West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, January 14, 1904, Image 8

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Independence, Oregon
RATES: $1.25 to $2.00 per day
Special Attention to
Rate to Families or Single Persona by
Week or Month
TI American Mn of wl
American Kut.'. " ' 7
. published. 11'" VHluut-Ut work
o Tha ItlHrriit 1ov.1o.i.ioii .
Kur-.po, by John W. I Jrpr. '.
The U -port of th Avl.tre--.-
'lV-t..r Assocmtioii fr
cent fiction hi" "
thirty weeklies mid 'I11'"" n'"y "
found on til in I''y.
them, th Orronlft. Ht-tes'i.e..,
Oregon Journal ami .'hUMou
Ill tho Cotitily Court of Hi Hl l'r
Ort-Kon, lor tin. ooiiniy f 1" ,
lu till. mailer f the Kimr.lll'l 'f
the ramie of J. M. Waun, " null.
"tIiC. I. Wann, J. H. Wan... Mr
M. A tlrlinslev. T. A. Wann. Mr. M-
V.ier. Mr. M. J. Mo.'hrraoii.
Mm. R. K. Dodaon ami J. M.
10 !ni'!!ii!'n.m11flliii tal of Orrijoll,
ff you " hereoy cited and required '
tif appear la Iho County Court of the
Htite of Oregon, for tho County of
Wl I'olk at tho Court Km.iii i w,
VI' i,.n.. i i ...! v nf I'd k. on
Wediiemlny, tho .Mth lay of January
l!XH. nt one o'clock In the afternoon ol
tX .i ... .i.... .i..l iliuro In hIioW
cau'. If any there- I, why a iloenw
((, T Sl.oUIH noi lie Kraim-u in mr p... -..-..
'3 ... !,. i.r iii.i aiiovf named ward.
ho aell real rtat Monttlng to aal.l
WTJ ward as roll w: lieKinuinti ai ion
!T K. oorner of the William M. lurpln
((if) 1). lu C. claim No. 87. not No. -V17.
i.i-l lth
My mother ws 'rou"'v- " ;
I). V. Jolly. Avm-i N. T
No matter bow hard
your cough or how long
you have had It, Aycr s
Cherry Pectoral Is the
best thins you can take.
It's too risky to wait
until you have consump
tion. U you arc coughing
todayvcct a bottle or
Cherry Pectoral at once.
lata II Bilk him, ' ""'
J. M. STARK. Proprietor
f 1W lihiptK.. Rme 4 Went of the
f(,I Wltlan.ette Meridian. I'olk County,
W OroKnii, and running thenoo went 0
Chain; thence aoutu M cnainn; iwiut
eHt 40 i-haiua; tlnnee north 'M chain
to tha place of tHKliiuliit, 0iuuiuili
80 acre more or lea.
vviinnt.w! The Hon. J. E. Kll-ley.
Judue of the County Court of tt.e Htate
THE INDEPENDENCE NATIONAL BANK S ( cou'ri'-aued! th!.Tll!!
' CAPITAL STOCK, $50,000.00.
H HIRSHBERG. Preeident. ABRAM NELSON, Vice Preniden
. C. W .'IRVINE, Cahir.
!lntf of DetviutHT. A. I)..
Attent: U. K. lAiuijrjrJirierk.
vftrirs nt' TAX tUl.R.
IIt lriu nf a wnrrmit lul nut at th
fVunly I'uiirt of Iho 8lli of Orrgiin. It
tin. i.iuniy i.f folk, ua Ihn 3oih lnr '
DIRECTORS.-H.H.chberg,D.W. 8ea B.F. Smith, J. P. Rhode, and
. i -,i M..,.m..i. ..ii.rii nf u i rourt. 10 mr
a Mn.o! VmnVinff and exchange business transacted. Loam tnnde. IillU,.r. .,',... or par.H-ln of rml iirnMri of
discounted. Commercial credits granted. Deposits recewed on current account ' r. v. ''"'''''' " W? r.'
fur ihe vi'itr 1Ihi2. ur an tniirh llirr.f
will mlr ilia anmiint nf anlil Wirt
cliriffil ihirrln, tofthi-r with nml taA
abject to check.'
Normal School.
