West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, November 25, 1904, Image 4

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    Social and Personal.
Wui. Mackay was in Portland a
few days this week.
Claud Hubbard returned from
San Francisco Tuesday.
D. Kotiruan of Portland Is visit
ing friend hero.
Asa Taylor was in McMinnville
this week.
Dr. V. R. Allin spent Thanks
giving with relative in Salem.
. Attorney u. A. Hurler was
Salem visitor Tuesday.
Mra. T. W. Hart is visiting in
Snohomish, Wash.
Misses Cannie and Jennie Bob
in son are risking in Portland.
Miss Cora Lowe is a guest of
Mra. Van Dornsife.
Air. and Airs. J. II. Collins are
spending a week with their sons in
A. J. Wilson and family ate
Thanksgiving turkey with rela
tives in Salem.
J. L. McCandlees is in Lebanon
carrying oat a contract to put an
engine in place.
Claude Fryer, a Willamette
University medical student, sben
Thanksgiving at home.
Miss Opal Hall, who is teaching
in Portland, spent Thanksgiving at
her Monmouth home.
Mrs. Jasper Kennedy who is in
ill health, is spending a week i
McMinnville hoping to recuperate.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Lawrence and
little daughter are visiting in Mc
Minnville and Portland.
1 la Her! I 1
Isaac Manning, the Salem rust
ler, finished up his work of solicit
ing for the New Years Statesman.
and left via Portland Tuesday.
Mrs. Lucy Whiteaker will leave
tomorrow for Mesa, Wash., to
spend the winter with her niece,
Mr. Emma Johnson.
Usual services will be held at
the Presbyterian church Sunday,
Rev. Thompson preaching, mora
ing and evening. ,'.
Convinced that Oregon is good
enough for him, John Lemon has
moved back from Centralis, Wash.,
and will make his home here. J
Word is received as this - issue
goes to press that Mrs. Jasper Ken
nedy is very low, and hardly ex
pected to live, at McMinnville.'
There will be regular services at
the Melhodiat church Sunday
Ki'unlns i)tiMl "Vm
J la She Good for? What
Mission ?" A musical program will i
be rendered by new choir. All;
are cordially Invited. K. W.J
EUyer, pastor.
Sam Damon and Hay Walker,
A i n ..... !... ........ it....
Thanksgiring vacation with their!
parents here. ''Mike's" face bears
evidence of the part be took as full
back in the football game Saturday
Hear Mr. ' Carlton Oatrander
The Premier Mandolin virtuoso of
the world, with the Charles Co. at
Q. A. R. Hal), on Friday and Sat
urday nights Nov. 25 and 2d
Mr. Ostranders wonderful sejf ao
mmniniiiiunt in !tirna nf
his own composition are a treat to
musio lovers. General admission
10c, reserved chairs 15c.
Dick Hutchins the well known
black face Comedian will be with
the Charles show Co. at G. A. R
hall on Friday and Saturday
nights Nov. 25th and 26th. Gen
eral admission 10c, reserved chairs
Startling Moving Pictures, sober
Vaudeville program by a company
of trained artists, at G. A. R. hall
Friday and Saturday also Mou
day and Tuesday, Nov. 25, 26, 28
and 29th, admission 10c.
A meeting of the Polk -County
Mohair Association is called for
Saturday, December 3d, at 1 p.m. at
Dallas, Oregon, for the purpose of
selecting a committee to arrange
for the next annual goat show to
be held at that city. '.J,. ,
The Ratbbone Sisters tendered
members of Homer No 45. K of P
a pleasant surprise Wednesday.
Our busine.. in this lino ha boon tioublo that of h.t ar n.l King ,ho
come and buy, (Arm Look.nu K.vukkk) are convince, that wo have the lost ....I most o,,,,,,
lines shown in the city,
S. V
Our Men's Clothing Department
In suits and overcoat, oomirU's the tout known inako, Hoffman
KothehiM & Co. In etyle, fit and quality thoro is nothing Wttcr
made and our prices are fiotn two to four dollars leu than you can
buy the samo claes of goods elsewhere. Como in ami let us hw
you and bo convinced.
Guaranteed All Wool Underwear
1 f i
$1.00 Per Garment
Carey Hayter, editor of the Polk
County Observer, greeted Indepen
dence friends with bis old time
smile. Tuesday. ' .,
Mr. and Mr. J. L. Guttry of
Sheridan and Mrs. Powell of
Myrtle Creek, visited Mr. and Mrs.
Guttry's daughter, Mrs. A. J. Wil
sen, the first of the week.
Misses Molly McDonald, Leora
Shank; Maude Hawley, Mabe
Cressy and Mrs. Florence Allin
spent Thanksgiving in Portland.
Mrs. Julia Zounski died at Ta-
coma, Wash, at the age of 109
years. Had sbe lived in Oregon.
she probably wonld have survived
easily another quarter of a century,
Among the legal lights in Inde
pendence on business bent this
week were, J. A. Jeffries and Mr.
Cannon of Salem, and N. L. Butler
of Dallas.
reterson s uunDar will open
their vaudeville entertainment in
Independence on Tuesday, Nov. 29,
Admission, 10 cents to any part of
the bouse. Nothing but what the
most refined can witness.
Five coaches of Grange delegates
passed tnreugh Tuesday morning.
