West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, February 18, 1904, Image 6

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County Correspond
Sweep The
Monmouth Ain Defeats Albany
By a Score of 2 to ?
Revival Service
Monmouth Ctixtns Waking; Up
Nebraska Familiej Coming; In
Second Semester Opened
The Normal ba.ket ball leatn de
feated Albany Collet Friday night,
7 tn -JO The Normal
Hi worn w" .
boytwereiu bad condition from the
oie with Washington m wveral of
"be second team men were put In the
wrue. While a few niiuu. -
IL.. --rv toihow the eupfrl-
orlty ot the Normal team, still the
. . vrv iutrrestlng one aud
Fame . .,
was played with the best of feeling
.Artir thu n la vers.
The Albany boy, In the two gamee
. ... i . .hi. .nun. have nroveu
piayeu ur.o - . -
ihemselve. gentlemen aod have made
many frleuas oy uieir (.v...... e
conduct. , .
f the Normal team play
ed his position in fine shape. The po
sitions were nttea as ioi.is.
O. 8. N- S- Albauy College.
i,.. p rnt Nelson, F
Rupert, C
Cleek, G
Smithson O
....-i ......i ...tlvof Normal alu
dent and under the direction of Prof,
fowell, hat aleo proven an attractive
feature of Uieee eervtoee. . .
The Mia. Scans o McCoy, have Society Uo.n8a. uu- -
Force, F
Btine, F
Boobe, C
Crowley C
Butler, U
Goals thrown from field by Mon
Bjouth-Murpby 2, Force 2, Coffee 4
o.:. . k Alhanv Nelson I.
rs.u from fouls. Murphy 9, Cleek o
Referee, Bilyeit of Albany; umpire,
Sloan of Monmouth
m. w,.. o-anie with Newberg will
beplaved In the Normal gymnasium
In the near future and should be a
close contest as Newberg has the repu
tation of playing fast ball.
The attack made by the ladies' team,
of Willamette University, as to the
manner of playing of the ladies team
of the Normal, is baby act pure and
gimple and no institution of higher
learning should permit the student
body to take part in athletic contests
without first giving them a few point
ers as to how to accept defeat without
making themselves ridiculous.
The second semester ot the Norma!
opened this week. A large number ol
new students are here reauy io uj..
the work. The prospect for the school
are better than for many years, the en
rollment being the largest the institu
tioo has enjoyed since it was placed on
a purely Normal school basis. The
citizens of Polk' county have a right to
be proud of this institution.
The Angelus.
The Angelus has arrived.
What is the Angelas?
Where is the Angelus?
The Angelus is the most popular and
best quality ladies' 12.50 dress shoe in
the world.
The Angelus is now on sale at B. M.
Daniel's big dry goods More in Mon
mouth. See the display in his show
Buy the Angelus shoe once and you
will have no other.
Miss Carrie Danneman, of Corvallis,
spent Saturday and Sunday with
friends here.
Simpin Bros, have made extensive
changes in their book store which
have improved the appearance very
Frank Shythe and Phy Simpson, of
Pedee, were business visitors Saturday.
Wm. McCaleb, of Arlington, return
ed home Saturday, after a week's stay
in this city, he being called here to
attend the funeral of his brother.
Mrs. Hampton, the hotel landlady,
was called to McMinnville Monday, to
attend the funeral of a relative.
The north west storm of Sunday was
about the worst this winter.
Mrs. Doctor Douty has rented the
property formerly occupied by Mr.
Ziegler and has moved into it.
Revival services are being held at
the Christian church, and the pastor,
Bev. Brown, is delivering some excel
lent sermons. Splendid music by a
entered the Normal.
i ....wilt, of the cltien of Mon-
i. i. for the near future,
the object of which U to formulate and
put iu operation plane for cleaning ami
beautifying the city.
a ....,lw.r of families from Nebraska
.re expected to arrive here about
March 1st ami will locate m n
Ity If farms cau be bought
Mr. Bruce Wolverton, of lortiena,
was In town over Sunday, greeting
old friends and relative. Mr. Wol
verton Is very active prouiimiouiev.
pi.- xfininterlal convection held
here Monday was pretty well re pre
sen ted.
