West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, October 04, 1904, Image 2

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    West Side enterprise
Kolorvd at Independent1. Ore.. poiiolSe
MMCund-rlMa mtlter
Subscrption, $1.50 Per Year
irtuiciur is .'
m .....
HIS Kllh - "
loci wpy
Reading boiism lOwnUper Hue trlhi.
RiMitii dipljr sdvwUslng mads known
eo appltoatluu.
The profession advice giver,
rarely advises himself.
A fine maimer compensates
for many defects of nature. .
It is usually safe to bo sus
picious of the man that is sus
picious of others.
The possibilities of a fool are
j naught when compared with
his impossibilities
The little 2x4 trespass notice
on the gate post is au American
flag of protection for the Chinese
Pliiokamas countv has 110
school districts and the direct
ors in 20 of them are unable to
hire teachers. Remedy, better
of good
Theodore Roosevelt, of New York".
ChM, W. Fairbanks, of Indiana,
J.N. Hart, or Polk County.
G. B. Dimniick, or Clackamas County.
A. C. HouKh, of Josephine County.
E. A. Fee, of Coiatilla County.
: : I
Associate with
Senator Fairbanks and Doiliv
er spoke to an audience of nearly
5,000 people in the armory at
Portland Saturday night. The
enthusiasm with which they
were greeted is a pretty good in
dication of Low the vote for
president will go next month.
Mr. Fairbanks is not the . kind
of a speaker that sways an au
dience with eloquence. He
deals in facts and his speech is
ready for print without cor-
rectiou just as delivered, lie
tells no stories. That acontinua
tiou of the policis of the pres
ent administration is for the
best interests of the ' American
people, is his conviction and
his hearers are made to realize
it. The tariff, "imperialism"
the Pauama canal as presented
by Mr. Fairbanks, received . ap
plause that indicated beyond
preadventare of doubt that the
masses approve of tho Repub
lican party on these questions.
Mr. Dolliver entertained Satur
day nights crowd a short while,
but he appeared under the dis
advantage of a husky voice and
sore throat, Mr. Dolliver, as
said by Senator Mitchell, is one
of the ablest political debaters
in the Republican party and he
commands large audiences
wherever he goes. Obliged to
rest from speaking a few days,
he stopped off in Portland and
Senator C. W. Fulton took his
place as speaking mate for Mr.
Fairbanks. Senator Fulton, a
few years ago was a public school
teacher in Oregon.1 Later, his
attention was given to making
his way as a lawyer down at
Astoria. He has not had the
experience dealing with national
questions nor the advantage of
association with national men
that Senators Dolliver and Fair
banks have. He is only a new
senator, but he commands the
respect , of his colleagues in the
United States senate and it is a
testimonial to his ability, that
he was invited to fill the place
of Mr. Dolliver at the side of
Mr. Fairbanks. Together, they
speak in San Francisco and go
thence east to Denver. Senator
Dolliver put in Sunday viewing
the exposition grounds and
buildings and other scenic at
tractions at Portland and also
left for Denver to rejoin Senat
ors Fairbanks and Fulton.
judgment, ;for judgment
found in conversation, and
make another man's judgment
ours by frequenting his company
It is not work that kills meu
it is worry. Work is healthy;
you can hardly put more upon
a man than he can bear. -Worry
is rust u Don the blade. It is
not the revolution that destroys
the machinery, but the friction
Henry Ward Beech ek.
"Times never better; every
body seems to have money to
throw at the birds in Umatilla
count'," says Judge James A.
A bisr lot of old whisky was
accidentally burned in Aber
deen, Scotland, which will cause
Carrie Nation to jump and
shout with joy. Portland , Jour
Which will deprive some body
else of the exquisite pleasure
"to jump and shout with joy.'
C. A. Johns has been nomi
nated for muyor of Baker City
Referring to his selection the
Baker City Democrat says
"It was decided finally to
nominate Hon. C. A. Johns, one
of the leading attorneys of this
city for years, a taxpayer and
careful business man. At the
present juncture in the history
of Baker City a strong man is
needed for mayor to carry on
the work now well in hand by
the present administration, kand
to meet the emergencies sure to
rise during the rapid growth
this city will take on ra the next
two or' three years. Mr. .Jolins
seems to be the rieht man for
the place. He is a thoroughly
equipped lawyer, a gentleman of
good education, firm and has at
heart the true interests of Baker
City and all his fellow citizens
He .will make a splendid mayor."
