Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, June 18, 1903, Image 8

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(Salem Journal, Juue 2.', UHli
Mr. A. J. Byers, of Independent,
accoinpauled by his eon, A. O. ltyer,
called at the Journal office this after
ueon aud made a etatemeut relative to
the conditlou of the younger tuan. He
IinJ been deaf from hie Infancy, and
Inter the dlfiloulty gradually increased
to sueu au extent that he was almost
totally dtaf. Two mouths aijo the
young man came to Dr. Darrln for
treaitneut and today called at the Jour
nal bffloe to state that he could hear aa
well as anybody. The reporter talked
to him in a low tone of voice and. was
eonyluoed that his hearing was of the
beet. This remarkable cure of ueueea.
ity makes the young niau feel happy,
and his father is more than pieced.
Their purpose m coming to the Jour
nal olnee was to make a statement
to the public concerning the wouder
ful cure.
I, A. O. Hyers, being duly sworn
depose and say that the above state.
meat written by the Journal reporter
relative to ruy beiug healed of deafuess
by Dr. Darrin Is absolutely true.
A. (1. Byers.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
E. Hofer. a notary nublio, in Salem,
Oregon, this 10th day or June, 1902.
(Seal) E. Hoter,
Notary public for Oregon
Mr. Byers Condition One Year
"Dr. Darrln: My hearing Is all right
yet, and has been ever since being cur
ed by you last year. There Is no sign
of deafness now, and can be referred to
by anyone at Independence, Ore."
A. Q. Byers.
Dr. Darrin's Place of Business.
Dr. Darrin can be consulted free at
the Hotel Revere Albany, Aug. 1,
from 10 to 5 o'clock daily; evening, 7 to
8; Sunday, 10 to 3.
County Court News.
commissioners' court.
In the matter of repairing
Thielson, Trunk, Williams
Rhodes bridges bids were received
as follows:
C F Royal & Son $1390
R M Gilbert & Son 1420
LE Braley 1499
Ira Mehrling 1398
The contract was awarded to C
F. Royal & Son.
In the matter of the application
of T. C. Hill and others to change
boundaries of school districts 10,
41 and 58 ordered that prayer of
petitioners be granted.
claims' allowed.
J G VanOrsdel, tax rebate. $ 10 40
John Hughes, bridge acct. 1 53
A Robertson, pauper acct. . 10 00
Mrs M A Tetherow, same. . 7 00
D G Meador, same 8 00
F Freunduner, same 7 00
C E Huntley, same 8 u0
IIJ Osfield, same.. 5 45
Western Clay Mfg Co, sup
plies .. . 180 83
L N Woods, ex insane. ... 5 00
Glass & Prudhomma, sup
plies 109 80
John Simons, gravel 3 18
Kirkpatrick & Fenton, tax
error. 11 31
W S Cary, coroner's fees. . 32 15
Irwin-Hodson Co, supplies 44 50
T J Fryer, stock inspector. 12 50
W E Martin, road acct 13 10
Lynch & Ro well, same 11 50
L Ground, same 10 20
John Schaller, same 6 20
Rowell Bros, dame. 41 05
L Williams, same 18 05
M D Ellis, electric lights. v 17 40
H B Cosper, election acct . 7 50
E H Hosner, same 2 00
A Wolf, same 2 00
JT Ford, salary, expense.'. 142 f8
U S Loughary, same lS'J 01
V V Nichols, salary 65 00
W U Daggett, 10 6") 00
F K Myer, same 78 00
A J I union, same 65 00
E V Daltou, same OS 30
Milo Woods, same 40 50
C L Starr, same So 88
J W Butler, saum 95 IK)
J E Sibley, same 00 65
E Hay tor, same 05 00
J B Teal, same 18 20
Seth Riggs, same 12 35
J J Williams, courthouse
acct " 1 50
Observer, printing . . 42 30
W M Welch, supplies 15 00
Jack it Tiiuberlake, same . . 02 02
Joe Flannery, same C 85 j
T B Huntley, same 480 50
August Fleischmau, same. 137 U0
J B Teal, same 2 60
W A Wash, printing 14 00
Election judges and clerks. S95 40
Jury for May term 402 00
Estate of Marion Brower, deceas
edordered that growing crop
wrongfully inventoried in said es
tate be stricken from inventory,
Estate of J. Jay Brown, deceased
final account heard and estate
Estate of Sarah E. Fisher, deceas
ed certain real property ordered
sold at private sale.
