Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, June 18, 1903, Image 6

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    .f Corvallla,
the guwt of her IU,
1 1 Monmouth Correspondents.
X. S. Smith, of Minnesota,
pects to locate ii Oregon.
Work on Mr. Pctitl's house is
progressing nicely and the carpen
ter work will soon bo done.
C. O. Fortwood. of Gilliam coun-
t, was visiting in town last week.
Mr. Portwood ia clerk of Gilliam
Mr. Ilensen is building a new
house on his place on the corner
north of the college, known as the
Higgins property.
The Normal School will he
closed for this year and things will
be quiet iu town by the time this
reaches our readers.
Childrens' Day was duly ob
served at the Evangelical church
and th exercises were good, the
children all sustaining their parts
David Hampton, our hotel man,
received the sad news Saturday of
the death of his mother. He left
immediately for Eastern Oregon to
attend the funeral.
' John Rickerts and A. J. Gort
maker, of South Dakota, were in
town last week.. They are looking
at the country with a view of lo
cating. They are well pleased so
Last Saturday as the motor was
coming from Airlie the water gave
out and the extra motor had to be
sent for to haul them out. Mr.
Cressy made the trip all right if he
was a little late.
" J. C. Rose's horses seem to be
having things their own way re--pntlv
as they strike out on their
own accord. He baa- had two run
awavs lately, one fine mare being
nnorlv mined and two others
pretty badly injured.
Wa nr under obligations to W
V. Yates, formerly of the Normal,
' fnr his kindness in showing us
around over the Corvallis college
buildings and the campus while we
Corvallis last week. Every
thing about the premises is in fine
Mii Clennlo Keynol.U hut moved to
North Yamhill.
Mis Kdua Savage, of Salem, U vot
ing lier sisteri her.
The mail from Salem to Uwlwl
wan ilropH'd June l.rth.
I n. Kainrhman. of the Ashland
school, ii visilin ! lllt m,re-
M r Plllett. a former atudont of the
school, ia'attendiim eonniienienient.
The Mr. Howard ami family ',)8t
llepjmer ia a brother of Mr. i,.
Mr. ami Mr. V. H. Urimnley, of L-
mooae.Cal., is visiting her parents, .nr,
ana Mr. LeMastars.
monctnl running i
Monmouth to Sft.em Uiib
. . k
morning. He will
his old friends again.
thoso attending commence
ment here we notice.! Arthur Mattlaon,
of Gaston; Mis Alma Jelliaon, 01 Am
I VHiiWinkle, of Salem i A
G. Thompson, of Stanford university,
Walter Smith, principal ot one 01 mo
Salem schools. Of the class of '02 who
......nnt WA SAW
are litre lor coium.-"........,
Ora OverholUer, Belle keency, hosa r,nma liailev. Amelia Foshay,
Gertrude Imus, Bessie Jennings. Elva
Whealdon, T. C. Allen, A. V. llampion,
W. W. Wiley and P. H. Wyman, Hugh
i r..,, nill wore here as
f'PSon mm
graduates of theclaPS of "01.
Deafiies Cm not be Cured
Bev. air. .
.l.lreae.i a iis- - riil
,.ee Wu.iday nmrninR a
Kvangellcai church m -"-
1 .. .i..wte to the "lale
Mra vikiii'" , . .,,
;udaAeh,.. cmventmi, N. MJ
the local eliureliea, aim - - -
her re' from l eonvr.,.,. ... .
dav. 'Hie addrva waa
a ..w.ii .vmit that la lWed forwaru
towilMuterwl, In this pla. la u-
aloa! recital to tai given Hie iaV" 1
hr Bev. Kelly u.Hh f tnin !....,
MIh Anna PaKOikof, of Allmny.
... .....i i.... i.r.,iiir. Una. Ill liuena,
liiHt week.
m a I itiMmrdMill returned Hat-
urday from a week'a vlalt In I'ortla.ul.
MIrm Tiara I'urvlne, of Independence,
laited JJuena lxt w.
rr- vv. V. M.'I,uiihlin left Satur-
dav for Ubanon, for an extend.'.! a.
lourii with lier nioiiier.
A hirito nuiiitwr of Bueua lata peo
.... U.I ihu iinveilinit of "U 'r"
, . , ,..-
K.irre nioniiiiient near uni.-"'"""
.,...!. Tim iiiiimimenl was rrcci-i
by the Women of Woodcraft.
ttrm-at Cole returned the latter part
of laat week from a visit to his parents
in DoiikUs county.
T. Haley will place alwiit 100 of
fir wood on the market this auiumer
which he has cut on his place alwve
lluena Vista.