Mr. Johns wa3 originally a citi
zen of this county. On ma-,
terial jfor : , mayors, fine goats
blooded sheep and hogs, Polk
can't be beat.
The Painless
Little Palace Hotel
All work done Without pain and at nail
the prices formerly paid to other dentists
Crowns $5
Fillings 50c.
Plates $5
Examination free
Pon't Forget the Name
Dm'i Forgot the Place" n "
Little Palace Hotel, Independence.
Portland office,
342 Washington street.
!em Olli .
Hteimiolf Bldg- Cor. Court and Libert tru
The 1'enhJniint.
Nothing to do but work,
Nothing to eat but food,
Nothing to wear but clothes
To keep cine from going nude.
Nothing to breathe but air -Quick
as a flash 'tis gone;
Nowhere to fall but off,
Nowhere to stand but on.
Nothing to comb but hair,
Nowhere to sleep but in bedj
Nothing to weep but tears,
Nothing to bury but dead.
Nothing to sing but songs,
Ah, welL alas! alaukl
Nowhere to go but out,
Nowhere to come but back.
Nothing to see but sights,
Nothing to quench but thirst.
Nothing to have but what we've got;
Thus through life we are cursed.
Nothing to strike but a gait,
Everything moves that goes;
Nothing at all but common eente
Can ever withstand these woes.
Ben King.
Real Estate Transfers and Mar
riages Issued Since Last
United States to M F Green, pat
ent; land in 8-7.
United States to Ida M Babooc k
patent land in 7-7.
C B Woodward toD J Fry,l,000
land in 5-4.
Ida and Auoa Schindler to John
and Emil. Schindler $4,400, land
7-3. , - - '
W II Craven and wife and Per
melia Moore to John Dickinson
$3.00 land in 9-4. . . 'i
M F Green and wife to C A Teal
$1,000. land in 7-8. i
Fred T. Stewart and wife to
Sarah A Conlee 88.98 acres 7.-7.
Annie Clark to E P Shaw $150
lot in Dallas. " . .. t
Wm Alderman to Mary Alker-
man $350 40 acres in 8-8. '
Lonnie L. Connoy to . Nannie
Grice. - , ,
Wm. T. Goeser to Bertha E,
Holmes. '
Last Year Prices
The Brownsville Times says of
the hop situation at that point:
Several sales of hops were effect
ed in this city the first of the week,
and as hi?h as 26 cents were paid
The product is now practically out
f the hands of Brownsville grow
ers, and thot-e who did not contract
are wearing great holes in their
pockets, and those who did contract
are wearing long faces.
Wm. Milligan disposed of his crop
several days since, realizing, 24
cents per pound. Hausman & Mc
Cain sold 111 bales this week at 25
cents, they having previously con
tracted 10,000 pounds at 17 cents.
Louie Bong, who had the Gentry
yard rented, sold his crop of 170
bales for 2t cents per pound, which
is the top price realized by Browns-
vifle growers, B. W. Cush man al
so disposed of his crop at 25 cents
as did also J. B. Henderson. : Kola
Neis, of Albany, was the purchaser
in each instance.
The hop crop has been harvested
in excllent condition and has add
ed materially to the circulating
medium in these parts.
The engine and machinery for
the new launch,' "Independence"
has been received and put in place.
A trial trip was made Saturday
The Independence orchestra has and another Sunday. Some work
been re-organized and the member lis yet necessary in adjusting the
1 0 per
On Bonina Sewing Machines
This Week Only
We are going to give a series of. special
sales on different lines of Hardware;
Watch this space next week.
J. R. CRAVEN Manager
ship increased to 10 piece3i They
Pretty good speech for a. wil pive their first dance Saturday
Home Testimony;
Corvallls Times.