Guardianship of Theodore Dod
son, an incompetent person peti
tioa for sale of real property set for
hearine Julv 6. at 10 o'clock a. m.
Estate of A. D. Babcock, doceas
ed final receipts filed and estate
"Estate of Henry Coad, deceased
report filed and approved.
Guardianship of Wrn. Beall,
minor semi-annual report approv
Guardianship of J. II. Townsend
insane Alice E. Townsend to be
appointed guardian upon filing a
bond in sum of $2000.
Ed F Coad, of Dallas.
John Walling et ux to Lincoln
Tent, K. O. T. M., tract in Lincoln,
I M Simpson et ux to Isabella Hil
tebrand, 82.03 acres, t 9 s, r 5 w
Portia E Mulkey and hd to
llV A. R. I.IM'ltH.
, t i- l i n , r r J
ftaran .1 urouna, so-mu tcaajimuH
mouth, $100.
E W Hogue et ux to Eugene
Maulding, 70 acres, t 6 s, r 0 w;
T A Yost et ux to F W Kau,
160 acres, t 9 s, r 6 w, $1200.
F A Patterson et ux to Indepen
dence National Bank, tract in t 8 s,
r 4 w, correction deed, $1.
M V Prather et ux to P W Pra-
ther, 30 acres, t 10 s, r 4 w, $180'
H II McSheery et ux to A F
Courter, lots 14 and 15, block II,
1st add to Falls City, $50.
Polk County Bank,
Monmouth, Obcoon.
J. H. Hawlet, P. L. Campbbll,
President. Vice Pres.
Isa C. Powsix, Cashier.
Paid Capital,
Dirbctobs: J. H. Hawley, P. L.
Campbell, I. M. Simpson, J. B. V.
Butler, John B. Stump, i. X.
Withrow, F. 8. Powell.
Transact General Baafciaf
aad Exchange Basiaess
Fall into line
and order your new spring suit
from the grest Oak-Eue! of
Strauss Brothers
Good Tailors for 2b Yr.
From start to finish good qual
ity is the predominating (est
ors of all clothes nude to order
by this well known tailoring
house. No detail Is too mull
to be given careful attention;
your perfect comfort is
their sole v aim. Call at our
store and look over the splen
did assortment of 500 latest
and nobbiest patterns. We will
ft quote you prices that will inter.
est you. Your satisfaction, as
B always, absolutely guaranteed.
P. M. Kirklund
II C H&nnon et ux to George
Jones, 1G2 by 200 feet, Hill's Inde
pendence,' $225.
United States to John Uhnades.
100 acres, t 9 , r 8 w, patent.
C A Miller et ux to Cass Gibson,
40 acres, t 7 s, r 4 w; 20 acres, 1 7 8,
r G w. $1500.
T P Grant et ux to Theodore
Dodson, 20 acres, t G s, r 0 w, f G50.
J B Trullinger et ux to T Hodges,
320.6S acres, t 6 s, r 7 w. $.")000.
Worst of All Ksperlences.
Cun anything be worse than to feel
that every minute will be your last
Such was the experience of Mrs. 8. H.
Newsou, Decatur, Ala. "For three
years," she writes, "I endured Insuf
ferable past) from Indigestion, stomach
aud bowel trouble. Death seemed In
evitable when doctors and nil remedies
failed. At length I wus induced to
try Electric Hitters ami the result was
miraculous. I improved at once ami
now I'm completely recovered," h'or
liver, kidney, stomach and bo well
troubles Electric Hitters is the only
medicine. Only 50c. It's guaranteed
Frank Berry is yisiting at P. T.
