Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, June 18, 1903, Image 7

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! (Albany Hw"W-) , , ,
Lily! 1" uw' ,-ir
KrliwiiUl purpoataouiy, U
r th art and It,
,. .vrryd.yhfe. Hy W
',,rl drive machinery
..,.... r-eut illoi)vrrlw
.jit, are evident to lb public In I'll anoiner ,""u
m" . , it. u r.....Uv
HU " eiei7iniJ
, , pniluil reformatlon-lbe
apical I'11 '"'I"'
..wi.u. cures, Hrfrmd by
r, !). uvw umi for
trim, ""
inill furrl.
mm; I will hmduiy name
,ug it of cure rfonnHl by
i.. v n.ufi vtmra uu v
mil. " -
La bmnchltla trouble com
...... i..v iim and aeveu yeur
,,..i.iiunted luuif trouble
ii-if All pir.irU to cure were
L until coming under Dr. Ir-
Ulrioal treatment eight year
. I..MI.V lo my I am cureu
niV luiiK rxmlltiueu goou
,oll, limlili Influence of l-o-
... . I ..... M U...
thlt'll rnimrrvi in w "" i
it wuuJ condition. I am newt
m tin rniuilit ra 1'aolrto Hallway
... Aliny daily, ami wl K"""
rt any iuntiou at uiy uouie
lul Tabor, Ore.
J. A. LlNlMd.KY.
Lrrlu'a Place f Iliialnraa.
urrln cau Im consulted freoat
, Itcvew, Albany, from 10 to
W dally ; evening, 7 toBiHun
ilgclr make a specialty of all
of Hie rye, ear, uom and
catarrh, dea'tiee, bronchitis.
II, heart, liver, bladder ami
ill-, or thme who suffer
fh,.!hv anil lllillllVri'IKU't alo
r-r 'f -
urinary and akin dl-eaara Id
Ui, such at blood taints, mih-
akneva and !tl vigor, varieo
J tlrlcturi.
arable chronic dlwaawi treated
week or in tlmt proportion of
tliti cane may require. 1 lie
Med free, except niedleluea,
!il to 11 diiliy. N cae pub-
jcepl ly the Mrinlaalon of the
. All Ihii-Iiicm relullona with
trln atrli-tly coiiddentlal, Kleo
PlillaiuvM fiiriiMirdllueWtr
rTnoliirTriiiiiiiy caat-a "an ba
by home treatment by writing
liiui. Kyea teatud and glaatwa
litli-llrnt vlnlt of thalieadof
krtlaiut llrm of DrH. Darrlu to
ly. The doctor will rem mid un-
k'unt lat, and Ihoau wlahiDg
hit will do well to call aoon m
p'tulre aecond treatment.
fide on I'olk Countv reaoureea,
lpubllMhed In liiHtallmunta.
Union denot eaclt morning at 7:30;
it liaa a motor cotinecting it witli
Dallua, Moniuouth and Airlie. It
la connected by thia motor with an
other brunch of tho Houlheru I'a-
citlo, going to Portland in the
morning and ruturning at nikht; it
iiaa lagH connoctiona with tialetu,
morning and evening; it haa boat
aerrlce leaving for Turtlaml at
about 8:UU in tho morning and re
turning at night, en routs to tor
vallia and Albany. Jmteitf mimic
haa a public ichool with 8 rooms
and 10 gradua of iimtrui tion, and
aomotbing near .'M) pupila in at
tundance. It haa a aaw mill, (lour
mill, it creamery, tile factory, a
printing ollice, an ora house, a
large (1. A. K. auditorium, a park,
a city hall. 2 large general mer
ehandiae Bturf, 2 dry gooda itorea,
5 grocery itorta, 2 drug atorea, 1
jeweler, 1 bank, 1 book atore, 3
confectionery and cigar itores, 2
millinery atorea, 2 furniture utorea,
2 undertaking establishment, 1
harunat shop, 2 hotel, 2 livery
aiablea, 1 meat market, 3 barber
ahopa, 2 hardware stores, 1 res
taurant. 2 blacksmith shops, fine
water and electric light syntem,
tirune drying establiuhmeuUi,
real cbUIo ollicca, city council, fire
denarlme-it. Improvement League
a number of lodt;e, among whicn
we mention the Masonic order, Odd
Fellows, Knights ofPytbuui, Wood
men. Fraternal union, noramen
Maccabee. etc. There is one photo
graph gallery, 5 large wheat and
hop warehouses, a brick yard, sash
and door factory, 1 dentist,
Dhveiciaua and lawyer.