Mian Ona Kminons returned Tuea
day evening from Salem, where alie Ims
been attendinir the business coiieg.-.
She will return to college next fall
Ernest Younger, of Pendleton, is vis
iting here.
i.Kn Tvlor nnme in from Ashland
UUUU J " "
this week.
.1 rifiiicviirnn
m7 mm
i I a w -n""
T -71
IWriU forth McCormkl Booa, I
V .
ri(uHn on buy lug Makf iKmiM Bj k
buwltr th4 cm slwsyi b dcpaMai
Harvul flM.
no loeal aBolicatlona as they cannot
reach the diseased portion ef the ear.
There is ouly one way to cure Uearnesa,
t,.t u hv constitutional remedies.
Deafuesa is caused by au In flamed con-
HIHnn nf the 1UUC0U8 1U1II) 01 Hie
Eustachian tulie. Wheu tbls,tuueis
infln,fid vou bavea rurubliug sound
, ,. .
orimperfec!, hearing, anil wnen am
entirely closed deafuess la the result,
and unless the Inflammation cuu be
taken out and this tube restored to Its
r,r,T,nl enndition. hearlue will oe e-
stroyed forever j nine eases out often
are caused by catarrh, wnieu ia uoui-
nigbutau Inflamed conuiimn onue
tun con a serfaces.
We will give One Hunrtrea iiouare
rf anv pimp of deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure. Bend for .circulars iree.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, u.
Bold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
rUn.llv ,nntet to be held h. the l'ortlui.d mid one from
1 Ysi f Louisville. Ky., on throtmh thy fainoi!!
K'"l V'SJ ------ . - i
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Kichardsoli wen w , , j ,,t AlljUBt 12, l'.HKS.' UvntlTH of the CoWl
to Corvallis Wednesday to bo present at J i
the marriaRe of Mrs. Uichardaon's -Louisv.llo limea ,. of nalnimi trip
niece, Miss Mildred Linville, to W. I.. . T. . " . , u j uiul US ninny wiiite t;:;
111 IHItl.lVt"H ; . . 1 , .1
Patter?on, of Baker City.
boats, Iuh.Ih the pis
lhviico, where cIoimj kJ
is iiindo for knch p
triiinnof tlio llwaco .
Nuvicnlion C'oiniw,
Tf Tt lUcre not
For the disagreeable things
in life it would be entirely
impossible for us to fully
appreciate the good, and
it it were not for the qual
ity of
fiazelwood Tee Cream
It would not continue to
be held as the leading ice
cream of the state and one
that can not be surpassed
by ice cream made by any
concern on the Pacific
coast. Served by the dish
. or sold in quantity at
Simpson Bros.,
Leading Confectioners
Misses Alice and Ethel JCnjghton
C. C. Kays returned Sunday from
near Corvallis, where he has been em
ployed. t'hariua MTjain came over from
Crabtree to spend Sunday with relativ
es here.
Prof. B. L. Murphv and lamily ex
pect to attend the Turner camp meet
iDg this week.'
Mrs. Gideon Davisaon went to Ore
gou City last week to visit her son,
Walter, and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Gibson, of
Monmouth, were Sunday gueets of Mr.
and Mrs. H. L. Hall.
Mrs. L. 8. Baldwin, of Albion,
Wash.. Is visitinc relatives la this
burg. She arrived Sunday from Cor
John Loy has given his residence a
coat of white paint recently, and this
week completed papering the interior,
all of which adds greatly to the ap
pearance of this cosy farm house.
Miss Bertha Howe believes in the In
fluence of good books, and intends to
onrMimiilntH a library of her own. Her
fondness in this respect Is well known
to her friends, and one day last week
she was delighted by receiving tblrteen
c-ood books as a Kift to begin her libra
ry. The donor was Misa Mattie Lee,
a former teacher of Miss Howe's.
whih the country west of the
aoats for his etoik ranch near rarker. gcilleu is to oo s.-eii mi
i.i t. i.,,!,,.. will of the cattlemen oi 1'
"7.7. . .. .. . . i
t.t - .... ir .f. l i w t, i.u in TruiiHicr inrir ininiiivn
learn wiiu piniuru mnt ........ . .i ...... j...-...... a .
fievens. who recently underwent an Ln(i ,,t.jr herds bodily to Hmith i ,,,..., Mtntitl oil tli wharf.
operation in Portland for a growth oi. ..,.,.; ,,,, The creat ranc.-s ortho,!,,, .1(,1I11(,r. The t-,
one of his eyes, is rapidly recovering vr.l,,.t iru heimf cut tin into 1 . ;u
,m ,o - II f...,,,. ., I nr,. f.f lltl )IlO ! . . . ,
P T. and daughter, of " T " . 7 " . .' . , . ! !' W,UC " '
, ... j - nmi iu iiwuiiiiHiiiiiu ran uiv. . . . .. .
