West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, March 03, 1904, Image 1

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: , .... Incorpor.Ki. . Avtantt Ui Congressional
'. V f.. Campiikll.
1Uu- . .... VicelWdcnt.
Iiu O. Powell, Caaluor.
Honors Being Heard From
all Over th? First
ing the IxxJjr U only reaorted to In
time of extreme cold, as on ordi
nary oocaitiona the people deem
their thick clothing a sufficient
protection durlhg winter.
Fatal Caaa. O.OOO
I Wtoha-J. II. Hawley. I'.'L. Catnpi-.ll. I. M. Simpson, J. B. V. m Declintlf but Benson and
John B.Btump, J. A. Witbrow, P.H. lowell. , m... Mentioned. Jones
MMoU General Danki.g and Ktchang bu.ln.ss.
,1s throughout Hie uoiveu mawa ,u ...
Drafta told
. a
fl.- nf fl. H. UQltOn 01
.,-n--Birt-klr M ATiniM AL BANK "illeboro ! being lifpad by some
,2 INDEPENDENCE NATiUNAL dmi connwlIon wilh C0l)gr.i0nai
' '. honors n this district. JM
OAPITAliBTOOK, ZZ'oiJ Benson, of Ileuson-bous.
i.msmiKUa, rr-aidont. aBRAM .. rat0A, 1, ah.0 being wafled on
Whode. and bre.. from the water-.n.ke pond.
of Mamam couoiy.
0. W.mVINK. CaihUr.
KSCT0H8.-H. Haw.hU.rg. 1. W. re.
F. Built", J-
- - . ...i mm made. im
II. I j. Eddy of Tillamook baa got-
uwount ..... il. mUcKlUnHnua idea OUt 01
bit head and ia centering hia ener
gies on a judgeahip. Ha baa ao an
nounced it and the Tillamook law
TT TT Tn rmAVCAT. Uer irives warnine that unless bis
ll Jla JdupvlOUlIi j ambitions are respected he will
Undertaker. Enbalmer, p-V" "
. oione air.
and Funeral UirCClor. Tho aileace of 13. F. Jonea, the
llldCBCBdiHW. ' OregOII. digger of clama, defender of Indian
XlUllUr dUU wvfcwe aw
Mad of
roR rAMiir use.
The Longed For Train Ser
vice on the West Side
Promised by the South
ern Pacific ,
jPUnty of PeopU and Plenty
Money Makes Better Ac
commodations for all
Jtoeolutlone of Iteapect.
At a reeular meeting of Vallay
Lodee No. 42. 1. 0. 0. F., February
25th. tba following ' resolutions
were unanimoualy adopted.
Whkrcas: Death baa removed
from our midst our worthy Brotb
er. P.O.. M. L. Dorrls, aod Whibk
as: By tha death of Brother
Dorris this Lodga loees ' true,
,Th.r.for. be it Resolved: That There ar. proapecta far another
the sympathy and condolence of train on the west Bid. and tu
lit. V.aL i ' ...n,! the ha- Uawa will ba receded with faror all
. f..ii... .j irriAnfiB i aions. voa iidv
reayeu n iuuw, wumw i - . , ,
.L . 1 Binoe in inaepnuant u
01 uroiner worn. i - ,
ii,vin! That these resolu- that came up irom rwv,.uU
i J K. mintitMl I laid OTSr Dlf u( ueri uiwum""
of this meeting ana a copy oa - --- - -
.. if i i u.ik.. aF Krntri. i more Briuo um vv -
. . -i tir a.r.iti wit a qit miiuius. auiw
er Lorns, also w . t1.
r : i;fl n,M fi. uoweyer nae um uu .-..
low with request for publication
M. Mebwin
CD. Simpso.-
E. L. Ketchcm
., 1
Josse & Bice,
J Fine Parlors in connection. Day or night
; calls promptly attended to.
) Day phono 273 Night 393
Main St, Independence, OreV
, W. I BICE, Enibalnipr and Funeral IMrtwtor.
for Binger Her
mann, is becoming ounuous w
II ra aDDeareu w uu
pvu.wt - - r .
nulilie functions for weeks nor ben
seen in the dietrict beyond range of
sound from the troubled ocean
Friends of other candidates are
if "ltnt" is nurainc a
boomlat of hu own, but tnere ia
hardly ground for fear. in
chances are Jonfs will emerge irom
Yaquina canyon in the early spring
Toting for Hermann and will prob-
bly ca-ry out his threat to aettle
down in' Dallas and practice law.
The Harris, boom started out on
an inclined plane by the Eugene
Register, is still rolling along, but
the ex-speaker, popular as he is, has
yet to loop-the-loop. Linn county
has a crow to pick, with Harris lor
the part he took during his first
term In the legislature, in support
of a bill that had for ita object the
cutting off of a slico of Lian coun-
and giving it to Lane. Mr.
