West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, January 14, 1904, Image 1

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county court
deuce; James Roydntoo, Da.Ias;
I Boyle, Dallas; Stephen Bralcy
Jackson; K M Branson, Doutjlas
Q D Drown, Jackson; C E Brooks
Independence; II B Bropby, Eula
E M Brown, Dallas; T S Brown
n.ii i r Ti i-.n. r;i
e Sibley and commissioners Kiggs, ana Reason Brunk. Eoi-, Cyrus ueii
r I Tk n n 1 1 1 1 ft
' . - . mi - jacaeon; r r uuuier, .uanas; a a
Jr .If? th? ,1X l.PW tO Off Zh 1V1111S P.nr,.., Rtrlrrniill- J t Rnrfnr.l
Dallas; T W Barch, Rickreall;
linrlf KfllLor IUlUa: J II Hum
ilu-iesand 1 hree (Jerks Appointed lor nacn .election Bridgeport: Frank Butler. Falls
recinct: Road Supervisor for each Road District and
, Two Hundred Names Selected as Eligible
for Jury Duty. .
as, Jao. A. Tbo Polk county
n elon this week fixed the
'tax levy, apx.ln ted election
and clerks, road upirvior,
ulueted a iurv list for the
tax lew was fixed at 20
livided as follows:
rand Stat 19 J mills.
5 "
: J "
swing is the list of election
and clerks:
jlas precinct John T Lady,
iKey, A M Dickey, judges;
Howell, Dave Meadows,
' Scrosgin, olerks.
son precinct. N F Gregg,
'1, J A Baxter, judges; Carl
. Henry Butler, Alfrei
ell, clerks.
Lake precinct. O N Town
ill Jones, D L Key t, judges
llliott, Otis Byerly, C L Gi
rkt. ';
:i Valley precinct. Geo
TJ Jeuninga, W J Craw
3am Phillips, Wayne
LI; a Purvine, clerks.
pr;jmct. J W McDowell,
!)Bon, H B Bropby, judges
ann. Goo C Mitty, B I Fer
eall procinct. M F White,
ewia, Samuel Orr, judges
Citaon, T S Burch, Geo
i Independence precinct.
on. D P Stapleton, I H
judges; Clarence Waganer,
111, W II Craven, clerks.
Ilonmouth precinct. Jo-
aven, Evan Evans. S C
;udges; V 0 Booth, J B V
V J Shipley, clerks.
i Vista precinct. James
Richard McCarter, Peter
r., judges; A N MeLaugh-
i Mcl.ane, Dow Baldwin,
City; A B Bush, Luckiarnute; II S
Buti. Dallas; Leroy Byerley. Luck
iatnule; Wm Butterick. McCoy; I
0 Byerley, Bait Lake; D M Cal-
breatb. Monmouth; J W Caldwell
Dallas: J D Cameron, Falls City
Andrew Campbell, Ballslon; J M
precinct. J T James, W
is, M N Suver, judges; J J
!, 0 11 DeAr,rnoud, C X
nute precinct, R A
, Frank Gilliam, F" M
'gos; Jessie Yunt, E W
i Bronson, clerks.
ort precinct. C C Gard
J.aith, W E Burns, judges;
rccum, Aanun Myer, Ed
Dillas precinct. James
I) Smith, Jas Boydston,
I G Campbell, Ralph Hill,
rison, clerks.
