West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, January 24, 1905, Image 1

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    West Side :Enterpmbe
..... J " NUMBER 80
.-' - . . v.o.v ADPnny JANUARY 24.1905.
...v,ml VRA . lMlKrhMJhNUK. l'Ul.lv tJUUi 1,
nvriin" -
Incorporated. . . a...j.j . .u. si.tk
OREGON I wu. -
Annual Goat dhow at tne
, T. L. Cami'uk.u., ;
Vire l'reft talent
liu 0. Vowbll, Cashier.
aui Capital. MO.OOO
County Scat.
Blue Ribbon Won By Polk County
Goatr, Sheep, Swine and
a. j H. Hawley. V. L. Campbell, I. M. Birapson, J. B. V.
aZ Jhn B. moP. A " ,vuru" w
rSSoTth. HUM and Canada.
VLwr imw ' ' ' through tba iale tf th old woolen
..nr-iirtr kl ATirvkl A I nAMK'ill. bnlldlnir and leaned over
a av a a a ni a as ivx a. a a . a - a a w a r a aaai aw
fHfc INUr" " - pent
Thera waa a ffood attendarce at
. ..'),. Pviv r!mint float Show at
Dallaa Frldav. DurlnB the after
. at - .f w 1 aa fTfW(to(
noon, iuronK Wl rT" "w
CAPITAL STOOK, $50,000.00
. .I -. - . i. mil.
i w.ktn and Mftang tmelneee traneacUfl. l
1 pent admiring the beauty of silken
hloh.hred aheD and
i - . .
. viPr.ddi,n awlne or itood peering tnrougo
at w n a aaa r - i
Ixmiii mud. BHla
on corrrsi aooonpt
A Oueston of Personal Interest
. . i t
To every t-iuzen o
Polk County
Ui a w - -
Fine Ggars, Tobaccos, Candies '
, i -j. SoU Foita lot th bo ay.
.r ooFr)fJI I
C STREET irsDtrtiNuuuM - V.J
UVfcHI, pCKNS0N) prop.
aw i m.ii .ill i - "" "
Home Indu.trr In.tUutlon
WorK CalUd f P""
Bice & Calbreath,
Fine Parlors in connection night
call, promptly attended to.
l'hone 131
Mln St Independence, Orel
Main 5 , . ,rector.
... .l..U.fllttt'""
W. J. Farler. lit: Geo.
2nd; J. A. Guthrie, 3rd
Doe, two yean old.
W. J. Farley, lt; Geo.
2nd; II. L. Fenton, ara.
Uoa, Ihrre yeaxa old.
L. A. GutbrJallit;: W. J. Farley,
2nd; O.W.JMBea, 3rd.
' mm
rw tnnr VMra old ana orer.
n W McBee. let: Morris
- '
iT.--.lioa OnA- II. L. Fenton. 3rd.
a.un.ukMBeit io. any rko.
L. A. Gothrte. lit; W. J. Farley,
CIV. '
Flock-H. L.' Fenton, Jet; Morrii
Unghei, 2nd.
Buck kid, torn after March 15,
J a. Sykee, Salem, 1st.
Bock, one year old.
I. G. McBoe. let; H. I.
2nd Morrla Hughea, 3rd.
Bock, two yeara oia.
II. L. Fenton, let
Buck, three yeara old.
XT Thnmnann. 1st.
V . MV-M"--f
R.-tVfii Beet buck any age.
I.G. McBee, let; V. Thompson,
2nd; H. L. Fenton. ord.
Rama Lamb.
w-v. T?i.il Sons 1st: Wm.
Durst, McMinnville, 2nd.
Yearling ram.
W. D. Gilliam, Dallas, 1st.
Ewes lamb.
Wm. Riddell, let; Wm. Durst,
v n. Oilliam first on ram lamb,
hib with thirds of. uch first -2"
fancier... V. Lynch, C.
and M. B. Grant Uran
innioc fowls.
