Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, May 07, 1903, Image 4

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I Monmouth Correspondents.
Geo. Murdoek'p brother is visit
ing him here.
Philip Popham hits quir school
and returned home.
John Emniett,' of Halsey, is visit
ing his mother at present.
Lester and Ella Butler, of Dallas,
wire visiting here over Sunday.
Victor Reynolds left for North
Yamhill Monday to spend the
Miss Angel, of Portland, is visit
ing with her brother Frank. Also
Ithe Misses Crowley.
Scott Laughary and wife, of Dal
las, visited his sister, Mrs. Otis
Wolverton, Monday.
A jolly crowd of students went to
Dallas Friday evening to attend
the oratorical contest,
Mrs, P, II, Eurt expects to leave
Heat Monday for a month's yisit at
Yoncollo and vicinity.
N. A. Emmett and wife, of Falls
City, spent a few days in town, on
their return from Portland.
Link Murpby and family, of
Buena Vista, spent Sunday in
town with his brother's family. ,
" . Grandma Coats left on the motor
Tuesday morning for Airlie, where
she will visit her son Silas for a
short time.
Mrs. Emma Johnston was bid
ding her friends here goodbye Tues
day. She left Wednesday for her
home in Idaho.
L. Ground is haying his house
Mr. Zook is painting F. S. Pow
ell's residence,
John Doughty is working in
Dallas at his trade carpentering.
Mrs. Laure Adkins spent several
days in Dallas this week, return
ing Thursday.
Doug Butler, of California, spent
two weeks here visiting his father,
Ira F. M. Butler,
Louie 'Moore returned Sunday
from a trip to Oregon City.
Report save that Harvey Nash
is soon t- leave fr Southern Ore
gon. A band of gypsies passed through
Buena oun day last week south
Roy Woodcock, of Corvallis, was
a business visitor in Buena the
last of last week.
Miss Aliee Knighton returned
last week from a visit with her
brother in Salem.
Rev. B. J. Kelly, of Indepen
dence, was a guest Sunday of
Grandma Kreutz.
Moses Milnen of Corvallis, has
been In Buona this week represent
ing an insurance concern.
L. Barnes arrived from McMinn
ville a few days ago to re-enter the
employment of R. Peterson.
A representative of the Allen it
Gilbert piano house was in Buena
last week selling organs am!
Mrs. E. X. Hall and her daugh
ters. Edna and MerlA were Salem
visitors last week, returning Satur
day evening.
Remember the E. N. Ilall sale of
dairy cows in Buena tomorrow.
Just the place to get bargains in
fine Jrsey stock.
Miss Mabel Johnson expects to
leave tho last of this week lor her
home in Oakland, after a visit
with Kuena friends.
Sunday evening next at 7::0,
Rev. C. C. Poling will preach in
the United Evangelical church at
Buena Vista. Everybody invited.
The Gus Pagenkopf hop yard is
being put in excellent condition
and the vines show a thrifty
growth. Ira Rowe has been assist
ing Mr. Pagenkopf in putting on
the twine and training the vines
will soon begin.
(2999999999998 99999999990
Our umlisputnl claim fr
Bartlett Ball-Bearing Sewing machine
H. Best took Cal Kramer and C.
C. Lewis out to their claims on the
Siletz Monday.
Hon. A, E. Resmes addressed a
iair-sized audience on the political
issues of the day at the Woodman
hall Tuesday evening.
Hartley Mulkey had a serious
runaway last week. His learn at
tached to a cultivator took fright at
the train. One horse was badly
Marion Arant will leave about
the 1st of June for Crater Lake,
where he and his son's have' em
ployment building roads and trails
on the gbyernment park.
Elmer Hall transacted business
in Dallas, Thursday.
Miss M. J. Lee wag a Salem vis
itor Thursday on business.
Mr. Pickett and family enter
tained friends from Corvallis Wednesday.
Falls City ought to be proud of
her new correspondent. Hia items
are uncommonly "spicy" and we
expect to see him carry off a prize
when .the ' contest closes, even
though be were late in entering
It looks as
if a man's
back is the
center of
strength when
he is straining
to lift or haul a
heavy weight.
But the center
of strength is
not the back.
hut th atntn-
aA1i Tm'm tirt atratticrtll lit
OlU. A U UV ....
the back of a giant it he's
I starving. All strengin is maue
from lood, ana tooa can oniy
be converted into strength
... a . .i-J
when it is penecuy aigeswu
and assimilated. When the
stomach is diseased, the nutri
tion of food is lost and phys
ical weakness follows.
rir pi..r-' r.nMfn Medical
Discovery cures diseases of the
stomach and other organs of
digestion ana nuinuon. n
makes men strong and mus-
. . . . . . . r .
cular, by enaming ine pencti
. : i : A .MM.ilatjnn
of the food eaten.
"I suffered from a vry obatl-
, write R. B. 6OTd, Hsq., of
23 eastern v., i oivbiw, vu
tario. "I tried number
I was so far (one that I could
not bear any solid food on
my stomach; felt melancholy
and depreaaad. Could not
aleep nor work. A friend
recommended your 'Golden
Medical Diacovery.' I have
taken three bottles and it
haa accomplished a perma
nent cure."
The Medical Adviser.
