West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, February 18, 1904, Image 5

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' f
International Correspondence Schools
' HAS :
In Mechanical Khrtriral, Civil. am, Anl.iL'chnal. Sanitary Kninccrinp, I)ci?ninp Uookkeepinjr Shorthand, Show Card Writing,
in .muiuiiiu , ciu-miKtry, Mining Modem hania-cH, Advortininy;, Window DrcBHing, htc
i: ,i . u.,,l ,.,,,1 ,im hour a d iv in th L C. S. will raio vour pay. V refer you to over tlirto' hundred tmpcewful students in this district.
Th, Our metho.1 of leaching French, German and Spanish with the Phonograph
iM unwl at West I'oint Military Academy. ' "
Out of the many recommendations we select the following!
.Si'iiiNiiKiEi i', Ohk., January 11, 1001.
Mil. F. X. H-U-. Am. Supt. Div. 3, i'orlinn.l. Ore.
pour Sir: I enrollml sla.ut two yarn ago in the complete "architectural" course
taught by lh International Correspondence School of Heranton. IV, ami through the
Instruction wivl from th.Vi h..ul I m able t. hoM my pres-nt portion a con
atruoting millwright for thu n.K,ih.K IIy C. I have mora than d.ubo-d my salary
since enrolling aiul propose to take rmirse In "Steam EWlric Kngin.-. ring" within
..r Yours ltonectfullv. C. W. KRICKsfON.
Astoria. Ore. Mav.8. 1003.
Mr. F. X. 1 1' i. I., Aast. Supt. Div. 3, I. C. S , Portland. Ore. .
Deau Hih: Replying to yours of the 6th inet. will say, when I enrolled in tbe
Schools 1 received a salary of 100 per month or 10S9 per rear, and am now advanced
u, $ W,0 per month or $1800 per y-ar, an increase of CC 2-3 per cent. Aside from the
financial gam. there U the satisfaction that you know the theory and fundamental
principles of the profusion, and no technical report or dincust-ion is beyond your com-
lennon. . ,
There is absolutely no question concerning me anuity m mo i.
of a student to learn under the system employed by the International Correspondence
School of Scranton, Pa. Respectfully ours.
FRANK H. NEWHALL. Chief Engineer Tug "Tatoosh.
F. X. HOLL, Asst. Supt., Portland. T. B. HOOPER, Agent at Albany
- m .- m m vf yT ,yT tv!?' sT -ft
Itch Itingworiii.
Taxpayer Jones Says Pcnitcn-
tiary Officials Arc Divert
ing State Money to
Personal Use.
Charged in Complaint That
Prison "Betterment" Fund
Is Being Drawn On
The Oregonlan's correspondent
at Salem says In ft dispatch from
the capital:
"L. II. McMfthon, au attorney or
this city, ha AM 11 suil in lhe
Circuit Court to restrain Superm-
isbclunt Unw ami Warden Cur
t'8i of the yute runitentiary, from
Blng in their families , nuppliw
pnrrhnwwl with tato funds. The
nait is brought in the name of J.
W. Jone, pLamtilT. who alleges
that ho ia a taxpayer and that he
i injured by wbntho ,BM in h"
the wrongful act of defendants.
'The complaint charge that Su
perintendent Jameii and Warden
Curti'8 purclmaed a largo amount
tf household furniture, which was
jlaced in room occupied by them
tad their Jamilics at the prison,
tnd that said furniture was paid
frr, to the amount of ISoO, out of
the penitentiary betterment fund.
'It is alleged that the superin
tsndent and warden have supplied
tlieir families with proyisions pur
chased for and by the state, to the
..mount of G0O, and that they
'.are compelled conyicta to per
)rm household work in their pri
ate families, contrary to law,
rhich aerTices are alleged to be
orth about M50. In addition to
hkim; adicrre enjoining a contin
uance of these acts, the complalot
dt'inands thai an accounting be bad
and that the defendant be reiuir-
. ed to pay to the state the value of
supplies consumed in their fami
lies and the amount paid out for
"The facta ui the matter are that
during tht Goer administration the
superintendent occupied a cottage
' . i . i .i...
on the prison grounus, ami .
warden occupied rooms in the front
i i i
portion of the prison Duuuuif.
The rooms were furnished by them
selves. At the beginning of this
administration both the cottage
and the warden's apartments were
fully furnished at stale expense.
by direction of tho Governor, anu
the bills were paid out of the "ptn
itentiarv betterment fund," which
ia the proceeds ol convict labor.
