West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, February 25, 1904, Image 1

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Vj;nth ykau.
' , , Incorporated.
1 MOUTH, - - ' - - OREGON
J "HAWi.nr, 1 J. Camphkix,
Prt-Bulont. Vice President.
Iiu C. Powem., Canhier.
14 CI1. 180,000
t . SBBBBBBBaaaaaW
?lHvTnu-J. II. Hawl.y. P. I Campbell. I. M. BJmpson, J. B. V.
r. John H. Hlump, J. A. NVithrow, F. H. 1'owell.
i .
Tnnitctifln-ril IlankLg end Exchange buslnaaa. DnfU told
yt::itIrt throughout tho UiiUhI States and Canada.
'CAPITAL STOCK, S50.000.00.
O. W.IItVINF, Ca.hUr.
.OIRKCTOKH. H. lihUJ)r.. Ill K-TmUhT J- "' "nd
A. Ni'lwiii.
ubjwt to rhoc.
tv pLfJ
Made of
XV. I HICK, Hmbalmer and
H. D. WHITMAN, Proprietor
;& A Home Industry Institutions
WorK Called for Tuesday Delivered Saturday
, I repressing It on Him
.1 With Emphasis
Xi what our fine laundry work does
Olhe mn who.ln looalnir foraome
. t .'.W exquisite In color ami HuIhu on
f "a linen. We aim to make our laiin
4 -y work peerless lu beauty and In the
i lect condition ' which we amid It
jue. Hend tin a sample bundle and
v- will surprise you. Naw process
1 new prWa.
irdora left at Kutch'a harber shop or
I Halem atae receive prompt
enMon. '
jktti Steam laundry,
Touwiel J. OUnabed, Prof.
ftliiir-1. Mgr. ybeiM 11. MO
arty ItNt.
H. H. Jasperson,
Undertaker- Enbalmer,
i r-. I niwrfftf
Independence, r Oregon.
Josse & Bice,
Fine Parlors in connection. Day or night
calls promptly attended to.
Day phone 273 Night 893
Main St, Independence, Ore
Funeral IJlrwtor.
At our school. That la what aounU,
aud la one reaaou why our students are
successful. Ilulufa men appreciate
tbia fact, and many ak for no recoui
uiendation but ours. If you are Inter
ested In a tumble education, aud wtali
to secure it for the lowet noexlble ooat
and lu the pborteat Mme consistent
with thorough work, It will pay you to
Investigate the advantages w ofTur.
Send for catalog.
Capital business coluxie
salbm. oregon.
XT. I. ky. Principal,
Le wis and Clark Fair Board In
vites Polk County to Make
Special Exhibit at 1905
Fair in Portland .
Regulations Governing County
Exhibits Set Forth by Sec
retary H. E. Reed in the
Official Invitation
Following is th text of th in
Titation received from Secretary
Henry E. IUd of the Lewi and
Clark Fair Board this week:
An official limitation is hereby
extended to the coi nty ok pi.k", to
make a special exhibit, either in
its own behalf or in connection
with Koine other body, municipal
or o'.berwiso, at the Lewis and
be held in Portland in r.M)5. It is
the purpone of the Exposition to
encouraefl corjourehenaire exhibit
by countiea and by membera of
commerce, boarda of. trade and
other commercial organizations.
For exMbiU of this character, illua
trating the resource, industries
and progress of communities, the
following regulations have ben
Kikst: Tha prejaring and in
stallin of exhibits by counties or
organiiations will be left to the
counties or organisation in whose
name 'or under whose authority th
exhibits are made. Counties of or
ganizations may erect separate
buildincs or mar install their ex-
hibits in ths State building of the
State in which the county or or
ganlzation is located. Space Wilt be
provided on the Exposition grounds
for all buildings erected by coun
ties or organizations and no Charge
will be made therefor. Plan? W
specificaticftiB for such - buildings
shall be sabiniUed to ,th Director
General for his approval.
Second: All collective exhibits
mad by counties and trade or
ganizations will be permitted to
participate in the general compe
tition; that is, be both collective
and competitive.
I desire to enlist your co-opera
tion and support in this movement,
and respectfully to urge early con
sideration of this invitation aothat,
if favorable action be taken, we
may allot the necessary space and
eive you ample time to proceed
with preparations for your exhibit.
