Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, July 09, 1903, Image 5

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to n 1T I fir M 1 1 M I llf 1 1 f'l IIII HI I ril UN I . I
It Hurli'a lnnrn n Unit liOlifH. I r
I i I ii ' u v v ik" " " j ar
I I'li. C. Koser ItHM the contract. I
County Correspondence.
. A nvi " wif tr,,
lt Momii.'"th KrlUy.
; c, Uynr U l'Win 1,10014
' . e. ..;i!'i ranch.
h00 IT!
' . . I I .
Ienry Puvi. and wifo, of near
';(rr in thi. f Wnlly re-
Whing her. next Hun.Uy i
cluck P.M. ly He. 1 Cirren.
fffj Hulr and Win. nerroii
hmling the farmer l.y i
chamberlain, of Kalli
I', ..I in our ne ighborhood Sat-
Yti inJ Sunday .
I barley Kb-wall, of Oregon City,
ii thin viciimy
Mrs. Nellie Smith.
L- II Muck, wife and daughter,
spent Sunday wiin u. w.
,nu ,,,u
R. Stump has recently pur.
UJ a new Osborne Columbia
Ler of J. II. Moran,thv agent.
Hm.U. Willi and Clcrumens
llibsck attended services in the
Uti.n church tent at CorvaUis
w - -
dy conducted by Revtt Heon.
Working NigriJ n
Vk. and lulnbtwM nine
ii WW WW-.- -
Ioi uist ever wa made JJ K,nK
Uf Nils. Theae pill change
VrineM into etrengtb, IIUmii In
U.nrv l,rlu-fair lulo mental power
U're wonderful In building up the
Itlib. Ouly 'M per box. rwiu oy j
Mi Fannio Helmick has the
Mr. Palmer has built and paiut-
i new barn.
Katie Peterson Is assisting Mrs
krenceTedrow with her work.
J. E. Rhmlo and family have
ken over to the coast for ao out
George Reuf hia bought tbe
kldwio place eouth of Indepen
Mrs', lluehoi. of Dallaa, viaited
Lday with the family of J. W.
Joe Bowler has been having a
srious time with toneilitlB, but ia
Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith, of Cor-
illiB, were guest at the home of
Evnin Mundny.
The continued rain and cloudy
wher is iniurinir tbe clover hay,
phich is already Cut.
Clarence Ted row and wife and
--.U..W ITlAliaillD fl " - i
fe Fourth at Sulphur Springs
CattapilUra are quite numerous
almiif the anli iwalos and have
aliuont slripH-d some of the trees
of leave.
Claude William and wife, of
Mi'Minn vill. emu up lant Thurs
day to viitit Mrs. W i 1 liaiiit sister,
Mm. Ad Ted row.
Clnudn Kurre ha not eotie to
South Hend, bu' hu moved to In-
(leiiiwleiice. He has taken a con
tract fur hauling 1ks lor F. A.
lUiph Pavidnnn has thi tele-
graph In giHd slmi i;iiiii and is
practicing tulegrsphy. With free
mail delivery, telegraph and tele
phone system we fanners are not
Ik-Ii'iikI, but are able to get the
latest news daily.
.. ''PrhnriMotr t of :J O ; Ui
Tripi muln Uliv. Tmtn Indepen
h st 9:00 A. M. and returning leaves
Kuatl:00 P. M. Freiaht bandied
Very Iteuiurkable Cure of llur
"About als years ago fr tbe flint
time lu my life I bal a nuuueu ana e-
vere attack of diarrhoea.," says Mm.
Alice Millar, of Morgan. Ieas.
rot lemrxirvrv relief, but II came naca
Uln and again, and for six i long
rs I have sutu-rcd more uiiaery sua
limn I caa tell. It vore
than death. My hubaud apent nun-
lriUof dollar for phyalclans pre-
wrlntloua and ireatineut without
avail. Finally we moved to Iiou,ue
M.i.ntv. our uresent borne, aud one oay
I banpeued to nee an adertleuienl of
l liaoiberlaiU s UollO, wnoier uu
Diarrhoea lteinedy with a tentimouiai
..rman who bad been cored by It.
Tb oae was so similar to my own
tbat I concluded to try the remeoy.
ti. rutt wu wonderful, i couia
i,.p.i rMilze that I waa well agaiu,
or believe It could le so after having
.uir.nrlna loii it. but tliat one wuie oi
n.Hiln. ooallmr but a few cents,
a ...- tor aale by Kirk laud
Drug C.
