West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, March 24, 1904, Image 5

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By Mri. tnxsK irsiie
iTjOU ono wlni hit known tho full Auwvr of life, who
'psfil'f ''v,'(' '"v,,,' '' I"1 read '"'i" "w Wnrt
llT '1 ''"lt '""" ",lol'"'l' v,' though it lias
'V I'j'i imi M a Vlvtcliihlt Ior inch a cno to Mid tlm
fount!.! t iM.r.H.t.i..l vniilli btnl ulu'ln n.lniniiwr nil
ftltl 1irif'illllA ItHtMJllkS iif 1 lUlFlllflftJI 4t PJ.rVi.utl
.. :.. i . . : 1 .1 . ... '11 1 . .
outward I'dUtf 111 iu rejuvenating wiicn, nil, mm wotim 00 w
l'OWKK, fr tlm gn at, tho irm, law of cftinju'imatioii U nowhero
laort' lntrly shown limit in this mutter of youth vermin attainment,
Kvrry ono confeM-a tlmt n inn 11 or woman vcrjrif? Uwn iniddlo
lift", r even considernMy Inter in lifo'a Ury, ha imru to nay, can
offer tr.oro valuable opinion and Ik, in tho common jhrue, "hettor
company" than 11 very young eron, hut few iinl-'I aro tho phi
losophers, I'.'iwH'iiillv among women, who wouM delilratcly choono
THE ATTKAC'rioNS OK M.VH'KITY opmed to tho of
"oiith. Still tho compensation U jtit and adinjuato if one does hut
claim it and titili," it at it full value, but hero Mtfuin Nature
herself, whom Mind opo mil Mind and unreasoning even hero
Nature show th Jl'ST HAI.ANCK of her gifts and her intelligent
lfiv'rnnnc of her great family, Youth i her alwoluto endowment
to thso who Iwvo -t yet ahilily to chooso or reject, Kho due not
n il her infant, "My dear, try to U young, for to m young in to bo
attractive I" Sho simply make them young WJIKTIIKU THEY
WILL OH NO, Imcbhjw itho know that it U to their advantage and
hnppine to I young, lut to tlm older children, to those who have
listened to her teaching and Irnnn-d omo of tho lonumi hor aiter
KxjK-rii'iu- ha U-rn pIh-d in to tai-h, ho ny: "Child, you are no
lmij;rr vounj?. 'Hint nrly rharni wiich I l'towed ujvn you BE
FOilK YOl' ('Of!.!) AITUKCTATK IT U gmio even when
v In-jfni, u valiu it and rlx-rUh it ruodt I ahull not mako you
voting pin, hut I will pve you a cotitMnation for your lout youth
"if you havp Mitlirint M-adfii!tnn of jurjoito aud knowledge of your
own jnt-r't to rvoeive and inakw tixo of it. I will mako you
AOKKKAHI.K-Uiat it, I will ull you how to bo, but you ar no
loiter child, and I ehttll not blindly Irntow thi gift upon you aa
I did that of youth. I hll nimply give you tlio mean and the power,
and you mut um them fr yourwdf."
So ip'ak tho dar old mother of u all aometiinoa, uliu, to deaf
ear that hear t, aometime to shallow brain that heed not, Bome
lime to h.avy heart that care not; but mrna thero an aye, tliank
G1, there n nmny who hear and heed and care for tho mother'
lrM.'n and the c.mjention he ofTen, and among the.no older cbfl
dr . are n..t of tbe TKULV CHAUMING poplo of tho world.
In fact. o far a men aro concerned, I often think tho only really
t ; r,f nntur.? aro to Iks found in this, her senior, claw,
for moat very voung men aro bo alorUd in admiration of their own
wid..m, wit and wid- exjicrirnro that they can pcak or think of
litUa elno. Thev, U, prmtUi, but not, liko the young girb, of every
tbing under the un and with a wet readinesa to confer thoir own
Ignorance AND ASK FOR IN101UIATI0X. No. The young
man' prattle i generally of himaelf nd with an amiablo rcadmew
to give m own opinion upon whatever other subject hi interlocutor
may try to introdueo. Do ha very little interest in tho views of
any one do and ahow marvelou ingenuity in soon bringing the
conversation around to hU favorito topic
Tho gift of fascination i quito apart from the other gifU of youth
or experience, and, although it doe not really develop
firt twenty year of life, I have seen young girl in whom the prom
he lay latent, yet vWUprl. of whom ono may ny, bhe a
charming girl and will be a fascinating woman.
