con
viot Harry Wright and Charlie
Monte, r.'tb served in the Oregon
Iteniientiary with Tracy and Mer
rill, ltoth wfM discharged from
Driaon a few daya before tba out
break and the iuppoaition it tbat
Tracy had it arrange with them
to bring the guna over tba walla at
night and cache them at the work
ing place of Tracy aid Merrill in
the ahopa.
Harry Wright id an Oregon re
form school boy aa well aa an ex
convict. Since hia release from the
penitentiary he baa been cor.7tcted
of grand larceny committed in
Kittitas county, Wash., and is
serving a 3-year sentence In Waila
Walla under the name of Mutehart.
Monte is back again in the Oregon
CMC ItSdc la UielcaJ and Improve
ment Order u! Tfce Day
At Munmoutti
THC!! Dabaticr Ls"
arranged for McMlnoville College
tm to inet the Normals next
Friday night In the Normal As
tembly Hall. Monmouth will taka
the negative on the tame question
that the teams were to have de
bated Wore. Several change
hare Iwn made In the team and
the. following gentlemen will repre
ent the Normal, Messra. A. H.
WheeWk, Herbert Coffey and
Grave Crowley.
The germs and microtaa of afreet
improvement hav struck in deep
on our citiiena and aa a result a
force of men and teams ia engaged
in grading and draining several of
the moat need streets. A consider,
able amount of money ha been
raised for hauling gravel and it i
expected that a radical improve
mentwill result therelroui. There
ia not a day but home-seekers may
b aeen on our streets and if Mon
mouth expects to Ret her share of
these people she rot get alive
and stay alive. A meeting of tht
Civic Club will be held Tuesday
evening for 'the porpoe f out
lining a plan of cleaning up work
to be done this spring.
Mrs. E. E. Smith of Seattle
visited relatives here Ust week.
J. L. McWborton and family of
Missouri are the gueets of L. C. L.
Moore. Mr. McWborton is very
favorably impressed with this coun
try and will locate here.
Miss Carol Huber has gone to
Gilliam county where, she will
penitentiary doing a six-year term
for Ui-opiiv committed in Pendle
ton in 1902. H was sentenced Jipend the summer,
under the name of "v. Fenrett.
Both were suspected of the daring
deed of carrvinff Runs over the
-hieh should take the lead in prison stockade at the time of the
the matter, has not been very
ressive in assuring for Polk
first nlaee at the big Fair, but
the people make generous al
lowance for the illness of the
County Judge. Since the pre
BidiuV member is almost on bis
feet again, preparations for the
exhibit will no doubt be hurried
forth. The Lewis
and Clark Club of Independence
hare set a good example in tak
ing steps to secure a fruit dis
play. Every town and locality
should be active. We are in
the contest. Polk is the best
county in the state. For two
years in succession ehe lias won
Wa Wmium aeainst all compe
tition at 'the 'State Fair. She
or,f afford to lose out at Port-
i,i Ts than two months
till the Fair opens. Let Pkep
akatios be the watchword.
Qfr,W there was $30,000
.r. of mohair sold in Dallas,
yet, according to the official enu
meration of industrial pro
ducts, Oregon has neither goats
, mohair. Near $1,000,000
rtr, of hops' were grown in
piv nonntv the past year, but
if the census report is to be be
lieved, Oregon produces no
hop3. .
There is no evidence to prove
that Sam Simpson sat on any
other point than on the banks
of the river at . inaepenaeucc,
when composing that classic
poem, "Beautiful Willamette."
outbreak and both were ahadowed,
but positive evidence was lacking.
Wiight was in hiding several
months after the outbreak. The
evidence in the hands of the of
ficers will be submitted to the
grand jcry in saesion at Salem this
It cannot be officially said of
Willamette valley. people we are
nf nrunes. According to
the census enumeration of pro
ducts, we have no prunes.
Only two months till the
tMpnt will touch the button
the Lewis and
Clark Fair swing open.
Tbfi Man Behind" will now
give way to "The Man with a
The man who is satisfied with
himself ia terribly disappointed
in other people.
