Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, July 09, 1903, Image 7

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j Package of Prevention
Is worth a bnrrol of euro. Ti) a packno of
Security Stock Food
and ho convinced.
A full I'110 f "wurity ftock Rembodiou for
pale by
A. S. Locke,
The Prescription Druggist.
Claud Bonne wan a Sunday visit
or at Stiver.
Chester Warren in working for
Mr. K. Evans.
yl Chas, Allen wai a Sunduy caller
at Independence
Ml Frank Berrv in lielnintr Mr. Pe
Mr terson build the new barn
ll-A U. W. Swink loft Molidny on a
W I - 4 . 1
"ubi iichb irip to i.inn county
Mian Eraoces Helmick in sufier
US tnu lroin an attack or inciL ii. wuen tne womanly
W " " I i lt. 1..-L u
. I . I I we., utwiikuc, iMiitue, wrruuinn
W Mr. LongaTO, of Huena Vista I and sleeplessness are consequences whicb
Tbe distracting headaches from which
so many women suffer make life a daily
purgatory. II men suffered with head
ache aa women do, busincM would be
almost at a stanstill. Does not tbe fact
that men do not suffer from theae aevere
headaches suggest that there must be a
womanly cause for them t
Wuen tbe womanly organism is dis-
. . --mm il.
v5vvvv -
Jf, Dosiiu, I). IK, I.'iu of the
f titolugliat Kcliwd of the I'nrtlaud
luiversily, Celebrated Ills
(iuhleii Wedding I.twt
. . , , , ka, visited at Mr. Peterson's last tapw. healthy women. Thousi
,ewia Hltner Is building an ad- u- I I testified to its marvelous merits,
...... MfcUlieBUay. M took two bottles nf your 'Psvorit
II. A. Hastings it liuildiug
largo harn
dition to hit barn
Cliarlf Wrightaon, of Champo
'eg. is visiting Pedes relative".
0. A. Conn and family, of Airlie,
were Ped-e visitor last Sunday.
. r .. j i
(t . i ... ... i l suw iuic mj iuiiuwi
n us a nunuay Visitor at ranter. Dr. pierce'. Favorite Prescription cures
r L. , ... i ... ... headaches and other aches and pains by
Jesse r resh visited with relatives curitlt their cause. It establishes reBU.
and friends in Marion county last !"rity. dri" unhealthy drains, heals in.
ki bssii unmuu iivs unii as ii w if auu vui tai
I iVmalti WMkliMi. It inntfiM natti and
K. it Mat -i tk. a,a T t . a Vka
Mr. Horry, lately from Nebras- weak, sickly, nervous invalids into
Thousands have
In this part of Arizona, cactus
of many varieties, abounds. There
is the tree cactus, 8 or 10 inches in
diameter; and the coil cactus, whicb
resembles a ten gallon beer keg and
grows apparently on rocks; it al
ways has about a pint of water in
the center, and has been the meant
ot saving many a man's life by
giving him drink. '
These cactuses present a ver
itable flower garden when in bloom,
the coil cactus having the blooms
in rows around the outside of the
Notice to the Public.
C. H. Parker and Chas. Allen
attended camp meeting at fndepen.
donee Monday.
if your Favorite Prnwrlo-
Hon 1 and two of the ' Golden Medical Discovery
and am feeling; well," writes Mn. IMn Mo-
tKenfie. of Norway Mlfiea. cape Hreton lo
Nova Scotia. Nl had uterine trouble. Dain in
the aide and headache. After taking your niedi
tines 1 got well. You may publish this or use
It in any way you tmu Dest, aa i cannot apeas
too highly of Dr. Pierce and his medicines.1
MUas Maggie ana Carrie .vans "Favorite Prescription" hus the test.
lft Mnnilnv fur a vi-ir iviiK friaiwl-I monv of thouBands of women to iU coin
h. II. ItUHh, of Wendling. is vis- at Independence. , accept an unknown and unproved aub-
Iting at the home of N. F. Freer. ,.,. ,h. Mnill. . , '' "P':
.m.ivh, tHuuiai ""J'VUwii I rKHH. i-T. I lCrCC VOIIIIIJUU OCII5C
Hex Womer has been appointed at Uuena Vista, was a business Medical Adviser is sent won receipt
, 1 ' . ,, I of stamfls to pay expense of mailing only.
ana intact in the I'edee poHl oilice. caller at Parker Tuesday
f bii worthy man has bfen at the
Juftliv MftliiHlml cliuri;n in llio
tnljst over W years. Jls had a
ule reason to be oongratulalad oil
orvasluu aa lie was totally taf for j
lit, aud In spue of his advaueed age, j Squire Price, of Kings Valley, Mins Julia James, of Suver, visit-
bearing wsareatored by lr. Our-j wft WT9 on j,.gai buKiness lut ed lamt week with her aunt, Mrs
uuw l.ot.le.1 a. lie jieveio u-.e,, , Wm Qf U)ig .
limy. 0 one win aneiuii to ourn-i
.i i i lr i : . ..!... .. I r- . i r :.: i-i .. .i
In the rvveruuu uriiurmuu ituiu, iinrir .uuriiBUii is ushiaiHiti I'll- i inuri, an ui uur ciwiciib ceieumieu
bis uublfinlslitHi record U U gineer, at the Pedee Lumber Co'a. the Fourth at Independence, and
u. He tells His story oeiow iu ... ,. - v,r. nlnnnim
Send twenty-one one-cent stanr
i for the
the book in paper covers, or thirty-one
stamps for the cloth -bound volume.
