West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, February 04, 1904, Image 1

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T .,..,... . Y;AU JNDKl'KNDHNCi:, 1'0I.K COUNTY, OltlWON, FKlilUIAltY 4.
r -nrasslna It on Mim HK POK r. rA I ILJ1N .f,,,..u i.m t,:nrtlft. 1U VYVUL'D
With tmpnasia
....... M I I
I whal our fin Imm.lrjf w.ik it.
1Mb limn l l.lmt '' ""
t criiulllr III color and ltiil- !
ii.-n. V tin tt make iif latin
V Wotk III ' '
, Vt OUmIIUoII hiwhl.li we IJ
Lome, hriiilu mhiI'Ik '
. win .un-rt- v"w i't-
itl m" irli. , '
Order-im at Kul.-h' i.rl.r in.ior
tie Ht-ii rr.elv prompt
C:ktn Steam Dundry,
''dnl.rl J. nitu.t.l. Prop. lru
p (Jlm-ied. Mgr. ico
l.iU'fiy Mret
Atnur m l That
,! .n n .ti w by iur iidcnt at
ueefwful. M pprwlat
thu r-t. i" i'""y ,k f,,f ""
fMitaii"i t.ut ..ui. lfyi r Inter-
lu a tioMtilf riiiKnil"". '"
raetir it for lti li.w.-l plMr cl
ltd lit Hi hortr.l ll"' ts.uUlMi(
witU lt...to"Kli Vkot k. II IU l'y '" u
- !nvlic 11 8 lviilmi.- n-r.
Miiil fr IUK.
mai.i.m. oiii:!n.
I. Hull), rrhH iiuil.
Polk County Dank,
Monmouth, OMOOW
J, U, IUitr, !' I- 1'iuef.ru.,
Prn.i lent. Mo l'r..
I C. Mill, ("Itifr,
piniituii J. H !). '
u..U'il. I M.Mii'i-"""'. J ) -
WitlirT.w, K. h. IVmi'll.
ti.'I'fi,,t,4 (i.Mi.-tnl laiiki'
en. I J snl.xi.K'" lii', - '
Jt'' '!! vl'nl!r ll.rmiil..mt
I hi' t'i.Ul Miw iuhU'mii'I.
She ?rcade,
DoviJo7 ft Hdge, Piop.
'ltf.u H, Jiy ;ii -it 'H,T'l
'iiWA GL Hawkins
PftlliiK, Ore.
ftW MarMe and
i(rtitllil II' IMlJ ll('8l
ork ft"'.
-it i
TIhtk U iioll.liitf ' wjiiit In
ihut iin't nujiply from ur nlH-k
NVii r' HiVl"K Inmii'V fT ImniifrilH II
ip-r onUHumiTu III lliiH vnlU-y "' w
wmit ' ""K'i'K I lii-iii. Tin iiM'tohhiil
tlitf firlnit-r. I lie I'riiU n Wit, Hit- lmlll
tr, liw l"1!' l'"l'r In iti Biiiniig ur
tudtoiiK-f i'l lli-.v rr xHtlnlW-tl.
C:x T. Refers $ go.,
Vluitifli! r'i-r Dculi-rn
Salem, Oregon.
Carpet and Rug Weaving.
I'artii-n wIhIiuih work lino m thin line
mi'A iili-HHo cull hi my renmi'iirpmif mwi
- ihii.1 hulf lilwk north of 1'alnce
llr. r. i. Warner,
eo thoBe new gentlemen' puries
i.- graven A Moor'.
I B .a m. aT V amaaaftV BV a mm - rM" . . -- - w w -
The Many Offices
Many Candidates
Congressional Nomination, Circuit Judgeship, District Attor
ney and Local Offices
TIi'iukIi hr in not full tat'
ticket to rletl iifit Jun nor ft
I'nltwl Htftlrn HmiHtor t flfft ly
Ida iifxl l-)jlltiri, tlrr in no
!!trlh of Int'-rMt in On-roii
U' at thi ti iim.