Mr Nelson is furnishing dressed
beef this week.
Miss Julia James was a visitor
in Parker Sunday.
Claude Boone attended church
at Monmouth Sunday.
Mrs. M. A. Davidson was a pas
senger to Portland Monday.
W. W. Percival called this week
looking for fat stock for the market.
Mr. Evans was a passenger to
Portland Friday, returning Sun
Miss Maggie Critchlow, of Airlie,
was a caller in Parker Wednesday
Mrs. George DeBord and daugh
ter, Lola, made a visit to Parker
friends on Thursday.
Miss Lura Critchlow went to her
home Wednesday to join her father,
brothers and sisters and all make a
visit to L. Critchlow at Cottage
H', Fimua UiUgbt a fin
Spat.lding t.uuuy U-t Ttuljr from
the agent, H. A. N'ly.
Mrs. I.. D. llrtblwin, of Wlnlook,
Wash., passed through thU place
on her way to Buena Vista.
Mr. Ku.jua wat out buying KU
on Friday, bringing lwn H'1'1
head from J. M Trailer's n'r
Buena Vista.
P. T. IVt.'rson has a nupply of
large titular on the ground for
building a barn. He U hauling
lumber at present.
George Weeks, of Salem, called
this week in the Interest of the
Portland creamery and is also acll
ing milk separators.
Deputy Sheriff llsytsr culled on
several parties here last Thursday,
serving subpoenas in the IWwk
case which was tried June j
Mr. Fti'iua ctme near losing one
of his K'ats. As they were cross
ing a slough one got into dwp
water and almost drowned, but
was rescued.
Their Kind Deed.
Seelnl from llueua Vista.
Life is made up of small thing,
not great. The world twins nitlj
the little thoughts, words and deed
of the masses, rather than with the
brilliant achievements of an oc
casional genius, or the during deed
of its few splendid warriors.
It is not the overwhelming dig
nity and courtesy displayed on
state occasions, by the rich or titled,
that weaves the threads of true
friendship into a fabric that time
and eternity can not destroy; hut
it is the simple act of kindnexs,
the, little gift ol love, the little word
of sympathy, that stands the lest
of years and brings 'ho deepest
peace to the individual.
An occasion that was rich in the
neighborly aflVetion came to the re
porter's attention a few days ago.
It happened Friday. The ladies of
the Buena Vista Aid Societies pro
ceeded to the home ol Mr. and Sirs.
V. N. McLaughin. north of town,
ana volunteered itioir united labor
for the day, to their hostess. Mrs,
McLaughlin is in very poor health,
and this assistance was a very ac
ceptable gift. Sewing was brought
forth and all hands get forth to
work with good will. The party
accomplished a large amount of
work em depniluig fur home. TO
In the County Cmm-i..
In the matu.'i.f un , 'I
if II.. -
ilwirip L. Owl,,, in
May 2t h, A.D.Ifci
It aiiltearliiu
tlou of 8. tJ.
t lie property and mu(, J
Uwlu, an Insane person, 1
iary ami will l r u 1
of the said iii.iU )wrM1 J
whole of the luterratuf tbl
li. (Iwln, an linue pei, ,,)
real estate In which liihM'J
by Inheritance, or oihw,..1
real eottte tteloiiglug (a id,
James L, Owlu, Uwrunj t
It Is Iherelorsordi-M thu ;i
til Kin oi said ward, Umtpi
to-wlt: Anna (iwlu Vuu
(Iwln, (leorue U. (;!, ku
(Iwln, llvruiaii V, (ii, 3
Owln, Mary K, (iln i.i
llltereote.l In ssld elti, w 1
spx-nr iM'lure una ot.uri at n, ,
court how lu DmIIm, in
Orgii, on tb jtiu d i
I WW, at 10 o'clock A. U i J
to nbow caumt, If any tlnjij
such ! should not U J
dex-rltloii of the laiidiujj
of said ward are fully imJ
set forth in the nld VfntdJ
on file In tns oi!io or tbftuj-,
of snIJ l'o!k county, ()r.t,
further ordersol tint tbb onfc J
llhluMl not ea ttmn tlim fJ
wtks In the lMKi K'bK.vt!i
I'IUmk, a weekly ii-ipi-r dJ
elrculation In rolk
umiiner provided by law.
