West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, April 07, 1904, Page FIVE, Image 5

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IUni Concert Saturday Night by
the Nornul Cadt Band at
College ChapcL
Uluf by Pb St-hmidl, of Sum Unl
viHUo Goituny and 0r
ntAii School.
..r ii.k mt Mw i' " - "
I. ImiiiU " '''. '"'
, (.fill ... ....... .III., l.lllhlllltf tlf-
hi! IUHl"'l ll' l.
,',. ;'..ii.'i ttl lwnwlv"l ,y Mr. !...
!(UmiUiI 111 ll'UlHi )
I I'M-f. rVhmldl i'f thv Unlver-ily
f 0,,-p.ii delivered a lecture at the
Nrml chapel Saturday night.
II,,. nul.ji'ct was, "Germany and
tinman rvho-iU." Hi lw turt w i
hinlily i niTliiK and inslrueiiv
ainl III" l',rl!" audieneo present
j.vi. It lit marked attention. Mr.
I.,wii furiMli''l excellent Hh
ln-lil ph'lure f many German
piling of linU'.
President ('rtinplwll and daugh
ter l.uoiii -nt Saturday and Sun-
d.V here.
l'i,,f, mill Mrs. Burden nt Prof.
Shi-.i-U f t!" University of Ore
K,:1i '-rr) tli guntl 'f President
K.-c-lt-r during th Ktrr vaca
tion. MiM AlU-rtu Crtiipidl who in
Attending th Portland academy
8.iil the first part of the weak
with hr parent. Prof, and Mrs.
rMer servier were hold in all
the churches hire HixK-ial musical
number cr rendered by the
various choir and the Services
were well attended. A Bpecial pro
gram was siven at the Christian
church in the evening hy the Jun
i, .r Endeavor Society.
T. II. JohnHon will erect a brick
block joining the Monmouth Im
provement Co.'n brick. The struc
ture will have a frontage of 50 feet;
ami will have two stories. Work
will commence as soon as the
weailu-r will permit and will be
rushed to an early completion.
Numerous aspirants for political
favor have lawn among us with the
glad hand during the week, Aa
yet. however, very little disposition
to "lino up" has been shown.
Tim Mies Howard of Heppner
are "inking at the homo of L. M.
P.ev. A. A. Beery and family ar
rived Hiiturday from Hood River
and will make their home here,
lis having bought the Mrs. Shcr
man property.
The hand boys will give a con
cert at tho chapel Saturday night.
A splendid program linn been pre
pared and the Imys are deBerving
of a libsral patronage.
L. I-;. liidwell hua returned from
Portland afler a two weeks stay.
Tom lloothby in moving Into his
neiv cBidunce which is about com
pleted. Miss Huth Cooper la quite ill.
Mia Dt'an is rejwrted quite ill
of nervous prostration.
Mrn. Clodf-lter and daughter re
timed lant wek from Illinois and
MiBsuuri where they spent the wis
ter vimting relatives.
Mis- Alberta Campbell Is up
from Portland for a few dayi.
S. C. Coata is visiting his parents
Golf seems to be the leadiag
amusement oi these spring days
Correspondents Sweep The Field.
and several good sc'iirea have l-n
J. C. Clarkw president of the
Y.M.C.A.uftlittO. A. C and Ih I.
I'ollng from lullu weru visitora at
chapel Monday, March 'JH.
Mien Lucia Campbell of Kugene
V'illi-i tlm Heboid lunl week.
l'rof. and Mrs. Hieo entertained
the pupils of tho nintU grndu lunl
Saturday evening.
Tim ICsster program lv the iri
tnury grades of the training school
was wry much enjoyed. Nests
were Hindu by tli children in Vt hu h
were placed colored Kanler ej.'i'i.
They wero then hiihii'ii aiming th
trees and under tlm ulk and
fences, where the rabbits lilled
ihein willi canily ej;gs. The child-r-ii
ejM-nt a very happy half hour
in hniiting for the nenls and cut
lug the cotitciiU.
The t-otlego Ikij-s vjiimt a jileas
ant evening at Prof. Robinson's
lht Suturday.
The Y.W.C.A. invited the girls
of the school to spend Suturday ev
ening in the gyninisium. A short
but interesting prugratii was given,
and the remainder of llio evening
was rpent in a socml way.
Tho boys have begun practicing
baseball; it is snid the outlook
for the gauio is yood.
The girls in the physical culture
class are taking tho Indian club
exercises with a zest that would
indicate much proficiency in a few
Horn To the wife of Kay Craven
April 2, twin boys.
Olea Craven and wife came down
from Corvallie Sunday for a visit
with relatives.
Seymour Fudges is preparing to
put out a hop yard
Miss Dean having resigned her
position as school teacher returned
to her home at Monmouth batur-
Forest Craven is preparing to
put out 40 acres of hops.
A ton wad born to Mr. and Mrs.
Gould April 1. It died the fellow-
ing day.