Sm niwr rovers, is sent
. t r ;
frte on receipt of ai one-
ceni stamps w p
expense of mail
ing only. Address
Dr. R. V. Pierce,
Buffalo, N. T.
r x
In Hint It Kews fafter with the sain po-w limn i,
stitch machines rrtuirr, making fur full, t,
one revolution of treadle wheel while aoii.i.oll,nN,,,,l,
only three. U has P-'citive equalised V,.,. i h
way on spring. H ' ' !' " Ml,
bar to prevent soiling fa bra-. It has not only i b,i!.
hearing hub, hut bull louring pitman a w, y,,
foctly equipped for adjustment by owner, without
iiuiring aHHiHlunceof a iin'fhnii making the dnia
practical and perfect in every respt-cl. Do not tm,
Kant, nor buy from an agent, when you can get
values from your home merchant.
Prices from $20 to $35.
Hardware Merchants,
fs 6Z?s f5s
Independence, Ore.
A handsome new organ adorns
the parlor of the J. II. Knighton
home. It was purchased last week
of Al'en fe Gilbert Rauiaker Com
Clarence Kays left Monday for
Coryallis to work for the Dorn
becker Furniture Co. logging crew.
Clarence is a bustler and merits
Miss Bertha Itowe, one of Huena
Vista's most estimable girls, came
up from the Monmouth Normal
Thursday for a brief visit with her
parents here.
Mr. Logan expects to leave this
week for Newberg to reside. He
has purchased 24 acres of land
near that city and thinks he has
made a first-class deal.
last week trying to buy calves.
I Th Willamette Valley d
I l'i.i,,n will . Ill llifir a..n:,i
Sam Baldwin and wife were the j Kug(sM My
guests of Chris Peterson and r ; Ticket at reduced rata fa
points on the Oregon Lines i
Joseph Moore returned' last week j Southern Pacific Co., will k
from the Roy hop yard and is now
on the sick list.
May 11th to 14th iucluiir,l
limit May 15th, 11)03."
truly, ". E. Conisn, ttenm
A large audience was in attend
ance at the illustrated lecture
given by Prof. B. L, Murphy Sun
day evening at the M., E. church.
A more interesting and instructive
lecture has not been delivered in
Buena for some time and all who
heard it are loud in their praises.
How's This?
We oiler One Hundred Dollars He-
ward for any case of catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undesigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honorable In all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by their firm.
Wkst&Tbuax, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, Ohio. Walding, Kinnan 4
Marvin, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo,
Hall's Catarrh Care Is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the bipod
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price, 75c per
bottle. Bold by all druggists.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
J. E. Rhodes has gone on a trip
to Eastern Oregon.
Ellis Davidson has finished haul
ing lumber for a cow barn.
Several from here attended ser
vices at Monmouth Sunday.
Wm. Ireland was through here
llanru f'n'Mu And flittlilv. Ot
Suver, were visiting at the home u(V'r Agent. P .rtlaml, Or
Will Cockle Sunday. I
Cult For WarrauU
Mrs. Rusk and son, Paul, Mr. j , .
Obeeson and Fred Featherson took j All pii, (,, ..mti
a trip to boap Creek hist hatur lay. (,orm, ...,re8ent4,t anj 0W
Miss Bortha Onborn is much iui- want of funds" prior to raj
proved and Miss innie returned ; j, l'.IU'J, will be paid nponp.
Sunday to school at McMinnviIle.
The roadH have been quite rough
through here, but we think they
will be smooth and dusty soon, for I
K. V. DALm
i;ouniy n"".
lion at mv oflice. Jnlw
Bame will ct-ase on and m
of this notice.
Du tedDajlas. Oregon, H,
V. A. Doutv's salecallB for lots of i 190;'' 'J
. ... j
Rev. J. W. Osborn and wife have
a quilt that was presented to them
by the members of the Lacoinb
church, of which Rev. Osborn is a
member and preaches there each
month. In the center of the quilt
is written and beautifully worked,
"Presented to J. W. Osborn and
Wife, June, 1901." On the differ
ent blocks of the quilt the names
of the members are worked. It is
a unique piece of work and shows
with what high esteem they are
held by the members of that church.
Samniie Damon, of Corvallis,
visited his parents here over Sun
day. Superintendent C. L. Starr, of
Dallas, was over last Friday on a
visit to the school here.
Wanted. A good buggy horse.
Enquire at this office at once.
Klral nub. Ai.rll Itt., Ur
. . .'n vn
SoUce l hereby Ktvt-n tlimt Th'3
orliiilwmlonc. Polk r..unt)r, 0
l.ecu unpointed adiiilnlktroUirollM
J All W-fUftll
r. it. am aiw, ucwaaru. n" r- -
...,A 1..i unibeRt'l
t II.Mlin pyni link wilu w...r .
to prwent tli same varlM W j
within alx inmillia from llitail"14!
iiiliilalrator, at hl home In saldou
miiiIciii, Polk counly. f w-
llatod at Inilceiidi'nre, '
gon, this Kith dy ot April, IM.
Ailiiilnltrnlorei.lHle ol P. H. H
Wholesale j
Paper Deals
Our Paper and I1iiri P1
the best mills In the eouo!
will save money on prioe m
with us. 1
130 Court St, Sa!c
CAPITAL STOCK, $50,00-00;
C. W. IRVINE. f!ahir.
DIRECTORS.II. Hirschlwg.D.W. Sears, B. F. Smith, M. W.
A. NfllfsAll I
A franttral m n U ! n J 1 r
- ""-.-. "-.... im exoianKo Dtismess transacted. -(
discounted. Commercial credit ri-nte,i ii . .ld on en"1!
ubject to check. '