West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, January 24, 1905, Image 4

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    Social andPersonal.
K.rl Weatberford,
. . V.i.i.tal till I
- ..f 1 1 .1 tin i hk i i nuiiimi . -
vi.it in southern Oregon. whMt Brow.r( wWl.
Kugn Wwd living la North frUnJ- her durlng t. e week.
Independence U down wllh f Portland. tUlteil
Pi Mr. Homer IliU
turned yeaterday from a two
now a
ond attack of appendicitis
I n .
r ill.n Tattrii0n 01 rrocner,
IUI niiv
Wash., vltdted at the born, of F. A.
Patter.on in thi. city over 8nd.y.
uni- TidKel returned to
Portland yesterday after .pending
I . ...... .iVa Mn.
rolati ve. here the la.t of the week .
r n V. P.utler. ol Olex,
411 1
visiting at the home of her parent
Mr. and Mra. W.J. .muh-j
Mia Loretta Smith i. uperin
Rftfl. WADE &C0.
tia r-ftllaa public school is
closed on account of scarlet
fever. One fatality has oc
curred and all homes where
there is a case are unu Portland jay aner 4h. work of Pnrl. Ui
.r.ntine and have been twowwka wUh her mother, Mr., wnmng hlbit for
tince Saturday. There are Johneou. the Lewi, and Clark Ktpoetioo.
. . 1 .nArf linil I - . I.r .t .!. I. Ulna devutfd tO
nine cases ai , iV ll Peartor uavenpon, mucn -
X .uthorUie. an, taking IIJ'J ".Amn ..J 0. lW, ... . U.U,
precaution against furthor JohMM of s.l.m. bth.r l. di,rl., 1. pro-taJ.
r . . ft-i ... ir truins i ...tha fftieeU of Dr. anil Pmf. n c. French, of the
llv h-tween Dallas and Mm. Allin over Sunday. ton Nornial BChool .pent Thur.day
a day between mj Ld Fridat here.
Independence an. i ofc I ,ppMn. Q - of Uplon, r.lif,
the disease gem. g m roUnoer, h. her. looking for a bu.lne.. loca-
We is immmenu -- ,
- . i nirinra i
fPSCnPr urces the people 10 f
" " " o. it,.. nt aro havme me rei b. r. wuurr, wi
take nTheir big hop yard cut Und Norm4l .ohool .pent Sunday,
ures. Monmouth should ao P Tbe h. Ure
likewise, mescnuu! Uryed them .ix year, and they are p08tmaiter LbCM ha. arranged
ingS should all be lumigawu i Mag cut off at the grouna i uh Kdward p, dieUict
j Catherines . .t c..... for the daily
onii Till i va t n i luu ii"" i wtmiuci iui i -
lUUUiu W i a ruiH""" r - - ,
i 1.1 ... i liaoniria.il nr mrl route ISO. !
A.rirrnfinff thehallor Cnurca to Bud Uooper, oecouiK - ujwirav- . ---
fumigating tnenau itTmooring. at this point ForecasU will be wired to Mr.
hnildins. -ueieveiv v . ... cnii., 1 1 viv,fc nd the card.
.venerate to prevent tne no. , nN,nfAred br him for dielri
r ." . v.. nnn. mgnw Mf.vwr. . r -r- -
inff in search ot me bution on the route.
property. Friday night a ery interesting
Dave Dove ha. eold h is 1W I jaD .b6
acre, of hop land to - . Normal bov.. The
Uh. J.P. forlorn-1 we fie4 with an en
eight acre, in nope, uu. 11i(inee. The Karoe
will pot out 20 acre, more wilS . of 22-11 in the
spring H bas Jap. now ,
work clearing beeidee a ro b one, the best of feeling
puller that i- bemg operated on wm rough o
h place by three white men. Z?C hoy. br the ladieV and
Jas. G.Coyan district organher L.eng Athletic Association. A light
for the Woodmen of the v one lunch wft8 Mryed and a .ociai vime
Exclusive Agents For
American Tieud
ilTCIPm Minwrii
,1 Ml. M M.
crtrpfi.fi of the disease by
suiting a physician and
i...;,rr k advice on
luniug "
cautionary measures.
Madc of the best C.IvWx.d-B...if? teel Wire.
It is the most uniform fence.
XV. .oil for on. IVice, CASH ONI.Y,l.cnce can n.alc. th. .,t ., Quality
a a.i !L rnaSdiri(l.
anu eiguv w""""
. mm. tnllfrM
J. n. unftvtn
Geo. Reeves was in
Mrs. EUi. Young wai in Albany
the last of the week.
week visiting in the city and baa a cam- Lxperienced by those present.
Mis. LIi.Jnie. vUited Mr..
