Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, July 30, 1903, Image 8

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(Albany Herald.)
Mr. Abble Warehaui wm for 28
yer a sufferer from eplleptlo fita.
The many soars that she will carry
through life bears evidence of the ter
rible falls he sustained an a result of
this most horrible affliction epilepsy.
She consulted the best medical talent,
six dlflVreut physicians pronouncing
the rase Incurable. She was recom
mended at last to Dr. Darrin, but id
' her own mind aud In the wind of her
friends, with but little hope ot ever be
ing cured. Appended are her own
words :
"Dr. Darrin treated nie with- eleo
trlcitv aud tuedlclne, and from tbe
first I began to improve, and atter a
thorougn course or bis treatment i am
happy to say I am cured. I have had
no Indication of a return of my awful
affliction for the past II years. I give
this In the tuterestof those simiia riy
afflicted and most heartily recommend
Dr. Darriu'a system. I had epilepsy
26 years before going under Dr. Dar
rta'scare. November 14 he cured me
of a case of deafness In one minute. I
efer to Mr. B. F. Haley and Mrs.
Graham, corner First and Main streets,
also Mrs. F. E. Dewey, 38(5 Davis
street, Portland, all of whom knew of
my condition then and now.
"Refer any and all to me at Monta
villa, Oregon, by letter or In person.
Mas. AkbikWareham.
Sciatic Rheumatism Cured.
(To the Editor.) I wish to state my
case in brief. Five years agd I was
afflicted with sciatic rheumatism and
cured by Dr, Dartln with electricity
and medicine. I remain permanently
cured. Refer any one to me at 545
Hood street, Portland.
J 4 A. Bennett.
Judge Crockett Cured of Deaf
ness. For ten years prior to going under
Dr. Darrin's electrical treatment, Sep
tember 12, 1896, I had been gradually
growing deaf, with aj constant ringing
in my ears. For the past five years I
could not hear ordinary conversation.
With treatment by Dr, Darrin I can
hear nearly as well as ever in my life.
I can conscientiously recommend Dr.
Darrin's new cure for deafness, and
can be referred to ' at Merlin, Oregon
' by letter or in person.
Gakkktt Crockett.
Ir. Darria's Place of Business
Dr. Darrin can be consulted freest
the Hotel Revere, Albany, from 10 to
5 o'clock daily; evening 7 to 8; Sunday
10 to 3. The doctor makes a specialty
of all diseases of the eye, ear, nose and
throat, catarrh, deafness, bronchitis,
la grippe, heart, liver, bladder and
kidney diseases, or those who suffer
from apathy and indifference; also
consumption, genlto-arinary and skin
diseases in either sex, such as blood
taints, seminal weakness and lost
vigor, varicocele and stricture.
All curable chronic diseases treated
at $5 a week or in that proportion of
time as tbe " case may require. , The
poor treated free, except medicine,
from 10 to 11 daily. No case published
except by the permission of the
patient. All business relations with
Dr. Darrin strictly confidential. Elec
trical appliances furnished. One yis'.l
is desirable, though many cases can be
treated by home treatment by writing
symptoms. Eyes tested and glasses
fitted. .
Court House Notes.
Observer. .
U W Beeman et ux to V E Gil
bert, lot 5, block 2, Leven's LaCre
ole Hd add to Dallas. $700.
Hiram Woodbury to J A Soesby
et al, 160 acre, t 8 s. r 8 w, $1000.
Sarah and James Helmick et al
to W N McLaughlin, 42 acres, t 9
s. r 4 w, $500.
II 8 Montgomery et ux to Salem,
Falls City & Western Ry Co tracts
in Falls City $170..r0.
W C flrown to I) F Wagner, 3'J.-
38 acres, t 7 i, r 3 w, $35.
D F Wagner et ux to Carey F
Martin, 3D.8S acres, t 7 b, r S w,
WE Gilbert et ux to Oliver S
Stump, lot 5, block 2, Leven's La
Creole Hd add to Dallas, $700.-
William Chapman et ux to J S
Fuller, 5 acres, t 8 s, r 5 w, $500.