They were banquet ted at the Agri
cultural college at Corvallia and re
turned to Portland via Salem.
News of Raymond Henkle is to
the effect that he has met with
great suocess in his chosen profi
sion. Mr. Henkle with a partner
is operating a drug store at San
Jose, Cat, which has the patronage
of a large hospital in that city, be
sides good share of the local
trade. Mr. Henkle Is a native of
Oregon's Bias Ribbon county. '
After the degree , work of the
Knight's lodge was oyer, the pres
ence of ladies was announced.
The doors swung" outward ' and a
procession of ladies filed ' in, bask-
ets in hand, containing tho deli
cacies that capture a Knight every
time. Games and the repast, were
the features of a most delightful
W. O. Morrow, a member of Oak
Grove Grange, who attended the
National Session of the Grange in
'ortland, writes the West Side En
terprise in praise of the farm prod
acts on display and the fine look
ing men and women in attendance
Ine u range is an order we are
proud of says Mr. Morrow, "and
ene jn which every farmer should
be interested, the young farmers es
pecially. There is great possibility
for you in the Grange. Those. who
bays been fortunate enough to at'
tend the National meetings, have
seen the greatest-order in existence,
The degree work which was put on
the 19 instant, was simply grand
The seventh degree, to those who
have never seen, it,,. is' incompre
hensible. There was a class of
about 1500. We will return home
feeling amply repaid and hoping to
be of inestimable value to our or
der" " ' 7
Notice of Annual City Election
Notice is hereby given, that the
annual election for the city of In
dependence, will be held Monday,
Dec 5th, 1904, at the City Hall,
for the purpose of electing a Mayor,
Recorder and Marshal for a term
of one year; two Councilmen for
a term of one year, and three
Councilmen for a term of two years.
Judges of election: S. B. Walk
er, D. A. Hodge, 8. B. Irvine.
Clerks: U. L. Frazer, J. W.
Poll opens at 9 o'clock A. M. and
closes at 5 o'clock P. M.
Buy buggies and surreys
now at R. M. Wade & Co.
Our Boys and Little Gents
In these iines ws handle the celebrated "Banner Brand" which have no superior in
general make up and quality. Buy thia make once and you will buy it again. In
little gwnts, boys two and three piece knee pants and young men's. In price from
$2.00 up.
We fit the extreme with our celebrated
Kings Bury Hat and WalhOuer Shoes
Full Line of Wet Weather Goods
Ladies Baxaar.
Friday the 9th of December, is the
dftte for the Bazaar, the ladies or
the Presbyterian church are pre
paring. ' ' J " -w- -
They, will have on sale many
beautiful articles of fancy work, be
sides numerous useful things for the
household., ... . f
This will be a rare opportunity
for securing Christmas presents,
Called On Calvin
A committee from the New berg
Board of Trade called on", Superin
dent Calvin last Friday and inter
ceded for a morning train out of
Portland. .
Mr. Calvin said the matter had
been' canvassed before he , was
appointed to his present position
and the decision arrived at was
that such a train would not be
paying proposition for the com
pany. xHe said however that the
company was Having two motor
cars built as an experiment which
if they proved as satisfactory as he
hoped, would solve the problem of
nterurban service.
He said he bad no promises to
make regarding where the cars
would be used as the company
preferred to surprise the people with
something good rather than make
promises that could not be carried
out. The committee assured him
the patrons of the road up this
way were ready for any happy sur
prise that might be sprung at any
time. His attention was called to
the loss of time occasioned by the
morning train stopping for wooding
up and also for switching off to
freight trains paes and be admitted
that these delays might as well be
avoided and indicated that he
would attend to it at once
a m t w - t
oioores uair invigoraior and
Newbro's, Herpicide for dandruff
and falling hair or diseased scalp
sold in bulk, 50o 8 oi., or applied if
necessary by Moore & Taylor's, the
barbers on C street. ..
See the new game of Sherlock
Holmes at Craven & Moore's.
Roast your Thaukigiving turkey
in a savory roaster sold by R. M.,
Wade & Co. n :.-!. i
The American wire fence is best
galvanized, has patent hinge, stay
wires and is most uniform fence
made. We sell for cash hence our
price the lowest, R. M. Wade it Co.
agents. '
Flinch, pit, panic and Sherlock
Holmes at Craven & Moore's.
When You slave a Bad Cold
You want a remedy that will
not only give quick relief but effect
a permanent cure.
You want a remedy that will
relieve the lungs and keep expect
oration easy. ; , .
You want a remedy that will
counteract any tendency toward
You want a remedy that is nlpaa.
ant and safe to take.
Chamberlain's Couch Remedy
meets all . of tbeso requirements
and for the speedy and permanent
cure of bad colds stands without a
peer. Eor sale by P. M. KirkUnrf
Jet the Druggist.
1 i....' '. ' ' "." " ; ... .... n it4
Heating Stoves
ttvA i r. i' - - - "
We are clearing out our Entire Line of Fall Millinery.
Now is the time to get your hat. Prices will astonish you.
Not to
Line Full and Complete
m Call and Sec for Yourself
Ranges and Complete
Line of Hardware to
Select from. '
',-rlH NI sm, V .
One Week Special Sale.
Rolls ' - - 4 fdr 25c
ll Pocket ' - - 3for 5c '