W,t if tho aecret of fascination lie neither in you h nor auty
WHERE i it to bo found-in mental gift, in wit, in grace of
manner or in cultivation!
HO. NO. NO, ,N NONE 0, . 0 OJ
..Li:. V.t nr netive in
poliuca kuow ta Tt 1 tho compensations of a
and keen disappointment. It tho r
us i m,.Vn lifo worth tlio living, n "
career which muJco mo w .
ttoan JV1 " in the one sphere or to got out of
and he is ever etruggUi.g to stay in w crtjdntlo9 ftnd aCcidenU
the other. The intonalty and strain. in ui0 poiitioUn.
of politico maHe p-ible the wannest atUcW
TiaiallUoe f
on broad line, and aro free from the irnta q
They generously appreciate the good QF cSEST
the other and are bound together
From the United Mate eenaua
of I'JOO w find Uiat f.OJ Uied
Now York from whooping cough JJt
and 819 from ncarlet fuvcr. In thl-whoooimrcoui;h
- "... .
and 373 from scarlet lever; i nn- fjjrt
dulphia, i:i diel from whooping ;
couifh, Wi from scarlet fever, and f,))
so on in me uimreiu iu. a""'"
from whooping cough occur niont
frequently from pneumonia a a
tornplication that induces heart full
ur, or a bronchiti may occur that
nd in suffocation. Asphyiia, or
marasmus, duo to tho continued
ejecting of tho food or loss of sppe
tite, may cause death.
Even when death does not occur,
severe disturbance of the nervous
system may remain, a weakness of j
tho intellect and memory, imWiLi-i
ty. Viual defect, strabismus,'
t.i n. tw.au mill iluufncitg. partial or:
complete, and even deafmutism may j flfo
remain. Whooping cough, it is evi-
dunt, should ho uniler the control ot
health authorities, subject to quar
antine and other preventive meas
ures a much a scarlet fever. Wo
man' Medical Journal.
Conceit of th Now YorUor.
One of tbe recent "Parsifal" per
formance at tho Metropolitan Op
era House was attended by a large
delegation of music lover from
Philadelphia who had bought up
most of the first tloor sest for the
occasion. A certain well known op
era goer met a journalistic friend
while promenading in the lobby aft
er the first act, and they stopped to
discus tho merits of the perform
"Did you know," said tire friend,
"that there's a party of 400 Phila
dclphians in the house tonight?"
"indeed?" replied the first night
er. "Why don't you interview them
and get their impressions of Ameri
ca?" Harper's Weekly.
Quoon Victoria'! Toy at 8t. Louis.
Tho plaything of the late Queen
Victoria, while in their splendor and
intrinsic value they will not com
pare with the ulmost priceless jubi
lee presents, that will be shown at
the world's fair, St. Louis, will ap
peal to the sentiment of all who
view them. The Uritish pavilion at
the world' fair is a replica of the
orangery at Kensington palace, the
birthplace of yueeu Victoria. It
was here that Victoria played, with
her doll. The paint is rubbed from
The arm of anoth-
or in trmiit nun the Iclt of still anoth
er is missinir. All of these toy have
been carefully preserved. London
Hudson Bay.
hfiv i the third largest
inclosed marine sea in the world,
being next in size to the Mediter
ranean sea and the Caribbean sea,
o,i a hill i now before the utiawa
parliament to change it name to
tlio Canadian sea, "ior gouu
ical and national reason and to as
sert Canadian supremacy over the
nf thu liav and the adjoining
territory." American whalers from
vu, n.,lfnrl Mas., are practically
tho only people who have frequent
ed the bay ior mo iui muuj
Rv th Gas Plot Routs.
Tn ;,llnir n anrinnst'il saloon in
All AOAfi, II . .