M. A. r-urch returned Sunday
from Portland.
v A. Koaer lost a valuable milk
cow last week.
J F. Vautfbn has moved into his
new residence on Main street.
C. N. McArthur, of Portland,
spent a few days here last week
Tn-b McDanlel has received bis
nonsion as an Indian war veteran
ferry McDowell spent a few days
with his ' uncle
ti v T.ncas is repainting his
residence, which adds much to its
William Burgard, oi
W'oodlawn, came in' Monday to
visit relatives.
U-..I Vauehn went to Portland
to spend a few days with her cousin,
Ethel Alexander.
Conrad Smith, of Monmouth,
was visiting with his brother, G.
n. Smith, this week.
Win. Thielsen was a pleasant
caller Monday in the interest of tbe
Osborne Machine uo. .
t Tn and sister, Mrs
Hickereoji, visited .their parents in
in Portland last
Mix 11 fie n While enme up from
ortlund to visit relatives and
friends a few days this week.
Frank (loodell cume in Friday
from Washinttoii to see hi par
ents, returning the same day.
Huttie Ilibbard, who is staying
at F. A. Koser's, went to Dallas
Friday to virit her parent over
Mrs. T. 8. florch . and ron, John,
and Mrs. B. F. Lucaa and children
went to Portland Friday to visit
friends a few days, returning Mon
if. .r.,1 Mr. Ciwilf ami
41 I ---
daughter, Mrs. . W. FeUger, at
tended the (j. A. H. encampment
at Portland and report a pleasant
T. E. CanHeld and wife and Hale
Backensto anil wife went to Port-
and Tuesday to attend the wed
ding of their niece, Miss Springer,
which took place Wednesday.
Peter Cook and grandson, Orval
Price, went with several others to
Salem Sunday to attend the ball
irame. They came dome well soak
ed with rain and report only four
innings played
'o rity Shown.
"For years fate was after me on-
tinuouely," write F. A. Oulleage
Verbena. Ala. "I bad a terrible caee
of pile causing 24 tumors, wnen an
rn..H Hii.-kleti i Arnica eaive cureu
roe. Equally good for burns and all
aches aod paius. Ouly
Locke's drug store.
Mrs. Norman Tyler was an Al
bany visitor Thursday.
Mias Stella Nichols, of Oregon
City, was in Buena Sunday.
Mosa Milner. of Corvallis, waa a
visitor in Bueria Vista Sunday.
Willard McLain celebrated in
Portland. He went down on Fri
m;.b Eva Baldwin, of Winlock,
Wash., arrived Saturday for a visit
with relatives.
Up nd Mrs. R. P. Hall, of Ore
gon City, visited relatives here the
fora part of this ween.
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Pagenkbof
spent the Fourth and Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs
Arthur Logan came down from
the Dornbecker logging camp, near
Corvallis, to spend the Fourth with
his family.
r,. TIrron. of Heppner, is vis-
..iuio" ,
iting at the home of her nephew,
E. N. Hall. She lelt Heppner me
day before the flood came.
xr,a Mike Criderman, of Win-
lock, Wash., nee Dora Prather,; of
Buena Vi.ta, was the guest, ox re.
i;.... here, from Saturaay
Monday, when Bhe
home. ;
K IV I fit
nickel Silrir Cue
Fully Gutranteed
trtuaifratMl Booklet
OA roquMt, ftbowloc
The New England
Watcb Co.
Let us be hauov and appreciate
our many blessings and hope for
sunny days with their bountiful
fiarvests, in which Oregon has nev
er wiled.
Kn man or woman lo the state will
hMllatato eueak well ol Cbainlrlaln'e
Btmiincband Liver Tablet alter once
trying them. They always produce a
pleuaot movement of the bowela, Im
prove tbe appetite and strongmen mo
digestion. For sale by Klrklaod urug
In Mcinorlani.
he Voft, Cklctn
Miss Grace Hall, of Oregon City,
a former popular young iauy, oi
this place, and her brother, Uupert,
were Sunday visitors here.
A meat wagon, run by Mr. Nel-
son, makes semi-weekiy vibiw
through this neighborhood, at pres
ent, which is a great convenience
to local residents.
