Independence enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 189?-190?, April 30, 1903, Image 3

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V have thin Mpring OiltltMl t our lino of vehicles
'l . MMv IlUfi(il KiS. Thl'HO liUL'L'icM liftVo iron rnmrn-u. mw
jiocially fr tho l'neific coast tradu Tlioy are Ktronpor in every
than tho ordinary hujrjiy.' W ank you to cxamino them. They ai
Tho latent thintf in tho wheel lino. (Jet a Kaycyclo and bo in the lead
Our Mock in coiujileto in tho bicycle lines. Wo can furnish you a wheel
from $10 up.
American Field Fence, the strongest wire fenco on tho market.
Don't buy a light who fence when you can pet the heavy American at a less
tric. We have already 8hipjed in two car loads of this fenco this spring.
It talks for iteelf For tsalo by
tho celebrated
and are made es-
ro all rmht.
R. t VADE & GO.
Pulk County Huwdny Hcliool
Tbt annual 1'olk fluuntjr Hunday
irhovlfluuveutliin convened at Inde
pncietice April 23 mid 24. Tuedele
piitm was larger than for iime year
put and Independence was equal end
M(ytocare for aa mauy more hud
UiylfU la attendance Mr. Hhar
nin. representing the I'rwibyterlan
chimin, where the convention wm
htiA, nude each one feel at horn end
tbe ddre of welcome given by fUv.
Ktlley, of tbe Evangelical church,
ntall feel that tbey were thrice
welcome to the city and It hospitality
ud felt that the help to all Hunday
Khool worker would be mutual. The
rrporu from the deferent aohoola bad
Ufti veil handed in and showed a
bnlthy condition In uiut parte of the
The ofllcera for tho following year
re: IW, II. J. Kelley; Vine Pres.,
D. MnUgeri Kec, Hec., Mias Wolfe;
bee. end Tie., liounie Kniltb. Kev.
Kelley, liounie Hmiib and Mra. Wig
mure were elected delegate to tbe
atate Huoday acbool oouveullou to be
held In I'ortland May 12.
Danger of Cold and Grip.
Tbe greatest danger from colds aud
grip la their resulting In pneumonia.
1 f reasonable care isueed, however,
aid Chamberlain's Cougb Itemed y
taken, all danger will be avoided.
Among tbe teua of thousands who
have used tbia remedy for these die
eaaea we have yet to learn of a single
caiwt having resulted in pneumonia,
which abowe conclusively that it is a
certain preventive of that dangerous
dlsense. It will cure a cold or au at
tack of the grip In Ice time than any
other treatment. It is pleasant ft ml
aafeto take. Kor sale by Klrkland.
Drug Co. i
For some weeks our lively little
town has not had any regular corres
pondent to auy of tbe county papers,
but don't think for a minute that Falls
City ie not moving with tne general
tide that is carrying Oregon to the
front. Within thirty days, so Mr.
Gerlingersays, be shall run tbe first
train through between Dallas and
Falls City, and I have every reason to
believe be will make good bis word,
nuoe tbe bridge across tbe Luckia
mute is completed and the heavy
grading all done. Well, say If it does
get here by that time we will all take
a pleasure trip, the realization of the
dream of many years. Carpenters,
painters and in fact help of all nature
are in demand here now. Many
housea are getting a much needed coat
of paint and several buildings are go
ing up, chiefly of which is the store
building of IX F. Courier, who Is build
ing on the lot where the old butcher
shop stood. He la to run a bouse fur
nishing good store so we understand.
U. J. I'ugh, the Jeweler and conleo
tionvr, Is located In bis new stand one
door east of tbe barber shop. He has a
tidy and convenient little place.
Ask Willie Tice about football. He
can toll you all about It. He played
football last Thursday and be hasn't
done anything since that Is except
carry a broken arm around In a sliug.
j Martin Ellis, of tbia place, has been
added to the corps of teachers in our
J We are sorry to bear of tbe death of
Da Ion Jiond, our former townsman
! and .ur first city marshal. He died of
jsmul!iox while at Shanlko, Eastern
i Oregon. We understand that bis
youngest daughter and also a sister of
Mrs. Bond have the disease.
I H. 8. Montgomery la still very 11!
with tbe grip.
I J. E. Ford Is about town again after
I a several days' serious Ulneee.
Mrs. Wm. . Ilbert, of Dallas, la here
on a visit to ber mother.
i Frank McMurpby has returned from
Elma, Wash., to do time on his claim.
Work on the different mills hero is
being pushed with energy.
Strangers, mostly eastern people, are
seen frequently in town and tbey seem
well pleased with this part of Oregon.
Notice Water Customers.
It will be necessary to shut off
the water from 2 p. m. to 4.30 p. m.
while putting in 6 inch pipe on
Main Street.
Remember, water will be shut off
10 minute? after sounding three
short blasts of the big whistle.
D. Calbreath.
Independence & Monmouth Water
and Electric Light Co.
Everybody here is cleaning house. .
D. A. Smith returned to Portland
Hill Mc Daniel went to Portland thla
week for a few days' stay.
Mrs. M. Myer moved back from Sa
lem on Wednesday of lust week.
Frank Gibon bas been n rider the
weather for a few day from tbe ef
fects of la grippe.
The hops in this vicinity are looking
fine and the bop growers are looking
forward to a good crop.
H. C. Keymuur and wife left. for
Hebo Saturday, wUere Mr. Heytuour
has a five mouths' school. , .
Mrs. G. A. Washburn and Mrs.
James Clark returned Saturday to
their homes at Springfield.
Miss Edna Calkins, of Dallas, who
has ieeu stopping with Josh Mi
Danlel, returned to her home last
week. . t
Tbe alumni exercises held here were
good. Au excellent lunch was served
after tbe program. Everybody bad a
good time.
The foundation of JohB Vaughn's
residence is laid and work will com-'
mence on the building as toon as tbe
lumber arrives.
Tbe horsemen of this place are hav
ing a track made on J. fi. Nesmith's
farm to drive their horses on. Some
good time Is expected to be made.
Mr. Bowman, who has been living
on tbe old Josh McDaniel place, bas
purchased the Sherman farm out from
Monmouth and h&a moved onto tbe
Mrs. Al Longnecker through mis.
take took carbolio acid with a mixture
ot some other poison, but "ber life was
saved by quickly administering anti
dotes. 4 "-
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" held forth
at tbe opera house last evening.
The entertainment- was fovorrMe
An excellent band accompanies
troupe. Tonight "Ten Nights i
Barroom is presented."
Store will open promptly
at 10:00 o'clock Monday
morning, May 4.
Bakery will continue
untithentire bust-
ness is closed out.
urill nr. pm rirorrrotlv at
j LIJ. uvuiv x x f
It is our intention to sacrifice several thousand dollars closing-
out our stock, as we wish it off our hands at as early a date
as possible We have by far the largest and best selected stock
of ffoods in Polk county, and it includes all thelatest and newest
things from the best Eastern markets. Come in and see for your-
self, if you want w
Grocery Stock will be sold
at wholesale prices
to close out.
Shoe stock is very
large and well assort
ed and will be closed
out. '