Dated this May atb. n.
J. K. eiBU'
Cwiiiii :J
At noon, lunch was spread by
the visitors under the trees, and
thoir hOHtess invited to dine with her
guests, they having thoughtfully
brought lunch with them to spare
her all trouble.
This is one of the events that
shine forever in one's memory.
Those present were: Mesdatuet
Margaret McLain, Anna Rowc.
Sarah Prather, A. A nderson, B. L
murphy, Audio Davisson. Marv
Bevens. James Coutu and W. N.
Ijauvau Indi'rx!)'
iIbikw for Mon
moulli and Alrlle
7:l . m.
.m p. m.
Iuvea Indrppii"
(Ihiioa for Mon
mou to mill Hit 1 1 an
ri:od a. m.
rrl5 p. lit.
L'Tes Monmouth
for Alrlle.
a. m.
S.'jU p. in.
ttftm Monmoutb
for liulliM,
II ) a. m.
fcft) p. BU
Irf-iivim Alrlln for
Moiniiouih und
!:( s. in,
: p. HI.
I.puvi. Imlifu, fr
Mou mom li nmi
':" P. m.
7:30 "
lven Monmouth
for liidriii(ntMH
1:30 p, oi.
t w "
dsniM tor Horn,
J6 p. a
Impressing It on
With Emphasis
r what our Hue Uumlrr '
la the man who Is luoainf
thlnir extiulslte lu color aodS
his linoi,. We aim to ruakttf
dry work peerless in twauty asdi,
lrrect Hiuiiitioii in wnitu "
lit ime. Send us a ssmpl
we will auriirlse you. t
and new price. J
Ordors left at KUten s wpi
tlio Haltfiii staKO will reif"
attention. !
Salem Steam ar.:
tVdonel J. Olmsted. Prop.
D. Olmsted. Mgr. l'hou 1H
LUxfrty Street.
via.r DR. JORDAN'S
(UMMSIill tat"-!
Tm lnr"t AmWoI"1 W
limit tl mtmtHH v w
xm.lrul WW
Comu jcuiiiunrfar1
. Y.f "!' 5
I,,.. II.. "l" "liTie
yemn. Wrvo.n hi pn, - ,
rhcra, ,i.orrU,ria, ",Vi
r I rlnallix. nr.
r-niiNllm., ol r..t curll rm""'
Iim no arrmitfiut liln Ir-ntnif
only nlT'ircl Imnifillsl '"'".ZZuh
onr. Tli DiM-tor .I.mj not J,Cii
It .HI
wiiinr HliynloUn und Ki'H'YJ.V
In l,la.rMM.lullvvDlM .
IPIIII.II"n.7 immUf-
Iim win 1 1 hnu t wi ; 01 " Wi
rmrr (or Hlnr. A 1"iVVl.ul
rt,rt for rilva. Vfmur
Dr. Jorrlan'a nwUI I1"1-'iu
KVKHT SSAM applylM""",
U'm KM buartml a tOUi""
I our Aoir,I opinttm
i tvtry MM undrrf'JJN. Hat
fmniilutlnn KHKK"
ru lum-o WHV REAM"?".
. ....... . up.
oaoy I
Treatment pmoaM
Wrim f.
Iwik. t.r mm.) Callnranw j
0H JORDAN ft CO., 1061 ""ri