Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, September 10, 1903, Image 7

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Tooth Brushes !
oV imported tooth-brnnlM-H. Durum
thin hiiU.
tiki Hruli will
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aw " "
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Prescription Druggist, Independence.
Cuiirl lliMim Nolr..
MT)'"" rooery Company;
.,f budiiiM. KalU City, One-
fS;f.iul $1000. divided
J. K.Ford. 1$. M. Ford. Oil-
i SI. Mitb-r l) School lit. No.
iwulli one-half lot X. Woe It M
Uft'i UVtmU H-l add to Del-
. I'M. rV.l Ciif .1 Western Hy
itoll (i Campbell, tract i t 8
JV While el ax Ui Mary A
!! Mum, UK) acres, I U s, r 5 w,
Hry J Tvh-r ct l t W K
J wo, trm-t in t 7 e, r H w, $1.
JLZifgl'T ft ux lo Alfred Kirk
... i .1. )-.
ill Ml 111 .MOIIIIIOUUI, Ti.n.rv.
hWr Hill to Martha A Hill.
A one half int HO acres, t U , r 4
hll. I
J B Thompson, admr, to Almona
Thompson, uml on-fourth Int
ib nine-truths interest in lot 5,
xfclQ. Iulla. iiih;j.w).
ft'P Fisher el ux to J 0 Van
lel, uiul one-third int n e J sec
19. r(S w.NOO.
LG Kemtonor to John I Keasnn-
k 25 8,1 ftc ri, t 8 s, r 5 w, $100.
SU Owin, guardian, to Mary L
i'in, tract in t 8 s, r 5 w. 75.
OA C II U Co to W 0 McClure,
v23 acre, 1 1) 1, r 8 , $749.
II Coi.tu it ux to J v 1'olley.
j in IJuiMM Vieu, .'175.
fertha I) Oilman ami hd to At
JlTeal, l'.'i) acres, t 8 i) r 6 w,
IllMulkey etux to W 1 Fish-
'(Net in Monmouth, $50.
'I Fault, tinlse
FrifHi'ti, mud acct.
'IMnmn, coroner's fees .
'k & Buchanan, experts
pOdtUgf) ........
nVilliauiH, bridge acct. .
Wm'hisk, printing. . . , .
ji a iiunerow, pauper
3 Umglmry, nnlury and
jn-HoilHim Co., suppIit'B
-"urn tiny Co., mippiii'H.
w A I'rudhomme, i-ta
Do you use them? Wo al
ayo have tliem. Onlor by
I'Iioiib, mail, etage,
man We nre prompt.
"Evi'rytliina in paiwr."
'60. F- RodgerS& Co
Wholesale Paper Dealers
tlonery 25.10
0 I Starr, salary ami txp. . 87.
Mrs V II Morriniiii, teach
ers ex J-W
C C I'o'inB. same... 15.00
K V Ualton. nalary C2.W)
W F Nichols, same C5 00
M 1) Kllis. electrio lights.. 15.00
Dr 11 II McCalloo, pauper
' arct 10.00
F K Myer. salary
Mrs F R Mjer, ssum 07.50
A Huston, same 05.00
U llrunk, roal acct 57.78
I) G Meador, pauper acct. . 8.00
K H H'kr. rocd acct 35.20
C K Huntley, pauper cct. 14.50
K Hayter, salary 65.00
M V Woods, salary 40.00
W A Wash, printing. 50
Obrer, same 20.75
Hull A Cherrington, mdso. C 05
C W Hlack, livery hire. ... 2.50
J It Teal, road acct 41.30
1.. ll.hrllnff. name 104.00
111 w
W K Mrtin. same 12 5
T H HuntUy, sain 500 91
ft) uA
Kllia & Ket. pauper acci . 00.
J T Ford, salary 153.33
Florence Wolfe, county,ex-
Libit I"0;00
J E Sibley, salary 6.C5
C II Morris, courthouse acct 10.00
A J Goodman, road acct . . . 1-40
K8tate of Henry Groase, deceaned
-udministrator's bond fild and
Kstate ol James Wheeler, tie-cett(cd-C!ork
ordered to pay to M.
Clyde I'hillips the sum of $714.80,
held for James Harlu Whecl-r,
minor son of deceased,
Estate 'of W K Thompson, do
co,lwl8ftle of real roperiy ap
proved. . , 1
Estate of Davia J "'"' -r,.llml-certain
real property or-
dered sold at privaw sale. v
(huirdiimfhip ol iv .
,er, a minor-petition to Kill real
property granted.