wm called to
uev. o. i. "f"""
vin V.Hpv to preach Saturday and
Sunday, and the Rev.(George 8 troupe
filled the puipll nere iu u
A nrotracted meeting la In progress
. u TUt liav
t the Christian cuurcn.
had eomejoluera.
tv, Vnmiil iMm Is very much dis-
organUed at present as three of their
......hern graduated wun wie
Anion the three, two were the
Misses Leader, who have been the
K.i .K. .ml .hinnine stars of the team for
thre Tears. With the team broken up
so badly it is quite probable that Kose-
burg will win as they nave me n-,...
tion of playing great game
Trof. E. M. Smith and wile, of Mc
Coy, spent Saturday and Sunday in
L. V. Waller has ten very sick for
several weeks and is reported no better.
About SO of the Normal students took
the' state examination at mila last
week. A special motor was run for
their accommodation.
Mies LaVern Fenton, of McMinnville,
is visiting relatives here.
Republicans from this place attending
thehanquetat Independence Saturday
night repored a most enjoyable time
end all join in saying it was the greatest
spread ever had in the country.
rn.. vrml liaaket ball team will
leave Tuesday to play a series of
games. They will meet Salem Y. M. C.
A., Tuesday ; Oregon City Y. M. C. A.,
Wednesday ; Multomah Club. Thursday ;
Y. M. C. A. All Starr Fridiiy, Mc
Minnville College, Saturday ; The boys
fine nhane and should give good
! HIV ' .
! accounts of themselves while on their
Iu At-
ing of People in the Parker
Tribute to Pioneer Who Came
to Oregon in 1547. iriena
of Philomath Colleff
A. U. Grigtrty nun -
vlni tor Monday.
Mis Mry Helmiok visited
bauy last wek.
will be preaching here at ar-
ker echool hee Sunday t 2:45 by
Uev. Thompson.
1'iu.tcr Warren left Friday for a via-
It with relatives at Phuuvtew.
Claud Boone wan a busiuess visitor
at Suver Friday.
Wh.I.Hk. of Monmouth,
visited his sister, Mabel, of this place.
JetT Miller left for Uainer, Ore., Mon
Misses Nellie aud Jessie Cox, of Port
land, are visiting their gratidmotber.
Mrs. J. O. Davidson.
f.i.-..rt...iiiovenlM the found
l of Pbtl..nmth .allege and (he loan
of Philomath, iu awi -Institution
tHth In money and ttvU
was large.
Mr. Wyatt had ee an ""I've tix iu
U.r of the U. II. church ' '"v
The surviving chtldmn are John K
and Samuel T. Wyatt. "f CorvallU
and M. A. J. William", fcv. "
Frank Wyatt, of Philomath.
- Hurl hnai,ploh
cap. htwtn corn
i vhlit brotMii IS
ut. PpW'iCah
St or.
CaMoml System Peln Introduced
In TrelUaing; nop
jApanese Hop R!ier
Dastardly Deed to a
rxrtd From Bird UUnd
Act of a Friend
(limit 11. ani arwi"-)
llor.1 Brother, have trelll-'d tbelr
newllSr. yard. This give, them
3tl0 nerve In hop.
Warren a HuMim have taken lb.
cntracl for IrrllMng l-ve ltevra new
yard U cntulne aln.ul nine '"'
,i:d tbe Calltom'a " "
used. .
.lh.itlrlm.bv ha. rent vl the Howard
hop-yard f..r a term of two yraie.
J,h Mcilrvgor a I-vvm apK.inted
(MirrelHupeilntrudeiil f'" '' Xty
U.rr. t.o,vyard. In California. t)inoti
aud Hrlll.li Columbia.
it iii.u.rir will wt alHHil fifty
August aud F.mma tibms bt t'o
valuable time this week.
i r-.iiltf from Nebraska, by the
name of Wonder, h rented tbe Oh.u.
farm for tbe coming year.
M m lutt Clarke ha qdll l.m.t
for the winter and I. now at home.
Tbe snow and heavy rain of Sunday
..Ki.tti ivn iihImIiIu uttx k.
