Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, July 09, 1903, Image 6

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Monmouth Correspondent
A, L. Chute is having bin house
Mr.. IV t tit is building an addi
tion to his bare.
Arthur Parks, of Portland, was
in town last week.
Robert Clark, of Rlodgett Valley,
was in town Monday.
Leslie Robinson, of Kings Vai
ley, was in town last week. '
Mr. and Mrs. VanWinkle, of Sa
leni, spent Sunday in town.
A new roof was put on Mrs
John Nichol's barn last week.
Mr. Pettit aud family moved in
to their new house last week.
S. 0. Work was home from Fall
City on a visit the Erst of the ween
A. X. Pool is painting his house
white, which adds to its looks very
Mrs. Anderson Taylor and child
ren, of Pedee, spent Sunday with
Mrs. John Xicbols.
The Evangelical church is being
treated to a coat of paint which
has long been needed.
Rev. Siewert and wife left Mon
day for Portland to attend the
young people's convention.
J.M.Powell and family, of Al
bany, were visiting with Mrs
Powell's mother over Sunday.
This cloudy" weather and occas-
ional showers is hard on haying,
but is the making of late grain and
Mrs. Mile Hendricks, of Mc
Minnville, was visiting in town the
first oi the week with her sister,
Mrs. U. G. Heffley.
Mrs. A. X. Halleck writes from
Eastern Oregon that they have
cloudy and cool wetaher there now
and occasional ram.
sspondents. j
Mrs. Mary Pool and. son, Arch,
returned Monday from Stayton
Mrs. Pool spent a week there and
reports a pleasant visit.
Mrs. 0. Anderson and daughter,
ofMoro, are visiting friends and
relatives in town. Mrs. Anderson
is a sister of our hotel man, David
Hampton. .
Rev. E. C. Wigmore's congrega
tion and friends gave him and Mrs.
Tf it mm not
For the disagreeable things
in life it would be entirely
impossible for us to fully
appreciate the good, and
if it were not for the qual
ity of . . . .
fiazclivood Tee greaui
It would not continue to
be held as the leading ice
cream of the state and one
. that can not be surpassed
by ice cream made by any
concern on the Pacific
coast. Served by the dish
or sold in quantity at
Simpson Bros.,
y Leading Confectioners
Wigmore a farewell reception Mon
day night. They expect soon to
leaye for Eugene.
Once more we would call the at;
tentionofthe marshal pr those in
terested to the fact that some of
our walks need fixing and should
be attended to immediately before
we get another law suit on hand.
Measles are prevalent in town.
Rumor says there will be a wed
ding here soon.
Grandma Wolverton is visiting
her son in Portland.
Prof. 0. A. Forbes made a busi
ness visit to Salem Tuesday.
Jeff Berry exnects to move his
family to Falls City Thursduy.
Cal Kramer has rented his house
to Mr. Neal from near Arlington.
Miss Madge Wheelock has been
quite ill, but is some better at this
Miss Irma Campbell is visiting
her cousin, 31168 Lucia campoeu,
at Eugene.
Mrs. Emmett is at ' home again
after several weeks' visit with her
daughter at Uobel.
Messre. Hoffman, Jamison and
Fisher have gone to the mountains
to look after timber claims.
The Fraternal Union gave a fare
well reception to Rev. and Mrs.
Wigmore Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Thorp, after several
weeks' visit with Mrs. Stine, have
returned to their home at Sumpter.
Seth Allen has moved his family
across the river from Independence,
where he is at work in a hop house.
Mrs. Susie Stanton expects to
start Saturday for San Francisco to
visit her sister, Mrs. Beatrice Kic-
R. P. Hall and wife, of Oregon
City, visited several days last week
with his brother, L. M. Hall, of
thia city.
A family by the name of Berk-
head, from Forest Grove, have
rented the L. M. Hall house and
will move soon. The family of Mr.
Hall will move into the Goodrich
Haying is much delayed on
account of tho wot weather.
Frank Turner has come lack
from Taylor's lopping cum".
Mrs. Nellie llnnnum-Turiier
is visiting friends- uiul rolutivea
ut this plueo.
Don't fail to attend tho Vis-
. . t.,..-
trict S. S. Convention hi .uuhi.
goniery next Sunday.
Many from this place enjoyed
tho celebration at Independence
and pronounced it first class.
P. Withrovv, of t.'orvullis, is
working in tho oak saw mill.
He reports his wife as no better.
Tho work on tho phono line
is last being pushed to comple
tion. Tho wire will he put on
in a day or two.
Miss Lydiu Aebi is staying
with Mrs. Thos. Williams, help
ing her with her work, tho latter
being ruthor jndispoBod.
Miss Eula Haynes has como
to make her parents a visit.
She is recently from (irunts
Puss, where, sho had a class in
The Ladies Homo Mission
Society will givo an ice c renin
social in Maple drove, on thj
ICth. Don't forget the date, nor
forget to come and help tho la
dies in a good cause.
Lester Huston is helping W.
W. Smith with his work.
Many feet of lumber are being
hauled through here, from tho
Pedee snw mill.
Walter Norton is tho proud
owner of a new buggy. Look
out girls.
TIumu'h ft whole vacation in a
Wo have Kodak of all Htylcn atul prices. f
ltiownio Cameras.
The Kodak Developing Ma
Pooh away with the dark room ami make "doing thr
at..... it iiaa a ...a .1 a i.
a delight. An to l"". M'lK 01 (,
Supplies ami soil thorn at
I El
Dan Larmer celebrated in Salem.