There were to be seen goavs irou.
th famoui Rldd-11 flock, the U. 8.
Grant goat wearing the same fleece,
... ... ii i.
. 1..W nf mh rh tnoK the (tOld IBW
.1 .i ih, Ri Tiuia Fair: there were
fftl HIV
.. rMm th Kola Hod & Liv
Block Farm; goats from the Ayer
'flock; goats from Farley', farm,
.from Nayiors, wcdi-,
I . . .. . i j a-l.. Mafa
Hughes', renwn nu D7"
Tm heen exhibit was not ex
tensive bat included some of the
finest Lincolnshire and Couwoias
in the stale.
ecared ont compe
1 AIW '
'.!: I. 4k Kncr line and took .11
UU'JII J v"D ""ft
' ths pries on his pen of Berkshires.
I - 1 .... a-r.
There was a go, p""'-
Some Expr esiioni From a Number
ofTheCountr. iwenty-iw
Road Supervisors,
Tt,r noihina toward which
the attention and anergic of the
people of Pol. county, as
h d rected inav wm
greater fruit than the question of
ject ot "Good Roads" will occupy
in f hn cninmna 01 iuib u"
duovv "M "
. - . . M 4 AAtirT
At the last session 01 coumj
two new districts were created and
twenty-two supervisors appomvea-
These supervisors navw
. I. mnA
for an expression on rou
road work, applicable to their re-
upective dwtnew ana buujo v.
responses are nerewun appcuu.
u'Q nv about 45 miles of road
t a: 1 There is .bout $75
1U UlOw mwi
a Ka worked out and
ehould be nearly $400.00 of money
to be expended on the road.
By this you w.m nonce vu "
have comparatively small amount
fr,r h amount of roads
Ul wuia
. (.h reanlt is that we can only
patch the roads up
get the water offand keep it off.
But it is impossible ever w
good roads nntil we bare a rock
crusher and . six ton roller.
Anywhere, the road, can be
greatly improved if the supervisors
would put in U ling on vu 7
. - it,.
places, and not try w
water run up hill, and to dig the
ditches 6n the upper insveau u -i
... 3
lower side of the roaa.
j. B. ieai
Raising On An Extensive.
Scale In Independence
There will be activity on the big ,
hop ranch of the Krebs . Bro.. at .
Independence from now on.
. . t a. wava svm
Yesterday specincauu - -pleted
and given to contractor, for
the erection of eighteen hop houses,
1 U : J.n..
a river warehouse ana 'g "
ball, restaurant and bakery com
bined. Another warenouse w
also be erected in Independence.
The plans and specifications were
drawn up oy iuk
Contract for piping me nup.
houses has already been let. it
waa awarded to Bteiner & uerger 01
Salem at $55 for each house. The
contract for furnishing nailv of
which 150 to 20iJ kegs wm u -ouired
has been let to Stephenson
THE LlVE:.ith drivi.
THE V..-:icht,th drfttognp.
u m nun j
ALL MUUtn" v-
liu w. . v.
captured first prizes in the Barred
Plymouth KocK Class.
The judges on goaw
Obye and H. C. Obye of North
Yamhill and 1. A. uean 01 xv.u
iTU. mm,trAa fallow!
Doe- Doe kid born before March
Wm. Riddell & Sons, Monmouth,
1.1 and 2nd: U. S. Grant, Dallas,
3rd. ,
vn.n altar M&rcn 10. u
w Riddell & Sons, Monmouth,
1st; U. 8. Grant, Dallas, 2nd; W.
A. Ayers. Dallas, ara.
Doe. one year 01a.
T?Mnii A Sons. Monmouth,
W Ui. liviv.. .
1st; Kola Hop & Live Stock Co.,
2nd- Wm. Riddell & Sons, 3rd.
Doe, two years 01a.
Wm. Riddell & Sons, list; U.
Grant, 2nd; W. A. Ayera, 3rd.
ta vnara old.
nijj.ll A Rnni. let: U.
wm. iviuut" -
nA- W. J. Farley 3rd.