Dr. Darrin, the truly eminent
physician and specialist, whoae of
fices are located in the new floU'l
Corvallis, in this city, for about a
month, is now ready to attend to
patients afllicted or suffering from
any spinal disease. The number
less testimonials which he bears
from all parts of Oregon aside from
from the great number which he
has published in the "Times" dur-
ed with ' rheumatism and kidney
trouble. It whs almost impossible
to walk. During Dr. Darrin's
last vinit, I took 1ns electrical
and medical treatment and after a
few weeks my rheumatism and
kidney trouble was a tiling of the
past. Furthermore, I will state
that I was frequently aorely at
tacked with cramps In my feet,
ankles and the calves of my lees
with such force, that I was obliged '
lojump out oi bed many times,
and so hard were the attacks that
t . ? . I li m
ing me pasv year is wnouy sui-1 th,,v woul(1 I(,11V( - . .
. i iiwuv, mjuvn
ficient to convince this community
or any other, that his ability in his
profession ranks very high. The
cures in wbicn he has been sucesis
ful by his treatment with electricity
and medicine, having been astonish
ing. The following testimonial is from
one whose truth and veracity has
never beeu questioned in this city
quiie sore for more than a dav. I
have not experienced even one
ftich aiilietion smco I placed
self under Dr,
Fearful OdU Attl"t f lUn-
llmlrldilmi, sloue mid iMUIJ"
Hm:h, In brl-r wa the eo'irtllM
old Mtlriit-r by name of J. J. H'"
Vernal II., O. For years bo wu"
bled with Kidney diwsi slid n
doetofM nor liiedlitlu.'" Kve him '
At lenntli h tried Klwirlo
put Win on I. It. r.-et In lirt
now lie (vhI lilies; "I'm mi tMa"
iHimplf to rocivery.'' Ut "0 ertn "
Liver and Kidney rrmii.Us "J, "I
f.inim of KtoniHch and Jlowsll W
plaiulM. Only 600. Guaranteed DJ
W. Locke, (Irtiittfliit.
A lloy'a Wll.l Kl.le ft,r1,,1','T,lm
una mi";
urn rl.llllir lr i"- -
James F. Durham, of the "Times"
oflice. He says: py
engine in place, alter wnicn uap
tain Skinner is confident the "In-1 under Dr. Darrin's treatment, one
mend the l(wt,ir r..n
for the 14 years he has been among ; f,(ience to all ffll,...i n:.
. - ,1 n , jug UUIWH
j . ...... -u u,UJ,ro0vU- ar9 al Uol(!l Corvallis. I
mn vm i i iiiiiii i y i k v u ruiaF .
ww vwwvbusw. V I V 1 1 SAJ nfilal mil. L . n
-m 'wi v nrj lynr vn limna
With futility
l 1 J -
iu nil), aiiu m mm " r
mil, lo K.-1 Dr. King's ew n '
for (iimuinplioti. OoukIik
W. II. llrown, of U'esvllle, J"fl-.; ' .
dured death's sitnnl. '" 'V'
huttbls wonderful msdielns '
elant relief and s.Min cured biiu..
writer: "f now sleen soiiu"y '
iilitht." I.Ike mswlons
.sumption, l'neiuiionls, H n "
Darrin's electriral Colds snd t.rip ,a
, iiiutcbl.-m intTio rnr so '" T.iian
lie who is a (II iet.nl i.u..-i i.i. ;nrHuteed botti"".
with the (aim ailments will mi-s ' ""l ' (K 1'rM nottles fr V 1 '
it if he fails to place himself under . " -rzr...r
, i now nuuiit ! -
hB ' Vneatlun? th,
recom-l ewporton .aquina iy
of tne
the doctors treatment during
stay here in Corvallis. .1
am con
uu -" iounu mere any time
by any one who would like to hear
a verification of thin t.i;...nn- i
For a long time prior to going word 0f mouth or K i. ' 3
James E. Dikuam, .
ideal seaside
Pacific coast.
. ..! ..,..,..,1 rates on
from all Houthern pootsinfrT
on and after June 1. .
for further particulars and a t
somely illustrated souvenir w
let. or write to Edwin Stone, W
per C. & E. It. H.. Albany,
W. E. Coman, G. P. A., Sn