Delmar Hedgepatb Is 111 with the
Clyde and Blanche McKiDney yls-
ited relatives in Independence Sunday.
Tbe families of Wtu. Burns and J,
W. White are spending a week at the
Paul Rod co and family are camping
on Frank Lewis' farm and peeling
Our mail to Lewisville. Star route,
has been discontinued, and the R. F,
D, brings it all.
W. C. Swann and family, of Corval
lis, were visiting his sister, Mrs. W. W.
Smith, last week.
B. F. and Zora Smith drove to Al
bany one day last week and got Ave
crates of strawberries.
Rev. Lindsay is sojourning at the
seaside. His wife and littlo daughter,
Elizabeth, will visit friends in Dallas
while he is absent.
The oflicial appraisal of the es
tate of Thomas 15. Reed, ex-Speak
er of the House of Representative,
who died on December 7 last, shows
that be owned personal property
worth $629,533, besides some real
estate in Portland, Me. The de
ductions for debts and expenses
haye reduced the net value of the
personality to $431,01)9. Under
his will all of nis estate goes to his
widow. Mr. Reed, among his other
assete, had a balance due him from
the brokerage firm of Moore and
Schely of $102,170, which has been
paid. He held large amounts of
stocks and securities, among which
were 1220 s nares of Metropolitan
Street Railway Company stocks,
valued at $167,2.50; 900 shares of
N.rthern Securities Company,
worth $95,850; 400 shares of Brook
lyn Union Gas Company, worth
$90,000, and 2000 shares of Otis
Elevator stock, yalued at $78,000.
The popular impression that Mr.
Reed was a comparatively poor
man when he left the Speaker's
chair in 1899 is probably not well
founded. Mr. Reed was an able
lawyer, but even . able lawyers do
not earn and save nearly $500,000
in less than four years. Roscoe
Gonkling, after nearly seven years'
law practice in New York City,
died worth about $700,000, but Mr.
Conkling occupied far higher rank
at tbe New York bar, both as a
jurist and an eloquent advocate,
than Mr. Reed ever obtained, and
Mr. Conkling bad the most lucra-
Independence, - Orel
Furthermore, Mr. Reed, while an outer nentinel, Mrs. R H
intellectual man, was alwavs an j musidttn, Anna Torgtsot
indolent lawyer, but Mr. Conkling ; Howing ura WooJid
was industrious, energetic, learneu
and able. The probability is that
Mr. Reed made a good deal of his
money in stock speculations. His
professional eminence furnished
hiui with knowledge that not el
dom enabhul hi in to recoiznue Cap t., V. R, r., v
"sure-thing" investment long le-j Lieut., U. II., W. 8. McLv
fore the general public were alive j . ,.-
to the situation. I Are You lto4tt
iicera; C. C, O. P. Lorfe
Lieut., 11. M. Nash; wed
II. Kuh n ; watchman,
Wells; sentry, J. M. AW
niun n ire r. U. II. Ml
No man or woman in the tat will Uuena VUta Special.
lunluielo speak well ot Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablet after ouoe
trying them. They alwayn produce a
pleanaut movement of the bowel, lit),
prove the appetite and irenglhrii the
dlgeatlon. For a!t by Kirk laud Drug
It Happen Tonight.
Fred Ireland has discontinued his
trlna tn lia with liia tnftl WflnrAn hut
we are very nicely provided for by tive Pctice in the city, neyer
Alex Lewis, of Airlie. earning less than $100,000 a year
This, Friday, night at the
Woodman hall in Ruena Vista,
there i3 to bo a joint installation
of Woodmen and Circle officers
for the ensuing year. Tho oc
casion will ho mado cnjoyablo
by tho rendition of n programme
and the consumption of a boun
tiful supply of ice cream and
cake. The progrnnimo will em
brace vocal solos by Missos Tres-
sa Prather and Anna Torgeson;
selections by a (juurtette of good
vocalists; instrumental selections
by the popular orchestra of Port
er Brothers; and a reading by
Miss Addie Hecker.
The Circle officers are: (J. N.,
Mary McLaughlin; advisor, Ad
die Ileeker; attendant, Alda
Frum; magician, Lena Torgeson;
inner sentinel, Otto Whitemanji
If you live In a city pat
And try to be up-Udt,
You mut hlda your won
'Neath atyllnb clothe,
And illrtand daooetadtbK
You muit smile although
Your heart be aad,
Appearing gay and gM;
For no one car to hear orM
What you sutler or wbert Jf
In all society you'll Audit"
If you're strictly up-twin
If you enter society's !
You tuuat need be up-twW
Attend a rand ball' ai
Ofneoola whom you bate;
You must chatter, unlriMd?
Thouirh vou know deceit
But you caunot b Incai
If you follow thefatnionw
And where'a the pIsMUitb'
pray, ,
If you're not right up-twuu
Vm mftV be uiHwhl.
vou m.v.iudv ihfmn
Your clothes may bethel
And you may simper ill
And be contented wusj" l
Bat while you're spending
In seuaeleM sham sua
. . . I. 4MB II
Remember the nme -
in ..imit thff Ml
vr lieu jruu ii .
That the days of jour
And you're going outpf"1
CAPITAL 8TOOK. $50,000.00
- . i r:-'
H HIKBIIBERQ, President. ABRAM NEL80S, ' j
C. W. IRVINE, Cashier.
DIRECTORS.-!!. H.rschberg, D. W. Beer., B. F. SmlthrM. W."
A. Nelson.
A mnera WnkU. - v . ...j finl
ji. - ., "Quango DuaineM iranaacieu. --i
lteD.t!dA-90,nm,re'1 granted. Deposits roe!red