Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, April 30, 1903, Image 7

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i i i tii ii x a. yi
w a. m i
Since taking possession, of this stock I have added several thousand dol- g
worth of new goods, making the line much more complete and are. now
to J JSSoii to supply all your wants. Call and see. It is a pleasure to show g
mods whether you huy or not. m
t ..rllea Summer Underwent-.
We have a nlco line of Ladies hummer
r,l wear in sleeveless, ahort and lonR.deeves,
L JhHe ccruo and color,, in .net. from 10c
W. have n oxtra pretty line ol Wie.
,hirtwait-, in prices ranging from aOc to -M.
Cull and H-e them.
Men's SHirts.
We havo the largtfd atock of Press Shirts
. r.lrt In SI. fid.
.11 town, in pru - '
We have a very choice line of Summer
Dress Goods, all new, in Picot Stripe, Dimi
ties, Mercerized Ginghams, Zephyr Cloths,
liatiste, Silk Tissue, India Linens, Fancy Per
cales, Soisotle, White Goods, etc.
We carry a lull lineof Staple Groceries ..-at bet-
torn prices.
w e nave some vci,y v... ;-
new and up-to-date. Call early to aee these as
the number is limited.
We have several very choice patterns of
plaids in mill remnants. These are regular
50c goods, but having purchased them in rem
nants we are able to sell them for 25c.
Men's Underwear.
, our Produce. Wewill pay top price for everything, Butter, Eggs, Lard,
-1 TUT nrtfc
Chickens, Ducks, Geese, iurKey.
Goods Delivered in the City
LaMyrnieS.nUh ha aecured
win music at tai P'e
hr i Hrit(ir. our Maple Grove
lithmU hM returned frero Port-
H.8. Smith ia buying produce if
tarmers, for cash ana snir.i'
B. f. Smith has purchased a
w Sharpies, .eparator and tbinas
doea fine work.
RUhon Heil. nf Allentown, P.,
inched an able aeriaon for-our
ipla Tuesday evening.
u,. v.,t. M,linnu and eon.
-. visiUHl with D. W. Lew
family over Sunday.
Iii returned from
Oregon, where he baa been
ling at timber claims.
Dallae College,
preach at this place, Saturday
it 7:45, also Sunday mom-
Taylor baa atarted out
his step-ladder and paint
i. helnina the women wiiu
house cleaning-
utern 1
ill pr
ivening i
k at i
r a
store on the evening oi j
Following i the program:
Mo McKenney, of Neb., baa pur--i
l t lm Clodfelter farm of 100
acre, and moved his tanmy .uu,
the Hedgpeth house until ne cau
build. Doc Tanet will move war
Mrs. Grace Witbrow has been
visiting her sister-in-law, ma. .
Ragley, but returned io nr vw
in Corvallia Tuesday. She recently
lost her only child and she ha. the
sympathy oi her menus
"At Thy Feet O L-ri We
t(Ul '
BoW' W L. Briatow
OecJainloo Harmon
Vocal WW - kw., WMt
H - .. rtlnrv
The HU " " jUttle Ev.
....... ti'ft.,ul.w1r
... M . V,. VH uoi"v-
Cornel oio T,.Rri8tow
Blut!0.D " Mvrole Smith
Vocal Boo .dier's Cboru.
Quartette "u. WbeelocK
lw.lamtion ... W..u. n,,hhrd"
sent. Others have dt.patcnea
pamphlets to Canada, Louisian,
Vermont, California and many
other Eastern and Southern com
manities. If you have friends m
the East, .end them some literature
concerning our glorious country.
n..nAa Rnndn Indian Womaa
W8 committed to the asylum from
rn. wk. Her name ia
Jennie Allen and she wassov.olent
that seyeral attendanU were re-
quired to use force to quie u.