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
known as Chloride camp. There
are about 500 pople there. There
is no timber near, and very little
water; the water necessary for the
Sam O'Brien and family are Forent ranger, A. B. Lacey, came work is generally supplied in the
camped near Kik City for an out- down from Detroit to celebrate the shaft, though it is sometimes car
ing vacation. Fourth with his family, here.
Hush Smith has boueht a fine Miss Olive Cockel hss returned
rled from a spring.
Mr. De Verel spent four years
at one time without seeing any
I hereby give due notice that I
will be in no wise responsible for
any debts contracted by my wife,
Emma L. Miller, after this 8th day
of July, 1U03, it having been mu
tually agreed that we shall live
separate and apart from and after
this 8th day of July, 1903.
Lewis E. Millek.
The Charter Oak Mill Co., which
has been near Airlie. will move to
the Mrs. Cottel tract of timber,
which they have purchased, about
August 1st. This company will be
sawing almost exclusively for the
Southern Pacific, they having a
contract with that company cover
ing several years.
Gus A. Hurley is ill at his borne
in this city.
R. J. Taylor had a finger badly
mashed at the sawmill this week.
Miss Lela Herren leaves the first
of the week for Seaside to spend
the summer.
gorre$pon(lenl$, Contest
i own words: , i
h uirersity l'ark, 1'ortlaud, Oregon, 1
krll 20, lsirt). To wtuiin It may cub-
ii slid enoouraKO, to friends who I
lutfvred like myself, the lo of
ktu(. On April Slili, i called on I
Durrln. whom I believed to be a farm nenr Dallas, and will move from a visit with her sister. Mrs.
ml aun.t and physician, to restore , th(,rJ thjH f4 Clarence Allen, of Oregon City.
iieiruitf. JIh soil ed tils remedies
! ... .... n I rr. l l .ri.
Ii alrcirioity hi on ear slid cured J. A iUriiiurn and fclmer Uur- J. a. ocrauoru ana soc, iiarsnai,
JeafuoM In fw uiluiiioa. Then j roughs have returned from a trip I of Walla Walla, Wash., visited
urorduls atieiiiMJu to tn other UraHg a)ou,ltttjni with friends at Parker Monday.
sliictiil il n it .ciMii to VIkM so
- - . .. .... I . imr T-.l ci-.r.i. rl
Illy. For this ar the UoeUir bhv ! Most of our citizens attended tne iur. ana Mrs. juuson omiin, oi
ihhIIcIiim tn u at Iuiiiih. u h Icli 1 i n..l..l,r u t ut nnd I Corvullis. visited Sundav with Mrs.
' . .... I ' I .,... j m .1. rs A 0tal- aA nn
nuw uaitig. I think lithduiyor;ttllrpiwrtimviu-ae(Wjtimt)i Smith's sister, Mrs. E. Evans, of u" AP"1 18t- we commB our " -i
uoarullli-tml UilrnvslholrlieitV- " " .,... Friday, July SI, 1903, at 8 :0O V. M. we will close n. e oner, as preiuiums tuo
... - - a wt I rurKrr. I . . . ...... . .i i
iiwlored if DOfMible. wvadlkuuwof: Joseph Dyer and John farrier, following articles, selected Dy tne Lorresponaenis- inemseivea.
f ( I ... a a I
mi whiini 1 Oil k more skilled who are emoloved in Taylor s log- Miss Louise Wohlers came up vtrst prte .. A handsome, well-uoholstered, velvet Couch
ffinir ciniD above Eucene. came from Portland Tuesday, for a visit SECOND PRIZE A lovely Fictare
home to spend the 4th. with her cousin, Mrs. Win. Fuqua, THIRD PRIZE ..'....A fine students' Lamp
I r M,, .iT n. irwuxvttix i n . i. " - o o-
Beginnieg on July 20th, our mail FIFTH PRIZE A Copyrighted Book
will leave here at 6:00 a. m. and Little Guy Peterson had the SIXTH PRIZE " Ladles Home Journal
t 7 an P ltf.. ; which will mislortune to siep on a sharn nail, SEVENTH PRIZE Isdkpkndbnc Emtbkpbisb to any address for one year
than we have which nenetrawd his loot. AN
- .