Chapel convened at tha usual
time on the Monday atter ine nou
day recesa. By far the greater
part of the BChool were in meir
accustomed places, their laces ana
manners showing what home-going
had done for them. And yet, there
was not one present who did not
feel the touch of sadness occasioned
by the death of one of their number
When Mr. Ressler feelingly alluded
to the passing of Miss Ferrie, this
thought naturally came to all to
and instructor alike
"Brave, cheerful, faithful."
Some time since the position of
assistant critic in the Training
school was offered to Miss Martha
Whealdon, of The Dalles. We are
glad to state that Miss Wheal
don has decided to accept the offer
and will enter upon her duties in
about two weeks. She is a graduate
of last June, and possesses the
personality which will render her
services as a- teacher especially
valuable. .
Through the enterprise of Mr.
Hessler the school, the town's
people, and many from Indepen
dence enjoyed an excellent concert
on Thursday evening. The Cos
grove Concert Orchestra furnished
a meritorious and varied program
of some fourteen numbers, exclu
sive of encoreB. While each selection-had
its gool points, the violin
solos by Miss Torgeson and the
trombone solos by Mr. Uawkins
deserve special mention.
The chapel talk on Tuesday was
given by Mrs. Pennell. She took
for her subject certain facts, cus
toms, and beliefs of Modern Greece.
The last rhetoricals haye included
essayi, by Misses White and Rudy
I eese, on Gypsies and The Buii
1 -, ... ri. T I CllHrifMt IIUTHtl, loUfllH-r Willi !
incs and Grounds of the bt. L ouis ..-..min n.-uiti ni-ra: which nt
ci I ili-llmiurnl li, tnHftniT witu a nmcrip-
"air. I tlnn nf thi. rtal tiriiMrtv unim whli-h tb
MAlul. IN li'Vlrd. mill till. Dllni Ijr III TV-
A few weeks ago a Pbysicia! I twiiv ix-mon in whom iu iii wi
rt..u ; i i .u- i: It.... .i. . . '.i.i-...i. ... .
. llelt. AilKUnt 4, 5, 6, hlk.
recti nn of Mr. Rnhinann fnr tho I 11. Cunki'v a 2nd add. to Dal-
.r , .i . . . i . .
purpose oi increasing me interest i iit. m. i,m i ami z, wn. ,
.... ... ..I" iiihiii"WM I'm... ... ...
in this science and enabling the campion, u u i,i. s and a. bik.
i . A l in, t'. l., si,, o. anil to iftiian. .
students to become more faraiIarcio,ir,.ii.T, ii.Ttha i.. o and
7 nnd w H of lut S, hlk 4, I'M
rrnia anlnllvlnlon of out lut 5 to
The interest shown and the success i. , -1 r ViVif
nf f. muling ra cer;.l ... I 12: W to crwli, W to a
ifying. The clear and thoughtful
demonstrations of experiments.
that have been given by members
of the club have reflected credit on
both the student and instructor,
Mr. Robinson. The program of
the meeting Thursday January 7th,
was as follows: "The making of
the Thermometer," Mr. Buel; "A
Brief Discription of Six Methods of
Finding Specific Gravity," Miss
Ruth Cooper; '-The Steam Engine,"
Mr. Robinson.
The three Societes of the school
held a ioint session on Fridav
point of 2 rha Nof cmtsr of
arc. 12; K 40 elm: N I'll elm to
p o b, In ac 12. townatilp 7,
aotitti, riiniti 0, went of Will.
.Mit. coiitnlrilriK 62 arrra, mora
or liaa
Dptinla, J. V. B H ol H M of
are. Ifi, tnwtianip H, auutli,
rnnno 0. wt of Will. Mcr. con
talnliiff NO nric. more or !...
DwIm, Hadli. V. 8 K li of n-c.
ii. iimnxnin , n.iuiri. rung H,
wi'at of Will. Mrr. coiitalnltig
ItUI nrpa. mora or !
Kllla, KoliTt l.ota 8 and 4, of
"'C. 7, towriHhlp It. aoiith, ranx
a, wit of tllB Will. con
tulnlnir 11.1 am, morn or .. .