Tiit-rn I a ilmpoiilion in Mult
iK.iimli i-ouiitr to itli the cam
j.niljii on fVHiinwl lim-a of t'y-K"'
ilay- an.l tlr i din.Mlion
uniil rlinblUnn Rioirrally to
frown down tl t-m-rt and difcoun-ti-nanc-P
any mov tlat llin-nU'in to
r.vive old f"'.U or " tlior-l
within the party rank. Th" J-rin-,
r.-alur nf to coming cam
irnign U th eL-ciion f county of
I5,r ao-1 Hie tl 'ininant 'rty will
not tf d.Jiuinaiit when the elect! m
i over if factional politic i to
The oflis-er to te ekcled in June
' ... I.. ..Mil
are, a aupreme juux"
Chief Jutlc K. A. Moore.
Two rirruit jui'K" to occeed
Judpi-i Hoi and Humrit,
A ditricl atlorney to uccid J.
N. Hart.
A repre-etitattve to congre. ;
.ucreed Htnger SIt-rti.au.
A ll ji.-ialr lo eUt
reed H. F.
A ioint renri-ntaiive of oU
and Lincoln to Mioeeed U. 3'TT '
k 1 1 1 ... In titti'i'til u, 1.. :.
A full county
lik-t is
elected Including:
Sheriff to Micceed John 1.
County cb-rk to niuceed
t .111 it if iudL'rt to nih-wd
,? j
.... .... - 1-
County roiiiiniti"ner to eucceetl
John Teal.
County treasurer to oucceed E.
V. Dalton.
County iiMeior to nucceod F. E-
County surveyor to euccced
Luih'-r (Jround.
Superinteudent of fchooU to suc
ceed C. L. Stnrr.
Coroner to eiucccd Dr. W. S.
A to the coming vueaney on
tho fiiipremo tmrli, the indication
ur that . Jimtioe Moore will eiiiTi-ed
hinistlf. Ho hits het 11 a member
of the court fur twelve years and
fc,r tlmt reiinon is better (nullified
for th- position than when firnt
elected. Furthermore, Judge
Moore an abb lawyer and a
man of umjiientioiied integrity. Ii
at thiH time there i anyone aspir
ing to th place, he ha not made
hi aspiration known.
The proepeelst are. there will be
aomo gtrenuoeity displayed in the
(.election of circuit judge Judge
Burnett ha served three terms
and there are those who would
wear his mantle. There i Unwell
Wyatt, of Albany, who would like
to sit on the circuit bench a while.
There i James McCain, of Yam
hill, loneinir for judicial honor
aud B. L. liddy, of Tillamook, hes
itating between ft circuit judgeship
and congreh. N'one of these are
neoesarily in opposition to Judge
Burnett iince two republican are
to be nominated, but within the
to be Filled Require
I'aat few day LorinK K. Adam, of
tha firm af Camon A Adam at
Salein lua hiel hia ranter into the
ring. Adaina and ISurnett cannot
hoth hone to he nominated ince
they are from the aame count,
hence there will he ft trj'CUt be
"i.ioiii id tarn far Marton countv.
II ytIUlllll ' V UI'l'IVlwilw, arwft-. ,
Hewitt, of Albany, mar l"o - j
come a candidate. Whoever ele j
the democrat nominal, thej are
pretty eur to name JudgM IJoiae a
one. Ur if tney don't it i pretty
certain that the judge will run
anyway and iotwithtandinjc the
handicap of ai;e, hi ruunint? quaii
tie are to he reckoned with. Th
jude i now eighty-five year old,
but the preservation of inind and
Intdy in oinething remarkable with
him and hia long enJ honorable
e-rvke to the Hate, beRet rever
ence that i liable to outweigh
party irregularity.
it -i f.,r ,.! one toi
'oinlv announce bimnelf for di -
i ' ' - --
tricl altorney. J. N. lurt. ol
ttenerally look-1
, - t- '
.',,!, .i.j. u hU firat i
r" "
'term and the other name ineii-
i ,,.ii., uiih ,litr .-t.
.. , ... ... , ,, ir..v.... ,.r
tlJPlLl iVrcv Kellv." of A1-
Salem, and rercy Kelly, 01 ai-
!W H .th are deputies under ;
...... ..
rM .n.l with a etre lova tv to
. . .. ' . .
him but notwithhUndicg their
but notwithhUndicg
I ....... ... .)
ftsreveraiione, mrir a.r imiiiu.