precinct. A M Holmes,
y, G A Shields, judges; C
'James Ball, J D Slagle,
South Dallas precinct. Sol
Blessing, Amos Holman, Cbas
Black, judges; II B Co per, Walter Card, Dallas; II T Cartmell, Mon
Williams, Thoa Butler, clerks. mouth, W II Craven, Indepen
North Independence precinct. J dence; F J Chapman, Dallas; E
D L Hedges, Jos Hubbard, P M I Chamberlain, Suver; A L Chute,
Kirkland, judges; C W Irvine, D Monmouth; J A Compton, Inde-
A Hodge, Williard Craven, clerks, pendence; Geo W Conner, Ballston;
North Dallas precinct. A B H W Clifford, Dallas; James Claw,
Muir, F J Coad, Joe Black, judges; Dallas; E 0 Cole, Buena Vista
Linn Chapman, Loo Crider, Ralph W W Collins, Suver; Athony
Butler, clerks. Dent, Salt Lake; O E Dennis, Dal-
Rock Creek precinct. Clarence Us; R C DeArmond, Indepea
Atkmap, Jack Morrison, Joe Edgar, dence; Albert Domes, McCoy; N M
judges; W J Keeoey, Frank Mor- Dickey, Douglas; Don II Dickio-
rison, Ralph Henry, clerks. . son, Independence; T L Dunsmore,
North Monmouth precinct. J II Falls City; W R Dyer, Jackson;
Mulkey, J Powell,. Henry Butler, Isaac Dyck, Dallas; Edward Dor-
judge; E II Hosner, E II Craven, ton. Jackson; J E Dcgar, Eola; K
C Lorence, clerks. C Eldredee. Independence; Finley
Falla City precinct. D J Grant, Edgar. Rickreall; William Ellis,
Frank Butler, Geo Sfeifarth, judges; Falls City; I W Elliott, Dallas; N
Ralph Ford, Ira Mehrhng, Wm R A Emmitt, Falls City; Evan
Hinshaw, clerks. Evans, Monmouth; C H Farmer.
road supervisors. Salt Lake; Ray Fawk, Rickreall;
Appointed for the year were: I J M Farley. Dallas;, R E Ferguson,
District No. 1. Samuel Pettyjohn. Indenendence: A W Fink. Dallas:
I r -i - - -f ,
Jacob J. Buhler. B I Ferguson, Eola; John J Finn
U.S. Nelson. McCov: W S Fitts. Eola: P W
it 2
" 3
" 4 W. H. Elliot.
" " 5 Reason Brunk.
" 6 W.E,Goodell.
" " 7 Dave Stapleton.
" 8 M. Mulkey.
" "9 Jasper Rhodes.
" " 10 H Maxfield
" " 11 WE Williams
" " 12 Aanon Myers
" " 13 James Boydston
" 14 C L Hawley
" 15 John Farley
" " 16 Newton Jones
" 17 J M Sears
" 13 F J Morrison
"20 J II Mulkey
" 21 J C Talbott
The jury list for the year 1904
follows: E F Aebi, Salt Creek;
Andrew Andeon, Buena Viata; A
I Anderson, Spring Valley; A M
A rant, Monmouth; A B A they,
McCoy; J L Atwater. Lewisville;
Jacob Baab, Monmouth; J Bagley,
Luckiarnute; J W Baldwin,' Buena
Vieta; James I Ball, McCoys R M
Bullard, Rickreall; C L Barnhard,
Bridgeport; P Bartholomew, Jack
son; r A iintcneior, ijUCKiamute;
J 1) Bunghman, Moitmoutb; A J
Baxter, Jackson; E B Bedwell,
Monmouth; C W Beckett. Eola; B
F Beezloy. Dallas; Edward Bell,
McCoy; C A Bennett, Dallas; W II
Beeocker, Dallas; W A Brown,
Falls City; II M Berry, Luckia
rnute; T O Bevens, Luckiarnute;
C W Bird, Dallas; E E Black. Dal