Dallas City Hank to Matilda
Selh, lot 4, block 19, Ellis' add to
Dallas, $70.
E Murdock et ux to Matilda
Seth, lot 5, block 19, Kllis' dd to
Dallas, $80.
J S Combs et ux to E A Hancock,
1G9.10 acres, t 6 s, r 4 w, $1(500.
W N McLaughlin et ux to W P
Bevens, 20 acres, t 9 s, r 4 w, $000.
Georee Buckner to Willard Bern
ard, lot A, block 4, Burley Fruit
Farms, $(i75.
II A Thomas et ux to Lachele A
Elbert. 9 acres, t 7 . r 3 w, $4f0.
Keller & Nehrbas to Luckiaroute
Flouring Mills, tracts in t 9 s, r 5
w, and ilouring mill 10,000.
Ed Van Pelt et ux to W II Moy
er 17.433 square fret, t 8 s, r 5 w,
J M Wise et ux to D L Keyt, 82.
67 acres, t 6 s, r5 w, $1900.
Scott Leavitt to Hazel J Courter
lot 6, block K, Falls City, $35.
Estate of R L Skiuner, deceased
sale of real estate confirmed.
Guardianship of Viya L Courter,
a minor petition for sale of real
estate at private sale set for hear
ing Monday, August 17.
Estate of John Ellis, deceased-
inventory and approvement filed
and approved; exempt personal
property set aside to widow.
Guardianship of K L W UIis and
Katherine Willis, minors petition
for sale of real estate filed; ordered
that citation issue, returnable Aug
ust 22, 1903, at 10 o'clock a. m.
Night Was Her Terror.
"I would cough nearly all night
long," writes Mrs. C'has. Applegate, of
Alexandria, Ind., "and could hardly
get any sleep. I had consumption so
bad that if I walked a block I would
cough frightfully and spit blood, but
when all other medicines failed, three
1.00 bottles of Dr. King's New Dis
covery wholly cured me and I gained
58 pounds." It's absolutely guaran
teed to cure coughs, colds, la grippe,
bronchitis and all throat and lung
troubles. Price 60c and $1.00. Trial
bottles free at A. 8. Locke's drug store.
Keduccd Excursion Kates to the
Seaside aud Mountain Re
sorts tor the Summer.
The Southern Pacific Company
has placed on sale at very low rates
round-trip tickets to the various re
sorts alone its lines, and also in
connection with the Coryalli fc
Eastern Railroad to Detroit and the
seaside at Yaquina Bay. latter
Polk County Bank,
Monmouth, - Oriqon.
J. H. Hawlit, P. L. Cami'bbu.,
President. Vice Pres.
Ira C. Powell, Cashier.
?id Capital, 00,000.
Pibkctobb: J. H. Hawley, P. L.
Campbell, I. II. Simpson, J. B. V.
Butler, John B. Stump, J. A.
Withrow, F. S. PowelL
Transact General BaaJttag
sad Ezohange Baaiaesa.
A former ludoyemlonee business man,
who Is now au authority ou the lum
ber industry ot the Northwrat.
tickets good for return until Oc
tober 10th.
Three-day tickets to Yaqutna
Bay, good going Saturday, return
ing Monday, are on sale t grY
reduced rates from all point Eu
gene and north on both rust and
west side linne, enabling pwpl to
pent! Sunday at the seaside. Very
low round trip rates are also made
between Portland and samejpointi
on the Southern Pacific, d go
ing Saturdays, returning Sunday
or Monday, allowing Portland in
pie to spend Sunday in th? coun
try and the out-of-town people to
have the day in Portland.
Tickets from Portland to Yaquina
Boy good for return via Albany
and east side, orCorvallis and west
side, at option of passenger. Bag
gage checked through to Newport.
A new feature at Newport this year
will be an up-to-date Kindergarten
in charge of an experienced Chicago
A beautifully illustrated booklet
describing the '"seaside resorts 011
Yaquina Bay has been published
by the Southern Pacific and Cor
vallis & Eastern Railroads and tan
he secured from any of their agents,
or by addressing W. E. Coinan,
G. P. A.. 8. P. Co.. of Portland, or
Edwin Stone, manager C. & L.