Nearly the entire population of
Buena 'celebrated in Independence,
and all pronounced the occasion
highly satisfactory. But lor the
rain, nothing more could have been
reauired. and every one seemed
well pleased with the entertainment
Rev. B. J. Kelly was at Wood
burn on a visit when a telepnone
menace reached him Saturday, at
3:00 P. M., announcing the death
of the little child of W. N. Wc
Laushlin and desiring his return.
Uev. Kelly drove the 32 miles,
home at 8:00 P. M, He
preached the funeral sermon m
Buena at 11:00 a. m. bunaay.
A Bocial event that promises to
be very interesting, is a musica
renital to be eiven here Friday eve
ning, July 17th, by the pupils of
Rv. R J. Ke lv's claBS. A prize
is to be awarded the pupil whose
number is decided upon as Deing
the best executed. Watch for fur-1.
ther announcements and for the
programme. -
A tender bud in a garden grew,
a hliuwnm frail and white;
Nourlabed awhile on Nature's breast,
JJut dead at tbe fall of nlgnU
go, like the flowers, a baby came.
And lived It brief day tnrougn ;
A tender bud of innocence-
Example forme and you.
The weary mother fell asleep;
For ber tbe babe waa lone.
Tbe All Wine Father aaw the grief
Bo He called His bloeaom home.
Weep not, oh heart of earthl
For them the dawn la ciearj
And In God's gardeu blooms
Tbe flowers you mourn lor nere.
Mrs. Grace E. Hali
... . I Q....arnl VManinnfi of CbaT
. I A rental. nil ID eftCD State
(one in this county required) to repre.
Unt and advertise old eetablUbed
wealthy bus ness house oi bohu u ""
SSl standing. Salary 21.00 weekly
wUh expecse. additional, all payabta
i.u.. l A,tiou4a v from
,. Horse and carnage fur
nished when necessary lieferenow.
Encloee eeir-addreea eoveiopo. -nial
Co., 334 Dearborn 8t., Chicago.
Barber Shop.
Oreso.'. '
3. 8. MOORE,
Tonsorial Artist
Only hrst-class workmen em
ployed in the "WigwamV'- Shcp
situated on North Bide of C btreev.
Wast Salero iuesuay. ,
- ' f VllV Vnk A.' F. Stoner
t Portland last Friday and
.to1 river Sunday.
, Mr. Fannie Owens, of Stockton,
for her
There Is more catarrh In this section
of the country than all other diseases
put together, and until the last few
years was supposed to be incurable.
For a great many years doctors pro
nounced It a local disease and pre
scribed local remedies, and by con
stantly falling to cure with local treat
..nt nmnnuaoed It incurable. Science
has proven . catarrh to be a constitu
tional disease aua tnereiore requires
nnnatitutional treatment. Hall's - Ca
tarrh Cure,1 manufactured by B. J.
I'honAirA; Co.. Toledo. Ohio, is tne
only constitutional oure on tbe market.
It is taken internally in aoses irom iu
rirntlM to a teasDoonful. It acts directly
on the blood and mucous surfaces of
ho.vstsm. They offer On Hundrea
Dollars for any case It fails to cure.
Ad dress, F. j" CHENEY & CO.,
Toledo, Ohio. '
Bold by druggists, iov.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Summer Showers. ' ' !
Sick Headache?
Food doesnt digest well?
Appetite poor? Bowels
coS?tipated?.Tongue coated?
h's your liver! .Ayer's Pills
e liver pills; they cure dys-
J-j Was ksSt'tS-'S?1 " T? I
C i
Parker Special... - , '
' We hear, on all sides, the sighs
fnr aummer weather, by the farm
rn "We can't make hay without
the sunskine". It is true, we? are
bavinir freaueht ' showerB, but so
mild and pleasant; thdugh we can
.woba' hav we kre certainly fa-
Wor wn look around US.
voicu, " - . . J
and think of the violent storms,
floods and the many disasters oi
other places. .'.
Dallas, Ore.
Marble and
Monuments and Head
stones Cemetery
work etc.
Ask the Agent for Tickets
VI d l ,:.,
. ;!to apoRaNC '
s Fast lime
. Day Coaches ,
' ' Palace and Tourist Sleepers.
Cinisg and BnHet Smoking Library Car.
- For rates, folders and IbU Informa
tion fVjto'VSSl
Pasa. Agt., roruana.
611 First Ave., 8MWewaB.