Lewiston, Me., the other day special
liquor deputies fliscovercu a ue ,
method to sell in violation of the
law. It was in the form of a gas
jet. By climbing through a scuttle
to a place over Uie store a hard par
tition was seen. This was broken
and found to contain a copper tank.
Tho tank was connected with the
store by a tube, which resembled a
gas pipe. 'v turning on the gas jet
whisky could be obtained.
8ensloss Ssntlment.
J tiles Lefcvrc of Paris writes to
Answers of liomlon: "1 reiurneu
from Lancaster only a few day ago,
feeling thoroughly disgusted witli
your English lovo of senseless senti
ment. 1 had become engaged to a
Lancaster lndv, and because I had
the honesty to confess that it was
her money which had attracted me
the engagement, to my astonish
mnt, was immediatolT canceled.
Japansss and Chinese.
It will be well when continental
statesmen learn that a ooxe of nat
ural facta dwcjiminate tho Japanese
people from the Chinese and the
Tartara. There la more of Malay
blood, there is even more of Ka
naka and of Polynesian blood, in
ii.t triM lf reliant visage of
the famous Marquw Ito than of
Genghis or Jvubla jvnan. ou- xi
win Arnold in London Telegraph.
Leading Independence Store
New lino Crush licit!, new line (;..il :oltnf new line Satin IMts, new lino
(iroKH CJrain Uflt, finiehwl in tho latent gold and gun metal trimming. A
choice new lino of latest things in Shirt Waist Beta in pearl, gold and gun metal
We have Jual received one of the Urgent end
nioat complete line, of ladles' muslin under
wear ever ahowo In the city.
Whit Hklrta 1.2ft. 1 60. 2.00 2.50. 3 00. 3.80.
(JownafiOc, 7fte, 1.00, l.ft. 1.60. 2.(K).
Corset rovers i'to, 60n. -'e. 76c. K'w, 1.00
Muslin Drawer 60c, 76e, Wic, Wio, 1.00. I.S5.
Home merchanU are havlog considerable trouble
with the price on cotloo Roods, but w bought
ours before the alvauce, bene ere able to give
you the same for nearly the same old price a s
year ago.
We have the latent and best things out in this line in both wool and cotton
goods. Come and examine our stock of Voiles, Nub oiles and Mohairs,
tlio leading goods for the present season, and you will have no need of send
ing away for your fine drens goods. We are also showing some beautiful
things in cotton goods, especially for evening dresses and Shut Waist
Suits, which aie very popular this season
W are now showing our new spring line of
ladles' klrU lo the newest eastern lyle. Tbee
are exceptional value and w have style and
price to suit all. Come and examine them.
We would like to show you our Hue of wait
ings, for we have tu first person to Mod who
doe not say that we ere bowlo; a pretty and ,
as durable a line as can be had in much larger
places. ,
Bring us your eggs, butter and chickens for we will pay the highest market price
for le and w ilf guarantee you will get just as much for $1 in produce trade as if
vou paid the cash as we make no difference. Your produce is as good as your cash.
We curry a jiice line of groceries, and our prices are as low as any house in the city.
Come and give us a trial. All coods delivered in the city.
1 Yours for Honest Goods at- Honest Trices.
W. A.
Independence, Oregon.
J. M. Stark, Coniiumeemu i.
PolkV'ouniy, Makes An
nouncement for Coun
ty Convention.
having earn properly certified by
the secretary of theconventton.
T. W. Harris,
Chairman congressional Committee.
Cibtis B.Winn.
A convention of the republican
r,.ro r,f the First congressional
district of the state of Oregon is
hereby called to meet in balem,
Ore., Wednesday, April 13th, at 11
. m for the DurDose of nominating
one representative for congreeB and
to transact such other Dusinee a
may properly come before the con-
vent inn .
The convention will consist of
177 .t1ei?B.te8. apportioned among
the seveial counties of the district
a's follows, towit: Benton, 7; Clack
amas, 18; Coos. 9;Curry.3;Dougla8,
14- Jackson 12; Josephine, r,
Klamath, 4; Lake, 4; Lane, l'J;
T innnln. 5: Linn. 14; Nanon.