Fprifiimm, 1(. S. Lola 11. 12. 13
ami 14. (ilk. J. I''lla rttv
Frlnk, V. H. bulra" -W u. of
H. W. H of (rxel N-0 arrm, aold
to John 1 iHi-i'Hon 7 town
alilp M. aontli. rnngn 8, wt of
Ihi' Will. Mir. iron I ul ii I ii g 17
nrros. tnori or li.a......
Garrlrk, W. K. & KraI.iit of 'aw.
J I. mid lot 1, of arc: 14, town
aliln 0, south, rnnirn 7. w.h.i .r
no- hiii. MiT. I'ontaltilnir H2
cromniT ,.a lkn f..ll ...I .. I "l"-- . " l
nuu tus luuuniiiB piu- lirirfii, ('. (i. I,t 1(1 hlk i
Recitation, Miss rLSnTr ut
II" It. B. K.AII of hlk. 2 H m,l
.') K. Hui-nn Vlin
N H of mf
llBhln 7. Kolllll. rilllvn 7
w.xi oi ni. mit, rnnlilllilriK
110 flrri'H. iniiri ur luu
iinrriH, Mr. Hnlomn Iliif, m v
11 I'Or. Ilf JllMI'Tlh M,,llil.n II i
. n ii i'iin : t'. I. r'li- i 11 ..I..
11' l, u ... ... in",
' n in ii ii n iit m. n
towiiHliin il. aonlh. rnrii' 4
whsi or Mill. M it. contulBlii
RiTa. morn ui- li.u. "
Ili'lnrlch, I'lilllln t.(,tn H)",m,V'i',
l.ll . I. I
20, toniiHhlp o. uriiili, ruiiu'c 7.
ill,, ' . M"r' c'""llii
Joili-K, XllH. HHHtl nu. 1 (2 Vh'a
I. and 20 rim. K of i ht, rornor
Iwt. scr. :if nnd 11(1 ; S i) rh
7IC .1 oha : N id chii iv k ,. !
to p o b, of air. art, townahln
7. Moiiiir, rnn(. 4, wont of Will
Mor. roritiilulne R n..,.. ...
0.1-yni.r, A.JS W of tw. 1d,
ton II n 1 1 1 II i. Kfllirri rn A tr
for the library has been received. !1'rr,he ,v"' MT ,on'inii' 100
This includes Roosevelt's entire L"", Ij Aiivof'"bik "e
,.,, . MnlliiCT add to Iliilalton. .
works in fifteen yolumes, Thack- r'",' vv- M M ft. ofN
eray in thirteen and Clark and i?. 'L"1'" inndrnn. : K'i!o
gram was given
Pitney; Reading'of Paper, Miss
Kienow; Extemporaneous Speech, J,K''vJtI?lI',Tnt ?
Mr. Murdock; Violin Solo, Mr.
Pettys; Song, Quartette. At the
close of these exercises some fifty
assembled in the gymnasium, where
a ping-pong party, unJer the man
agement of tho Ladies' Athletic
Association, was much enjoyed.
The sympathy of the students
and instructors in both the Normal
and Training school is extended to
Mr. and Mrs. Rice, in their recent
The first installment of the books
Inn II K H VV V, f S W . f
.rr Id ..Hhll
r Wml "f lh "a M"r
llnl..K 4. mrrt. m. r- l-
l aw II and II : N v f
t i,f trr 1J, l"l.hlP . "'
5 ' i f " "
nilltalliliK " aftr lii-i or lJ
I , ii ; lire al H ":'
13 20 t. N 40 ,1,.; fi IS 2" rhs:
o riia: K ,h;
rl,.; B a 1,3 rha: S 1-0 rta i
W SS rh. l P b ' '''
loon.hlp . iHh. riiuK a!
of tlin Wll. Mrr. " nwiainma
ihi . rr. rn-r r l" .
Ula. K II - 3 "
r,rt,i'f f Mrr I.HMjio I' I
r i !s ;o rt, ; r. i. w ; "
rha: W 13 Mi rl P h
32 limti.hlp 0 aoiKB. rana
. r. of ll Wll. MHf. r.tai
tita a r,,. rniTi or I
Lu.-., Julia--v H of W H an
H i of N W f J.
i.ii,.!U. .rtit(i, ranif..
nf th Will. Mrr, r.,ofalllnt .
lmi i-rr, tor or lr......