Estate ol C O Fislier, deceaned
ptiun to sell real property set for
Lring October 3. at 10 o clock a.
1,1 Estate of Samu-l Cox, deceased
-llnal account heard and approv-
" Estate of R L Skinner, deceased
-final account beard and approved,
except as to claim of Caleb Hughes
on which action has been brough
, the Circuit Court; it is ordered
ih.t all other claima preBented and
allowed be p.W. real property be
rned over to the devisees nude
the will, and that the remainder of
t money on hand U J.ld PjJ-
greets nd "")" filed and
la the matter of approving ware
houis bonds heretofore filed or
dered that the follow'ng Iwnda be
approved, and that license iccue:
Balem Flouring Mills Company, L
A brains, Goo. K. Berry, C. F.
Heine A Co., J. K. Sears, James
Helmick, J. B. IUddr, D. L Keyl
and Oregon Milling Co.
In the matter of bids for the c m
struction of the Hooker bridge-
bids presented as follows: C. F.
Hoyal & Son, UC9; h. K. Braley.
11250; II. A. Cronnen, 11193; F. C.
Raymond. $1310. All bids reject
ed as not satiHfactory.
In the matter of 1800 and 1897
tax rolls ordered that Sheriff be
credited with balance shown on
Mid rolls, atfd that said rolls be fi
nally closed.
In the matter of the construc
tion ol the Hooker bridge bid of
C. F. Royal t Son to build same
for $000 accepted.
B F Mulkey, error tax sale. 10.G2
F J Coad, courthouso acct. . 3.30
J 11 Teal, salary 31.80
Seth Riggs, salary 17.00
- .
We oiler One lluuclre'l Dollar Re
ward for any cam of CuUrrb that can
not be cured by Hall's Cutarrh Cure.
F. J Clieney & Co, Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cueuey fur the lunt 15 yearn, and
believe hira perfectly honorable Id all
buHlneMi trahoactioua and financially
able to carry out any obligation wade
by their firm.
Wtmt A Traux. Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, O. Waldlng KlnuanA Marvin
iviinhutle DruizirlBU. Toledo O. llaira
Catarrh Cure Is taken internally, act
ing directly upou the blood ana niucou
nurfaoes of the ejtem. Teatlmonlala
aent free. Hall's Family Pills are the
State of Oregon, )
Couuty of Polk )
T r. II Jruiutt and V. I.. Bice, belu
duly sworn on oath, say that we each
are residents of Iudependeuce, Polk
couuty, Oregon ; that we are the ideu-
It. mill tuinxAtl llfMi' rlbed lu and who exe
cuted the within instrument; that we
. . lorn
did, ou the 17in uay oi auBubi,
enter into a partrersbip uuder the firm
name of Jowc & Bice; that we each
Hubcrlbed and own oue-half of the
it-i of the Dartnerabip; that
our bualiieHS is for the purpose of con-;
ducting a general furniture, hardware,
undertaking, seconouanu
other business interests as may he
properly incorporated, into said buM
uess; that the duration of the partner
thip'la to be perpetual.
8ubscribed and sworn to before me, a
notary public, on this, the 24th day of
August. 1003.
Notary Public for Oregon.
tr n,l Mrs. A. J. Goodman
left today on a trip to Seattle and
Everett, Washington.
Mr and Mrs. O. L. Hawkins, of
Dallas, spent Wednesday here.
Miss Opal Hall, who has been
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
I Hall, of Monmouth, reiurneu 10
Portland today. She will teach
again this winter in the Portland
Stomach Trouble.
.., . K-r troubled with toy
1 nave
stomach for the past four years," says
. r.i Mruib Farm.
t) L lieacn, 01
Greenfield, Mass. "A few days ago I
was T
laln'a Stomach aud Liver lableU I
have taken part of them and feel a
. . Tf vrn liavn anv
!...iivi 1 r nil v a v.
ereat deal .
"rouble with your stomach try a box
of these Tablets. You are oertoln to be
pleased with the result. Price J
r K.. tTirVlanrl Drue Co.
oenta. rorsaic-j -
Oreat ICxposltlon and Carnival
at Portland.
The Merchants and Manufactur
ers Exposition ami Carnival will
be held at Portland September
14th to 20th inclusive.
For this occasion the Southern
Pacific Co. will sell tickets to Port
land and return, including coupon
of admission at rate ol $3.20 from
Independence. Sale dates Septem
ber 15th, 18th. 22nd and 25th.
Tickets sold at stations south of
Fair Grounds will allow Btopovers
at that point, enabling holders to
visit the Oregon State Fair.