Polk, 9; Tillamook, 5; Washington
IS- Yamhill. 11: total, 1U.
The. same being one delgaie ai
Urcr for each county, one for every
150 votes caet for Judge Bean on
tfc,W ireneral election, and one
for every fraction of 150 larger than
That the work of the convention
m.v Via expedited as much a posei
lie, the committeesuggests that the
chairmen and secretaries oi me
.ersl eonntv conventions certify
to the list of delegates elected oy
their county conventions to this
congressional convention and mail
ti,,n at once to Curtis B. Winn,
secretary congressional committee)
Albany, Ore.
Delegates or others in attendance
at the convention may secure a
rate of one and one-third fares for
the round trip on the Southern
Pacific and the Corvallis & Eastern
railways by paying full fare to
Salem, taking a receipt for faae
paid from the tioket agent and
The Secret of Long Life and
How to Overcome Waste.
To Know thyself,' i to take advantage
of life's secrets snd equip one's self with
I armor whicB will suotiuu;;..
the battle of life.
The old ides of fete
or "kismet, and
that a person al
ways dies when bU
time comes, is now
exploded. Every
mechanism, wheth
er made by God or
man, has a definite
amount of wear
snd its life can be
lengthened or
shortened accord
ing to the care that
is given it. If ac
cident or careless
ness destroys the
or the human mechanism an end comes
to iU usefulness, out tt nas noi .-muui;
worn out." Man's system at times gets
rusty like the wheels of the watch and
only needs a little cleaning and oiling to
put it in shape for life's battles.
An imitation of nature's method of re
storing waste of tissue and impoverish
ment of the blood and nervous force is
nsed when you take an alterative extract
of herbs and roots, without the use of alco
hol, like Ir. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery. This vegetable medicine coaxes
inns anrt hflrts in the
IflC uincnii ...... 1 . , .4.
assimilation of food, or rather enables the
organs to take trom ine ioou ju:. iu
n.r.riiiimt the blood requires.
Prof. T. K. TauRiinv. of 61 St. Peter Strwt, Que-
Grippe snd did not regain my strength. uh
tn a wk after using Dr. Pierce's l.oUlen Med
ical DixcoTerv. 1 was able to be around again,
snd I found "that my svstem wns entirely free
from any of the bad effects of La Grippe. I
now aeep a dwiic w vi.e
coixry on hand. snd. when I catch cold, take a
lew aoses, wnicn cejra
As a builder up of lost strength and vitality I
ri m helievt vour - Discovery' has an equal.
Accept no substitute for'Golden Medical
Discovery." mere is huiuihk j
good for diseases of the stomach.
Dr. Pierce s Pleasant Pellets, the best
laxative for old people. They cure con
stipation and biliousness.
Notice to Creditor.
Vnttra ta hereby eiven that the UD-
dersigned baa beeD duly appiutd ad
ministrator of the estate of Sarah Ja
rwrson. deceased, bv the Countv Court
of the State of OreRon, for Polk Coun
All nersona havirjer clmma aealDst
said estate are hereby notified tu pre
sent Uie same amy verinco, togeia
with the proper vouchers therefor, to
.. . - I . V. n
ine unaeraignea, at nis omra iu me
City of Independence, in said County,
within six months from toe aai oi
this notice.
Dated this 18th day of February,
H. H. Jaspebson,
Administrator of the estate of Sarah
Jasperson, deceased.
Oscar Hayter, Attorney.
If troubled with wek digestion,
holohinu or sour stomach use Chamber
Iain's Stomach and l.ier Tablets and
you will get a quick relief. For sale by
All Druggists.
If in need of stationery seeus
Craven & Moore's. ' ,
War Clubbing- Rates.
The Portland Diily Journal, one
year is $4. By ordering now yea
can get both th West ide en
terprise and Daily Journal, one
year fur 54 50; the betni-weekiy
Journal and West Side Enter
prise, one year for $2.25; the
Weekly Journal and Vest Side
Enterprise, one year for $2.10.
Abaolntefr Pure