Martin H H an t M M -!;
and 2 Wk A. and lta lu !'!
2," bik K. WU rialriu
MiKlnnon. A C . rrniiai : i.
hlk 15 aufl rra.ni.mai iw
and 2. blk. 8. Mrt'o,
Murphy, 1" 11 l-o 3. 4. 8 and a.
hlk 1. wnna aou. io mwrr.1
drnif ... ... ... ... . - .
faitrraoii. A. I.ta 1, t. . o4
4. hlk, 1. ami lot R. i. i
H, bl S, White 4. to Iodp-
'rrt.tt War-R H '"
nil 4. hlk I. inn inwyewj.
rtier ......
IHtluani. N "llelr"-Ur ll H W
mr. or N K S o v "
10 rha: W 2 rh: 10 fti i
W u cha: 8 20 rha: E tto cb
NI3.VI rhi; N 1 K 2 rli ; Vt
SO rha. In P o b of aw. 10. town
ahlp T otuh. ran X. wrt of
th Wll. Mrr. routaluliif SM
i-rii. mora or trma
Itmtman, limn, - L"i 1. 2 S. 4
and 3 of ,i'i. t..ti.tilii B,
iKMilb, ranfr 7, wnit of lb Will
M-r. and lot 4 of 2 of
aatd tnwn.hlp and ratif. con
taining I'Ji ai-rr. nior or Im
lUld, llolwrt A llrf I rli H 7 Org
ri or w rorni-r or l,ik a. uu
roln: H 7 df I: in rha; K rh:
N H.HO rha i H 8.1 di-it W. fl rb.
to p o b. Alan bo at H K ror
nrr of blk. 7. Mnrolni W II rd.
lu, ft; K 17 Ma; K II nta. 1114
ft; N 17 Ida to 11 o b of
tlon 20. tnwnabln rf, aoutb. rang
8, wrat of th Wll. Mr. root el 11
ln( ft arrr mot ur lrwi..... .
n W If.-.-N K 4 of are. 21.
imtnhlp 7, aoutb, rani; n rt
of th Wll, Mr, rnntulnlnc ItW
arroa, tinir or Iraa ...
KolMrton 1, W An ui.dlrldwl
ititi-rratin lot 7 and M, bik. 1,
Whl,.. a add. to l,i.lriM.n.lrn, .
Itjinn, Juincn W li, of H W 4 .
01 are, 1 (, 11, wn.nl- n, outli,
rmiK II wt nf tbn Will. Mr.
AIo K. it, of M. K. '4 Hiid K. 1
of H W of H K V of wr. 1H.
townabtp , aoutb, rak-i, fl,
wt of th Wll Mrr. aIko 20
'ri-a off of K aide of N V 14
of. K nf aw. 111, n alMi,
Inwtiahlp and raim, funtitlnliia
I 'to Hi ri
Kninni'la, I.. B. J W u f u r ,
of aiy. JH. tmviiahlji !, amifli,
miiKf (I, ui!, ,,f Wll, XI.T., nut.
tnltllliK -o IliTim. miirt, t.f l..
fth.Tnui,,, w. Il.-Uiu 7 mid a, bik
-1. J rtlltoi). ... . ,
SIi.ht, (V- H K 1; t (1, 'ft il"f
m; iowniii Tl, South.
rntiii 7. vrt of t, - Mr'
rohtiilhliiif -II, a.-r,m i,.,. ... 1... 1
Smith. W II - ,tH 7 .u1 1.1'b
and lota 1, 2, 7 and H. 1,1k.
SniKh. It. l! -i,i,t" j, lilk 3, H ' j i'
Xpmthllnir. I. II - II. ' 1 i nV VV
, ",. 'N :"' of ll. nr ,;
r,,,.:..VN 3'-M r1'"- w rha; S
lr M ,l. K 4. r,7
r,n Ki, cliw i, i, ,. k
nnd ::.",, toiviil,i r 1. Tl. .