Thestieetaof Independence are
well graveled and well kept, the
around is level, but not low and
marshy. Back of Indejtendence is
fin (utiu'uie territory, but that
will be treated later. Indepen
donee is the nutural tnding center
nfPulk countv on account of its
rail and water communications.
th in a school town of
h.ini liOO inhabitants. It is 2J
mih. from Independence and
Dal Ins. It is the notne
AJ 1 1 W -'
of the Oregon Slate Normal School,
havo acreages aa large, all of which
is this bottom land.
The second claae of land it that
Ivingwest of thin for about four
miles or more in general. Thia ia
Willamette valley land. It is
level, or rolling, rich, deep and will
raise all products such da grain,
hay, vegetablea, stock and fruit.
The price of the above land varlea
from $2.r to 00 per acre, according
to location. Improvements and soil.
The aoil eaitabltf. for hops will
range from MO to 100. and when it
is in hop it will coat from $ 100 to
150 per acre.
Hackofthi we have the hilly
land and the 'and lying in tne
valleys of the smaller streams.
his land is the natural land for
the dairy industry, for sheep, stock
and fruit. This land is of three
clasHBH, the block soil, the gray and
tho red. The black soil is the best
ot th three and raaies good crops
of every i kind. The gray soil is
Bood for lruit and stock. The red
ami U nf two varieties. One of
these is a heavy thick red which is
good for stock, but is at best cheap
and. The other is freer, and has
much more of the nourmhment
necesaarv for the farming purposes
and raises good crops of fruit, hay,
berries, and is excellent dairy land.
Phe hill land can be bought at
from $5 to 30 per acre. We rec-
nn.nnl )i a rheatiest land lor
grazing purpoBeB only.
thejjtreal,! eye
Normal school in the state or Ore j want tn8 very biggest half
. I ... .... sriwllmit nllbllC !...'. n.iiiinblll nil.
fpendence has 1500 inhabi
it is the hop raising and
ng center of Polk county; it
the Willamette river, 12
from Salem. It is on th
h'rn Pacific West Side line,
leavine Portland at the
- -
W'e Carrw fnnrtAon Tjnri. v
pies and ten weights ot
rapping paper, we
'ay have what you
pant. Get our prices.
P bolesale Paper Dealers
bqu. It has an execucuv jm.w
school system, is well supplied
with stores of all kinds and has no
TKia thtivinff town is located at
.i, f,,. of the timber belt in Polk
I. U a i-ood town of 500
or more, about seven miles west ol
iwiw A railroad has jusi oeen
nt to it at the present time
" - ,
It has a number oi goou
a number of good mills are access
1 1 - A :
oio .... ...
ts..n. Vi.ta. R ckreaii, wcoy,
Perrydale, Suver, Airlie and Lewis
..mi. .11 small towns of from
vino o.
or.n inlmliitantfl. inese
IW VO 4 " .
. .n.nt renters of alarm
low no iojiivv... ,
lg community and are good trad-
ing points.
The soil "of Polk county varies
,ftnaiderable. The land lying along
...... ... ,ivr is the natural
the wiuauien. - .
location for the hop industry.. It
raise, the vegetables, grasBes ana
., . hut we call this low,
Ul8 r 7' A the hop land for al
overuow - ,
. .. , hnn vards are here,
of tne . r
II. H.rechoerg u ;;r
Hill 40 cre8' " ; n R
Corvallis has passed an ordi
nance providing for a fine of 15 to
150 or imprisonment for the failure
to repair a sidewalk " after being
ordered to do so by the proper
authorities. The spirit of the law
is all right. This way of ordering
a thing done and then letting it go,
shouldn't work at all. If CorvalliB
authorities show an inclination to
enforce the law it will be a splen
did thing for that place.
Wants of Our Neighbors.
Parker Special.
I want the little baby smiles
And plays upon the floor
I waut the great big golden moon
That shines from heaven a suore.
fa Yrin.tvl. n tiavi hla Itinera to
their fuUert capicitr. Peoi1 id ordin
' i t-.ii
ry OO noi use mm n irwrr uau incir nin Ttaa. aiMiatAawl tuMtv at t rf an lrar
cornea Inert, and offera a prepared ground
1 . . t . . 1 1 ..1. . . I k na.m. I ..ia.imn
1 Here ia no ncru 10 warn wuu
oi me uuitvt
conaumption, but
warning ia con
stantly needed not
to neglect the firat
yniptoma of dia
ciiaetl lung.
Dr. Pierce'a Gold
en Medical DiacoT
ery curea obstinate,
cougha, bronchitis,
bleeding lunga,
and other condi
tion which, if
neglected or un-
L ilfullv treated.
find a faUl termi
nation In conaump-
The crimes of craft and the
crime of violence are equally dan
gerous. You must trust to the citizea
himself to work out the ultimate
salvation of the state.
It is not kindness to bring up a
child in the belief that it can get
through life by ebirking the diffi
The worst enemy of the people.
upon whose behalf mob violence is
often invoked, Is the man who in
vokes it.