The exposition will be held on
Multnomah Club Grounds and ad
jacent streets, and in addition to
exhibitH by merchants and manu
facturers, Jabours Circus, with its
many attractions has been secured.
A special feature will be the
Grand Spectacular Ballet 'When
Knighthood was in Flower by six
ty trained dancers in gorgeous cos
tumes, prepared for the occasion.
B. F. Mulkey, of Ashland, was
in town Monday.
Miss Mintie Taylor came in from
Centralia, Wash., Monday.
For a bilious attack take Chamber
lain's Ktomach and Liver Tablets and
a quick enre Is certain. For sale by
Klrklana Drug KjO.
Prof C. Rice, the new principal
oftbe Moumouth training school,
arrved from Illinois yesterday.
Mrs. Opal Goodman, of Cottage
Grove, came io Friday to be at the
bedside of her father. T. C. Thorp.
The Presbyterian church of this
city is preparing to entertain the
stated fall meeting at the Willam-
gorrespondeim' Contest
On Thursday, August 20, 1903, we commenced our Eleventh uirresponoenis con
test and will bring it to a close at 6 ;C0
' . , i i i :
our corresponoenia aenireu me ciubiur
picking broke in for a couple of months at the start. we give a net ueiw u.u,.
prizes, taken from a list furnished by the correspondents :
FIRST PRIZE ....An elegant Dresser,, an ornament to any home
c-ivtix PRI7K .
SEVENTH PRIZE.. ....Indkpbndenck
ii ti,ot. hunnnnsin Polk countv and we want the Entkb-
rBi to visit everv familv in the county. We want to help you and we want you
to help us. Our interests are mutual. We will give points as follows:
1 . t it. wnrthv of Dubllcation. 25 points for every
Ulie poiiii. cci j
article worthy of a seperate head. If an
Hnir in the sight of the manager oi tms aepanmeii. r --. -
Liven For every new yearly subscription 85 points. For every yearly renewal
75 nointB - For a subscription three months 25 points; six months and less than
a year 3-5 points. For every dollar's worth new Advertisement or Job Work se
cured, unon receipt of pay for same we will credit tie n Tth
noin-, and we will gladly furnish you prices on any kind of Ad or Job. Ae are
Ling to make a campaign for some new correspondents, and we will announce
L times the places in this column. Watch for them, as we wiU mak t to u
interest to secure representatives in me
features will be announced along.
r.... u ... iil nnnnnne in
credited until after it appears in the paper, although ascriptions ano joints
., onnnPPil as thfiv come in. We want to Keep
3,TSr4 If you
. . , , ,
write us within the weeK ioi.owing uu
Airlie, S
Monmouth, H
Monmouth, B...
Monmouth A
Rickreall, C
Maple Grove
Highlands, D
Little Luckiamute
"My mother wss troubled with
consumption for many years. At
last she wst given up to die. Then
she tried Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
and was speedily cured."
D. P. Jolly, Avoca, N. Y.
No matter how hard
your cough or how long
you have had it. Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral is the
best thing you can take.
It's too risky to wait
until you have consump
tion. 4f you are coughing
today, get a bottle of
Cherry Pectoral at once.
Vknt tiiM I ZSc, Mc. II. All Sranlili.
Comnlt your dortor. If hi y tk It,
than Ao m h lay. If b tell you not
to tek It. thoo duu't Uk It, II kuow.
Uttl It wltb lilra. Wa are wllllnar.
J.C. AVEHCO.. I-owhII, M.
ette Presbytery, which convenes
Tuesday. October Gth. The church
as well as oui city will give the
Presbytery a hearty welcome. A
program of the exercise will soon
be published.
Demands Considetation
There are two kinds practical and
ornamental. The former .should be
secured by everyone, because it may be
put to use quickly. The latter is de
sirable, but the former ir essential. Our
courses are arranged with a view to use
fulness. We do not dabble in a little of
evervthiug, but devote our energies to
conducting a first-class business school.
Living expenses low. Send for cata
W. 1. Staley, Principal.
o'clock r. M. January do next. ai..y i
j. -tn.Iarl honanoft Viarvwst.inff and hoo-
umo , , Z.
KOger vroa 10-t
: . ...a nexioie, i.-u
- One of the popular books
any one ui n
Enterprisb to any address for one year
. . - .
article be specially meritorious or b art-
seouons we r
this column your points. No article is
think an .'nor has occurred in your points
, ,u ti,r.rniitrh mveatieation.
wo ...
'" " 92
1 48
. ...... 35
...... 44
. I!!!!!".! 20
Y . . .. ...... ...
: "" "" 24
Salem, Oregon.