4 Ytfof th Wll.. M..V. r In.
talnlnir 27 ..-n ....... ... , . ' 1
KlnviMia, A. H W t-. .,f u 1..
tatnlna 40 a. " - V T"n
T1....1,... .- " "a
l.ola 12
li"i,ipon, A. V.-.I.01, in'nnitWT
OIK. t Wr.lt Bnh.m
N 133 ,
4 on
a 16
1 53
1 10
0 40
Wi-1rd, '. II -It, M f '
,..r of ll . blk 1 h it
U.ta. N n II 1 tl a,.M
ft 1 H o J fl to ,ui"
W.-l,'l ll 11 . Lj,
ml rt ll of N r u,
i f H K H and a I; CJr,
i.f aw id, ti.a t 1
tnn T rl of ts. 1
r.nilaliilos i'l'l irr( " '
lr , ;
(liv.. AfTiO'iilliiral r.id,i, !
i,1 . Ail ! aw 1. !
a.iuih, rang a, ,4 .,
Al - at 1 '
of .f 111 K rla- .1
rl,a W a. rha; N iu
l o b of r, II. ,B
..nth, rm T. rt 4 ".
t..r. Al.! IV at n 1 J
,if aw. ; K hJ rti . 1 1
W lol rha. N, 13 41 l. lo. j
w. , townahln I, I, ..u,j '
Ki 'f 1 1, Will. U
ln aif a. f, Mora j, ;
t'l u.l I H'I A l.ltrato.tj (, J
i a of n nt
hip 10 ..ulh. tann I 1
f th tt III Mr ti,, J
M W rortinf of r.' ti - ,
M l 43 ilia ; W fc'i rh, j
Ii In I" b of a k v.
u, ..(li. ran a w ;i
ia 4a
ran a w
Irr Alan br(
f aw, II; f.
W h'i
rha In p o h of
if w. ll J
hip l .,,, rani, ( ,,
tii win airr, Aim I.
' rofnW nf aw T ; K fc.
1ft 4A rha J W ao 'j
rha In p b of an-. J
ahlp 10 nth. rang I ,
th Will Mr , i-.n.i.ltiy
air mura or l "i
PrT.nt lloldiard 10
1.1 and . hlk a.. I
tlriaul. l(,iMfd A ).lt.
i a and 4, blk i. In
I alia i it . .. . ,
flar I nknuwa - l , v'
nnd lot I. X i ai.4 4. v
Montnvuth , I
0n I nknown - .,ta t ,
ml ) In I. J. itti', i
dlrlalon of H lot 3. Mt
nti-r t ukooa n 14 l,4i
dil In afixintoitth I
tlwnrr I liking n - It 1 au
1.1k 1 ..,
or iota au.i a. ia. 1 k
add lllll a lnititHlr(, I
dwnrr t nknowa-n v, t
M 30
0 3
13 4S
13 00
and . blk a, lllll k
ndrnrodli- , , 8
K.tm.ff. A W Il.ir"-Ui
mm- 34, lownhlp 7. aott't
H.'wrat f th WIU, II 1
latnlog 31 r' R.r w '
trl 'J .7 4, ta.d lav tail
rm.h. rr and all 4 ,)
rrlKl lot, ,Ih- and IM
in and ilo to ih tw
(UI of tir, i;
And on MllftAT. b ilr
r.UiV. u4, ( lh ka t..
m , of Mid Any, at Ih f
1 uun llouw In Iwlla b) i
r.mnlt, I Will ll Ih Vm
rral propwt at Hiiur
to r..lm,i! Ion, fi nil It k
H-r. n ii will par rha M
rMirtltriT, with awrmai K
talker with Ih " aid (
i, and lak a rii,rt tb-"
,at rat of lmrt. wwk
rl prort a will Mf1f
with iii( and - thm
falwl Ihi IVlh da of t.
i n
dhwiff nf imu ri
No n rnaklns raaitnu.
aUnr taaa. aM thft l
Mo or partnf tin 10 rr
J. X l .
C. Street J
TMT tWU P-Uctk
rtral.Claaa RaaoH.
Courtwowa Tmlaittl
10 nnd
-C. t. tow,l, J,, aotlth rn.
Wrathi-rwa,. J.' T-
."I. toWIIHlltp 7. aontli Tn- S'
wiioo,, ti. w.z.,,,. ,::y v: -i
Fine Wines.
Cigars, and B
on Draught, I
or in Bottles,!
: 1
Independence, - -
I. L. SMITH; Prok
2 46