B. F. Jones of Toledo, ex-joint
ronronentative of Polk and Lin
coln, is stirring the people of his
ooontv ud on the importance ot
preparing a display for the wwis
nd Clark Fair and taking aavan-
tage of the opportunities now open
ti verv lodahty in Oregon.
'T,pt ns remember." says Jnen
nvanklin Jones, "that each of Ore
gon's thirty-three counties will try
to be Johnnw-on-tbe-spot wnen u
to advertising her own in
terests. Lincoln county, with her
;iao nf roast line and four bar
bors, one of which is destined to be
h. ffntnwav to the Orient, berncn.
alluvial valleys, with her 'fifteen
K?tHnn foe.t of timber awaiting tne
U"" "
Knn of labor and capital, and
Hitchcock's proclamation to place
?f nnnn the markets of the world;
with her twenty thousand acres of
tide land and a dairying country
eecond only to Tillamook, and a
i rHmntfl almost perfect; with a sum
mor rBnrt already famous, cannot
afford to lie down and sleep the
eolden opportunities away. It be
hooves us to get a move on us and
get out suitable neat, nice, unique,
up-to-date literature in a concise
form, with suitabjo cuts, showing
our bays, principal public ouua
ines. and coast scenery. In fact,
we want to get in on swelling tiae.
Mr. W. E. Hridwell has return-
ed from Portland where sue nat
been attending a business college.
Howard Guynne, of Portland, Is
visiting relatives here.
t,. J II Herren has eone to
Seattle to spend the summer with
her parents.
Miu Ellen Johnson, the ,S$r
school superintendent, spent Satur
day and Sunday here.
W J. Mulk-v returned Saturday
from Eutrene where be has been for
eome time looking after bis farm.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Howell left
Sunday for Nevada where they
will soend the summer at me
p; int. Knob mines. Before leaving
fnr tba irold fields, Mr. Howell gave
bi residence two coats of white
nnint. cut down a new sidewalk
and gaye his property a general
firin uo that is worthy ot emula
tion by every citizen of Monmouth.
Thfl Hon. Ike" Bingham, mem-
Kor nf tbe late legislature from
Lane county, makes the bold state-
mDr,t that laws not to tbe lixing oi
tbo railroads cannot be enacted by
the legislature. This statement
discloses a peculiar state of affairs
indeed and presents a tnougnt tor
sideration by the people
ova -
-t Viann the members of
Ufa V liJf7 - . .
tbe legislature are elected.
.Brownsville Times. 4
Standing rigs after 9 P. M. 25c
I. W. Dickinson.
Thomas G. Greene one of the
authors of the direct primary law,
explained to a Peoples Forum
audience in Portland Sunday,
something of the pnrpo&a of the
He said:
"T5ut the liw was not the creat
ure of simple inclination nor the
whim of some set of men wno nau
hobbies to ride. It was th out-
r on universal desire on tbe
UUUID " " "
part of the people for. relief trom
the established political rule, ay
that it is not meDt a revolt from a
party creed, but rather a swinging
of the pendelum back towards the
simplicity of the first days of the
Renublic when the Nation was,
strictly speaking, a government of
for and by the people, not an in
strument in the hands of political
bosses or parlies. The. direct
primary law was simply the call of
the people for protection, the cre
ation oi an instrument by which
thev could shield themselves from
the effects of politics and tna eviis
of machine rule."
r Vl. 1 1 ten t, Wntd or imH.r
HUomi Hire ln-"lii M e'Mu.
ll,icitti ! llX'lltll ,a WHia.
FOR FALK Small lot of ho
ro.Ua, tniulr at HUr tlroiry.
FOH HAI.K Engl!h Clutter anj
Krl i'netl ben rvtr;
mj. Hill !'.
FOH SALE bushels A 1
eedtat;ls.ijuantiiy of Deft-
anee seed wheat. Addreaa or
..ln.w. Kva"-. Tarkf-r,
FOR SALE Mrs. J. W. Itkhard.
ami Im at her boint on
m i a " t - - -
Monmouth street, California
Medicated eoap. This soap is
good for aorea, chapped hands,
i.i.k ,,1 .lon.Irutr etc. HV?
per cake or three for 2"c.