Easter services were held in the
M. K. church and W. 0. W. ha!l
Miss Cook has moved down from
Williams has returned
from Suver and will lm at the
Charter Oak mill during th sum
mer. Mr. Hart recently sold his farm.
Marian and Florence llaynes
have returned from Coos county
where they spent the past year.
Mart Staats. president of the In
deixndent Telephone Line from
Falls City to Kings Valley, is
pushing the work to completion.
He has a force of men at work and
the poles set ns far 88 A. A. Lin
deriuan's. Wayne Williams whose death
was announced last week, has
relatives living here.
Kev A. J. Lindscy who wont
East recently is located in Omaha
attending a school of psychology.
Frank Lindeman has gone to
Washington for the summer.
A party was give, at Mr Hedge
path! the past week in honor of
ho Misses Marian and Horence
Grain That Was In the Warehouse
Destroyed Lait Week Is
Still Burning.
Miss Llizio Jainea returned home
Monday from Washington.
Jake Hecker and liimily have
returned honin after spending sev
eral months with relatives and
A. II. HimpKon and family of
Lincoln county havs moved to
Suver. Mr. Simpson is looking
for a store.
K. K. DeAriiioiid and family
spent Sundav with (,'. K. McLanei.
Joseph Kidders and family vis
ited Sunday with A. Kuf and fam
Mr. and Mrs. II. Maxfleld and
son Elmer made a business trip to
Albany Saturday. They found
the roads very fair.
There have been several insur
anco agents here this week.
Mont of the farmers commenced
plowing this wek.
N. I'vburn of Corvallis made a
business trip to Suver last week.
H. Max field nod also Florence
Maxfield of Corvallis visited last
Thursday with Mrs. Carrie Brown
of Airlie.
Mr. Fisher of Coryallia and sev
eral from Wells were in Suver last
week to see where the warehouse
burned ond also where the grain is
still burning.
Farmers were all glad to Bee the
pretty weather.
Oeoree and Ira Sullivan are
shearing goats.
Mr. Calbreath recently received
an order from Washington for 100
Blue Andclusian eggs for setting
Mrs. Marks has returned home
after a protracted visit in Mon
mouth. Wallace Black was in th's vi
cinity Sunday.
Gee. Sullivan wife and daughter
Bessie visited at the home of bis
mother Sunday.
Minnie Wunder is now attendirg
achool here.
James Goodman recently loBt a
valuable colt.
August Ohms formerly of this
place is now at Kent, Sherman
Last Sunday the neighbors were
startled to hear the hounds bark
ing furiously near Antioch school
house. Charley Osborne went to
find the cause of their barking and
found that they had treed a large
erav fox which he killed. It is the
first fox seen in this vicinity for
some lime.
Mr. Yeoum and wife of Bridge
port visited with Mr. Haynes and
wife Sunday. . ,
Ada Sumpter and Alice Mack
visited with Tom Sumpter and
wife Wednesday.
Riddle Bros, sheared goats fo'r
D. M. Calbreath Friday.
J. M. Simpson and J. D. Bevens
were in Airlie Monday,
nnmm Rose and Miss Minnie
Clodfelter of Monmouth spent Sun-
dav with Mrs. Rose of this place.
J. M. and E. E. StaaU are work
ing on the Independence phone
line near I-wisville on the Kails
City and Dallas road.
Koy J'-eryley .came in for wire
.' fence this week.
Andy Turner was in town Mon
day, James Alwater brought in some
fine dressed hogs Monday for ship
ment. Mrs. Etchel of Portland is vis
iting Mrs. Ed Patras of this placo.
Johnnie VanOsdell of Dallas was
up Saturday running some lines
for Hoy IJeyrk-y.
J. A. Withrow was in town Mon
Burt Simpson of Suver has been
over to see bin brother who is very
ill at present.
A birthday party was given in
honor of Miss Nannie Koae last
Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Williams
were in town Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Hastings of
Pedc-e was in our town last Friday.
Miss Alfa Hooker . visited Miss
Osa Wilson last Saturday.
Bun Burns bas been visiting his
cousin Willie Staats of this place.
Miss Bessie Ireland passed
through this place Sunday on her
way to Pedee.
Bob and Henry Tarter were in
town Sunday.
Sam Gross was down from the
btave mill Sunday.
Mibs Nellie Link of Montgomery
was in town Sunday.
Mrs. Jane Lewis of Portland is
visiting her son A. R. Lewis of this
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Bump of
Hillsboro are visiting here.
Miss Ida Hubbard was in Inde
pendence the past week.
N. E. Williams is loading a car
of first class ax handle timber for
the Newberg factory.
C. E. Staats made a business
trip to Independence Friday.
Mrs. Rose Secton ot Rainier is
visiting her grandparents Mr. and
Mrs. J. S. Buchanan of this place.
The patrons of the farmer's tele
phone line are well pleased with
the Bervice ot the Bell phone.
Billie McAdams has leased the
Salt Holler branch for the fishing
Curt Miller and C. L, Bump were
in Kings Valley last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beyrley re
turned Friday from Dallas.
Mrs. Irene Dalton visited her
mother Mrs. O. M. Staats one day
last week.