Wanted-Several person. ofKoh
(one in tni.eoumjr .
nt and advertlw o.a
" art i ii nusu'T
wealthy bueines. nou.
ol.l standing. n,vable
with expenses aaa--. r -
W. A. Messner. 5)
Sorresponacitts Contest
OnAbrillst we commenced our Tenth CorreepondenU' wmw -Friday?JuT3,i
.t6:00 P.M. we wil. close it. We offer a. premium, the
,MDDT71, a handRome, well-upholstered, velvet Couch
FIRST PRIZE au"u r A lovely Pictare
SKUflu rtuiB A fine 6tadent. Ump
THIRD PRIZE ' " Kd set of Ping Pongw
FOURTH PRIZE A copyrighted Book
FIFTH PRIZE ' " " t.ji. Home Journal
SIXTH PRIZE. ... ......... "' VVJopi,ia'io anv addree. for one year
SEVENTH PRIZK isdbi-hsu.v. -
We want ... the news that bappens J
P.. to visit every family in the JS:
to help aa. Our interesU are mutual. V & poinu for .very
One point for every item of news worthy of pa ducm T
r lh S eech Wednesday from worthy of a wper8te head. SZTV will 'to
'h T offiS Horse and carriage fur-1 in th. B,8hl of tbe manager ( th, Ptment at P wnewil
. ht when necessary Reference. For every new yearly 8a points or j j j
Uh.ed "1,MNedenv..ope. Colo For , subecription three month. ?";.k w. riTe w
ral cT,B Dearborn St., Chicago.
..:n.ui "Old u. ,(h
V"-' V.-T.. i. n' bouiikt
. rue i o..-.. - v - - f bMUet9.
Ulsniiwa' hum
5 points. For a subscription tnr -J ' . nr Job Work we Kive 50
icg. I. -r35 D0,nta. For every dollar bwuiiii.-.v. ------
. . .. .Jfl ;M,M.Hlv furnish you prices on any kind of Ad or Job. We are
Mrs. Warren Cressy, of TZ:;:
Bend,wboha. heen ving ne ,
interest to secure rcK"""
in i - nul 1 nn 17.
features win ""'"" '
ma Withrow is ciei
along his lenca and swalea,
the farm hate a mucn
Lindsay is slowly improv-
the sprain she has euuer-
much from, although alie
goes on crutches.
J. Leveck is shearing bin
of thst
pest, the tick. Bheep will
when bothered with tnis
are cordially invited to attend
iTrulav afternoon, to
Friday an from lhe
convey.n - - mentt0
river to uie myv'm"'m iftne
the Sound. The craft was o larg
that it required over a J ou
diligent labor to make the tu
i ! . nnrnpf.
from Momn - occa8ion heing
day afternoon, the
some aua.u-- The
chUrchonvh wis perfor-ned in
CU??LZI here.
Haptis ,. ,
, Mr Iliff, bas supplied
nn man, Mr- ,. P8 in
Bend, wuo ,
parents in Dallas, returned home
w 11 m n a in
Roy Hawkins, ot uauaa, n
t0MUs Berths Bohannon returned
...L.v from a visit in Corvallia.
. n n Pnline. Ol uaiiac,
wi,l preach at" Lewisvills Saturday
W1U 1 . o..w mornine at
vpnina ana - ,
evening afternoon and
Mrs. l aro i ignlavB
beingSivIty ' ha; ; mad women of
more activity nother truest of
half her years Another g m
Mr9. Damon - frQm Ne.
'wKeains of her b.-
bandbrought here iaai
Each week we will announce , inp this SUlSnS
credited until after it appears is .the Pathey Tme in. We want to keep
scared In oth way. will
wruswithin the week following and we will make thorough 4t;
Rickreau, j
Monmouth, B
Parker ...
Buena Vista, H &',
Airlie, r. eoc
Highlands, D.
Monmouth, H...
Ballston '
Sunny Slope w
Ant.oco '-
Suver ; '.'.'.'.'.'A 37
Monmouth, A
Buena Vis,, is the first to send a , a
..erackerjack,. PJU TlTnSL. etc., in your com-
over a hundred names
ing a basket to our dusk
the East, prospecu-
to be held in the vacant