Uru, . -
U.S. Grant, 1st; Wm. Riddell &
Sons, 2nd. . -
Sweepstakes uesi ooe
Wm. Riddell & Sons.
Flock-Wm. Riddell & Sons. 1st
T...-1. wjj Wn before March 15,
1UU& 'ul
U. S. Grant, 1st; Wm. Riddell
sons, iu. . , 1S
Buck kid, born aiwr .
Wm. Riddell & Sons, let.
rs - na vnar old.
U.S. Grant, 1st; L. A. Guthrie,
3rd. '
Buck, two years old. .
E L.Naylor, Forest Grove, 1st,
Eola Hop A
Buck, three years oiu.
J.M. Farley, let; E. L. Naylor,
2nBuck.four years old and lover.
..ii.ii na. 1st: G. W
Wm. iviauoii w w, .
Grant, ist.; uui.
U. S. Grant. $ra.
-flaTrDrn CLASS
T bid DOfU
Morris Hughes, Dallas, 1st; Geo.
McBee, na. lg
VkAtm aii LPr Aixaw
Wm. Riddell was first on ram
lambs and ewe lambs in Lincoln.
Tf... pivmnnth Rock M B
Grant, cockerel 1st, hen 3rd, pullet
" . i a Onn.
laf- coca 1st, nen i
Buff Plymouth Rock H L
Crider, cock 1st, hen 1st, 2nd and
n 1
mit. Wvandotte V unaer,
2nd. hen 2nd; J C Stingley,
lat. nullet 1st and
COCK IB", ' r
3rd. nullet srd.
Tol.nil Reda C B Row
nuwi -
ell, cockerel 1b. pullet 1st and
Vrown Leghorns C L Shaw,
cockerel 2nd, cock 1st pullet 1st
and 2nd, cockerel ara; 1 v
. T 1 VmsI
cockerel P" ui
Buff tiegnorn "n
Bt, pullet 1st and 2nd. .
rV:. Tbnm Walter Muir,
cockerel 1st, pullet 1st, 2nd and
3rBlack Minorca-F A Stiles, cock-
erei l8t' ?U y"T V Fink, drake
lat. duck 1st and 2nd. ' . .
I I. .L UU ..11. . I '
i.r f; .Tar Bovdston, coc
m . j acrn boar 1st, age
sow let, yearling 1st, 4-months-old
pigs 1st, jinaanu om.
,ardtothe work we . have ft Co., of roruana . .r-
.eraldifTerentkindsof soil I hundi 2"
require diSerent wora.. mrz, n U nf Portland at
proper thing making road, u , to Jr Walter Mor
get them well drainea anu . wM awarded the wire .
graveled as pos8ioi.. r1l'tract and has already delivered
t t 1 mid araineu
H should be graded and this should I 1581 ns. . .
be done as early in the spring r of build.?
possibl, so that it wiu , p. - erected M thifl wm
.v, wAainer cwnm "u- 1 ' ... .1 v. ;v,.
n.i nrviAnnT, 111 iicvsu vv
ehould be an w - ReTnold- BeCretary of tie
rain and then mey r - nomr)an, came up
dust in summer and mud in winter. -- r - -
A. H. Crawrora, u
v I. V.MIT An
Supervise 1" w cbineee
pistbict no. 5 contractor who has
distbictno. o contractor wuu u , .
. Urrbavard leased, also amved last
In regard to road work l wiu say t Cheip repreflent8 the Hop ,
that I propose to do something on Yk Wo Co 0f Portland and he
j ttr anvtbine to do business on a big scale, tie
me rum " ' ' "
d if I have anything - dcs business on -S "
with. We have the mo t f - YusfnsT fn" Alaska, but
road in Polk county and we should nni?g progpectB
have some help out ot tne gen. for decided to try bops,
fund. We have about fifty miles of cfa ig a cousin of Chas. U.