Harris can probably show, how
ever, that in duty to his constit
uents he could have dona no less
than he did in the matter. But
regardless ef any local objections,
it Harris makes it plain he has cut
loose from party factionalism, he
will be a formidable candidate.
Uncle Sara Cannat Afford
Wages That Are
Than Reasonable.
H. D. WHITMAN, Proprietor
j a Hnmi Industry Institution
f - -
WorK Called for Tuesday Delivered Savturdar
Irr.-resslng It on Him
With Emphasis .
Is what our fine laundry work doee
oti man who In looKlng for some-.t'-'exqulnite
In color and flniHh on
'a t en- We aim to make our lami--y
or It pHrteMi in beauty and In the
--condition lu which Wf iwmd It
s. 8eii't ua a sample handle and
.e will aurprlae you. Naw proem
4 wirliMia
era left at Kutoh'a barber shop or
' 1 alem ataje will receive prompt
Steam Dundry,
J. O km tad, Prw. Deeawa
,0 1. Mjr. Fhaae II. l
5f Mreet.
At our school. That la what eiuula,
.H i. one reatton why our etudenla are
ucofaeful. Uualnaaa man appreciate
thlBfiict. and niany ask for no reoora-
If you are Inter-
Stove In The Pocket.
The contented smile of the
"heathen Chinee" may be partially
accounted for by their indifference
to the coldness of the winter months.
says the Chicago Tribune. For in
the north of China they care not
whether .they are indoors or out;
thev always have a stove with
thorn in the Bhape of a hand fur
nace. Instead or fire being placed
in the house it is carried about the
person, beneath the thickly padded
cotton garments, or in the nana.
At times it is placed beneath tne
chair on which the Celestial is
The discovery of the unique
method of avoiding winter'a rigors
was made by a traveler in Fu-kien
province, whose attention was at
tracted to the universal and pecu
lir deformities of ita inhabitants.
han Datronace enough, as viewed
bv the Southern Pacific oflBcials, to
justify another train.
For tha past year aod partico
larly the past six months, the de
mand has been growing for more
service and Mr. Ceman bas been
disoosed to look favorably upan
Tnliv. .anneal far mother train. One
I .. . . .t
ium in nosition to mow 01 mo com
nUn laid this week, the
west side will have another tram
within a month, or at least such is
the purpose of the Southern Pacific.
The Dasseneer traffic Irom ior-
vallis to Portland bas grown enor
mously the past six months
From this Doint the increase has
k.n saruuiallv nOtlCeaDlS. 11X
in Bounds, according to tha South-
era Pacific eatimaU was 162,000,000.
Allowing 20 cents per pound thii
means an iueome of $324,000.
Tbis is.no inconsiderable rev-
enue for one product singt
station. The prospects are that
this vear will see another geod
yield and judging from tba offers
that have been made - to contract
In advance, bep men expect good
Drices to prevail. With a good
season the output may safely be
estimated fully as big er a little
greater than last year. Yards
will not be neglected at the present
More improvements are being 1
made at bop-yards than ever
before. Hardware men report ail
teen, possibly seventeen hop-bousea
ill go up in the spring. I here
was money saved irom me last
crop and improvements will be
made where before they were neg
There is activity among the hop
men, in getting ready for another
crop, and without some unforeseen
back-set or paralysis of the market
the 1904 crop will be fully as big
revenue producer as the crop of
latit year.
The wheat yield of Polk county
for the past year is pot at 500,000
bushels by a Southern Pacific
official, and oats production at be
tween 300,000 and 400,000 bushels.
Rnral niBil carriers should be
paid a respectable living salary or
k anrvien discontinued, me
. I. W VW.
government aeta a bad example in
asking its citizens to wore on a
n:..r)l lar To renuire one
U B V - - 1 UfVU .twvipi.; -
... rl.il the nnnctilious re-l MAntv. " said A?ent Wilcox
fv eijo w i vBaaj 1 g- I uivuiue "
quiremenU of tne government; toLpeayg 0f his work as Southern
inrnian nis owu u. -"-i uciov n"u., -
weather as it comes; in case of hy tTery face that appeared at the
lav-off on account of sickness or tcv,i window. ow 1 pernaps
..... ! J.I . . . 1 .
nth.r mn.fl to see that tne mau u t... one in twenty, i aon v
delivered regardless of the cost to -here they come from."
the carrier, all for $50 a month, Tte Southern Pacific Is running
:. r....nmlik The Ininsticfl oflfu... eoachaa and it is
IB UIMV..UU- . , lWVl
ik nraaant arrBnpment has reaeh-1 tha ea nassensers have to
Vii v syaww-w - o I vtvwH g ?
ed congress and there are now forty I Bttnd before the train pulle in to
or more bills penaing looting w 1 Portland. Btarung irom
the relief of carriers. Among them wih the rjatronaee the CAE
is one by Senator mitcneii, pro- a to that point ana picamg uH
!n ailit.inn tn the Dres-I.v. naaRMntrera at IndeDen-
I.. HMNHI f D - - .
dence, MclUnnyille, North Yam-
..a m 1 TTilIchnro
f iiW a year jor Duiwiokouvo. "cv dui, turen uii -
seUtive Cooper of Wisconsin baaLn(j ' tbe many intervening
what appears to be a better one, al- ,utions makes a trattic too
. ,.rrior 1720 the first vear: far nnA train. The increase
lUTO.ug m vw. v. ' ' I uiuvu .w. - , -
$800 the second and $900 the third. jn population of the west Bid coun-
rTI.lt.. . 1 -lAl.ny4k Anill.. . Y tlWl.. Airlift tllil"!.?