It is a good thing to have great
factories and great citizens, but it
is a better thing to have strong
and decent men and women.
We shall win out in the future.
IMre. fronopi:! not by seeking to take the course
tea and narcotic, i that ii pleasantest, but by finding
About three year I , .I,.. ; virrKt nrl
"About three jreara
ago I waa Ukm wun
bad rough, vomiting
M amlllnr blood."
niltlnv Itlobd
writM Mr. I). J. Cob-
1 C.rJ .1 a i;.r.
den. W. Va. f tnrd
ntanjr rrmrdiea: noth
in Krtnrd to hrln nic
till I oommrncfd uainj Ur. ,i"'a Gold"
Medical Ulacovery. aivct uwni 11 " T
fo?.l.o. hi. flea-nt P.llA.' I coinrneud
to improv.. Myja-. 'd -
nope en one. - k ' - .
.ui i. i ... .irk nearly two ytars-part of
the time bedfart. Wa atveo up to die by avu
1 thoiiKht tt woum ne imp.
over night al one time. I bavea t tplt i any Wood
aow fo? more than twelve montha, d r
on the farm all Ut aummer. It waa lr.
Pierce'a niedicinea that cured me."
Accept noaubatitute for "Golden Med
j i t- ..-., Thr ia nothine " lust
Itfll .... j . -- " .
a good " for disease of the stomach.
The " Medical Adviser," in paper wr
en, is sent free on receipt of ai one-cent
tamps to pay for mailing only. Addreaa
Dr. R. V. Tierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
out the course
following that.
know that mosquitoeB are the chief
distributors of malaria.
Saying of President Raosevelt.
the man who will not
. .. r
Plav is a first-rate thing, so long
as you know it is piay.
Nothing has done more to stim
ulate emigration from Great Brit
ain to the farm lands ot the Cana
dian Northwest than the reports
of the American emigration into
the same reion. The Canadian
emigration agents in England have
used the fact with great ellect, say-
incr in the lethargic countrymen of
the English countries that the Yan
kees "know a good thing." lhia ia
advertisement enough and the
Btream from Liverpool this year is
estimated at no less than 10,000
eouls. South Africa, meanwhile, ia
being ignored by the British immi
grant, and the expectations so sed
ulously fanned during the Boer war
are being couaDletely disappointed.
No one perceives as yet that
rush of British settlers to South
Africa which was to inundate the
Boer population and influence.
Correspondent Contest
On April 1st, we commenced our Tenth Correspondents' Contes and on
Fridav?Suly 31, 1903, at 6 :00 P.M. we will close it We offer as prennums ta
L,.:L ,w. elected bv the Correspondents' themselves;
FIRST PRIZE A handsome, well-upholstered jJJ
THIRD PRIZE . f pl Ponit.
FOURTH PRIZE Copyrighted Book
FIFTH PRIZE ;;;;';Tfi.. H, Journal
wbvkze:::::: addree8 for one yer
Of grandma'a pumpkin pie
I want the timid maiden speaks
while blushes come aud go
The very prettiest boy in town ;
I waut him Tor my oeau.
want-the father proudly claims
. . tnr ii hlva:"
That's filled with all tbafa great and
I'll take the Enterprise.
want the correspondent next
brief replies,
Away up on the premium Hat
I want the biggest pn.c
Th -ntnmolotrists employed to
abate the mosquito nuisance along
the north shore of Long Island re
port, among other things, tnai a
Jingle rain-barrel will breed more
than a large pond, liven
Uiuouui.uw" .. -
the salt meadows hardly equal, as
mosquito-producers, tour or u
good barrels apiece. The reason is
that the larger poois COUW" -which
prey upon the larvae. A
in the same sense,
80KKJ p"wi , .
equals from one to two rain-barrels.
Wind is a great enemy -
i. fanninir keens
toes. JSiven a gouwo -
u flp This recalls tne jegeua
that Empedocles freed the great
city of Acragas (Agngu,
Sicily from malaria by opening the
hills, .o that the nor wind swept
re,- nver vuo -
la tWJ - "
a yer oU f furnish you pr ces on any kind of Ad or Job. we are
points, and we wdl glad y lurmsny p Rnnounce
going to make a oamp. w , - r make u tQ your
Actions we want represented. Other
features will be announced along.
nolnta. No article ia
in other wava will be announced as they come in. We arani xo p
secured in other ways wm . ft-pllrred irl your points
Buena Vista, II 1200
Parker w5
Monmouth, II "' 898
Airlie, 8 , v - 486
Buyer 275
Antioch 172
Monmouth, B 140
Rickreall, C ''"'. 120
... . ..........".
Lewiaville - 92
Highlands, D 3
Monmouth, A 72
Falls City 55
Sunny 61ope ; ,'.". 39
Salem, Oregon.