. ... . ...r. ,.. i
..in a ar i n ri tr win i n v -
I Nary to hie chief and it i fid
, , t I .. i !l .. tfftl,.l t T)
iveuy e wmiy win nui,r '(
the way of his making tho race if
tho time ever come when he sues
a chance lo land the nomination
for himself.
The next scramble for the con
crcssional nomination for this dis-
trict promises to lie no less inter-
esting than any of it bi-ennial
predecessors. Hon. Binger Her
man, H goes without saying would
like to succeed himself. Gatch,
Kelly and Vawter, the tbree that
threw the nomination to Herman
, rulit r l!i !r failure n'l jf l,',r
1 tiff ijoin i nation on ft lil!Miitt '
ri'iiiniim ti if n-ffi. (". (
cftit'li'luto n.J U. T. UarrU,
r t - : ... I il.
n K liia
frienda for aaitance in the
race. 15. X.. Kddy, of Tillamook by
th aea, would like to go to con
grea an (I rat choice, and U. F.
Jonet, tin clam digger, U read to
aerve tin district in the lower
houae at Waahington any time be
it tailed. J, N. lU't it retortel
oare had dream of cmftreM and
aid a friend of bin, "If the op
portunity preaent ilnelf, you will
-e J. N. come up milinjj."
Home ,Nrw.
Diablo, the pacikg tftllion, val
el at I5,(MK), that for the pet ix
month ha been in the band of
f..,U!Sam CAMtrd. the well-known horne
man, at Salem. It now in the hands
of .Sheriff II. H. Calhreath, of Ma-
rion county. Diablo wan the prop,
erty of William Murray, who died
in Baleui Utumiuer. After Mur
ray' death hi widow put tbehoree
in Cantro's hand, with the under-
alanding he should haye one balf
th groi, reclpt for the coming
iaou. Upon returning to Califor
nia C. D. Crookharo. perauaded
Mr. Murray h ehould have two
tbird of the procee.!, and coming
back to Haleru with Crookham, the
latter demanJed of Caetro that be
a'.lew the woman two-third or de-
liver up the horee. Caetro refused
lodo either, aud Croukham broke
t ... 1 ... I. l i:.LI- f C"..
tui loci m wnk wimw kuui w.
tro'a Mable. Catro had Crookham
1M,! for larcenr. but uoori bear-
inc before Jutlicc Hargan at Salem
. " aL.,.u.
ine niinianiv u.r..i.v-.
Utie de enilant .liMliar&ea. iwiw
.),. .1,, nut a writ of retilevin.
pending which Sheriff Calhreath
penning ..o.u ......... .
hold the horn, in his peseion.
... i 1 1.,.,...
i'iaoio 1 khu ,
.... i.
ji.aid to nave a many outs m m;V.- ------ .
- 1 i-tn
nM Miam ... ...v
J.. kj i.i ilia
.i...., 1 II. I,., inanvn, ,n rornlllhf. 1 neir ueus were 01 inu,
that hoj to eee him kept
a It
. ...... -
jn Ore -
. , i M i ,
Whirc Off. v
Getting Ready for the Congressional
(Jranjie Meeting. v
Notice is hereby given that a
County C. range convention is called
to meet at Monmouth, Polk county,
Orceou. on Wednesday, March 0,
1904, at 1 p. m , for the purtose of
( electing delegates to staie uratiKo.
Each subordinate granee in good
standing i entitled to three dele
gate and should also elect three
alternates, in order that they may
be sure of a fall representation.
Wm. II. Robertson.
lj ' 1
. :Uolly Rolim Now Pfermatin?j
In Linn Uunty wnerc
Ofiicf" Follow.
Thy SUp on Fir Bfwghi, Hv Uo
kimpi Hiir and Vawuiud Bodie
But Slick lo BibU
Holy Holler It rook baa been lo
cated again according to a Mr.
Hurlbert. who wai ip Corvalli
)at week. Mr. Hurllert live near
Lebanon and it i in that vicinity
Iirook and two other have taken
up their abode. "Locuiit and wild
honey" i figuratively epeakiog.
"their diet," eays Mr. Ilurllrt.
