West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, January 28, 1904, Image 5

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A partial list of the Bargains we are offering for the next fifteen days. Call and
see us. We can save you some money; besides give you How and Up'todate Goods
Wishing to CIoho Out all our Zibulitiu DroHn rattenis,
which ar as Fino an any hdod i town, either in
Btores or on tho street, wo liavo cut the prico from
$11.00 G yard tuttvriiB to $0.50
80 7 " " " 5.00
7.00 7 " " " 4.00
Ww have a few pieces of Holt Goods which wo oiler
at liko price.
Ah wo will noon huvo in our lino of Spring Skirts in
Woolens ami Crashes wo will now oiler tho remainder
of our pri'Hent Htock, which consists of tho lateHt Btyles
arxl fabrics at tho following prices:
$8.o0 values now $5.75 ?7.00 values now f 4.
8.00 " " 5.50 0.00
7.00 " " 0.00
Men's Clothing.
These Suits aro as good goods as are shown anywhere
for tho regular price, but not having all "sizes of each
kind, wo havo decided to clone them out at a big re
duction in order to havo the room for Spring Goods
which will bo in in a few weeks. We will now sell
these lines at the following prices:
$12.50 Suits now $8.00 $10.00 Suits now $6.50
12.00 " " 8.00 8.00 " " 5.50
11.00 " " 7.25 8.00 " " 5.25
After carefully examining and trying a great many
different makes of corsets, we have decided, or rather
our customers havo decided for us, that the best cor
set made for tho money is the Warner's Kust Proof,
hence having decided to handle this line exclusively
we will offer all other kinds at a greatly reduced price
to close. There is among this line some of the best
known makes and styles.
Boy's Clothing:.
We have some very choice Patterns in Persian
for Klmorus, House Jackets, etc. Regular 25c
which we now oiler for J7Jc.
We will treat our I'.oy'H
$10.00 Suits now $6.50
"7.50 " " 6.00
Clothing in like manner,
$6.00 Suits now $4.75
6.00 " " 4.00
Wu now of!'er all our Ladies'
at a l'.ig Keduction. -$1.20
Wrappers for UOc. $1.00 Wrappers for $1.15
We are giving some l'.argains in this line as well.
Cull and get our .Prices. We can do you good.
Flannelette Wrappers i for the little Gents, Threo
$5.50 values now $3.7o
5.00 " " 3.50
Knee Pant? Suits
50 values now $3.25
Yours for P.argaina,
Same as above in 2-piece Knee Pants Suits:
3.00 values now $2.25
2.50 " " 1.75
2.25 " " 1.75
The Above Prices are the Best Ever Offered in Indepn
dence, and it will pay you to look the lines through.
During This
Sale we will offer all
10 cents per yard
Flannelettes at
We haven't such a big line of prices in this line buthave
several patterns of each, which we will sell as below:
$12.50 Overcoats now $9.75
. 10.00 " '. 7.75
$3.50 values now $2.25
2.25 " " 1.50
We will close our line of Boy's Hats at Greatly Reduced
. Prices.' Here is some great Bargains if
your boy needs a Hat
Highest Market Price Paid for
Kxtrnct From Senator Fulton'
Hlfcli In Hohuir oi IiwU
unit ClurW Fair.
Extract from speech of Senator
Fulton in his appeal to tho United
States seoato for an appropiation
for tho Lewis and Clark Centunnial
Exposition in Portland next year:
"Within comparative! recent
years Japan ban developed into a
great world power has taken a
leading position in the great pro
cession of tho nations of the
world. Her awakening has aroused
all the slumbering forces of the Far
East. China can not much longer
continue immune to the fever of
. It may work her political disso
lution; but. if it shall, then on the
ruins of the empire that for bo
many years has withstood the j
assaults of the- waves .of progress
and commercial and industrial de
velopment will bo founded other
statos that will prove more respon
aivH to the srrowiiiflr demands of
Mr. President, we who reside on
tho l'acifio look forward to the
time, not far distant, when the
commerce of the Pacific will equal
that ot the Atlantic
With the completion of the isth
mian canal, and by reason of re
cent, events with which we bad
nothing to do and for which we
were in no wise responsible, but
which have boen wisely taken ad
vantage of by the present able Ad
ministration, its construction can
not now long be deferred, the prod
ucts of the great Mississippi and
Ohio valleys, floating down those
rivers to the Gulf, will be largely
transshipped for the ports and the
islands of the Orient and the Pa
cific seas, while that' great fertile
region beyond the mountains, find
ing' ready market for all its prod-
ucU in the multiplied demands of
the oriental trade, will support
population a dense and will throb
with an industrial and commercial
life as intense as any other portion
of our country
Mr. President, this is what we ol
the Pacific look forward to, and
having had these views and be
lieving all this, we belicvo it is the
duty of this nation to cultivate by
all feasible and practicable means
the commercial , friendship and
good will of all the nations border
ing on the Pacifio seas; and having
this purpose in mind, while we in
tend that this exposition shall be
commemorative of the great eyent
which has assured the title of this
nation to the Northwest Territory,
we have also determined that one
ot its most pronounced and dis
tinguishing features Bhall be the
bringing together of the peoples
and an exhibition of the products
of all the countries of the Orient.
In these purposes every section of
our country is equally interested
with another, and hence Bhould
equally join in the effort to bring
it about,
Now, in conclusion, Mr, Presi
dent, let me say that while this
Government has appropriated
many millions of dollars in aid of
expositions in almost every other
portion of our country, it has never
appropriated a single dollar in aid
of one on the Pacific coast."
