West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, January 14, 1904, Image 4

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West Side Enterprise.
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on application. ,
Imleeiuleiire has Iwn the blrtliulnee
of a newspaper known as th Wkht
Sidk and of another called the Entkr-i-kihs.
l?oth flourished in tlieir tlav ami
the West Side EsT.KrKias succeeds
both with this issue. Newspaper
nomenclature" possilily might (urninh a
more euphonious but not a more appro
priate name. It i strictly a west side
In assuming charge, the proprietor lias
no appology to olle r beyond the state
ment that his action is based on faith in
Independence and Tolk county. To
this section the Wist Sids Entkkprib
is dedicated and it is a source of gratifi
cation that this issue appears with the
assurance of a cordial and hearty support
on the part of the people. The best In
terest of a community and a paper
published in its midst are Intertwined
and inseparable and a progressive . coin
' munity cannot afford the maintenance
of a paper that is indifferent to the re
sources and opportunities of its locality,
Immigration is now pouring into the
Northwest at a more rapid rate than
ever before. The transportation com
panies report bringing about 44000
people into Oregon last year.
Polk, in natural resources is one of
Oregon's leading counties. Here is the
bop-raising center of the west, In fact of
the United States. Here wheat, oats,
barley and orchards annually yield
profitable resturns. In the foothills
stands the finest timber of the West.
Livestock is being bred up and is one of
the paying industries of the county. This
section is particularly adapted to dairy
ing and yet the output of the creameries
falls far short of the demand. Land can
be had at reasonable figures and those
seeking to better their conditions in the
vest are entitled to know of Polk county,
Independence, advantageouily sit
uated on the banks of the Willamette
river, with water and rail transporta
tion facilities olfers a promising field for
lumbering mills, power and other man
nfacturing plants and capital seeking
ing investment is entitled to a means ol
knowing of the opportunities here pre
Oregon is nndergoing a development
she has not felt before, The coming
Lewis and Clark centennial, the awaken
ing Orient, the prospective Bussian and
Japanese war combine to bring 'about
conditions favorable to the state and the
plodding methods of former years would
be out of tune with the times. To
faithfully represent this locality under
the conditions with which we are con
fronted is the purpose of this paper.
Correspondence from the surrounding
country will be kept up and the Wkbt
Side Enterprise made as nearly as
possible a symposium for the discussion
of all subjects pertaining to the public
weal exclusive of anonymous communi
cations reflecting on lndiyiduals. It
perhaps is as well to state in advance
that grievances of a personal nature may
as well be related to the police for they
will find no place in these columns.
In politics the West Side Entkhpribe
is republican.
The characteristics of the Japanese
and Russians will be studied more close
ly than ever before while they are be
fore the world as belligerents. Seem
ingly the Japanese are handicapped at
the outset in superior numbers and ex
tent of territory. Russia, has 00 times
. the area, three times the population
and seven times as large an army as
' Japan. But the fact must not be lost
sight of that the Japs have developed
natural weakness to national from
etrengh in a wonderfully short time.
They proved their virility as nation when
they fought China less than ten years
ago. On the march to Pekin tbey prov
ed their mettle In comparison with the
soldiers of other nations.
The Japs have Rieator sympathy fiom
the world at larg than the KumImw.
In this country England, France and
Italy particularly public ayliiutliY
favors the Japs. Germany according
to the paer 1 pro-Russia, but the tns
isnotlieoto relkwt public feelintf in
(Jerinany. Thia sympathy is due to
s nno extent to Japan's ungual rhanee
in point of mmilKTiBild eiiii"t
the war and to her willingness In mess
lire sword with so great a world power
at tlie challeng". Japan s oi'
frank diplomatic cuiirso with Russia In
the events leading up to the rupture
has commanded the administration of
the world. Japan has insisted from the
start upon an unequivocal ariiiiigmnent
with Russia as to their respectiv spheres
of influence in China, an arrangement
that meant on its face w hat it purMirt-
i..l to ini'iin ami one that would !
scrupulously olwerved to the letter I
both nartica. If they have at any tin
had the opportunity to Income the part
ners of Russia In the spoiling of North
ern China, as seems probable, they hate
refused to accept it, and they have Ux
firm for their original policy.