FOR PALE. In town of Mon
mouth 2 acrea land, bouse, bam
nod orchard on same. A bargnin
Apply to John Nichols, Monmouth.
FOR SALE Pwtalum Incubater
mn.X hr.Ki.Iir near'v new. Call on
- 0
S. Welch, Indepndcuc Ore
aelect ren a of Plack Min
orcaa. Tearl Gumeaa and Pekin
Pucks. Also Jf ea of Minorcaa
and 6 pairs Goineaa for sale
C. I. r.allard. Rickreall Oregon
FOR PALE Pur blood Rarred
Plymouth Rock eggs for sale
1.00 per setting. (Phone Ho
fifmnri line J. F. Grovea.
FOR SALE A chh1 aecond band
buggy. Enquire at this ollioe.
FOR SALE Hogs, boats weigh
r .Iwnit T.- lbs. 1'lack Uros.
FOR BALE At a bargain, a good
county store. Enquire of W. L.
Bristow. Airlie, Oregon.
rn furnish a. ffeW HettltlCS of
Blue Andalusian eggs, 15 for SO
cts. Ieave orders at Star Gro-
The Very Heat Uewsrdy for ItoW
el Trouble No Family Van
Allord to iUt VTHIioiit II.
VI renr4 ChambwWii'a folio, Choi
era and Diarrhoea itemed? aa one of
the verv best reiuedl tor bowel Irolib-
lea," my Mr. J. W. il anion, editor of
the Despatch, (.Mm. (Jeorgla. I
tttke thin tuU-iovnl after having ueJ
the me iiclne lu uiy family fr aeveral
eara. I am naver without It." No
family caa afford to be without a
little of ihla reuiady lu the bouaa. It
ia certain tu ha neeel aooner or later..;
For aale by F. M. Ktrklaml, tbe drug-
SUta llarjfalns
Depoe Charley has three bargaita
i land on the Sileti. It will pay
any one wanting bargains In laud
to investigate.
One 80-acre tract lies on piaiur
aaoue Deal's Iane. inis i an
Ideal summer home, good naning,
eood pastore, good touriBt camp
ins ground. The cascara tree
orrowa on tbia nlace. It a offered
6-- "
for $12 an acre.
Another 80-acre two miles from
the, mnl th of the Siletz. near the
kiiv m '
cannery can be bought for $10 an
A third 80 acres lies on the south
side of Depoe Bay and is all prair
ie land on which fat cattle are now
grazing; can be bad for $12.50 an
The owner invites any one want-
ins a niece of land to come and
t tliAan tracts and then be
governed bv his own judgment
B - .
Address Depoe Charley, , blietz,
Ore. .
I wmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmmmm
y. t u
Rod A i
it.naF f Ointments for Ca
tarrh that Contain Merenry.
.NdlK'O of I'lnal WettleiHiMit.
la the lnt f of lli adiiiliil.tratl iii
of thai stale f I ti N ioU, dafl.
N..ih- ta hrr;'y given thai Ira V.
1'nacll, h adioitiUlralt.r of tha ralata
f l-a! N!elMU, doeKl, haa tali
irvl aod prawn trd fir arllleiuetit anil
AM In aal l wurt lit" filial aw'Uiil
,il.Iii!ilraliil f l'l LI; auil
that MfMay, rt dy r May,
IwA, at olio uYIw I'. M., at Hie court
riwmiofaald court at lha eoiiri tiouta
la kal4 Tola enuuty, haa in at point
mi by tha said oourt fr tba aUWat
f aald aw'Mid. at bleb lioia ami
! pmt mi) im tlilertwlrd In all
,.(( waV alHiearaiiil aorpi iw rwa
1 auti i-"iiU- tht aaina.
Ira 1 1'owalt,
Nwllce lor I'utiirnliwu
tiara htmkxt oruiK imxioti,
.anl oinea at trfHi City, Oregon,
February il IWX
Notice la heiehy glvan thai lha fob
lowtlnf liaiiiiHi settler baa (lied notlea
of los Intention to nissa final priMil lo
aiiHirt of li'a claim, and that said
prf will U iniMle lfor Ilia H-fc-Utar
od liwrlver, at Oregon I'Uy, Or K".
oil AHI 12, lisw via: Fiederlck K.