Whatever may be the decision up
on our invitation, I am salifltied we
can shape our plans so as to har
monize all efforts to the end that
your exhibit may be highly credit
able, not only to your progressive
community and State, but te the
Exposition as well.
We feel confident that the ar
raneement we propose will offer to
counties an exceptional opportu
nity of demonstrating their poten
tialities at the Lewis and Clakk
Exposition of 1005, and that the
reiiult of exhibits made this way
will be beneficial to all.
Very respectfully,
Henry E. Reed,
Director of Exploitation.
Another Discovery.
A there appears to be indication
that all the counties in the First
Congressional District will have a
favored son to nominate at the
next convention, it will be in order
for the Headlight to" nominate B.
L. Eddy so that Tillamook county
can b represented in the grand
political shuffle for congressional
honors. If Harris was the speaker
of th last house, and obtained that
honor by the courtesy of the gentle
man from Tillamook Mr. Eddy was
recognized th leader on the floor of
th house during th last two state
legislatures, an honor which ba ob
tained by his own ability and fore
of cbaractfcr, and which entitles
him to the congressional honors if
the conevotion makes any change
ia congressman. . Eyery county in
th district is fully aware of tbie,
and th Eugene Register roust not
loose sight of this fact. If it U look
ing for a young and energetic re
publican with Koosevelt's traits of
character to represent th First
Congressional District in congress,
then Mr. Eddy Is the man that tbe
congressional toga should fall on.
Tillamook Headlight.
Work of Lewis and Clark's Guide
Jtccog-nlzed by California
aud Oreg;ou Com mend
' ed for Honoring
Her. '
Now that the Lewie and Clark
Exposition at Poitland, Ore., next
year has been assured through the
Congressional appropriations that
has been made for it, popular in
terests will doubtless be aroused in
the story of the expedition and in
those who contribute materially to
its success. The iatrepid explores
who headed the memorable expe
dition which added tbe territory
now represented in the States of
Oregon, Washigton. Idaho, Mon
tana and the two Dakota to the
United States, would have doubt
less failed in their enterprise bad
It not been for tbe timely assistance
they received from Sacajawea, a
Shoshone girl of 16, held captive in
Mandans' winter camp, where
Lewie and Clark quartered. 8he
was the slave wife of a French
half-breed interpreter, and iu grati
tude for th services th explorers
rendered 16 her in childbirth, she
accompanied the expedition west
ward as a guide. " She pacified the
unfriendly Shoshones, obtained
food and horses when : the expedi
tion reached the "Gales of the
Mountains" aud had to abandon
the canoea, smoothed the way
through tbe territory occupied by
the Flatheads and the Nez Perces,
and, after spending the winter
with the party at the mouth of the
Columbia, piloted it 6afely back on
the return trip. The women of
the six Stales named have organ
ized a Sacajawea Statue Association
to erect a suitable memorial at the
centennial exposition grounds, com
memorating her services to the ex
pedition and to the Nation. It is
to take the form of a statue, to
cost IGOOO. Miss Alice Cooper of
Colorado has been chosen as the
sculptor. The project is undoubt
edly .a commendable one. Tt is
about the only way the present
generation can pay a fitting tribute
to a heroine who figured so con
sniciously in early Western history
and performed services to the
country of incalculable value, ine
association ought to ha7e no
trouble in raiking funds.
Business Opening.
For Sale Country store in Polk
county. Good location. Probable
value $3,000. For particulars en
quire at this office.
For Sale.
12.000 shares of mining stock" in
the Gold Creek Mining and Mill
ing Company. Certificates 1000
shares' each. Trice 6 cts. pr
hare. S. B. Objcsbt.
112 Court St., Balem, Oregon.
23, 1001.
Republican County Convention
Will Have 136 Delegates and
Be Held at County Seat
On 4th Day of April.
Full Attendance at Central
Cornmittee Meeting Appor
tionment Based on Vote
for Tongue 1902.
Dallas, Feb. 23. The meeting of
the Republican County CenUal
committee her today, brought to
gether the committeemen from
every precinct in the county but
two. Tbe meeting was called to
order by Chairman Percival at
1:30 P. M. and the principal work
of th committee, apportionment of
cVlegates, fixing time for the pri
maries, and time and place for the
county convention, was attended to
in short order.