Woodburn. and Mrs. Wells Parsons, of " . ... .I 0IK.I HO luiril linn carru
Seattle, were guests over Sunday of l " cau.e.u -u .c ........ fc -. H,.(irclv onv0 mart.
Mm v. P. Itnvuns ranitea ill Clllll, ura.u 8IIU Hie AT-s . - , ....
........ . . , ; a. 1 .... I lililIA I II f
. ... .,,,1 if lh..v rnnnot f nd 11,1 l""v"
HayiiiB has Ijeen in progress incise" " ' ; . , ...i,i; , w
, . , ..... .1 r ,.1. ... Tl... Urira lllilirilkeil n.rea.4 oi If ril.HS Untl
neigllUOrilOIK. IU. U Y1C,' IH ...v - n 111" '
clnvor crop is reported good. in those countries or are unablii to huthlllg 13 unHUrpa..
-intn fine cat fish were brouirbt inake satisfactory terms they in-
iu from the liucklamute one oay Jan. tend to try Africa.
... ... r mi
weeK, uy ira nowo. iuvy .:ni
ties. luilim I II VHIITII lll.-ACII
Mrs. Julia Douty left this week for
Doutv was Julia Lee. of lluena Vista.
and a multitude of warm friends here,
oud elsewhere in Polk and adjoining
counties, unite in wishing her a Happy
future In ber hew home, bhe was ac
corupanied by Miss Mattlo Lee, who
will also remain iu the metropolis.
. ,
ICxcuraioii Sieiuiier T.
I'otter in'K Into Mervlcc
June 27.
Iriven to Desperation.
Those who arc planning their
vacation this year will lm iiitcr-
.'Hted in kiiow.sng that tho pop
ular excursion steamer, the T.J.
Potto r queen of river bouts
coos into Horvico June J.niid
Livincat an out of the way place
remote ironi civiii.bihhi, u niiiiuy m , .,, ,
,,i. i,... !.. ' biio win leave i oruanu. unrinc
OI LUIi Ull'flJ V' uiriinuiiuu lit vunv tt i
1.1 1 fti
accident, resulting ii burns, cutH, tlio season, every oay irom i uch-
I.. ..1 T .... I.. I.. 1 .Ml . 1 ...
wouuuk, uitcrn, no. "jr " ""I'l"? (nV "HUH rMUUlNlUV IIICIUHIVO
of Bucklen'a
best on earth
Arnica Salve. It's the
, 2.'ic at A. S. Locke's.
Old-Time Fiddlers, Itcsin
Your Hows.
To see the lieauties of the pict
uresque and mighty Columhin
from tho decks of the Potter is
a treat never to he forgotten.
For Kimed and crneo nolliintriu
T f TlirrrrR r.f niftHPOW Kv . rivfir fr InL-ft u.ri'IoA In ....
V. .... (3 O " " " --J'JIA.IW. ... .IV.I.W 111 tIIU UII"
president of the Old Time Fiddlers' tire West enuuls this fiid.'-u hw.l.
Association, has issued this chal- boautv. .Fivo hours from
lenge to the oia-time Haulers 01 In
"Having challenged and beaten
the old-time fiddlers of Tennessee
in a great contest at Nashville,
September 21, 1902, the old-time
fiddlers of Kentucky will measure
bows with the old-timers of any
istate in the Union, and do hereby
challenge the old-time fiddlers of
the ereat State of Indiana for a
excellent hotel and't-j
liotist'8 provide good
lntimm At nricw rif-
t . II . - 4. I1.I...A II
one fimjajiui-io114
llllV. i
Tlie round trip ratefr
land to Astoria I'iSO;
Ih-acli points fl.00; f:!
October 15th. On &
during July and Aug
trip tickets are !d
points at If2.n0, goodfc
leaving tho beach tin f
Sunday evening-
The Oregon Kuilroad
igation Company haM:
which tells all
delightful resorts of ttj
of tho Columbia WW"
bo obtained from wH
thoOrccoii Knilrow
tiou Company or by 1
L. Craig, (Joncrai
Agent, Portland, 0S
C. W. IRVINE, Caahier.
DIRECTOKS.-1I. lhrnchlwg, D. W. hcan, I). F. HinUbT W'
A. Nelson.
A general banking afld exchange buainesn transacted. jraeti
dineounUd. Commercial credita granted, Deposits recelo"
'Object to check. '