AlWBt Ohm. yuiu-d T'"
Mouday uud luv.te,l iu a line, uew
C 11. Hoflley, of Monmouth, came
not 'to bm ranch Wednesday aud ba.k
Mlu Mattle Stevens left for tier . ..ttle.
borne Iu
Washington Tueaday. U(rrpl r,.,urllrd
Albert Tedrow, of Corvailis, Visited : fro wj,is titti.ni, she ha
betii visiting a m i'li.-w.
relatives lu this vicluily lat week.
F.d Steele was a I'arker visitor Sun
day. dale aud Lee Powell are ou the sick
list. I '
Mr and Mrs, P. T. Peterson were i Average daily attendance
Independence vlMtor Tuesday.
Gale Powell visited with Sam Me
KImurry's Wednesday.
Evan Evans was a business yisltor
at I'arker Friday.
Walter Kerr worked for Wru. Fuqua j
during vacation.
"Hud" Cooper passed through here
en route to Buena Vista Friday,
Mis Leo Cox has returned, after a
gliort visit with friends iu Monmouth.
I Mr. Ihive Intend. 1"
llltli-" -
out twenty acrve lu the fall.
The Jap. have rented all of IL.r.l
llrolher. fa.mlng "d will "W it
Hi Male, barley and ,.Ulor, l ul
4 acrti iu onions.
Filchard A Wolfe are trelll.iug
ltiir liov-yrd.
Some w retell ureil cwl-o'l on a
dog here the other day and -t It on
fire. The rope I. reedy to hang Mm
If be Is caught..
Kvporl ot Sunny School.
Total days attendance 2T'J
m aliwnce ''"J
K.i nf time, tardy
" . . .li t -..r.i.w.KNl I li IS "r oi-.n.
nn ...ii..r u tMiutr iiiir miuv arivi - -
IVarl Flshb. k. Ilia Fl-hbm k. ' I-ttle i,.ut i:w crd. for hop ,.ur-e.
Fishback, F.Ida Clarke an-4 wime
l.r borne In Hiuleu, W.,f
llosg le a daughter of Mr. fetid
panCalhrreth. of Allliovii. r
haturilay evening a imlly ,.
of tills lielgbMrh.ad attended t-
In the Christian church at Munnf
l' H Wbeelia k. M re. Vlieeif;
their daughter, Krnion. have r
friiin Vanootiver,
M, I.. lorn. Formerly ;
I'liM'C, l Wn IHrjret
day Vhll Im earrk
f Health.
. .....
Word roceited Tv
nightorthotloathof M. I. t
in Hun Piego, Cal. Mr, 1 -rftj
ell known In thi city
left only ?" iintli ito It
of health. His anii. tton wwIT
...ii..ii anil a beneficial l
woehope.1 for by change
mate, hul it Wll l' ''?.
,ltsea.e. Mr. Ih.rrU ia a jg
(regoniati. Iiavlt-H Wen V f
Scio, I.inn countjf. Hl
the j.al eeveti jeer h wai t
matt for !v. M. Wade A Vit
withF. I.. Cliainher. in t
for Ave years pat. Mr. !
the urTiin widow hue W
Ihehome of her parent it f
pemlei.ee alme hr hthK, 1
for the south and it U here t.
crive.l the new of hit deati
remain will hej'rought W
Albany where a father and Vf
were huril. Mr. lorri
IlieiltlH-r of th order of Odd f
i .. . . ...i. .i
li ( li.. ve intend, culling large . n-mriiirnl. a lioyai nruii,
. . .. i . l.l.l . . .1 viv
i i... ..I l., lnu ll.il felxKIt JIO)
trelll" pol.e cut till, wli.t-r ml '.'
.t . mmnln'r of both
and Worktiien order.
ll0 b. a ""wi,al.Slo.
Two tin cupi 5 nt.
P(opU' Cull Store.
- t.,r t.ii. vatiln
. t , i - ....... I,!,,-. mt.it
, Ot iim-II gruu. iok . . ,
intend, gvttinic 'H llii .uiuuirr
to n-trvia. all hi yard, under the
California sy.leiu, the
UM-d by llor.t Urotlu-r.
