West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, March 31, 1904, Image 1

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J. II. Hawi.ky, I'. L. Cami-uku,,
President. Vice President.
Iua C. Powki.i., Gaudier.
DutiiTowi J. H. Hawlay, I. L. Campbell, I. M. Bimpion, J. It. V.
Hulls'. John N. Hlump, J. A. Wilhrow, K. H. Powell.
Transacts General Banklag and Kichange business. I)rfti told
Available Ihroughoul ths UniUnl Hut and Canada.
The Best Suits You
You can get it anywhere. Salem Bottle
Beer Is highly recommended for sickness
and that tired feeling t
Salem Brewery Association
Salem - - Oregon
Josse & Bice,
Fin Parlors in connection. Day or night
calls promptly attended to.
Day phono 2T3 Night 393
Main St, Independence, Orel
W. I II1CE, Kmualnter and Funeral Director.
IU D. VWTMAN, Proptktor
X?A Home Industry Institutions
WorK Called forTueidtr Delivered Saturday
(iood Rigs for Commercial Men a Special ty
(Jood accommodations. Horew well fed. line
rigs. Horn boarded by day, week or month.
Telephone JV'e. 'JiKl
In lejen ileti rr, Orrron
To have liii collar mil cuff 'how
rw edp, ami look like pmluUti for
Mlremmit, In mead ol (mil graduates
from th laundry. What we can't mnko
iw mis.t an well be thrown awy.
'Iik puiltnt too far gone for the
doctor. Hx.tlrt Hnnn l an Jndliien
ille thru factor which you inust hve
tint to be among the outa.
Salem Steam Caundry,
Orders Mtat Kntch'a Barber Hliop
will receive I'rompt Attention.
The Question of Gty Sewerage
System Occupies the Time of
Independence League at Its
Meeting Monday Night
Committees Appointed a Week Pre
vious Report Progress, and Fur
ther Reports Will be Made
Next Monday Night
The matter of a sewerage system
occupied most of the time of Inde-
Pndenc6 League Monday night
and the earnestness wit!) which the
League has taken it up and the en
couragement the proposition is re
ceiving from the citizens generally,
warrant the prediction that the
qupHtlon will not he dropped until
the city ia provided with a sewerage
syet-m. Other matters were dis-
cunm-d hut the only new committee
appointed at the last meeting was
a committee to investigate the
present conditions and report upon
a sewerage system, at the meeting
next Monday evening.
Dr. E. L. Ketchum and 0. A.
Hurley were appointed on that
committee and a report that will
m an eye opener may he expected.
Dr. Wood Huthinson, the stats
heslth officer, it was stated, is ex
pected through thefs parts aoon
and it is known the present sanitary
condition would come under his
ban. The doctor, with his micro
scopio eyes, can see germs in milk,
microbes in water, hues In prunes
and li fa-destroyers in the atmos
phere. The report of the commit
tee on the places of discharge of
some of the present sewsra, and the
condition surrounding these places
it ia thought, will be sufficient
ground upon which to base a
strong petition to the council asking
for the immediate establishment
of a sewerage system. Atthanieet
ing of the League last week when
the attendance was large, a stand
ing yote Whs taken and every
member present, rose in favor of
the proposition. On Monday night
not a voice was raised in opposition
to it though the question was dis
cuBsed in all its phases. The sec
retary was instructed to write Mr.
Ogden, who had charge of the gov
ernment levy works on the river
near town, and who is a friend of
Independence, to ascertain the cost
of a complete sewerage system.
Three new names were added to
the membership of the League
Monday night. Riley Craven, the
hardware man, became a member.
Dr. E. .J. Thompson was present
and signed the roll and the name
of A. S. Locke, which had been
, . i ; I 1
stricken on inrougu unsuuurrovauu
ing, was replaced.
The committee on arrangements
for a farmers congress reported pro
gress and was granted another
week's time. Dr. Withycombe has
been consulted and he has agreed
to be present and lend every assist
ance within his power to make The
affair a success.
The entire membership of the
committee appointed to secure peti
tioners to the Sourhern Pacifio of
ficials asking for increased train
service, was not present. A. L.
Sperling, one of the committee, ex
hibited a petition signed mostly by
farmers with 30 names. Oth
members of the committee will re
pot tat next meeting. President
lUitler stated that It had been re
ported that aaother train would be
put on in about two weeks, but
the many changes of rail
road officials, it- would probably
be a month anyway.
The work of securing rural- mail
oute leading out of Independence
to the south was reported well
under way. The petition in being
circulated and parties along tba
jroposed routs are signing, with
scarcely an exception.
Iloneer Gone.
Mrs. Hannah Miller, whose dsath
occurred at Buena Vista last week,
was born in Ireland, In 1817. At
the age of twelve she cams to
America and Hvd for a number of
years in Canada where at the age
of22shewaa married to Michael
O'Horo. From Canada she moved
to Missouri and waa married the
second time in that stats becoming
ths wife of Joseph Miller, who died
three years ago. The marriage
ceremony of Mrs. O'Horo, then 42
years old, to Mr. MiUer was in St.
Joseph, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Miller
emigrated from Missouri to Oregon
in 1871, settling down at Buena
The McLane Warehouse and Con
tents Destroyed by Fire at an
Early Hour on Tues
day Morning-
Loss, 12,000 Bushels of Wheat,
J ,500 Bushels of Oats. Be
sides the Buildings. Farm
ers Lou Slight
auvra srscutTOwisTsios aoTiapaiis
The McLane warehouse at this
place with all its contents was con
sumed by fire at an early hour
Tuesday morning.