In a little ahick, all by themK'Ive,
they are living in a eeparat world.
t im claimed that iSrooks de-
.. lUthii will ttrer-etnen nil!
little colony until it become large
' --"
enough to juetify the effort, and
then begin buildiog a tabernacle in
the wilderneH.
Following the tarnd-feather
operation at Corvallii, Trooka
found temporary ehelter with
friend. Later, however, he left
the hou&e where he bad been ftay
ing and went into the wood where
be now is. The name of thoe
who are with him in his etraoge
home are not known.
A di' pitch from Albany no Mon
day eaye: Mielaken for robber
who had been operating at Wood
burn, r-rownsvilie and Dalla,
number of Bpol!ea of the Holy
Roller were surrounded in their
camp in the dene timber on tbeM't, (was undoubtly, the
i Meeker place, in th nortnern par
of Linn county, by a pwee ot a
arme,! men. led by nberjil
... , . .
i of l'ohce Met lain, ot Albany.
j Instead ot finding - derate
. . i!5
criminal., the posee was lastonubed jsovcreign
1 tf, km Anostlsa Brook. Levine and
; r -- ... .
r.Mj s...iiH in their imnrovled:
- tinnae ni nr ikiuhiib. jroumc n.c
. - - t-
i . . , . . ..." I !
land inetr laruer coniaiueu win
j potatoes, ome whole wheal and a
little dirty Hour.
The appearance of the apostles
was as that of tha proverbial wild
man, with matted hair and filthy
When ordered to move on by
Sheriff Huston, in accordance with
the wishes of the neighborhood, the
men protested against moving on
Sunday, preferring to read their
Bible, but this consolation waa de
nied them, and they were forced to
take up their beds and walk. They
NUMIiEtt 10
headed ir the dir-tn of Marion
! county.
V oen ji'-stione( ly the oilier
thi-v ' r ti:nt, but Hrookf,
lh(. (ii()v, 0i() ,if ih0 ui0
would i.ii(U their movement.
finally (id that they had walked
from Lebanon lset week and were
eeekine m secluded pot where they
j could ludy and be prepared to ?n-
ter the work when the Lord called
Make It Hinfrulur.
Inquiry will not down on
whether or not "The United
States" in singular or plural, in
a grammatical sense. .
The committee of Congress
nor Cevision of the Laws has
determined that hereafter in all
federal statutes the United
States must be taken as a
gincular noun and the verU
, i.. :,,
! Ill Li . k MO JO
not "are." Tins
is now the correct usage, but in
its definition of treason the Con
stitution uses the word United
States as a plural; viz "Treason
shall consist only in levying war
against 'them,' or in adhering
to 'their' enemies, giving 'them'
aid and comfort."
The change of usage from the
plural to the singular reIectd
the change that has taken place
gradually, in the nature of this
republic. All the earlier writers
employ "the United States" as a
plural; that is, as a confeder
ation ofsoverign states bound,
together by a constitution.
irorrt-n. tTuiis.rjijou 01 iins g""
ernment a hundred vears aero.
but gradually the federal gov
ernment Las gained strength
and importance and the state
governments have lost their
standing. The Su-
.m. - iviuu ui
... . ... ..
decisions DUlit up the central
. , , . ..
j,v t v i tuu k t( u.viiii vu iiiv v
stitution was not a compact,
and reduced the several States
to a position more resembling
provinces or departments than
sovereign governments. The
Civil War finally completed this
work a wise and necessary
work of establishing the anion
as the main idea and paramount
principle of the republic. , A
strong central authority was
needed for the security and
greatness of the nation. Gram
mar must change to ton form
to historical evolution. '
Notice to Voters.
Notaries Public throughout the
County, in the several voting pre-
cincts. have been suplied with reg
istration blanks. All voters are re
quired to register on or before May
15, 1904. Kegister early and avoid
extra expense ot the county
Registration is required every two
County Clerk.
lttisiuess Opening1.
For Sale County store in Polk
county. Good location. Probable"
value 13,000. For particulars en
quire at this office.
For Sale.
12,000 shares of mining 6tock in
tho Gold Creek Mining and Mill
ing Company. Certificates 1000
8b ares each. Price 6 cts. per
share. S. B. Okmsbv.
112 Court St, Salem, Oregon.