Howe, out of the lielra of Mary M.
Howa. deoraml. It. K. No. I'-'S-, fT
tht H. I of N, B. trf. It, T. R,
it. a v.
lit tiamea tha folio lug wltneaava to
pniTt bit eontlnunu rettdeiiea utMin
and rullivailoii of aald land, yli ; John
Cllna, of Pixlee. Oregon j John V.
Iloueo, of r.l-e, Orrgout Paul lUmeo.
of Pe,ie, Oregon I Hart toro, of
I'tdue, Oregon.
For the New Comers
Benefit this summer
Have One
Put In
mm "
Notice for Publication
Land Office at Oregon City, Oregon,
February 25, 1906.
NTfitlfffl la herebv eiven tbat tbe fol-
lowiDg-named settler baa filed notice
of bis Intention to make nnai prooi in
support of bis clttim, and that said
proof will be made before the Iteglster
,i n..,lv.r. atOreeron City, Oregon,
on April 12, 1905, viz: Frederick E.
smell and completely " 7 ' 7 . o 7 u -i rn q u
i - fl- n ir t ii rout ii ii e iiiuvuun i u iv a jtt n fii n iia t nvju. i
H HMTII W lit: u cmw" ' " - ,v4--'a-
iirface. Hnf h artk-le ithouia nerer ve umm
M e.-uintinn from r'PUla)le phy
alclann. an the damage they w,ll do In ten
fold to the good you can possibly drl ve from
them. Hall'a Catarrh Cure, manufactured
by F. J Cheney 4 Co.. Toledo, O., contalni no
men-ury, and la taken InUraally, acting di
rectly opon the blood and mitcona aurfaeeB
of the ayatcm. In bi'ylng Hallf Catarrh
Cure be aura you get tbe genuine. It la taken
Internally and made In Toledo, Ohio, by V.
J, Cheney 4 Co. Tedtlmoulala free. ,
old by Dniifglsla. Price , 76c. per bottle.
Take Hall'a Family P11U for constipation.
R. 7 W.
He name the following witnesses to
prove his continuous renidenee upon
and cultivation of suid land, viz: John
Cline, of I'edee, Oregon; John V.
h. of I'edee. Oreooti ; Paul Itonco,
nf Pedee. Oregon ; Harah Eonco, of
Pedee, Oregon.
Leave Indeentlnno for Albnu)
daily. H P. M ; Ux Corvallia. Mon
daya, WVlnrsdaya, Fridays, and
Fatonlaya at 8 P. M.
Iava Independent for Portland
daily, 9 A. M.
noMru umw. no 4 ic trf v
5 MteU every Wed. nlKht
'7 JO illiu'iiru nan.
1 Artlmr C. f
J. W. Hleiardsu. K. of H and 8.
Merchant Tailor
Bank Iluilding,
Imdetexdicnck, ' Oiitooa.
avea Indi-iwo-
anr for M,n.
niuuth and Aim
T a. m.
a aa y. iu.
moutoand I'allaa
ll-rtia. m.
a l l p. m.
L'ea WoiunoMth
fur AlrliK.
T:'i a. m.
:V p. m.
Vim Moiimoutti
(or oallaa.
tl:3 a.m.
a:iHi p. ni.
', Imi Alrlt f"f
M.mmoiuli ana
a. in,
i4 p. m.
!, IVIIaa lar
Moiiniouth and
I -W p. m.
iaM Jtiinmoiilh
ll Jnirmll(lmiO
frWa. ro.
I Mi p. in.
' ;l '
a;U0 "
avi !ndr(o.
den- Air Mon,
3:0ft p. tu .
I 6(0. 1. Rodflcrs d Co
Call mo by phono and get
Full Particulars
Fine Wines,
Cigars, and Deer
oi Draught,
or in Bottles, at
Independence, - Oregon
I. L. SMITH; Proprietor.
Palnlea. Kxtraotlon Cooper Hutldlt...
, . , Oregon