Boone Monday.
MUa SUven. ba. returned to her
home in Washington.
i. Mra. A. B. Richardon
.a.,n-l Sondav lrotn a few day.
a vkui . at
visit with friend, in roruanu.
Mr. and Mr.. Scott ol Pa'.la. are
visitors here.
He intends to I
Zed Rosendorf was in Portland a
few day. thi. week.
Mr. and Mra. Hopkins returned
from eastern Oregon sunaay.
Jaa. Coiuns is BptJuuiuK - - -
7 , Daign under sway.
1U . ,na5 add to the
Pout Master Merwin was a bu.i- ,
.. n . I" uu". - . .
ness visitor to Dallas caiuru.y. fa in the neat fatare. Crow!ey
Miss Thompeon of Carlton is Th. initiaUon work i. to oe pu. ou Coffey
...JrSIu Geo.Kutch. bv)meofthe prominent Wood- Boitr
n n der was in Oregon City men of Portland. Team work by Mf. and Mr, Orley Allen vi.lted
daw the part week. P' . - For Engli-h walnut tree. relaliTet here Saturday-
. wvrt holds An agent of Brooks & Son waa m Write to Brook. & Son., Canton,
Miss Carrie Daneman.wu., week U
, , . tYxf, Leinfliaiure, i "" , w'i -
aclerksnip in c.J Milin6-Enelish walnut roota. A
,Cl D..J
imy.terie.of Woodcraft gtln
of new neighbors, which Forc6
. t w s nk ana ivi
I Airs. ,"
daughter Mabel vi.ited friend, here
i ..iKlni, in Derrv
K ir I a low nays, imwu-iua
Hodson I Monday. ' N
- - v
Coleen ... ..; went to CorvallU
Lirmen Ratnili.
One Week Special Sale.
4 for 25c
3 for 25c
passed through Independence
" nAwa IB. - I UUUIVv' aM.-v
ing of English walnuts promise
. J 4 .. mm trt 4 VlfiDA
be an impcrtan. iduubh 4U
mi a? a
UftOOCU a-a-o
orday on her way to Corvallis,
xr. Trten from Illinois has
a.. Latthbome of Isaac
.t .v- -pt wMk. Mrs. Lor
isutier w j
ten is a cousin of Mrs. Butler.
t. TTr.n.h. of the Weston
parts in the near future. The first
.tnnta ntrnr Tlllt On
Dome grow u - - r--theUarket
here were sold by A.
. ' . . t . luu. In a
Prof French, of the weswu NelBOn wD0 nas a
IU1' ' . . ' .i I . . .... TO Ct..n Kan a
Normal passed througn me yard, last iui. J. - -
Saturday on the south-bound train larg8 orchard and a number of
Duke the five-year old son of people are considering isabtUty
Mr and Mrs.JimHUlardwbohaa cf putting out orchards of English
teen seriously ui w uu" '
g- . J tectarea at the Christian CUurcb
CotUges are soon to be ereciea Portland. one of the
. v, ia beloneinz to chas. O. uerry oi ru
Monmoulhrtreet. Chri.Uan church lMt ...nitj
. : iJ iVot Pttflin & Linn I u:. .tiKWtji urn:
nurcbased of J. M. Grant of Dallas j .Tbe History and Teaching of
:. . . .. . o oontji. .v. n..olr PiitViolic Church."
64 Dales oi nop" - hjb -
W W. Percival shipped from 2 "The History and Teaching of
this place Thursday to Portland a tbe Roman Catholic Lhurcn.
mis piaw 4 w Btnrv and Teachin
car load of sheep and one of hog.,
it TnVn .TnVinson of
air. anu ana.
Corvallis were in Independence
and Monmouth over Sunday.
t tt -Rnnnon was a business
W J-a.
visitor to Portland the first of the
Prof. B. F. Mulkey, president of
the Ashland isormai bcuuu -
Independence Sunday.
ra. r, Mrs. Cook of Rickreall
Vair ilnntrhter . Mrs. Jake
yibiwca i"11
Fetzer over Sunday. )
fra F.IHb of Dallas visited her
.,.tr.in.law Mrs. PicKel tbe past
Mr. and Mrs. W. Laurence, and
vipitinz in
... ir.t...
Mr. and Mrs. wim uW j
turned Sunday fro-a f0ur ". mered
firass V alley. i ' . ...
' to Vancouver wnere vney
Tbe Independence orchestra will j . .Q ajngingg, nnder the firm
iV, e Tfrn iar UtaUVC aK 1
W'""M r
w 1 .1
3 "The History and leacmnj? oi
If. .tin T.lir.".
www" .
1 "The Historv and Teaching oi
the Church of England."