, J:...;. un K vn,,ff nreaident ot the Western
roainu.v. "-"r:.r nmn., who is also
A. K. ooutnwiuB. imporviuR uu
Snnervisor. interested in the hop business with
bupervisor. x waQt to
"i " 7. - this year's crop" says Cheap. "We
district no. 15 don't need money advanced and
District 15 South DaUas,has about don't know what the priCe will be
Smiles road mostly hill, hard to tnTmtr7men working on
work. About $270 besides am tfae ranch wiU gradually in-
. n oooohln twelve months :i hn niekinir time.
iax. aix . ,
f ' Get some donation
work. Have graded more and put
the roads in better shape the past
year than they he oeen uiu.-
A grader is necessary m
trict. We use a six-norst- Kiu,
which is county property ana .u
Hello Polk County " Summer roads
Tndenendenceisnow connecting it make g
with the Polk county rural teie- Supervisor,
t m. staats is iu
phone systeuj.
L-u.. nnmnletinst ,the con
i torminal phone has
t. 1.. in Locke's drug store
and there you may go and talk to
heart's content, inuuuvuv.
i8 now connected by rural wire
T.i8ville. Falls City,
Dallas, Kings Valley,
.J .K,nnab Yamhill eounty
and also with Corvalhs . Th e
with whom the city is wi7'
" tint.
conneciea iu v"
U. S.
Sons, 2nd;
March 15,
Doe kid,
'04- . . .. t
H.L. Fenton, DaUas, i.W
Guthrie, 2nd; J.M. Farley 3rd.
Doe, one year old.
nT9TRtnT NO. 13.
t tnAi bow many miles
nf road there is to work m tms
district, but think there is mo
than thirty miles and some on.
the worst road m tne couniy. -lected
and worked one hundred
3 cr nl tax last vear, u
anu mice" t" -
WUia.QU " "
iund. Our worst
UUiiaio wv. -
,aA ara art lar irom Rravoi
par ib ui iu"" . , ,
r . . 1. .nAlu4 oofh
we do not get mucu
james dujubwu,
w mi - fl Dfl I
and Kings Valley; xnom .; ,
A C Staate. Mrs v
John Staats, Mr wuson, - We have about 4U mues 01
& Alcorn Store, rercy iiaaicj, - &nd double tbe neavy waiuv;
E Staats, E W Staats, Jasper Bag-1 pftjt o Polk county and less
r nr ciib. Henry Lewis, t . .rv ;t with than any
i 3' ... tt it staats. Manon a j;4vt Snrl tba worst
F Smitn, 7 , lotner roau uioMxv., m
- .. t., Haeeard, "anv , mnntv to make roads in.
, u... Lnckiamute Flouring rr.. . n adinz, draining and
Mills, A A Linderman Exchange Ung and m&iQ part is to
Dallas and Falls uivy.
the Kreb s rancn win &
crease until hop picking time,
Dr. E. L. Ketchom, rresioem yi
Independence Improvement
League For 1905
The annual election of officers of
the Independence improvemem
League was held last night witn
the following result:
Dr. E. L. Ketchum president;
vice president David Calbreath;
treasurer W. L. Bice; secretary G,
. . i 1 it nr
A. Hurley; advisory Doara u . .
Percival. Walter Lyon, A. L. Sperl
ing, J. K. Craven, W. A. Messner.
In liew of the commitee 01 iony
the president was heretofore auth
orized to appoint to conler with the
railroad officials relative w auui.
tional train service, the new presi
dent was authorized to select out
of the number all who can go to
Portland and the secretary was in-
1 "it iL
structed to correspond wun me
people of " Ricireall Monmouth,
: nA Arflov. with the view
lUllv J .
0! supplementing the Independence
il tliMa
committee wnn uoiegavo
. m 1 . i
places. The railroad ireigns
as presented by tne uoiwge uii
Commercial uiud was c"""'u
The matter of a free ferry was ta
en up and will receive the Leagues
earnest attention in the future.