April 7, at 2 o'clock in the after
noon was set as the time for hold
ing primaries ia the various pre
cincts and 10:30, at Dallas, on the
morning of the 9th of April, for the
The committee on dates was
composed of M. D. Ellis and C. L.
The apportionment of delegates
among the precincts was based on
the yote for Congressman Tongue,
deceased, each precinct being al
lowed one delegate for every 10
vote and fraction thereof amount
ing to 5 or more besides a dele
gate at large.
This will make a convention of
136 delegates distributed among
tbe various districts as follows:
Doaglas . 76 votes, 9 delegates
Jaekson 44 " 5 " .
Salt Lake 44 ' 5 "
McCoy 45 " 6 "
East Dallas 79 " 9 "
South Dallas 93 " 10 " .
North Dallas 87 " 10 "
Rickreall 53 " 6 "
Falls City ' 68 " , 8 " ,
Rock Creek 7 " 2 "
Luckiamute 79 " 9 " .
Bridgeport 32 ", 4 "
NJndepen'ce 105 "12 "
8. " 68 " 8
S Monmouth 44 " 5 "
N. ' 56 " 7 " '
Buena Vista 52 ' 6 "
Suver- 21 " 3 "
Eola 63 " 7 "
Spring Valley 40 " 5 "
Total 136 "
T C Tloctor T A A 11 An T. W.
Wann, George L. Kelty and James
Helmick comprised the committee
that made up. tbe apportionment.
Tha committeemen were instruct
ed to post primary notices in their
respective precincts ten days pre
vious to the date of primaries.
Is the Lord & Thomas Advertis
ing Agency the Head of
Which Retired Feb
ruary 1st.
Possibly there is no other line of
industry in the United ftates that
has grown in such proportion in
receat years as that of general
advertising, which include pub
licity in newspapers and magazines
and outdoor display advertising,
and through its tremendous force
th entir basis of modern mer
chandising has been revolutionized.
.., The business of Lord & Thomas
has been on of the most aggressive
and progressiva of its kind in tbe
country, having in recent years
been under tha active maaage
meat of Mr. A. L. Thomas, whose
judgement on advertising matter!
is considered as authoritativa by
tha vast body of publicity user.
Mr. Thomas 'has succeeded Mr.
Lord to the presidency and will
continne at th head of the firm.
Thirty-five years of wld ex
perience ia handling th publicity
of a large proportion of America's:
most successful advertisers have
fitted Lord & Thomas to give most
judicious and profitable service to
enterprisiog business firms la
every line.
Fifty Per Cent of Farmers
Changed Hands Around In
dependence Within Past
Eighteen Month.
Tbe Tradesman, published in
Portland, gives considerable space
to the valley towns in its last issue.
The source of the Tradesman's '
statistical information is unknown.
Here is what it says of Indepen
1900 969
1902 1200
Public school enrollment:
1900 260
1901.... ....236.
1902........ 275
1903........ 312
New Basks No new banks es
tablished since January, 1902.
New Stores One confectionery
store and one bakery, each with
small capital, established since
January, 1902.
New Hotels No new hotels,
but one already here rebuilt and
renovated this year.
New Residences Two new resi
dences built this year.
Miscellaneous Tha surround
ing country has undergone a great
change during the last eighteen
months, fully 50 per cent of the
farms haying changed hands, the
purchasers being people from the
East who are locating to make this
section their home. The new
methods of farming by the new
comers ia rapidly improving this
section. .-" -
Rat Had Delirium Tremens.
It is related tnat a oanuac coun
ty (Mich.) farmer who had been
missing apples from his cellar
made a startling discovery of the
thief the other day. While crawl
ing under the barn after a hen's
neet containing a fortune of eggs
the farmer came on a small pool of
liquid, beside which lay the dead
body .of a large rat. On investiga
tion the farmer discovered that the
pool contained the missing apples.
The rat, it was found, had died of
acute alcoholism. After stealing
the apples the rat had dropped
them in the spring under the barn.
As they decomposed they formed
strong cider. The rat drank the
cider and died, so it is alleged, of
delirium tremens.