5 "Tbe History ana leacumB
TV, Pal win."
6 "The History and Teaching oi
uTl. TTIatnro and 1 eacniDE Ul
. ' . m 1 ' Ar
8"The Hu-tory ana leacnuiK
the Discij.les of Christ."
W. C. Stumberg and Miss Telka
Mackie were married Saturday
evening in Portland. - Miss Mack-
ie's native home is at uuium,
Minn., but she has lived in Port
land for the past two years. Mr.
Sinmh-rff was born in Indepen
dence and his home has always ,
IC, -
Hulr Invieorator and
Newbro's Herpicide for dandruff
. . a 1? . .1 .aln
foiiinty hair or ainftiou pvf
BUU - '
sold in bulk, 50c 8 qz or applied if
necessary by Moore & Taylor s, tne
barbers on C street.
d v f!h. the Monmouth
jeweler doe. all kind of repairing.
Tf is r.t. nn-to date job print-
ng you are looking for, stop at
this office.
P E. Chase of Monmouth i.
agent for Roger Bros. '47 brand
silver ware.
hi. .' J W. Richardson Sr. has
111 Da r a '
c B.i. at hnr home on Monmouth
..oat in Tndenendence, California
Medicated soap. Price 10c per bar
or three bars for a quarter.
Chase, the Monmouth jeweler
guarantees all work
T. Rodders Co
... i
m, -n Mra. W 11 Leey visiwa
their brother here over Sunday.
nhamberlaln's Cough llemedy
tne neaii mu7
it- onlnlon uuamoennin
rniiirh Itaoiedy U tbe tat made for L.-n-.iak-r. r.mUliiM. and Pa
ooldi," aaya Mr. Cora Walker, olPrt- rxootoa, Lady Amtmtu-
ui. i-'.iir-nrnla.. There is no doubt rwaL
about 1U being the Di. no oinvr wm rvnKPENDnNCE - OR
cure a cold o quickly. No other la o '
aure P" " JTr .r..v " Curd Lnanbaro
otal.pie'- ' ; . t, r.mn.. Chlohaao. wrlta.
Tbwe are good 7 ?' T ..Vu,tn. troubl
rs.d r
-. i....ln nnoa uaod th I rem- I)U inea Oil- uuyiuu . .
r- - ; p m KirUlHnd. the then dlff-rent ointment, and Ilnlmento tlum Mimcm
' .... tt .nn kltdnether. Ho I tried ooo p-ia-.
flaaaalaa, Vt
,. and sot a bottle of HalMM
inn t.lnln.Bfit. which gave tuc at-
rnoet Instant relief. I can cheerfully
.avaa lliinil faai
... . I a ia .4 ..111 ilit mv h&m
8t. Vlaoent. mrant Ayium, recorooienu .u - - --
' t. . Il.i 1 a.(l".eaalM Ham 111 ll tf A . M
inir .dontlon. and there are nearly Looke,
RlatnrJullk write:
IW llftuiat i t
Tmnnotaav to much la pralne of vuihih.
10T COHgH., nr II. Ij,
Barber Shop.
una aoor wjuiu u v. 7 ,
.. ...t!n arlth IDOB
and ,n 00BU"-
Toley'aHoDe ana ir ior cmigu-, Dr. n. u uancrou eye " " "
oolda, croup and whooping cough. .pecialist. of Bancroft I"""'
. . - it.a... I MI A I'O i 1 1 1 1 1 1 I1BV.
remedy and oeruiin in reau. ivetuao
..MtiitM. Sold bv A. B. Looke. mencina Jan. 27.
Auditorium Saturday evening Jan
nary 2Sth.
Mr. Jones the janitor at the
public school will soon move bis
family into Dr. Ketcbum. cottage
ou Monmouth street.
the firm
..a . V C? It
name of, "li- btumoerg a oou.
ir. ciHmWi ! crrarinate of the
iUl. Dbuwwi " o
Oregon State Normal school, being
- Kn. nf Lhn dftSB of 1902.
i KUCLUfW w. -
n. np!T wedded nair will make
ii,;r fntnr4 home at 1114 West
Eight Street Vancouver.
Chase, tbe wonmoum jewoici reaieay an oertiiin in reeuua. wnin "
: uUtttut. Bold by A. B. Looke. mencing Jan. 27.
' I
made in all -xl
II f
ihi is ONary x . MAKERS
People's a$l) Store
iri ratda Home
Mnn month. OlTCOn, R 11
Fine Winet
Clears, and Beer
on DrauHtp
or in Bottles, at
I. L. SMITH; Prop"'
Fashionable dre.smk.n&
reasonable rate.. ChIMJ-
Tetherow uoD
.... i