Imperfect Digestion.
Means less nutrition and in conse
quence less vitality. When the liver
ails to secrete bile, the blood becomes
loaded with bilious properties, the di
gestion becomes Impaired and the
bowels constipated. Herbiue will rec
tify this; It gives tone. to the stomach,
liver and kidneys, strengthens the ap
petite, clears and improves me coin-
plexlnn, lniuses uew niu uu
the whole system. 50 cents a botl
sold by A. 8. Locke.
Read Messner's ad. this
It means Bomethingjto you.
A farmer subscriber makes the
suggestion that it would be a popu
lar move for the managers of the
state fair at Salem to offer farmer
stakes for trotters and pacers the
same as is done in New York,
horses to be driven bv owners or
men who have never handled
horses for track or other profes
sional purposes.
At San Francisco last . week,
seventeen had of colts and fillies
less than one year old sold at pub
lie auction, at an averago of f 314
J. W. Booth and R. W. McDon
aid, of Sherman county. Oregon,
recently sold 20 head of wor
horses weighing fpom 1300 to 1400
pounds each for $3000, to a Port
land buyer. This class of horses
are becoming more and more scarce
throughout the state and it is no
easy matter to pick up a bunch of
this size.
George Perringer, of Pendleton,
and N. K. West, of La Grande, at
tended the recent Palo Alto sale in
California, and report it a success,
young horses and brood mares
bringing a good price. Mr. West
purchased two head, a 5-year-old
black mare by McKinney and a
1-year-old filly by Nutwood Wilkes,
Mr. Perringer bought a yearling
colt by Monbells, son of Mendo
cino and Beautiful Bells.
To have wheels come off, and
straps and other things hitting his
legs should be a part of every
colt'a education- Country Life in
The horse is a logical and there
fore teachable animal. Once con
vince him that a locomotive or any
object of terror is not really dan
gerous, and he will never shy at it
again. Eyery year accidents occur
because the harness breaks or the
vehicle upsets and then the horse
T . 1 -' 1 1 -
runs away, uut auca acciueuis
are unnecessary. Any horse can,
with a little pains, be taught to
hold back a carriage by his hind
quarters, aa well as by breeching.
The Love of Eating.
In our largest cen
ters of population,
rnieh as New York and
Chicago, we daily see
more attention given
to the inner man.
Cafes and lunch-rooms are filled with men
and women who seem to give all their time
and attention to thoughts of properly ot
improperly feeding their stomachs. "It is
of course best to eat slowly, but not too
much," says Dr. Pierce, chief consulting
physician to the Invalids' Hotel and Sur
gical Institute, of Buffalo, N. Y. In this
20th century people devote so much time
to head work that their brain is fagged and
there isn't sufficient blood left to properly
take care of the other organs of the body.
The stomach must be assisted in its hard
work the liver started into action by the
use of a good stomach tonic, which should
be entirely of vegetable ingredients and
without alcohol. After years of experience
in an active practice, Dr. Pierce discovered
a remedy that suited these conditions in a
blood-maker and tissue-builder. He called
it Dr. Pieree's Golden Medical Discovery
an alterative extract that assists in the
digestion and assimilation of the food in
the stomach so that the blood gets what
it needs for food and oxidation, the liver is
at the same time started into activity and
there is perfect elimination of waste mat
ter. When the blood is pure and rich, all
the organs work without effort, and the
body is like a perfect machine.
Frke ! Dr. Pierce's Common Sense
Medical Adviser is sent free on receipt of
stamps to pay expense of mailing only.
Send 21 one-cent stamps for the book in
paper covers, or 31 stamps tor me ciom-
oouna volume. Aaaress ui. k. v.
Buffalo, N. Y.
Cured Lumbago.
A. B. Canmau, Chicago, writes
March 4, 1903: "Having been troub
led with Lumbago at different times
and tried one physician after another;
then different ointments and lina-
ments, gave it up altogether. So I
tried once more, and got a bottle of
Ballard's Snow Linament, which gave
me almost instant relief. X can cheer
fully recommend it, and will add my
name to your list of former sufferers."
25c, 50c and 1. Sold by A. 8. Locke.
Girl wanted to do general
housework. Steady work and
good pay. Mrs. J. B. Stump,
Monmouth, Oregon.
Portland and .Return Only
The Southern Pacific Co. is noV
selling round trip tickets to Pert
land from Independence, for $2.50,
good going Saturday or Sunday,
(returning Sunday and Monday,
giving ail day Sunday and Monday
in Portland. The eame arrange
ment applies from Portland, giving
Portland people a chance to . visit
Valley points at greatly reduced
rates. . .; ' ..
For Bale One good et second hand
harness and a second hand wagon
almost new. Address box 1J55 Inde
Mr. Wm. 8. Crane, of California,
Md., suffered for year from rheuma
tism and lumbago. He was hnally ad
vised to try Chamberlain's rain salni
which he did and It effected a com
plete cure. This liniment Is for sale
by all druggists.
Johnson, the clothier, at Salem,
is the popular place for Polk coun
ty people to trade. Finest display
in the valley.
Independence, Oregon
RATES: $1.25 to $2.00 per day
Special Attention to
Rates to Families or Single . Persons by
WeeK or Month
8 ' " '
0 J. M. ST ARK, Proprietor