A bunth ol snvfUrt J r.t. h
TheEoseburg High School girls team
will play the, Normal girls Thursday
Rev. Allt-u was given a pleasant
surprise on Wednesday evening his
birthday anniversary. Upon return
from prayer meeting tie lourm some
75 members of the Baptist churchew of
innVrMirience and Monmouth gathered
at Mrs. Sacre's, his boarding place. He
freshuients were nerved and a gold
watch wa presented to the pastor in
behalf of the two churches. Joseph
Craven made the presentation speech.
Charlie Allen was au Independence!
tsitor Monday. ' j
Win. Stevens, of Washington, is vis-;
itlng at the home of Mr. and Mr, llel- i
A oli.v t artv wm given a', the home!
of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Helmu-k, of Par-j
ker. Saturday evening, tlror games;
and other amusemeiitst were the feu-j
tures of the eyenlng. At a late hour a
delicious lunch was set, after which
the guests left for their homes. An j
enjoyable time was had. Those pros- j
ent were Mr. and Mrs. James Jlel-j
mick, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Tedrow, !
Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Collins, Misses j
n.ith Ciuithorn. Fannie, Sarah and r
Nellie lielniick, Lura Cntchlow, Mat- j
tio Stevens, Rose mid Minnie Smith, J
Mary Helmick, Maggie and Carrie j
Evans, Messrs. Cur! DeArmoiid, Clay!
Bush, -Claude lloone, U. II Urigsby, j
Charlie Smith, Oiia MeClain, Albert,
Tedrow, Win. Stevens mill Willie H.-l- :
mick. i
' lont Bovr'lf and though I
would neeee rmgain my haaHh."
"Three vrars ot delicate bciiltti
Irviiii- d.Htors' irt-M-r!.t n.i and
- h ....... i . iit
113'.. lit ItH-'UI IHC. -
., . ........ . ,f aiiv
nngtit well f- i"- ."""K- "
wm in. Ami vet Mrs. uryam .iovc
th'it the uesti Ihi-i ureol worn-
aulv (ii'ww is "O'v ipictton oi
it-.-V the rii-ht rrin- .ly. A lew d.w.
uf "i.iMr.ie iTcst-iipuon i.-.i.,.,.-.
her cour..ve and re vi veil tier nope,
liecr.iv.- she could sec "a deeiile-l
euaae from tlje first." iuree
la llio County Court of tbe i f
. , T ",'
'; " t a" : I
potatoe masher,
A heavy returned,
twisted wire, po!- j
jshed wood handle
cents. People's Cash ;
Acme rotary flour sitter, ;
i 15 cents at the People's'
i Cash Store. I
Administrator's Kotice.
Notice is hereby given that I have
teen dulv appointed by tbe county
court of Polk county, Oregon as the ad
ministratrix! of the estate ot i,cruiu
r,im. deceased. All persona i.aiuiii
A 1'ioneer of IS17.
William Wyatt, u resident of Benton
county since 1S17, die.l at his home
ne.r Philomath February 10th.
William Wyatt was brn in J.uck-
r aims anainflt saiu esia , - ...
yaiiijj ba.,. .-,,., v.iu imrBiitd to America
to present the same to the undersigned .. ---
atfli: law omee of Butler Coad. in i in lie ilrst e . Ora go
Dallas, Polk county, Oregon, duly ven-; county. . l wui-
fied in manner provided by law, within , Wyatt was united in marriage to Miss
rix months from date thereof. Mary T. Knd, also a nati ve of Eng.
Dated, lumber 80th. 1003. J land, who still survives u im. After
Emma A. Ohms, ! his marriage he removed to Adams
Executrix of the estate of Bertha : county, N. V., and later to Hendersou
xeCj . . county, III., where he resided until
Ohms, deceased. . ...k h. .!.
April, lot., w ocu ..v.... i. -
wife ond three children, he started by
ox-team across the plains arriving in
Benton county November 1st of the
same year. In 1S50 he took up the
farm one mile north of Philomath,
where he resided up til his death.
Mr. Wyatt was a typical pioneer and
man of sterling Integrity. He was
1... i,. I'.rtllilV of Polk
I ..,!i..r '..l n.r e.tnte of Wliliaw
There ate trly Jl here mi liort!fll) ,j,V4,,l.