Percy Lewis of LewiBville was in
our town one day last week.
Frank Gillam of Pcdee was in
town last week.
Miss Dina Staats who has been
Visiting her sister Mrs. R. E. Gold
en of Portland returned home
The iarmers are busy shearing
goats here. Hon. J. 0. Staats says
his mohair will not go in in the
pool but in the cold storage.
Business Opening.
For SaleCountry store in Polk
county. Good legation. Probable
value $3,000. For particulars en
quire at this office.
Building Bridge Span. Social Do
ings. Report of School
for March.
Mr. and Mr. Willis Powell spent
Friday with Sam McElmurry.
Parker is quite lively now with
bridge carpenters, there being about
twenty-five here. They are build
ing a steel pan on the Luckiamute
Mr. Conns of Airlie visited with
Pete Petersons Sunday.
Mrs. Cox who has Wen quite ill
is reporte d some better.
Charlie Allen was in Parker
Chris Peterson was in Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Bolter and family
Bpent Sunday with Pearl Alex
anders. Charlie McClaine and Mr. Nash
were incoming passengers Monday.
Mrs. Frye left Wednesday to
visit her daughter, Mrs. Conn of
Monthly report of Parker pub
lic school for th month of March:
No. of days attendance 204, No. of
days absence 19. No. of times tardy
0, ayerage daily attendance 14'J.
Tr-ose who have been neither ab
sent nor lardy: Walter Kerr, Os
car Peterson, Carrie Evans, Owen
Peterson, Guy Peterson, Joor Dav
idson, Glenn Davidson, Raymond
Lacey, Prince Lacey, Willie II el
mick, Roll of honor: Marguerite
Kerr, Francis Lacey .Lorilla Bolter.
V'elena Fuqua. Mabsl E. Wheel
ock, teacher.
About forty of Miss Mabel
Wheelock's friends gave her a
pleasant surprise Wednesday,
March 30, at the home of Mrs.
Win. Frequa, it being Miss
Wheelock'a twenty-second birth
day. Crokinole and floor games
wer9 the amusements. At a late
hour a delicious lunch waa served,
after which the gueBts left, wishing
Miss- Mabel many more happy
Mis. Lydia Cox is quite Bick.
E. EvauB was p to his ranch on
Pedee' laM week.
W. L. Cauthorn has been visit
ing relatives in this neighborhood.
Mrs. Sam Geff was visiting her
daughter Mrs. George Dickinson
laBt week.
Joe Lntmdra has bought the Joe
Bovrltr place.
E. Evans expects to have a
phone put in his residence soon.
Mies Mary Ilelmick was home
from 6chool last week.
,J. Moore of Highland has been
quite sick but is improving.
Correspondents Contest
First Prize Encylopedia Britannica Revised, 1904 edition Valne $39
Second PRizE-Scolarship, including books. Scranton International
Correspondents School, Value $30.50
Cooper Hollow
Maple Grove
Oa Grovk
Bird Island
Blena Vista
Oak Point..
Miss Verna Walker visited
friends in Monmouth last Satur
day, Wollie Black a prominent young
farmer of Cochran was an Antioch
visitor Sunday.
Forrest Barnes, wife and daugh
ters ot Monmouth were the guests
of Mrs. Barnes' parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Allen Towns, over Sunday.
Early gardens and the grass
need a little more sunshine.
Wilbur Carter of Willaraina is
assisting C. E. Wheelock with hia
rpring work.
Clark Htmbiee transacted busi
ness in Monmouth Saturday.
Miss Mabel Wheelock who is
teaching at Parker spent Sunday
here with her parents.
Charlie and Richard O.-born,
and Albert Mark captured two
foxes while hunting for coons last
week. A number of foxes have
been Been in this vicinity lately.
Clemmens FiBhback killed one re
Three new families have latelj
moved into our neighborhood.
Among them are Vergil A veril and
wife of Falls City.
Jake Ferguson, a former resident
of this place now lives in Portland.
C. E. Wheelock butchered ten
fine hogs and a beef last week.
James and John Riddell bheared
D. M. Calbreath' goats early in
the week.
Miss Gwinn of Portland was
the guest of Mabel Wheelock Sun
August Ohms is visiting his
uncle Mr. Berlaska at Spokane,
William Herren and family vis
ited hie brother Charlie at High
lands Sunday.
Charlie Daniels left Tuesday fo
Eastern Oregon.
Willard 81oan attended services
in the Christian church at Mon
mouth Sunday.
The Americanized Encyclopedia
offered as a prize by the West Sidk
Enterprise in last week's issue is
worth working for.
Mrs. Mary Hannum who has
been sick for some time is slowly
Rob Philip of Montgomery at
tended the dance at Hoskins Fri
day bight.
Mrs. W. W. Bevens waa called
to Independence by the death, ot
her brother. She returned home
Mrs. Cornelia Taylor and son
Dick have been visiting Mrs. Mol
lis Marks in Benton county.
Cub Hooker sheared goats forbid
father Saturday.