West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, February 07, 1905, Image 4

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Social and Personal.
Mrs. J. C. Morrison tu in Salero character at the masquerade
Saturday. J. K. Soar of McCoy was h
Deputy Sheriff Aura Ford was Independence yesterday.
over from Pallas t-umiay.
Mr. W. A. Messner and little
daughter visited relatives at Mc
Minnville over Sunday.
Mrs. Dr. Kelty of Salem was the
gvest of her sister, Mrs. W. A.
Messner, the past wek going to
McCoy Saturday.
Supt. Starr pawed through the
city Saturday on his way to Buena
II. Hirschberg attended the fu
neral of the late Edwin Stone
which was held at Albany Sunday.
Southard Talbott of Falls City
pasted through Independence Sat
orday on his way to Portland.
Miss Lettie Mastereon returned
home Sunday after visiting friends
In Portland.
Teddie Irvine was a passenger to
Corvallis Saturday.
Mrs. Messner of McMinnville,
mother of Mayor Messner is visit
ing in the city.
Mrs. B. F. Baker and daughter
of Oregon City have been guests
at the home of Mrs. Baker's daugh
ter, Mrs. Hoffman of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Wood ar
rived from Arlington Sunday and
will locate in Independence. Mr.
Wood has seceded a position in
the grocery store of R. H. Knox.
Jas. Harris celebritd his eighti
eth birthday Sunday. Mrs. J. M.
Larson, a daughter, and children
from Saver, J. D. Harris and B.
W. Harris of .Wells, sons ot Mr.
Harris, were present, making a
pleasant family reunion. -
Get ready for the masquerade.
Regular, hdw-lha masuerad
Tuesday night of next week.
There will be some grotesque
Mr. Thurston of Soup Crvek was
an Independence visitor Monday.
Nat Burch and Ben Lucas of
Bickresll were In the city yester
day, '
Dr. E. P. Hill, who has been a
gueet of Dr. Thompson here, left
for Portland yesterday.
The only masquerade of the
eaaon will bo ou St. Valentine's
day, TOfsday of next week.
Trues for the best sustained
character and for the most comioal
character will be given at St.
Valentines maquerade.
TLoee visiting Independence
from Lewisville and Airlio yeeter-
dv were: Henry Staats, tmmitt
Staats. Orin Bagley, Henry Smith,
Wm. Williams, Mart Staats, Mar
vin Smith and Asa Staats.
, Claude Korre, the harness man
has taken George Dunham into
the business with bim as partner.
Mr. Dunham is a practical har
ness man. Both he and Mr. Kurre
are young men of energy and
enterprise and excellent standing
In dealing with them, the public
will find not only men who are up-to-date
in their line, but men of
Superintendent Fields and
Engineer Donald of the Southern
Pacific attended the minstrel show
last night. In a special car yester
day they made the circle around
Polk county, going from Indepen
dence to Whiteson, thence to Dallas
and back to place of starting.
Tbey spent the night in Mon-
mouth. r " ";
St Valentines Day, Feb. 14.
Geo. Hinshaw of Dallas was a
caller hen Thursday.
Mr. Hrcker of Buena Vlcta
oalld on friends her Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Conn of Airlie
were guest of Mr. and Mrs. I. T.
Peterson Sunday.
Mr. A. B. Lacey made busi
ness, trip to Albany last week.
Mrs. Kerr spent last week with
her daughter Mrs. Ed Steel.
Mrs. James gave a dinner Sun
day In honor of her little daugh
ter Lenora's tenth birthday. Those
present w rs: Mr. and Mrs. Joe
James, Mr. and Mrs. John James.
Mr. aodMrs. C. Booue, Mr. and
Mre. Orley Allen, I-enora James,
Miss Unit James, L. -Woods aud
Velena Fuqua.
The delicious dinner, delightful
weather and the reunion of the
members ot the family were suffi
cient reason for a most enjoyable
day. ,
Mrs!. Lida Davidson is living iu
Portland at present
Mrs! McReynoldsof Buena Vista
was a passenger on the North
bound train Sunday.
Little Sermon a,
Vielence symbols weakness
strength shows itself in patience
and poise.
If we are ever damned it will
not be because we have loved too
much, but because we have loved
too little.
Theonly men who should
preach are those who can and who
have done things.
The sense of humor consults in
knowing a big thing from a little
Art is the beautiful way of doing
things. Civilization is the expe
ditous way of doing things.
TuAharl r those who educate
people to appreciate the things
they need.
The author who has not made
warm friends and then lost them
; n hour bv writinn things that
did not aeree with the preconceiv
a Ma nf the friends has either
cu aj v
written well or has not MOD
Capt. Mitchell with a party of;
friends came up from Salem Sun-1
day in the capUin's little Bteam
launch. Mr. Mitchell is a nephew
of Mrs. L. Damon.
The Misnes Wann of Salem
were the guests of Loran Wann
over Sunday.