Poth the superintendent ana
the warden keep their lamines
with them and draw their family
supplies from the prison commis-
;ary. The superiiHeiuu-in.
warden have each a cook ana wan-
t - t.. Hiii!Atmi 1 lin
er. tn lour nuMi imm ttuiiVw -
ing convicts. The piestin involv
ed ia whether tho practices mcn
:!oncJ aro lawful. The same prac-
tice prevails M tnc iiisnuo .)
ChamherliUn's atoiuucli nnrt Liv
er Tablets. Unequalled for
( nM Ipntirn.
Mr. A. R. Kane, a promiueut drug
.t of Haxter Hprlngs, Kansas, says:
.f,-r,.h.(rlaln'a Stomach and Liver
Tablets are, iu my Judgment, the most
uperiwr preparation oi ujimu .u
for constipation. They are
sure In action and witii no tendency to
lauseate or gripe, tor saie ny an
Girl wanted to do general
lousework. Steady work and
'ood pay. Mrs. J. B. Stump,
Monmouth, Oregon.
K. T. l.unu, Vlngo. Ky.. wriiw,
April SMh, IIH2 : "For 10 lo 12 yei.ru I
iiml twiMi HflllcU'd with a nislaiiy
known ai the'lteh.' Tho Itching was
nnwt untarable; I had trim! for years
to find relict, having tried all remedies
I could hiar of, besldf a iiuuitx-r of
doctors. 1 wish to state tliit cue slug.
Is application of Hallard's Know Llul
meut cured me completely aud perma
netiilv. tSlnoa then I have used tbe
liniment on two separate oeewdons for
rliia- worm anil it curwl compieieiy
"rm. ftOrt and 81.00 bottle. 8old by A
8. 1.oeke.
The first lesson tliat the youtiR- (rirl has
ef womanhood i UMially a pamiut one.
She learns to know what headache nieaits,
anil backache, and aometimea is sadlv
borne down by this new expeneuce of iue.
All the pain and misery which younj
rirU commonly experience at uch a time
tuuy, in almost everv instance, be entirely
prevented or cun-d 'bv the ue of Victor
J'ierce's Favorite Prescription. It entah.
linUca rcg-ulatitv. It Ioiick up the trt neral
health, and emeu hcad-n-lir, backache,
nervonsnes nud other eoiisciiuenccs of
womanly weakuesa or diaeaae.
The anxious mother of the family often
times oarria the whole burdeu of reaponsi
tinty so lar us the home tiifdictlioa of
ro:umon nUmenls of the Rirls or boys are
concenied. The cost of the doctor's visits
in vcrv often much too great. At such
times ihe mother is invited to write to Dr.
K V. Pierce, of UnlTalo, N. Y for medical
advice, which is Riven free. Correspond
ence is held strictly coa6dcutiaL
Backed up by over a third cf century
of remarkable and uniform cores, a record
auch as no other tvm"'.J for the diseases
and weakneaae peculiar to women ever
attained, the jf?r:'-:rs and makers of Dr.
Pierce's Fav .ite Prescription now feel
Itolly warranted in offering to pay fjoo tn
leiral moucy of the United States for any
JiSe of LeuJorrhea, Female Weakness, Pro
lapsus, w lulling oi Womb, which they
cannot cure. AU the World's Dissary
Medical Association, Proprietors, of Buf
falo, N. Y., ask ia a frit and reasonable
ivorue rresCTip-
il wards.
tnv work.
to bTflned In Vsbnlar,. and M in
lUlBOis wiote ana told a. about yorml cTne.
"if lh- bosOes of 'Fawite prescription.
KSTnd Nmld seftrrirom twrnty-r.r to thirty-
moat healthy one of aU. I am sua u "
"Swrlw Prescription as a tonic."
a vmr wonderfhl medicine; Fl
a' la - sanmhlV iA AO
You are cordially invited to call and
inspect our new arrivals in Fancy
Waistings in Zarinas, Damasks, Ve
ronas, Caronas, wool finished Cotton
Violes, etc., and also, one of the neat
est lines of -Wool Suitings ever shown
in the city. Fine voiles, the newest
weave out, iir many colors; also et
tamines, nub voiles and mohair suit
ings. Ve also havo received many nice things in tho cotton line, a
.very choice line of art goods in Silkalines', Cretans and Art Denims (
in many colors and patterns; also a full line of Faucy Ginghams.
Our line of Dress Trimmings and Allover Laces cannot be
beat. A new line of Laces and Embroideries, also a full line of
Ladies' Muslin Underwear.
W. A.
Independence, Oregon.