R. R., Albany, Oregon.
Working Night and Day.
Notlcoof final HettlfMmml-
Notloe la h.rsby given, that I. ths
rli. have II It my
(In. I a.voiint "I"1
matter of the estate 01 """
deceased, with the county cl.ri, r
,. ,.. iw,n,n. and the county
court of said eouuly ho. I1id the th
day of August. lunS, at the cuoty
it . . .1 I lis
court house In Iuas. ""K""'
hour of 10 oVI.s k A. M. of aal.l day m
the time for hearlii ! aooiuol.
All persou Interest! 111 said ate
are required to appear J fll U,,J""'
tlonslf any t " K flu'
account should not I allowed, aud
the exeoutrli be dlseheiged. Dated
this '.'7th day of July, I'M.
Mahiiarkt Co ICbamkh.
Kxeoutrlx of the estate of Hauiuel 8.
Cox, deceased.
L. Damon and wife were In Sa
lem Sunday,
The busiest and mightiest little
thing that ever was made is Dr. King's
New Life Pills. These pills change
weakness into strength, listiettsuimi. in
to energy, bralu-fa Into mental power
They're wonderful In building up the
health. Only 25c per box. Hold by A.
S. Locke.
Sperling Bros, have been adding
a wood house to the rear of the
butcher shop.
Notice Is hereby itlven that I. H. U
Gwln, guartiiun of lira estate of leorge
I,. Uwin, an Insane person, pursuant
to an order of the county court of Polk
county, Oregon, will on the 8th day ol
August, 1!X)U, at 10 o'clock A. M. of
saia uuy at ine rroni door or mis coun
ty court house In Dullus, I 'oik county,
Oregon, otter forsule and sell all the
ritfht, title and Interest or the suld
George Ij, (!wln, au liimmo pi-rson, of
in and to 'lie foll'owliitr dt'Hcrllied rt-ul
estate to-wit: Hegliinliig 10.55 cliuins'
north of the southeust cunicr of the
northeast quarter of section 8(1, in
townshlpS, south of rana 5, west of
the Willamette nit-ncliun, In 1'olk
county, Oregon, and running thenite
north 50.27 chains ; tliencie went 2.12
chains; thence north G7-KK) cliinus;
thence west H.Ua chulns; thence north
2.72 chaius; thence west 2.50 chains:
thence north 2.04 chains; thence wbhI
2.78 chains; thence south 3.8:; chulns,
hence west a.Ztf crimi s; t hence south ciiuims; ineuce enni i.iiit chulns
to the pluce of beginning, And aim
the north half ot the northwest quarter
of section 1(1, in to y -ihlp 4, south of
ranges, westof the Willamette nierl-
diau, In iientoii county, stute of Ore
gon, to the highest and best bid.ior.
subject to the approval of the said
county court. Terms of sale, cash In
8. U.OWIN,
Guardian of the estate of George L.
uwin, an insane person.
, . railway ra '
ah IndlO'
dvtint for
muulli so J Alrll
7 v m. til.
I W p. lu.
leaves tndi-!-"'
lmiii r
uiuuUisud IHm
II u) . m.
ia p. ni.
1,'vrs Hlonniuutti
fi.r Alrlls.
7MI. m.
a n i. in.
1,'vm Munmoulh
lor llliu.
II W a. ni.
IMV p. au
lM Alrlls Uir
Wmiiitmith and
Iinli wlnlll"".
). l.i.
t oa p. in.
Ihm iiim fr
!.;:.!:ii;Ul Slid
I a) n, m.
J.W '
v Moumoulh
lor lodopsodwnss
I II p. HI.
MMI llldnir.
aan lur Moo.
p, m
Impressing It on Him
With Emphasis
l what our fine laundry work dists
to the man who Is Immiug fur some
thing exquisite In color and nuixtinn
his linen. We aim to make our laun
dry work peerleM In beauty and In tits
isirfect condition lu which we wild It
home. Mend us a sample bundle and
we will surprise you. Naw r Morse
aud new prices.