Ira Smith of Vale eastern Ore
gon visited relatives in Indepen
dence and Monmouth the past
week, returning home Monday.
Miss Ellen Johnson of Suver
was, in Independence the last of
the week.
Miss Joseph Holmes A.' of McCoy
visited Miss Marguerite Pomeroy
the latter part of the week.
The Misses Owen, Inez Warner,
Lcrjise Waller, and Julian Hurley
will take the State teacher's ex
aminations this week.
Mrs. W. G. Cressy and Miss
Pearl Squire were in Portland the
first of the week.
J. W. Coovert and Wilson Way
irit hrfi transferred their in-
asu -- -
forest In the Dallas Axe-handle
factory to William Faull.
nnnnt Surveyor John P. Van
firsdel ran the lines Friday and
Saturday dividing the Hill estate
into two equal parts. The place
aiA ot 640 acres, an entire
section, originally taken up by
Henrv Hill and wife. During the
life time of both no division lines
were necessary but since the death
nf Mr. Hill it requires a survey
to establish the boundary lines of
hia half of the section.
The ladies of the Methodist
church will gief another of their
lovelv fairs during the season for
wAAt neaa. which will be in June
1 and July. Those contemplating
"making entrees should begin culti
vating their sweet peas early. -
l.,a'a minstrels aDD eared at
uaca-ua -
the opera house last' night. They
apa rreted with a good audi-
"--o " ,
ence and a very satisfactory snow.
Marsh Mnrwin could not resist
th temntation to do the cake-
,oilr ant vpRterdav when tne
n -w j ,
"coon" band struck up ragtime
music on the street.
The comic opera, "Trial by Jury"
;ii k (riven At the ooera bouse
ntii w e
nn th aveninz of February ii, in
.,aA f the 7th an was stated in
D.vau v ww '
ast issue.
Services At Opera Houne.
Dr. E. P Hill ot the First Free
church of Portland
nreached to the people of Indepen
. - r, J
dance at the opera House unaay
- 1 .1 5
evening. The bouse was crowuea
k. nn imriiative audience, lne
choir, composed of the best sing
ers from the various churches in
tua Urr ami eA bv Rev. A. V.
Soper, rendered some very excel
lent music. Prof Aylswortn was
at the piano while the sweet strains
of the violin as played by , froi.
Qaolew aridftd mnch to the mUSlC.
WVivivj -
Dr. Hill, being an eloqnent speaK
er held the audience in rapt atten
tion throughout the sermon
Twelve stood up and announced
their intentions of becoming
Sunday evening. The series of
moat intra will continue until Fri-
UJVbklUfjU -
day at the Presbyterian cnurcn
Call And Settle.
TTivine taken a partner into the
harness business, all ' indebted to
me prior to this date ' are request
ed to call and settle back accounts.
All accounts coming to me person-
nmnat be settled bt : the 15 of
this month.
' For tha 8anitarium Habit there
There is no copyright on stupid
a aneA lima to laueh is when
von see a-miahty bundle of pre
tenre and affectation coming down
the street.
You can only help yourself by
helping others
It is a ereat blessing to be born
into a family where strict economy
of time and money is necessary
The idea that nothing shall be
aaiaA and that each child must
tv can nv
carve out for himself a career is a
thrice-blessed heritage.. Rich par
ents are an awful handicap to
nnth! few indeed there are who
j ,
have the strength
made in all
leathers and
19 ONE
T. 1 rtii.a.U-
People's asb Store
Walnut Tret For
For English walnut trees write
to Brooks Sons. Carlton, wre..
Walnut Nursery.
Winter ItaU-a to laquin
In order to accomodate the many
people who wish to make a winter
- . 3 ...lLa.M
trip to Yaquina pay, m mu.
Pacific company will sell on
Wednesdays and Saturdays of each
week, until March 31. 1005, round
irin tickets, at low rates, to Va-
nuina and return, limited to sixty
days from date of sale. Those who
l.ir to take advantage oi nn-
rate should apply to nearest South
ern Pacific agent for tickets. Agts:
Oregon City, Harrinborg. Aurora.
HilUboro, Woodburn, ewDern, oa-
lem, Sheridan, Jefferson, rorrn
Jrove, Springfield, McMmnvllie,
Brownsville, Independence, Ml
gene. Lebanon. .
The Original
Foley a Co., Chicago, oriulnaled
Honey and Tar at a throat aud lung
remedy, and oe aewonl of the great
merit aud popularity of Foley 's Honey
and Tar many Imitations are offered
fur the Keuulne. Aik for roi-r.i n
Hti and Tar and refuae any mb-
lltuta offered a no other prrparauon
wlir kWs the aame aatUractloa. II ia
mii.llv laaatlve. IteonUlnanooiilatea
nd la tafcat for children ana ueiicai
peraona. Hoia by A. is liocae.