Itrother. pl'-o e. If a. Mialiy ltulnli; ( William McMiUbii. Jamee M '
could b- goaded fnoa the Kunj Jeane. Ut
ni N.-wlliI t" cuiiie here, tli.lv ' . ... ..... i i.
, j ... . .. i i,un i.iiri.ik-'". " m.
i I . ti. M.rv M- Mil,.:. r'" ;
might I e oiit t!ilng dotlig.
I Marion Araiit l cutting hi. next
u Inter', wtotl no the Mont. rneh.
(immtnm" llerreit I. .p..i.iiig the
s k ill Pedis-.
j T'oiiimie Sitnp-oii, of IvhlyUlle, Mu
icolu county, is slidilig two wwk
j here visiting his sister, Mrs. lb ma Her-reli.
I'Ihk-Is. Mi'Cnlvh biw li ft
-heriiiiin .'oiiiity.
M rs,
Pfi'f. William Seolt, of MeMiim
vilb', in-plo w of Mr.. Fi-hbock, li
I been ill II" e .al!s 111 tin- inteet of a
r xtingtiisher.
Hutu" hi.ilMi, of Monmouth, Has mi
An'I'H'h visitor Inst Mirk.
In the liatue ot the Male
ion mu It. rrhv . lied and r.imr
4( in tli" ( .mnlr t'.xUt of H
in. j ,i. i.r lb- 0"itii' ot foil Jj'
r t r..io tliereol, al )''
County o! ('..'k, on MomUv, l '
ot M .fvh, A I', I 01, at 1 Vi.iji
nf- ,.,ii ol It. at .lav, then "'
' i,.,w Mil, il ',- Ihrre I. b) '
; lowmf de-ril.-. .ro(.rrv lii ,h
l r!te, lu !t . lltS W Vj-,
il, in I'ep. i, N. If- L
' Mer.. In the sut" ( Wa.lili-t JO
ti e . 1". ' . "I Hi" " ' ''f
ll ! ,.! 11.., V k ' . ni l".i
! li. 8. E ot lb Will.
t;:,. . i WsfiiiKgi"") : ai '-vi
Mowing traet ol tnlld; lgm.
i ...ii,l vtiaiti. F .ad -!1 - W
I i. ol the N. W , i-oroer ol lt I, i'jj
A troll P.iii hank and a lie. Not. )
t';iiin No. i'K id Tp. . ;W
: o! tl, Wi'i. M-r., in P-lk ' k-
. .. . 1.' 't -
.....I ,,,i,o,.. 1 II'IIO, ,1. -
lii I i)irieiih iii e
Mre. M, L. Dorris announces
she will give instruction to pupils
in voice culture and piano, at the
residence ofD. L. IIedgea, Inde
pendence. Terms 5U cents per
Wash, t iilf ni w
Ui'ms With pleimlllt;
Miss Mell.a lt.-hwi.li, formerly of
this place, Is hieii.liiig the vviiiti-r at
Fttroiillgliill, Wash Ml-. Behwutl Is;
a eish r of Mr-. Nellie Smith, of Autl
joeh. I John Powell and Tamils are located!
; III Faruiinejoli, Win.li., Iiavinj.; left :
j here two yi'i.is n.i.
i I . S. Marl;, bus resumed his im-itioii
at the t )ak saw mill. j
John Slump him hitely pun-ha'-ed uj
Hew tlisr low.
William Ileiren has put up u new!
gixt In lioiit of Ills beaii'il'iil hmiii). j
MlM H'.lsio Whilcolllb, of JnUi pell-
. I,. ...... i ... ...... O.,,. ft.'..,. I. ...II. I....
I in iii , , in rn iiuiiij; , o in ,-.- nil II III)
Begum with the .symptoms of a com-UUnt, Mrs. Minnie Mack,
mon cold; there is cnilllness, wiee.ing, J
..... i i i , . Miss Oiru iuwiia has returned from
sore throat, hot skin, quick pulse,! 1
' 1 Him. I.tnti.r i It. If onll wl.i.r.i ..ti,, t.u
hoarseuess and impeded res i rut ion. ,
, ' . ii . .t ii n h'en visiting Mrs. llobsnu.