Orders left at Kutcli's barber shop or
the Hiilem stage will receive prompt
Salem Steam Caundry,
Colonel J. Olmsted, Prop. Dorous
D. Olmsted, Mgr. l'lioue il. 320
Liberty Street.
f uiair DR. .InQntMic - -1
W inkl uinur ov . . 1
iwwi marine oi.. bhi hKiNriir.n rii
1MIMII Blttt) ftlld HTtMtkJ
In the SV ur.fl.
ffrfatfitnttrtttln im 4.- rj... a
Utwtrfut Mh,MiirHit;i.
HakH... .
.. . . aiifnmirnri.
I no .Ifloniu Bmui.,1........
. n. vwnunn rnifnit uistasia i
k Young. n, n,nl4luf
ni-.i , n wlp hi niir.TlSi i
' ypnri. NorvcumuMi .ln m.'ni l.rl.llia.
, hill..., I..... ' 'mm
. rli.vlj,m.,iii,11. j,.,.J "."" r
I of I rlmiilio .i. ,, ''T"''
I lilM,,,rrnlt,., hi. r.-...! ,; i"IH '.'.!
' only rr.i Iiiimi.ii,. ""I
nilrnrlwi, hut H well kn,, . ..' . V.
fitlr fttifl
I ill'lllfV.flls...-
fcl IM 1 . , " . .
ti, Sviiiin. w J... ' "17.. T f'm
' -. "T uii r.iiM-rt. Haillsl
KVK.HV HI ..i..i.,
out h.Mt.t ,,!, , H Q: "W,M "WW
1 rvHtmiHit pf mrtunlly or hv Ii.(ir
wrlf f.i I4, susib - 1
OH JORDAN t CO.. 1 06 1 MariwtSL.t
Call for Vfutttu.
Nolit-B la hereby
nil county rram, fc('
prior to June 7,
pnynllo al the county ('
n(I"i,. in f)..ll... t
v...w, ... a-'uiiun, J lltcr-
after dnto of this rll
Dutml nt Dullait, Orep,
2!th ility of July, x
County TmiJ
AUtiuiiiatrator's Abdi.'
Nntloe Is herttliy t,n yJ
Mletivll, have bvn ilulrit)J
tninlsirmor of tli mui, .
Mlrlwll, deeeasril, by Um j,t '
of folk county, tlrrjon, All
havlntr rUlmsi(tii,t iIim,
iUlred to prtDwiit (lis nm,j,.
out and sworn tostnm,,.
Hutler A ('!, In Dalla. IVi ,
Oregon, within tli mooiln J
liervor, I'ateu July aani.iaft
i. H. Wlr,
Adm'r. estate Atlla HkH J
Nollo It brrlr ftvcq tUIU
bM Immh duly iplnM kj
t'nurt f I'wlk t'ouuV.orsrx.aii,
ur til salals ul llsnrjr t. Wlluud,
All pwrauo ludrbM to MM ait,
iIiimkmI l Mjr lbs sam la J
l pursuit Ust llmt(iMt,
n hereby rwiulrcd lo nii it,.
ms, firupsriy vrinlM kfbs
tli ( J. N. 1 1 art, Uluim,,
III sis imiulh mim dsl ivmd.
ld Ibis tli dsjr at 1M, M,
A it ni 'r. mIi uf lUiirr WillLu,kJ
J. N. IIAIlT, Alluriwr.
fA TUJrr U
U1U iflOJlly.
Full Set Frw
renftsd lor Ihf rtpnavetti
scries ol picture of fte I
U frven ivay FTtH art
ot the Sunday cdltltt.
.Thtwure DolcomalK
(hey art maiurplJ
vortoatuhlp, prpar! S f
cart and txpuT,T,4'!rf'firs
Ine. irom iht U
the taureitlni ItstvW "
famous nd hlswrtd M
lures now last totltal Wj
Those ot yov l w ,
ol art worlU lhat cmw '
j .....A... fimiaat
v(ry one,wia.WUcWj
Inscription otoui m .
A picture ol MBf J
July 5th, nndoneach
given until thi scries oj
. n v enPf wttt I
o;ii;ui -
ntwjdcalcr. (
... is .Mil i
75 cents
ninv nil SUNDA? CI