Slckenlnir Shivering Fits
of Ague and' Malaria "cau ba relieved
nrf nured with Electric Hlltera. J ma
la a pure, tonic medlcmet of eepeolal
benefit to malaria, for It exerU a true
curative Influence on the dlaeaae, driv
ing it entirely out of the syatem. 11 ia
much to be preferred to Quinine, hav
ing none of thle drug's bad after-ef-fecta.
E. S. Munday, of Henrietta,
Tex., wntee: "My brother waa vary
low with malarial fever and Jauodloe,
till he took Electric Blttera, which
saved bis life. At A. B. Locke'a drug
stores price 60c, guaranteed.
Valentine at Craven and Moore,
ferni-t hint new and up-to-date
in valentines at Craven A Moore's,
Moore'a Half Invlr-rator and
Newbro's Ilerpicide for uanuruu
and falling hair or diseased acaip
old In bulk.&fV? 8 oi., or applied
neoesaary by Moore & Taylor's, the
bathers on C street.
Nice lace valentines for a penny
at Craven A Moort'e.
See the Jumping jack valentine
at Craven A Mr . bometuing
If it is neat, up-lo (Jate job print-
. t I . a . - utk. m t
ng you are loosing ir,
this office.
Nice fresh taffy s at Craven A
J. M. McCsndleia, the n&w pro
prietor of the Independence liie
factory, has for sale a large quan
tity of tiling. If in need of tile
give Mr. McCandleas a call ana
your orders will be promptly filled.
Kotlceto I'ublle.
Ws wish to announce to Ibe
publio that we have sold our cigar
store on C street, neit door to the
Little Palace Hotel, to J. D. White,
akeraod our entire attention will
be devoted to our stationery store
nn main atreeL OurStock will be
materially increased and it is our
Intention to meet the every want
of the public in our line making
this the leading stationery store in
Polk county.
Craven & Moore.
fleo. T. Rogers eo
Fine Wines,
Cigars, And Deer
, on Draught,
or in1 Dottles, at
Inckpcnctence, - OrtW
I. L. SMITH; Proprietor.
to stand pros-
Barber Shop.
One door south of Post Office.
Fine Baths in connection with shop
Independence, Oregon.
Firstclsss Home Accomodations
Monmouth, Oregon. Hates II per
He v. Carlisle IM. MarUn, LUX
OlWaverlr, Tesaa, writ: "Of
hn flrat ariillll. I w
find a lrwblHmeo:!fiioa 01 j
which jjkkIuomi a cough ana n
hulaamall qutfti
of Hallardji Horehouod Syrup will
oncedtalodgelt, and tbs troobi
f bnAarnfliolliadlCiaS ia
Mual to It, and It la p1a.nltetiK
- .1 .... - ...Nd H
I can nul ooroiauy -
throat or lung trouble," Sold uy a.
Lock. . ,"
lit mB itewo w" rv' ' i
Cure ai ins nni
. . , i.... i wmitii wear aj.
k..Uaoa a victim of Bright
as.- There la danger In lsy,
II Foley's Kidney Curs Is Uk
one. the symptoms will. IPPJ 1
kidneys art. treoglhof3r
m aouud and well. A. !
. I.. ! in avt BP
or twelve time in the night,
a severe backache and pan"
. .. .. . Anrvil bv r01
KldnvCure. Hold by A. 6.
is n6"clire"save Tpoyerty.
At last we must admit that the
man who towers above his fellows
(a the one who has the power to
make others work for him; a great
success is not possible in any
other way.
How's This?
w. .irndm Hundred Dollara Reward for
any cae of Catarrh that can net be cored by
Hall'i Catarrh Core.
B" J r. H K"i E Y dt UU.. 1 Oiea, w.
nr thm undnniliined. hare known F, J.
Cheney for the taut 15 yearn, and believe him
perfectly honorable in an duhiubm ""
action and flnanclally able lo carry out any
obligation, made by hi firm.
Wholerele OrUKKlaW, Toledo, O.
it. ii. r-ittrrh Care U taken Internally
acting directly npon the blood and mneoni
aurfucM or tna ayieui. inumuu.
ee, Prlca 75 cent per bottle. Hold by all
Take Hall', Family PIHa for constipation.
A Orlm Traireidy
la daily enacted In thousand of home
nth r.laime. In each one. another
victim ol Consumption or Pneumonia.
But when Cough and Colda are prop
erly treated, the tragedy is avertod.
F. O. Huntley, or Oaslandon, in.,
.hi- Mv wife bad the consump
tion, and three doctors gave her up.
Pln.Ilv aha took Dr. KiDe'B 1NW UW-
covery tor Consumption, Coughs and
Colda, which cured ber, ana loaay ne
U well and strong." It kill tb germ
of all dleae. One do reUevea.
Ouaranteed at 60e and f 1.00 by A. 8.
Loce,-rugglar'rtlsl oottl trm.r
.. I w
Harness Harness
Just received a fine assortment of harness andoth
er harness store goods.
luu nuuu inu guuus unu uur prices uf v
will meet Salem or any other city in prices.
Call and examine f Or yourself.
. , i Oregon