Besides ths building, about 12000
bushels of wheat and 1500 bushels
of oats were lost. Very little was
By ex-Secretary of War EUtlU ROOT
IDE use of money has come to such a pass at thehanda
of both of the great political parties in this country
that we find enormous contributions necessary to
maintain party machinery, to conduct party warfare,
end the effect is that great moneyed interests, cor
porate and personal, are exerting yearly more and more undue influ
ence in political affairs. GREAT MONEYED INTERESTS ARE
SUPPORT OF POLITICAL PARTIES, and political parties are
"every year contracting greater debts to the men who can furoiah
the money to perform the necessary functions of party warfare.
Vista where they remained during
the remainder of their lives, Mrs.
Miller leaves three daughters, one,
Maggie Henderson, Watertown, N.
Y., by her first husband, aad two,
Mrs. W. J. Steele of Buena Vista.
and Mrs. W. E. Wilcox of Coburg,
by the second. Mrs. Miller was a
member of the Catholic church but
saved, from the destructive flames.
In was 1:20 a! m. when Mr.
Frum discovered the warehouse
was on fire and gave the alarm.
By thb lime C. E. McLane, the
owner, arrived on the scene the
roof was falling in -and but little
could be done more than watch the
flames until thev completed their
The Closer the Dogs of War, the Farther up the tree of High Prices will go
the Cats of Wheat, Flour and Brjil.
had not been situated to attend
during the latter part of her life.
She was a member of the Rebekahs
and Circle ot Woodcraft. Funeral
services were held at Buena Vista
Thursday, Rev. Woods,, of the
Evangelical church of Corvallis,
Curd of Thanks.
We wish to publicly thank the
fripn.la and neighbors who freelv
pave their kindly assistance during
our mothers sickness and for the
many kindness beBtowed after her
Mrs. W. E. Wilcox.
Mrs, W. J. Steels.
work of destruction.
The origin of the fire is un
known. One theory is that sparks
from a Southern Pacific freight en
gine side-tracked nearby were
caught ud by a suction box from
the ware-house cleaner. Chaff, it
is thought, may have thus been
ignited and smouldered for several
hours before it burst into flames.
The loss is shared by the Fischer
Mills of Corvallis, the Portland
Flouring Mills and the W. A. Gor
don Co. of Portland. Mr. Mc
Lane lost 500 bushels of oats. It
is not known, but believed that
most of the grain with the excep
tion of Mr. McLane's oats, was iu
sured. There were two warehouse
buildings and they were Insured
for 11500.
C. E. McLane's loss is estimated
at $2500. The loss suffered by
farmers was slight Sixty bush
els of wheat covers their loss and
It was shared by three farmers.
Large Attendance and Interest
ing Exercise at Eighth An
nual Convention Epworth
League, Assembled In '
Dallas, Friday.
The eighth annual convention of
the Eugene District Epworth
League assembled in Dallas Friday.
March 25. Delegates arrived from
almost every charge in the District
to the number of about 225.
Friday evening the convention
opened with a public reception. The
mayor of Dallas, Hon. Carey Hay
ter, gave a well worded address full
of spirit. Hon. G. L. Hawkins,
representative ot the various young
people's societies of Dallas also gave
greetings. The reply was given by
Rev. Mslville Wire of Brownsville,
after which there was a social
time, with refreshments.
Saturday moraing at 8:30 a
praise service and Bible reading
was led by Rev. L. T. Jones of
Amity. Pres. A. R. Sweetser of
Eugene then called for the papers
as arranged on the program. The
fisrt was: Training for personal
work in the church. This was
tallowed by: The English transla
tions of the Bible, by Rev. W. W.
Edmonson of Independence. Then
Reformation under Wesley J.
H. Ralston, Albany.
Early history of Methodism
Cora B. Hartman, Cottage Grove.
Our chureh in Oregon ; Its found,
ers and early history Rev. L. T.
Jones, Amity.
Our church in Oregon; Present
day obligations and future possi
bilitiesAlbert Wilson, Lebanon.
Saturday, 2 p. m.. Praise service.
2:30: The struggle with Mor
moniem A. H. Thomas, Sheridan.
Triumph of missions in India
Mrs. Ida Carter.
Redemption of Africa Miss
Chloe E. Crandall, Turner.
Young people and missions Mrs.
M. Wire, Albany.
Reports of district officers.
Roll call ef chaptere, with brief
Business meeting and election of
There were spirited addresses by
Rev. F- L. Moore, of Corvallis. and
A. Thompson, Ph. D., of Lebanon.
The Sunday services consisted of
an address, "Laboratory Methods"
by Albert R. Sweetser, President of
the district, and the Holy Com
munion, administered by the Pre
siding Elder aesisted by the pas
tors. Prot, A. R. Sweetser gave a
series of lantern views on the pas
sion week, after which Rey. T. B.
Ford, D. D., Presiding Elder of the
Eugene district, installed the of
ficers for the year. It was a very
successful convention.
Special Services.
Sunday next there will be special
services morning and evening at
the M. E. Church. An Easter
morning service, subject, "Christ's
Idea of Expansion," and at 7:30,
program by the children. There
will be special singing at each ser
vice. Everybody oordially invited.