Give frequent small dosH of Ballard'a
(.rant Ilefliey, of Talumge, was in
these part last week.
Mr. Wonders, recently of Nebraska,
baa rented and occupied the Ohms.
il,etne :i.:..'ij ehaifi. to the HIT
n.v lino ol Sd. Claim; lh-na-rlTlin...
th.n..' N. rhiuin I'
rtiontlm' use of tlu; medicine re
stored her to pertei-t llealtil.
Dr. PienVa 1-avonle Prescription
Circs irn-gulHiity, ones we.-uemiig
.u.,;.,.: li, .1 i it.il.iiiotintion and lit
ceratioil, and cure, female weaUnr-w.
Mis. Sni.-.h 1'ivnnt.rrre!i-nt "I Mrni.iM
Social rk.fiK Club, rcahlin t .71 Aili.im
Av-., !. !ii:. !.'.-. r'lill., will"' "I iitf'l'-,!
Vtth ilril. C" h.'IN I'.r Ihirr yi-.irn. t'Vir
li'M tor.. j.!' s, rii.ti. "i, j:. 1 t t'-n, r.f .... c '
miiil I U--.I '"ii '" K-.-fct I
n,.vr t'i.'-.i:: mv ri-.ii'li; l.n! u '' : s 'il
y.ir -'il".I.!e Cfeai.lloll' m.lr lltcrl I1IIK1
liivmiinl. ( -,ul,l .. ; 11 (I.-i-m;, '1 t iiioii'-.' Ii'-Mi
tli.- iir-i. -f I k.-j.t mi t;,Ui! i- it ! 1 thi'-
niontii. fmtliluliy mill am ii'w in in-ilut
hc-iHli "
lit. Pierce's Medical Adviser, in
pnper covers, is sent on rereijrt
of 21 one-cent stamps to pav expeiiM
of nunhiig ih Addrebs fir. K. V.
Pierce, liulfalo, N. Y.
, ...1 f ... m
poiec ol lH'i;llillig, snoo... 11.- w
M.rordnig to the prayer o( the I
Margaret McMillan. idiliinisl"! f
John llickioaoli, illullil"tf"'-i
-II iiioo xcl of said .'slat.',
.. .. . . . ... 1 ti
M l!lie ; I lie I 1011. .. . -
Jll.br of tii- Coll 11 tv Court oil ft
of Oregon. i..r the tV.tinty of I'
li.ew..! ot .aid curl niliawl.l-
d.vv of .1.11,11,11 V, .V,
Mt. -t. v. s. ii 1
r.v w. f,
No r 0:
Ilorehouud Syrun, (the child will cry
for it) and at the first sign of a croupy
cough, apply frequently Ballard's
Hnnv T.lnhiient to trie throat.
Mru. A. Vliet, New Castle, Colo., I residence
. . a ... 1 , r.e . Ill . 1. , i
writes, niarcn lin, iwoi : -i.iiima
Ballard's Ilorehouud Syrup a wonder
ful remedy, and o pleasant." 25c, GOc
and fl.00. Seld by A. S. Louke.
John Sumiiter Is nuttlnir in hi. .ran
. . -
ft. .11. '1 1 1 I ! II I. ulAUU Uffuul
........ v-. . v. .. nb... ti
Mn. Aguea lloag liai returned to
Notice to triMlll'rM
Not ico hereby given tbid !"
lerlgiied has t.S'll tlllly PI"'!t l
mlnl-l tutor of th estBle of S'p
per.. ii, d. waned, by thftCoi'"1 j
oft he State of Oregon, for V r
Atl person. ImvliiR claim
said isti.l.. are lierebv not lib'0
sent the miiiii duly vcrllh'd,
with the propi rvouolier.
the iiiiih rslgucd, at hla oili ,
City of lmleMndeiico, In aio
within six inontlm from i""
t It ) W III ll Iftal
Imied thla IHih day of F'"!
II. 11. JABI1
Adnilniairator of the ehtal
JasrMn, deceaaed.
Oacar Ilayter, Attorney.