Senator lener 01 vuiwiu, """iiwi ana pruspiiuun "
Bailey of Texas oppose further ap- J people to travel are the mam
. e.l I ' a . A. 1
propriatien for rural asuverv eer- cauies contriouting ro m
vrm. Senator Tillman ' favors it ..ilroad travel.
n.;i thm irovernment is now I TK fim and other details m
r,int7 $20,000,000 to carry mail to connection with the proposed ad-
-i. ..kA .nnlil rfillv rtrefer tOM;inr.a1 train ia not known. The
. ' r ......
ffn after it. Newbere people have Deen peuuon
n . 1 - -. . . . . . .
ing for a change in the time 01 me
m. .. . - , n a lha Yam
. . ...... t I uauas traiu o ii.d u -
I kin Ammtr toarn a train out of
Ulli J V v u w w
Manager Koehler passed over portj4nd one hour later than it
both of the weat side branches of tf an(j jt hs been suggested
the Southern Pacifio in a "pe018-1! he extra train may come by way
car on a tour of inspection triaay.i f Nswbere. This ia hardly prob
. : UJ-. ... R T. I . . ' . .nnlil
ACCompanyxuK unu lahie as sucn arrangoiuou nuu.v.
Donald the new resident engineer I not reiieve the congestion ef traffic
and Mr Grondahl, the engneer who f McMinnville and Hillsbero
ranantlv rflgiffned. The new en-i- 4 p.i.n Tkat ia what the
mendatlon but our. . you are ewellin. projected n th-
to aeoure it for tba loweat poealble ooat moat unaccountable places on the
nd In tha ahortaat time eonaieirni anatomy Of the villagers, cpeouia-
wlth tboroiieh work, It wlU pay yeu to
iDVwtttrete the advantaK-a we offer.
8nd for oatalos;.
VT. I.ts.kJr.rrtoetps4.
tionswere set at rest by an old
gentlemsn, who removed hie coat
and disclosed a small copper fur
nace around his wrist with a band
and neatly covered with basket
work. This artificial mode of warm-
einer is being taken over the entire
Oregon system to acquaint mm
with his work and responsibilities.
Demurs to Complaint.
Rnnerintendeot James
neoole north want, while -up this
it thev want a means of going to
Portland in the forenoon instead ol
the afternoon. -
Epigrammatic Sermons. ,
Faint heart is famished heart.
Promptitude is the life of praise.
Love never boasts of its sacrifice.
He who waits on fate wins failure.
Spiritual growth is never spas
The truth that hits is the truth
Faith is never developed by find
ing fault
The beet kind of love is loyt of
our kind.
There fs no service where there
is servility.
There are no rights without re
Men who are downcast are easily
cast down. .
The high livers do not reach the
heights of life.
The devil would have no dupes
if he had no decoys.
He who gives the world most
always finds he owes it most.
The world needs broad sym
pathy more than broad sentiments.
There is more health in hap.
piness than there is happiness ia
He who works for the human
race has a good show in tne
heavenly race, t ,
TKo.a ! nv i.tna in haarincr
two sermons if you do not practice
either of them. -
When money can " secure your
complaisance , with wrong more
money will secure your co-opera
tion. , , 4
The gate of heaven may be nar
row, but many will find that it
takes more , than narrowness to
enter there. , , . .
Warden Curtiss have demurred to M, New OP;".-
. . r T Tnr.a.1 , buii.-".,..,
tne compiain 01
.1 : lit a.t ii nrtifial with
CUargiiiR iuwiu : 1 ,
diverting nublio money to their per- ; There was shipped from Inde-
1 .... ft,, nmnrrar alleys that I pendence last year over the South
the complaint does not state facts ern Pacific route 9000 bales of hops
sufficient to constitute a cause of or a little more than one tenth of
suit: that the court has no jurisdic- the entire crop of the state which
tion and that the plaintiff has no le- was 88000 bales.
,ale.Decitvto maintain the suit i Tha shipment from this point
A Birthday Party.
A. pleasant social event of the
past week was the birthday party
given by Miss May Webster at the
home of her parents Saturday even
ing. Friends to the number of
about thirty-four gathered at 8
o'clock, bringing many pretty and
BDDrocnate eifts. Oames were m-
rlnlLrnd in and irood cheer prevailed
until tha guests departed at the
hour of midnight, aftev refresh
ments were served. .
; The guests departed wishing the
hostess many happy returns of the)