under present arrangoment. though causing him much pain, no
Will Yost and a party of friends danger is apprehended.
spent the night of the 4th on the At the school meeting, Monday,
July 7th, P. T. Peterson was elect-
e director, E. Davidson re-elected
an Dr. Dnrrln
flut Further Treatment Old
for Itev. Ir. Douue.
dtiik Kin roii: Some time ao I
piiirthlii of regaitilug my hear-
uuJer the treatment of Or. Darriu,
which I had u Herod for sevetal
. On the II rt application the
sfiiFss uf one ear wits lerntdled. I
Innl Hie iihmIiu iiu lulllilully nnd
t again to the doctor who sueoved.
mlrvly in rmturitig the lost sense
summit or Hald mountain, irom
which altitude they saw the pyro-
fairing, timt w lieu I went out technic display in a number of sur
tin sttieta It, aeemed to be the rounding towns.
iestpltv I urn. uuur l.i Mu l.Mur. !
- " -J ' ... .L.. I .o-
t ne uamp weainer inv c,c
vailed during the past two weeks,
has seriously interrupted hay mak
inz. and caused considerable dam
ntr to the hav crop. Wheat and
oats are in good condition, though
wheat will not be quite up to the
usual yield. Fruit prospects are
very promising, and hops are in
excellent condition.
'till KMimlua distinct, In both ears
N Kit KM I A It 1)0 A N K.
Duriudl's Kxiiorlcnce Willi
lr. Durrln.
' this Knrniu: For two years
r to golnur untlur Dr. Darrln's eleo-
l treatmont I was aftlloted with
fttruuliln, sour atom aoh, tlyspepaia,
k'ug stid pHlus. Dr. Darrin lias
Num. Herer a n vot is to uieatmv
! Id Miulfunl, Oreuon, or by letter.
"leariitmiy oomiufiid Or. Damn
skilled phyalclan.
J. K. Daknki.i..
y rapping
We carry fourteen vari
eties and ten weights of
wrapping paper. We
always have what you
t. Get our prices.
p. F.Rodgers&Co-
Wholesale Paper Dealers
Salem, Oregon.
Brutally Tortured.'
A cuse came t light that for per
sluteiit and unmerciful torture has
perhaps never been equaled. Joe
(Juloblek, of Colusa, Calif., writes;
"For 15 years I endured Insufferable
pain from rheumatism and nothing
relieved me tnough I tried everything
known. I came -across Electrio Bitters
and It's the grealeM medicine ou earth
....i..t. trm.hle. A few bottles of It
completely relieved and cured me
Just as good for liver and Bidney
trouble, and genera, debility. Only
50o. Satisfaction guaranteed by A. .
Locke, drugget.
We want all the news that happens in Potk county and we want tbe Ektbe-
prisk to visit every family in the county. We want to help you and we want yon
to help ua. Our interests are mutual. We will give points as follows:
One point for every item of news worthy of publication, za points ior every
director. E. Evans re-elected clerk, article worthy of a seoerate head. If an article be specially meritorious or start-
and Miss Mabel Wheelock, our ling in the sight of the manager of this department an extra 15 points will be
popular teacher, was employed for given. For every new yearly subscription w points. ,or eve y yer.y
ui.yumi , f j TTnr anhsnrintinn three months 25 Doints: six months and less than
a year 35 points. For every dollar's worth Advertisement or Job Work we give 50
points, and we will gladly furnish you prices on any kind of Ad or Job. We are
going to make a campaign for some new correspondents, and we will announce
at times the places in this column. Watch for them, as we will make it to your
iuterest to secure representatives in the sections we want represented. Other
features will be announced along.
the fall term of school.
lie Isn't In Oregon.
Parker Special.
Mr. Wm. De Verel, a young man
stopping at present in our com
munity, takes pleasure in relating
many interesting stories in regard
to his experience in mining in Ari
zona, having spent seven years
there working in several different
camps Lucky Boy, Ora Platta,
Tennessee and Mernmac.
These mines are situated in the
edge of the Mojave desert and are
within a radius of eight miles, each
employing from 60 or 80 to 125
men, night and day, all good pay
ing mines.
The Lucky Boy mine has been
. . i 1 TQ uAwa A.V. nl.T.
woraeu ior xo or xo jraio, tmcu
ing from 60 to 80 men, day and
nioht. It is owned by. 1 nomas IS.
Scott, a wealthy Chicago man, is
operated by Fred Stull, and is
Each week we will announce in this column your points. No article is
credited until after it appears in the paper, although subscriptions and points
secured in other ways will be announced .as they come in. We want to keep
everything fair and straight add If you think an error has occurred in your paints
write us within the week following and we will make thorough investigation.
Buena Vista, H ; 3410
Parker .....1943
Monmouth, H.... 1053
Airlie, S
Suver "
Monmouth. B -
Rickreall, C 145
Lewisville . . - 136
Highlands, D
Monmouth, A
Falls City -
Sunny Slope