The Issue of war with Russia will de
cide wheatherthe Japanese are to hav
their chance among nations or whether
they are to be forced back to a future of
poverty on their islands, where they
must always remain on the defensive,
Beyond this, war wilt do much to decide
even if the Western European powers do
not become involved, as to whlcn nation
Russia or Japan is to have the beg'
mony over the yellow race of China,
The "lellow. Peril" Is no unreal
thing. China Is waking up. Her 600
000,000 of people are able to fnrni
armies to the power that can master
them, drill them and pay them, such as
perhaps no other region on the earth
can equal. What Russia would do with
such armies, if she gained them, her
whole hiBtory tells us. She would use
them to sweep Asia. In Europe, Russia
is European, more or less. In Asia she
is Asiatic Tartar, If you will.
Would the Jap, from the point
view of Europe and America, be a more
desirable ruler of China than the Tartar?
Would huge China tempt half European'
ized Japan back once more into the
status of a Mongol power, made more
dangerous by her new-found brains and
skill? Would a Japanese Yellow Peril
be better or worse for the world than
ess eeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeseQt
Russian Yellow Peril?
Iti a case appealed to the Superin
tendent of I'ubllo Instruction it baa
been held that a pupil of the public
schools must write the vertical system
in order to pass the grado examina
tin n s. The ruling may be technically
correct. In fact tbt vertical system
was adopted by the Btate Hoard of
Text Book Commissioners but the pu
pil that la denied promotion on the
ground that the perpendicularity of
his lines does not conform to that par
ticular system of writing need not
be discouraged. Though the state
be against bim the one turned
down may make the greatest mark of
them all. The world at large does not
care whether the lines of one's pen
manship are at an angle of 75 degrees,
85 degrees, or perpendicular. A legi
ble handwriting is required by the
practical world and he that writes a
neat, easily read band will pass muster
in practical life whether or not he
meets the requirements of theory spin
ners or conforms to any one particular
system of penmanship.
me vertical system may appear
more beautiful to the eyes of some
than the slant system and some may
write a better vertical band than any
other but it is a fact that some of the
best penmen write the slant system
and there is no lack of advocates of the
slant system In preference to the verti
cal. Either system is accepted In the
business world and the public school
system is at fault when it attempts to
restrict a pupil to either system of pen
manship and refuse him a graduation
diploma on that ground alone.
It is given as an absolute fact by W.
B. Northrop that Joseph Chamber
lain's great fight for the establish Meat
of a protective tariff in England la be
ing made at the Inatlgation of his wife,
who incidentally is an American.
Mrs. Chamberlain bas more than
once played an Important part In the
politics of England, and now her hns-
on' jut rol nnl l dtronijer than other win IVih .-h.
W'v buy in Imp' u;tntiti'H ami nro in n tuition to muku tho
See our Elwood Poultry Fence.
R. M. WADE & GO.
hand has thrown hla whole career In
her bunds. Chamberlain laid down
hla olllce as Colonial Secretary and
stepped as once from the position of
the forvinoat man lu England to the
status of a plain cltlieu In order to fur
thrr the cause he had at heart a cause
Inspired by his wife, who firmly be
lieves that American methods of gov
eminent and American Internal poll
clea will greatly benefit the English
folk If adopted. Mr. Chamberlain l
now speaking to the people, requesting
their Indorsement of the protective
policy. Against htm is arrayed Mr.
Henry Asquith, M. P., one of the moat
powerful orators In England, but Mrs.
Chamberlain Is confident of success of
ber husband's cause.
Never before in the history of Eng
land have so many American women
had under their influence posts of power
and politics a they have today, and
this is being felt throughout the length
and breadth of the land. Mrs. Cham
berlain now intends to fix this fact more
firmly In the minds of the Britishers, for
she purposes soon to give an elaborate
bsnqm.it to the Anglo-American women
who have made themselves felt in
British society. '
Yamhill's delinquent list Is more than
double this county's.
ii 1 i
You will have to go to Dallas this
week to learn which Is the butt end of
a goat.
1 in perfect Ilrllou.
The National Livestock Association;
the National Woolgrowera Associa
tion; the Northwest Fruit drawers
Association In session In Portland and
the Btate Uoat Show In sosslou at Pal-
as this week, look like something Is
doing in Oregon. A stats that does
not raise sheep, goats or other livestock
orylold fine fruit could not secure such
conventions. It Ii a great advertise
ment for the state and significant of
the fact that Oregon's resources are re
ceiving attention thsy never did be
Joint Representative B. F. Jones of
jlncoln and Polk counties has tem
porarily dropped clam culture and
turned his attention to the extraction
of gold from the sands of the baach.