las; Jos Black, Dallas; J A Blank
enship; Eola; H A Bly, McCoy; J
S Bohannon, Independence; G C
Bolter, Buena Vista; Claud Boon,
Buena Vieta; J J Bowler, Indepen-
Flannery, Perrydale; U L Frazer,
Independence; T J Gradner, Eola;
('ass Gibson, Rickreall; L D Gib
son, Eola; W L Gilson. Bridgeport;
N F Gregg, Jackson; J A Grigsby,
Independence; J II Ground, Luck
iarnute; W D Gorsline, McCoy; T
J Grayes, McCoy; W L J Gray,
Spring Valley; S P Greenwood,
Dallas; L Grice, Eola; A H Gut
try, Jackson; B S Hastings, Luck
iarnute; C II Hogue, Suver; A M
Holmes, McCoy; L M Humphreys,
Dallas; W W Huntley, Indepen
dence; Percy Hadley, Luckiarnute;
J M Haggard, Luckiarnute; Geo T
Hale, Bridgeport; . Ira Handley,
Falla City; J A Hannum, Luckia-
mnte; Peter Hanson, Dallas; C E
Harmon, Bridgeport; C A Harold,
Jackson; E L Harris, Rickreall; T
L Hartman, Independence; U G
Heffley, Monmouth; James Hel-
mick, Monmouth; Homer Hill, In
dependence; W T Huffman, Mon
mouth; I II Ingram, Independence;
S B Irvine, Independence; J T
James, Suver; E B Jameson, Mon
mouth; Thomas Jennings, McCoy;
J H Jolly, Ballston; J N Jones, In
dependence; B F Jones, Salt Lake;
G L Kelty, McCoy; L Kimes, Falls
City; W II Kraber, Dallas; D L
Keyt, Salt Lake; Samuel Kimmel
Falls City; J E Kirkland Indepen
dence; J R Koser Rickreall; F M
Lacky; Douglas; J T "Lady Doug
las; G A Larson McCoy; J it Lar
son Suver; J J Laveck Luckia
rnute; R F Loe Rickreall; C W
Leonard Monmouth; A R Lewis
Rickreall; A R Lewis Luckiarnute;
L R Livermore Salt Lake; C Lor
ence Monmouth; Frank Louzhary MO.VMOUT
Luckiarnute; Jesxe Lucas Eola;
Predion Lung Halt Lake; W II
Mack Bridgeport; G W McBe Dal
las; K II McCarter Buena Vista;
John A McClane Buena Vieta; W
Conditions of a I'roxpcroiM Town
Set Forth In Annual Address.
To the Common Council and
W McDowell Eola; W II McKee "zon" of the City of Monmouth:
Halt Lake; A M McLaughlin u becomes my duty under the
Buena Vista; W P Miller Dallas
Joseph Murphy Falls City; C E
McCaleb Monmouth; D G Meador
Douglas; Ira Mehrling Falls City;
William Metzler Monmouth;
George Mitty Eola; John Morris
Charter to make a statement of the
financial standing, together with
such i
deemed of interest. First, then,
allow me U make a statement as
follows: Cash received (mm .n
" nil
Eola; Henry Olmstead Douglas; iotai warrant
tVWPercival Independence; J S i88Ued including warrants outetand-
Pettyjohn Douglas; C J Pugh Falls ,n at end of year 1902, eleven
City; J L Purvine Spring Valley; ""ndred thirteen dollars and six-
Ed Patras Luckiarnute: I O Reese J-iree cents (1113.631. leaving
Monmouth; William Riddell Mon- a baIanoe f present indebtedness
mouth; Lee Rowell Douglas; 01 1176 hundred ninty-one dollar
Thomas Rant Jacksoi; J A Rein- and fi"y-flve cents ($591.55).