He reports having received 17.60 an
ounce for some platinum gold sand
sent East. Mr. Jones had serious In
tentions of removing to Polk county In
the spring but alluring gold may hold
him by the ocean's shore a while yet
Secretary Hitchcock has doubts as to
the moral qualifications of Asa B.
Thomson for the position of receiver
of the land office at LaOrande and Al
Roberts will probably be appointed to
succeed Thomson. Then the Secre
tary will be himself In disrepute in-
eea wun Eastern Oregon people who
are now demanding the re-instatement
of Thomson.
All the Oregon girls escaped from
trie Chicago theater fire. They do not
burn readily. Salem Journal.
The above should be supplemented
Ith an explanatory note giving the
reason why. Eugene Register.
iven an editor ought to know it'a
because they keep out of the fire.
The advertised list of delinquent tax
sales of Lane county covers an entire
page of a 7-column newspaper. Polk's
list occupies less than two columns.
Means loo nutrition and In cons,
queue ! vitality. When the Itvvr
(alia to secret bll, the blood become
loaded with bilious prowrtlt, the dl
rest Ion becomes Impaired and the
bowels constipated. Herblna v. Ill rec
tify tlilai It hivm tons to the stomach
liver and kldueya, strengthens the a
petite, clear ami Improves tlie com
plexlmi, Infuses new life and vigor to
the whole system, ou ct'UU a bonis,
sold by A. H. Locke.
Free motor to Monmouth after
the dance Saturday evening.
A good second hami buggy for
sale, cheap by Frazer & Kice.
First class yellow fir hakes for
Hale. II. C. Miller, I'edoe, Oregon
Mrs. Dr. Brown, of Tacotna,
Wash., is visiting at the borne of
Mrs. A. M. Hurley.
My household good are for. sale
and can be seen by inquiring at
the Restaurant. Geo. Btoll.
Don't overlook our first clearance
sale it means a saving to you.
Friday, January 15th, at W. A
Mess tier's.
. We have a quantity of material
for constructing Anchor funce, on
hand, which we -are offering at a
discount. Frazer it Kice.
I have closed my bakery, for a
fow moaths. The Restaurant will
continue undor the charge of Mr.
and Mra. El.ie Osborne. Geo. Stoll.
At our school. That Is what couuta,
and Is one reason why our students are
successful. Business men annreolale
this fact, and many ask for no recom
mendation but ours. If you are Inter
ested In a usable education, and wish
to secure It for the lowest posalble cost
and in the shortest time consistent
with thorough work, It will pay you to
Investigate the advuntBges we offer.
Bend for catalog.
W. I. Stnley, Principal.
Your Tonf
If It's coated, your s1
is bad, your liver Is1
order. Aycr's Pills wi
your tongue, cure yoi
pepsia, make your live
Easy to take, easy too
lie. All Oaf fUIl. t
Woo ol IMS klrk f THm u ;
Clearance tale at Men
day January 15th. Greati
In al) lines. Goods m
plain figures. Produce tat
George Htoll left Wedtu
Portland, where lie has ac
position in a hotel In Portl
D. A. Hodge left Satu
Montreal, Canada. Mr. 11
p-cts to b gone about if?1
combining business with l
Mrs. Monroe Mulkey a""
Clark Hembree, of Mf"
went to McMinnville Turf
attend the wedding of Mist
Ileuibree, at that place W H
Bargains! Bargains! K
Bargains in dry goods, bar
clothing, bargains in h
gaius in hataand caps, bar
groceries, in fact we will gl
of the boat bargains ever of
Independence, at our a
sale Friday, January 15th .
miss it V . A. Messner. ;
She ?eC
Davidsor; & Hedges, P
Ciffurts OiKarottosi,'J"
oos unci Conlectiou
Class Soda Fou.vg,
G L Hav
E. ;
Dallas, Cy i
Marble ai
Monuments 4a
stones Cc
work J
' H. H. JaspeKl
Undertaker; Enbi;
and Funeral Dire;aer
liMpcndence, ft .