hart LuckiamuU; A J Shipley uommeni nnnecessary. The ba-
Moomoutb; Ralph Savery Jack- 81e for thi" indebtedness is found
son; J M Sabring Luckiarnute; Al- n the fact that we haye defended
fred Simkins Spring Valley; J B aQ tensiye lawsuit brought
Smith Bridgeport; I M Simpson "gainst the City by Laura Adkins,
Luckiarnute; Robert Tarter Luek- which is not yet settled, aa tha
iamute; C B Teats Bridgeport; Geo 8aid s on the Docket and will
M Tice Falls Citr; A R Tozier Mc- doubtless be tried at the May term
Coy; AM Vernon Jackson; W E of tho Circuit Court; and not--
Williama Luckiarnute. withstanding the cost, there is a
resolute determination on the part
DEATH CAME SUDDENLY, of our Citizens to itrht it tn th
I a wmmM
end, for the reason that we do not
believe the claim is a just one. I
would next remark that our people
are as a rale peaceable and law-
akilInF T!,. LI'
Death came in h s swiftest . 6 UU1W mora' are
chariot, Sunday afternoon and 6 , , . Kenerai neaitn is ex-
rt.;muixir. v;n;.m t tmr ceuent. if it would not be consid.
estimable lady of this city. Mrs. :' "Ui "l Piaco- VU to
Iliff wiLh her husband had snenl M auowe1 "ggest a more earn-
theday with neighbors, Mr. and e8t TO-P"aon, if possible, on the
Mrs. Nelson. Wbsn death came o? with your City
she was sitting in her room at . tu mauers Pertaining to the
home reading a letter. Mr. IHff tte."n our street and the
had just iteppad out of the room "TT OI 8iae wuta la ood re-
lira. William Iliff Expires While
Sitting In Her I loom at Home
Sunday Afternoon.
pair, also the keeping of premises
clean tnus establishing an inhibi
tion against the spread of infectious
disease. Very respectfully submitted.
J. H. Hawley,
when she fell asleep in death with
out a struggle. I lure was no I
warning, no suffering, no good-by.
mpressive funeral services under
the direction of Dr. E. J. Thompson,
of Calvary Presbyterian church,
were held at the family residence I
Wednesday and the burial followed
in the Odd Fellows cemetery at CITY COUJfCIL AT WORK.
Independence. " As a mark of
sympathy and respect business was SnJr ne Member Meet Tuesday
suspended during the services. I wight Bills Audited.
Mrs. vmiam umi uiaiuen The sUtoa of th rndn
name was Nancy J. DeLong. She council that has been reported in the
was a native of Ohio and was outside press as having some trouble
married to William J. Iliff in a-borning, under the new charter is as
fiVVmarir 1S71 H-Vvn with frtn I fIloWa:
children survive her. One daugh- w" jnl
.or, Mn.rmucivao, .un mioir incn, V. B, Taylor eouncilmeo
of Prof. Rice of the Monmouth The charter provides for six council
State Normal school. Miss N men nd there remains one to be
Maude Iliff the other daughter is th bi-monthly meeUng,
a teacher in the public school of """V evening..
this city. The sons, Charles S. and
Harry D. both reside in Indepen
dence. Mr. and Mrs. Iliff tame here
from Illinois a year ago and had
chosen Independence for a perma
nent home and Mr. Iliff has made
considerable investment- in Polk
county. In their one year s resi
dence Mrs. Iliff had won tha esteem
of a large circle of friends that
deeply mourn her loss.
Wanted A Boy A Bright Boy
that dosn't whistle "Hiawatha"
and wanting to learn the printers
art can find a place as apprentice
at the West Sipe Enterprise
At a special meeting of the council
on Friday of last week, bills were pre
sented and allowed as follows :
Independence Water fe Light
Co. $106.00
D. B. Boydston, drayage 5.00
M. S. Goff, dray age. 1.75
J. L. Candless, tile 2.45
J. Pickens, street work 25 no
Frank Osborn, street work ..... 25.00
J. W. Richardson, Jr., treas. fees 82.60
8. B. Irylue, election judges 6.00
Independence Enterprise.
printing e.25
Josse & Bice, framing city plat . 2.50
A. J. Tupper, salary and work.. 54. 45
W. G. Shaman, recorder's fees. 11.05
Frazer & Rice, hardware 3.50
Independence Fire Department 25.00
For bargains in
dress goods, see S.
clearance sale ad.
clothing and
M. Daniel's